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BARENTS BUSINESS FESTIVAL 3.-4.6.2014 Meet Young and Innovative Entrepreneurs From the Barents Region!

Barents Business Festival on 3rd - 4th June, 2014 is the main event of the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) project, which is partially financed by the Kolarctic ENPI programme. The event will be held as a side event to the annual Barents Reunion. The Barents Business Festival area will give participants an opportunity to exhibit their businesses and talents.

In this catalog, you can find many of the young, talented and innovative entrepreneurs and talents participating at the Barents Business Festival. We can assist you with booking meetings with them, just contact the YIE info desk. The Barents Business Festival exhibition area is open during the Barents Reunion, and open to the public on Wednesday 14.00 – 17.00. Welcome! You never know who you could meet there!

Contact: Eila Seppänen Project manager YIE project

Glinskaya.Bijouterie is a young company producing hand-made and high quality jewelry made of various non-precious materials. The designer releases new collections every couple of months. The core collection that will be presented at the Barents Business Festival is based on the paintings of Murmansk artists and aims to promote Nordic people’s national attributes among the youth.

We would like to establish new contacts with designers, artists and those who are dealing with promotion and PR to ensure further growth of the company. Contact: email: Contact person: Nadya Glinskaya, Russia Tel. +7 902 1313634 Natalia Kolesnik will substitute Nadya Glinskaya at the Business Festival.

Individual entrepreneur Kruchuk We present a brand of clothing and accessories from designer Alexandra Gapanovich. This is a small company that produces a capsule collection of clothes and handmade jewelry with unique style and features. All ornaments are one-off, handmade and crafted exclusively by the designer. A collection of clothes appears every season.

What interest does the company have during the Business Festival? - Find partners to implement the company’s products.

Contact: Aleksandra Kruchuk, Russia Murmansk kominterna 7,701 offies. +79533081177,

Murmansk Language School Murmansk Language School is a modern brand-new school in Murmansk for children, teens and adults. We teach English, Finnish, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Russian as a foreign language.

We would like to find new partners for the school. It can be any educational establishments - schools, colleges, universities. At the same time we are ready to advertise our school as the best place for studying Russian as a foreign language in the Barents region for everyone who is interested in Russian. We also would be interested in finding foreign teachers for our school.

Contact: Murmasnk, Kolskiy 19, RUSSIA +78152-99-49-50 +7-921-163-41-31 Olga Pokrovskaya Olga Pokrovskaya & Ivan Kosov will represent the Language School at the Business Festival.

Smart furniture for people. Creation, production and development of stylish, ergonomic and multifunctional furniture for mass consumption!


We would like to communicate with people who are engaged in this activity, to get experience, establish contacts for future deals. Participation and communication with businessmen will hopefully charge us with creative energy.

Contact: Founder: Sviatoslav Shirvel Address: Russia, Murmansk, Kamennaya street 2/2, apt 7 Zip: 183074 +79600276777 +79211666671 email:

My City was founded in 2014 and aims to empower residents with tools to improve their cities by connecting with local government and businesses. It is a web-based citizen engagement platform that helps municipalities and businesses involve residents in the decision making process. My City is your go-to place for participating in your city’s development. Notice: formally My City Platform Oy is already registered in Helsinki, so we are Russian founders of a Finnish company.

What interests does the company have during the Barents Business festival? - Fundraising, finding business partners, building strong network of connections with people working in governments as well as socially-oriented businesses.

Contact: Stepan Mitaki & Dennis Kreminsky are representing the company at the business festival.

iLme innorooms is an idea office which job is to create and design experimental services and companies. iLme brings businesses and events alive.

I want to find new potential clients for innovation workshops, business experience path and other services that I provide. I’m also interested in all kind of collaboration with participants at the Festival.

Contact iLme Innorooms directly: Elina Stoor Tel +358 40 5850248 email

The Studio was born on April 3, 2011; this is the first handcrafts studio in Murmansk. The studio has been working for over 3 years, during this time we have had an excellent team of masters of various types of handcrafts. In our workshops, you will learn these kinds of handcrafts: - soap and natural cosmetics - bouquets of sweets - modeling of polymer clay - manufacturing of flowers from fabrics - felting - decoupage - technology of the transfer of the figure with napkins on any surface - scrap-booking: albums, postcards, invitations, photo frames, envelopes - textile dolls and toys - embroidery - beading - crochet and knitting needles - sewing and etc.

In the Studio you can always buy handcrafts made by our masters: for yourself or as a gift.

Contact: Handcrafts studio “ARTishock� 27a, prospect Lenina, Murmansk, Russia, 183032 +7 952 297-29-92, +7 8152 20-29-92 e-mail: Viktoria Timofeeva the head of Handcrafts studio ARTishock

We are working with two cases in InnovaPolar AS: • Dr.fresh travel

• T his is a wunderkit for pollution for the pollution for the travelers to polluted areas (such as many cities in Asia). Co-partner is the famous artist Mr.Vinzent Wong in Hong Kong (NuDesign ltd.). • Soon launched at

• Developing Repro AS: Company which is trading with recycled plastic.

What interest does the company have at the Business Festival? - Meet new people in the Barents region that could be potential partners. It could be all fields, also to meet venders to cut costs. Contact: Christian Johansen Phone: +47 99153759 Email: christian@ Webpage:

Fågel Design

Fågel Design focuses on clean and recognizable design, for companies in the Barents Region. Delivering logo, branding & icon- services.

What interest does the company have at the Business Festival? - Finding business partners & clients.

Contact: Fågel Design, Robert Larsson Prestenggatan 23, 9008 Tromsø, Norway +47 942 68 289

LLC Star dome Contemporary digital planetarium is a unique space with an ultramodern visual system. A screen covers all areas perceivable by a human eye, including peripheral eyesight, and provide an absolutely new level of immersion. A star hall has a round shape and is covered with a white dome-screen 6 meters in diameter. The hall can seat up to 25 people, and the seats are positioned as an amphitheater. In our case a digital planetarium consists of four projectors, which receive images from a computer. These images create a simulated night sky which covers the entire dome. System software allows us to completely hide joints of separate images. Now we show educational and entertaining full-dome programs for children and parents.

What interest does the company have at the Business Festival? - Presentation of the company and search of partners.

Contact: Sviridova Mariya, director Russian Federation, Murmansk, Baumana str., 33 (3 floor) +7(906)2900001

Private Entrepreneur Makhortov I.N. This private entrepreneur from the North-West Federal district of Russia is ready to offer you consulting services related to the development of your business towards Russia or in any other projects related to Russia. Some examples of services provided: • Translations • Marketing researches • Analytic/ information reports • Representation of your company • Events arrangement • Internet projects One of the projects under development is the online international marketplace This project is opened for new partners and participants. The list is not complete and any other forms of cooperation can be discussed.

Contact: Russia, Murmansk Podgornaya str, 92 (SIVA business center) Ivan Makhortov tel. +79113057773 email:

What interests does the company have at the Business Festival? - Presentation, promotion, finding partners.

Urbanid is specialised in 3D modeling and virtual reality. We provide a wide variety of services from small to large scale (e.g. product modeling, interior modeling, city modeling, industrial modeling), with the additional possibility of presenting any 3D model in an interactive, virtual environment.

I want to share thoughts and experiences with other like-minded entrepreneurs and designers, and I am open to discussing the possibilities of 3D virtual environments, how to use them for advertising, branding, education etc.

Contact: Zoltรกn Fodor phone: +358 50 569 9741 email: web:

InnoBarentsLab (IBL) is a physical and virtual entity that aims to promote innovative entrepreneurship among young people across the borders of the Barents region. IBL provides an assistance for the development of new innovative business ideas, new business services, start-ups as well as provides a support for cross-border projects initiated by young people in the Barents region. Innovation and entrepreneurship is our daily activity. IBL is located at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi, Finland. It was established in 2012 within the ENPI Kolarctic project “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs”. IBL offers for students: • integrated international study projects for students • an annual international seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship in the High North • entrepreneurship path - an integration of your own company development with your studies • benchmarking and study visits in the Barents region IBL offers for companies: • professional event organisation such as seminars, conferences and workshops • innovation and ideation workshops • fast prototyping workshops • product/service development/ innovation projects • international marketing research • international marketing • language services (English, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Latvian, German and any other on request) • SMEs matchmaking in the Barents region (matchmaking with Russia in particular) • benchmarking and study visits in the Barents region

What interest does the IBL participants have during the Business Festival? To meet companies that would be interested in cooperating and in having joint development and innovation projects, companies that are willing to cooperate and expand in the Barents region.

Contact: InnoBarentsLab Lapland UAS Room C121, Jokiväylä 11C, Rovaniemi 96300, Finland Anzelika Krastina tel. +358 40 594 3060

Email: Facebook: InnoBarentsLab Twitter: InnoBarentsLab Instagram: InnoBarentsLab

People representing IBL at the Business Festival Anzelika Krastina Annika Konttaniemi Anu Huhanantti Heli Huhanantti Samir Younes

Annika Konttaniemi Since January 2014, I have been active in InnoBarentsLab, a community of international students who want to practice their entrepreneurial skills during their studies. While there, I have developed workshops that attract people to come and join. I arrange workshops where the goal is for any kind of professional to find and learn innovation and creative skills. I have a background in visual arts and have a master’s degree in art education.

What interest do you have during the Business Festival? - To connect with likeminded people, to see what other talents are out there and to broaden my network of potential customers.

In my spare time I can’t stop knitting! During Arctic design Week 2014 I did a 7-day pop-in workshop called “Hooked”. In the future I am going to continue working within the Rovaniemi community producing projects and events that integrate the locals, the internationals and the schools.

Contact: Annika Konttaniemi E-mail: Telephone: +358 40 551 4440

Aerial filming company. Hiutale Aerials Oy produces made to order aerial photos and videos using a radio controlled multicopter. It’s about 3 times more affordable compared to aerial photography with a real helicopter and you will have a very smooth result with almost any camera you wish.


See our facebook page,, to find out what we have done so far.

We hope to meet people and companies who are interested in our business. We are looking for companies who are in need of commercial video or technical photographs of their business/product/event... We are also looking for video production companies, advertising agencies and other companies to collaborate with.

Contact: Hiutale Aerials Oy Sotilastorpantie 1 as 4 67400 Kokkola CEO Tommi Hietaharju +358504114118

Do you like wild, raw and untouched nature? Isbresenteret AS is situated in Jøkelfjord in Troms county, surrounded by spectacular mountains, narrow fjords and stunning glaciers. We offer nature based activities and experiences throughout the year.

We are currently in the final stages of the planning of our own resort. We are hoping to start building next year. This will mean that in the near future we will offer luxury accommodation, dining and bar facilities, conference facilities, seaside facilities and much more.

Isbresenteret AS (The Glacier center) is looking for potential partners, investors and customers. We have one opening left on the investor side. This particular opening gives someone the opportunity of acquiring a stunning cabin by the sea in spectacular Jøkelfjord. We will also soon be looking for a head chef to develop the food profile for the company.

Contact: Isbresenteret AS v/Tonny Mathiassen Vika, 9163 Jøkelfjord N-Norway

Tonny Mathiassen +47 959 02 376

Anu Huhanantti Event organizing and event management. Different kinds of events are done in a comprehensive and customer oriented manner using strong professional skills, experience and by working in a unique and innovative way with ultimate attention to details. Do you have an event you neeed help with? - Consider it done!

What interest does this talents have at the Business Festival? - Anu is looking for new contacts and visibility, and deepening existing contacts.


StraTarget Consulting

• • • •

Strategic Management Consulting Target Marketing Strategic Networking Research and Project Management

I wish to meet - Other entrepreneurs in the region - Potential business partners - Potential clients

Contact: Abong Nico Vapaudenkatu 3 as 3 95400 Tornio - Finland Tel. +358 (0)44 282 8880

The Regional Organzation of Enterprises in Lapland Lapland is a thriving region; the future prospects of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities are excellent. Lapland has a diversified industrial structure and, in the future, all eyes are on the North particularly because of the importance of growth in the north. The aim of The Regional Organzation of Enterprises in Lapland is to act as a kind of trustee for the enterprises and to promote and activate the businesses and entrepreneurship in the area. We have almost 3500 businesses as members from all kinds of fields all over Lapland. What we can offer: • As a member, you can take advantage of our member services and benefits. These include our magazine “Entrepreneur Information” (Lapin Yrittäjäinfo), training services, consulting services, financial management, ownership arrangements and issues related to legal matters as well as regional and national member benefits. • Matchmaking events all over Lapland and the Barents region. • The local community and the connections of our local associations. When you become a member of Lapin Yrittäjät, you will also become a member of one of our 21 local associations. • We carry a variety of studies and commissions of the region’s economic life.

Contact: Lapin Yrittäjät | The Regional Organization of Enterprises in Lapland Valtakatu 5, 94100 Kemi | Hallituskatu 26, 96100 Rovaniemi phone: +358 400 984 077 | email:

Heli Huhanantti Heli Huhanantti is one of the co-founders of the InnoBarentsLab in Rovaniemi. In addition to IBL, Heli works for Arktikum Service Co. concentrating mostly on sales, restaurant-, meeting- and conference services and groups at Arktikum (www. and Korundi House of Culture ( On her free time she enjoys teaching dance. Heli’s expertise is in event and project planning and management which she has gained a lot of experience through her work and IBL.

What interest does this talents have at the Business Festival? - Heli enjoys working in an international environment, getting to know new inspiring people as well as developing herself and the North. She would like to share thoughts and ideas with enthusiastic like-minded people, find new contacts and possibilities for continued cooperation in the future.


DJ zanta

DJ zanta has provided DJ / producer / remixer services since early 1990’s.

What interests does the company have at the Business Festival? - Find new customers, potential cooperators, maybe even an agent.

Contact: Jarno Siivola

Victor Kapustin Retailer of organic cosmetics and various products for the bath and the sauna, that are meant to satisfy the consumers’ needs for natural, traditional or exotic products. We’ve been a successful business in this market for years, which has allowed us to gather valuable experience of the local Murmansk market and the branch as a whole.

Contact: Victor Kapustin Russia, Murmansk e-mail: www.мыловареннаяфабрика.рф

Norwagon Norwagon gives people the freedom to explore the more remote regions of Norway. Part vehicle, part experience, Norwagon gets the adventurous to far-flung spots, and removes the cost of a hotel or an expensive camper. It’s wheels to get you out there by day; then by night, the van converts into a little home away from home. All Norwagons are fitted with a double bed, cooking facilities and even a kitchen sink. And don’t think this is a traditional caravan either; the vans are painted up and designed for the budget traveler with everything you need, nothing you don’t. And the price reflects this. Travelers used to backpacking understand and embrace the ‘value for money’ approach.

Norwagon was launched in March 2014 and has already seen a lot of bookings for the summer of 2014. The Norwagon team has plans for expanding south into Bergen and Oslo.

Contact: Norwagon, Norway Matthew Lynch

Ramsalt Lab Ramsalt Lab is a web agency specializing in Drupal, a market leading open source CMS. Our offices are located in Tromsø, Oslo and Berlin. We make wonderful websites that help our customers reach their goals on the web. Our customers come from all over the world, from the Russian and English language newspaper Barents Observer in the north to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Chile in the south. We are working with eight universities, and several newspapers are running our Ramsalt Media publishing platform.

What interests does the company have during the Barents Business Festival? - Meet potential partners, such as advertising-, designand development agencies.

Contact: Ramsalt Lab, Norway Yngve W. Bergheim +47 99669631

Karmatskikh Darya I’m a student from Murmansk. I represent various projects about camping made by students of my university.

My goal is to present our project to people and exchange experiences.

Contact: Darya Karmatskikh, MSPU Murmansk, Russia Capitana Egorova st.15

Rumyanceva Ksenia The project on camping at the track Alakurtti - Lotta.

Contact: Rumyanceva Ksenia Murmansk State Humanities University, Russia tel.: 89212789477 e-mail:

Tcyvareva Alina

“ What interest does this young talent have at the Business Festival? - Potential buyers of design projects, or people interested in students’ ideas.

I am an interior designer, but I’m also interested in working with landscapes. I like to work in all sectors of the design and not only in the field of interior design. The name of my project is “Three suns”. The basic idea of the project is the effect of Parghelia. The main aim of my project is to improve the conditions of my city.

What interest does this young talent have at the Business Festival? - To present my project and improve relations with Finnish partners.

Contact: Russia, Murmansk, Lenin prospect 51-50 tel.:+7 (952) 298 48 62 e-mail:

Lapland University of Applied Sciences I’m fire. I’m ice. I’m a storm. I’m calm. I’m strong and sensitive. I have the Nordic Factor.

COME WITH ME, I’M FIRED UP WITH A COOL HEAD! I will develop, study and learn new things with you. I was born on January 1, 2014 from Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi Universities of Applied Sciences. They don’t exist any longer, but all the know-how continues in me.

All you have is me, but I have the Northern Factor.

Contact: Heli Lohi Lapland UAS, Finland tel.: +358 40 524 9836

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Profile for Young Innovative Entrepreneurs

Barents Business Festival - Entrepreneurs' Presentations  

Barents Business Festival on 3rd - 4th June, 2014 is the main event of the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) project, which is partially...

Barents Business Festival - Entrepreneurs' Presentations  

Barents Business Festival on 3rd - 4th June, 2014 is the main event of the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) project, which is partially...