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WEEK 4 COMBINATIONS OF MATRIX According to Kayla, computational tools broadens the search processes for further considerations. The candidate solutions should be chosen from further development. And the search method would use the combination of depth and best first. Instead of searching the right solution, we look for a solution that closest to the Gateway project.

Overlapping Soilids ImageSampler

Curve Intersection Linear Math function

Explicit Grids Image Sampler

Using surface normals Math Function

BoolearnPattern Polygons

Curve Intersection Linear Math function

Attractor Points + 2 Graphmappers +Component

Arbitrary Points Mulitiple Maths Functions

Using sets Paneling Geometry

Arbitrary Points Rotation

Curve Intersections Attractor Points

Explicit Grids Usingsets

MATRIX parabole& & square


bezier & sine summation

side view

attractor points; 2 graphmappers; component

artitrary points; multiple math functions tan(x)*sin(y)*z

tan(x)*tan(y)* z




“ Frame the view, but not merely exhibit it, Make richer experiences. ”

Architecture Effect The Spacing between the ribs is variable. The ribs far away is compressing and the nearby is releasing. This model maintains the densities of surfaces from different angles, If this model applied on the GATEWAY site, it could create a subspace in 3 seconds for visitors passing-by. The model itself doesnt have patterns, while visitors enjoy the surface motions, shadows and lights in pace with their own movement. The model emphasises the users’ visual experiences on the way between the urban and countryside.


Digital Model

The case study of Banq restaurant appears simple. The transformation of the developed one was aim to add shadows and light effects. Panels become thinner and hollowed so that increasing the penetrating of the lights. Comparing its architectural effects, the initial characteristics of relesing and compression effects decrease. For the materility, shinning metal structure is better in the considerations of wealthering and aesthetics.

HILLS PLACE CASE-STUDY PROJECTS This case is not difficult to build model, while the essential point is, How does it reflect the architecture effects on the specific building? It changes facede structures and advancing the viewing points pentration. In the Gateway Project , this model will lose its panels functions. The fluied surface and the pointing direction needs more effects. It left many blankets to be filled.

Amanda Levette Architects


This physical model is based on the definition of the Banq restaurant interiors. The lightweight timber has beautiful textures but the physical model is made by plywood. The plastic sheet is such a malleable material when heated, it needs to sit on a frame, when it cools down. its shape will follow the form of the frame. Thus, a wooden frame with contour of the gateway site was adopted and further experimented. The transparent material is flexible in high temporature so it cannot be cut and have perforation performances. As the transparent sheet is dull in shape, the light changing is not apparent, either. It can be bended and not to strech.

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