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name / Yi Hsuan Lin education / Art Center College of Design contact number / +86 1560.181.0957 email /

TCL Z11 subwoofer TV base The forward-thinking This subwoofer base concept design ofprovides this TV brings two-way outfunctions all the aspects for consumers that consumers with desire. different The needs. minimalism Normally, conveys the subwoofer the idea of a true supportslifestyle. modern the TV at TCL theZ11 base. is the For ultimate users who enjoyment prefer tofor hang urban their TV on dwellers whothe arewall, seeking this flipped a balance subwoofer betweennot style only andis technology. able todemonstrates It maintain its original the modern function fusion but also of architectural serves as a aesthetics living and room display sensorial technology. with style. The neck design provides a diverse view from different angles, adding a special impression to entire object. It is designed to be simple by integrating components and speaker into a sleek base for a 20mm ultra-slim display. With full & anti-glare glass, Z11 presents a pure watching experience and low-profile luxury.

TCL Multimedia | 2010

TCL subwoofer TV base This subwoofer base concept provides two-way functions for consumers with different needs. Normally, the subwoofer supports the TV at the base. For users who prefer to hang their TV on the wall, this flipped subwoofer not only is able to maintain its original function but also serves as a living room display with style.

TCL Multimedia | 2010

TCL iTV iTV is an external multimedia kit that provides the support as media center for regular televisions. By connecting the iTV to the television, users are able to surf on the internet, watch videos and listen to music using their TV screen. Although it is simply a two-part design, the enlarged rear part with silver color gives iTV more decorative details. The combination of drop shape exterior and the use of back connector as foot add the simplicity to the iTV design.

TCL Multimedia | 2010

TCL CMF concept This is an advance concept development that explores the possibility of color, material and finishing for Chinese television market. The concepts are based on keywords such as luxury, dignity, Chinese spirit and Zen. One of the most interesting ideas is making the TV frame reflects the colors from the screen, which creates a lighting effect. This idea is based on the angled recess on the TV frame that allows the light to transmit.

Chinese spirit Luxury

Softness V.S hardness

TCL Multimedia | 2010


Light transmission


HP ProLiant ML350p server The challenge of this design is to fulfill the usability and serviceability requirements for both tower and rack server using the idea of “Common Chassis�. This HP Proliant ML350p is designed to ensure customers could manually access, install or remove components easily without using additional tools.

Hewlett Packard | 2012

Philips Hi-Fi System This concept was proposed as the new archetype for Philips 2009 Hi-Fi stereo system product line. Inspired by the performing stage, the stereo delivers the qualities of live orchestra experience with dynamic sound performance and elegant design.

Philips Design | Fall 2007

Philips junction box The design challenge of this junction box was low-cost but the design language had to match the identity of Philips HTS-9810 which uses the “flare” as statement. By using “flare” as the edge of the front piece, the part line is also concealed due to the way it assembles.

Philips HTS-9810

Philips Design | Fall 2007

Panasonic omamori "Omamori" is a traditional Japanese talisman that provides people with a spiritual sense of security. The Omamori design is a concept for 2010 which aims to connect mothers with children through integrated audio and video communication. By utilizing a built in camera and the 3G network, children could connect to their mothers and feel joy and security. In the end of the day, mothers and children can share images and video by uploading their images to a Sharing Pool which uses wireless transmitters to connect to a TV or computer.

Nova Design | Fall 2006

edification toy & storage This concept uses toys as part of a kaleidoscope image, it requires children to put their toys into the kaleidoscope container and then stack everything up neatly. The combination of "toy" and "storage" is interesting for children and their parents. Kids will be encouraged to clean up their mess after they play and when they get used to putting their toys away they will get in less trouble from their parents.

Kaleidoscope Toy storage

Taiwan Children's Commodities (TCC) Design Competition - Finalist

approximate/actual time A perpetually elegant timepiece that gives a subtle hint at the passage of time. From far away, the hour hand is most visible and gives the user a general approximation of what time it is. When they come closer, Hour hand Minute hand

Billes Products International Design Contest 2008 - 2nd Place / United States Patent D626016

step chair introduced. Not only does this chair serve as a seat, it also serves as a ladder becomes a ladder that is stable.

- Finalist / Showcasing in the 2010 IMM Cologne

drops An umbrella stand uses water drop as the inspiration which creates timeless design. The purpose of the base of the umbrella stand is to collect the water from dripping umbrella. So the giant drop is the concept of this base as if all small drops become one.

United States Patent D613961

dirt is beautiful This music player utilizes a unique property of textured rubber. Textured rubber gets dirtier faster compared to glossy rubber. Because of this, a pattern is molded into the glossy surface with a rough texture. As time goes by, the pattern emerges through use. Instead of the product becoming uglier and used looking, it becomes more personal and beautiful.



seed is your bullet By changing the pellets (BBs) for Airsoft games to seeds, the game remains unaffected and interesting with the added benefit of allowing users to sow seeds while they play.

No pollution - 99% clay No invasion - 1% seed Different pellets are customized for each region allowing for native species to be nurtured.

gull In ancient times, people sensed the passage of time through changes in the scenery. This clock brings back the way ancient people sensed time. The inspiration for this timepiece came from a bird which is a natural element from the sky. Place the clock on a glass window with a built in suction cup and you can enjoy time and the beautiful scenery outside.

Solar Power Panel By placing it on the back, this clock can absorb the power from sun directly.


Solar-Powered Sound System for iPhone

Design criteria: Outdoor electronic gear / Solar panel placement Flashlight / hand crank power generator iphone protection carrier

Whipsaw | 2009

Dell workstation Design criteria -Serviceability (handle, organized interior parts) -Thermal efficiency

Whipsaw | 2009

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