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by Yuli Huang

My project is based on last unit-Independence Practice. It’s a season book for Children which showing the scene of spring by layer of paper that cut into different subjects. And I am going to carry on this theme to make a full version of four seasons.

In Graphic Alive 2, I have found some artists which gave me different ideas such as kiyoshi kuroda, he is a Japanese illustrator, widely inspired by nature, and most of his work are paper work with black liner drawing. French graphic designer Antoine+Manuel, the most inspired me work is the sideboard made by plastic whiteboard.

There are some Experiments of making little thing for the season. Foam board cutting with black line drawing. Meanwhile, I try to put a story into the seasons, so I think and think who is the main character, what happen in these four seasons? But I found out it is not enough to tell a story in four scenes. However, I remember World wild fund this website, and thinking I could combine the animal and season, while I can express the concept of environment protect and endangered animals.

This is one of the ideas after I got the feedback from tutor, it’s about using the endangered animal to assciate the season, There are four sentences in each image saying about the animals are declining due to the environment destroyed.

For a better visual effect, I think it would be good to use the animal living enviroment linking to the weather that will reflect of which season they are belong. So birds are singing in spring; Summer is Elephant; Autumn is Deer and Winter is Bear.

Experiment of build up spring by foamboard, I painted them in light colour in order to express the spring atmosphere but still need to improve the colour combination.

The format used to be a set of books, but beacuse it restrict in a small space, so I changed to a big model which is slot by two foam board. It’s device a sqare into four spaces and are going to be four scenes of seasons.

WHAT’S NEXT? l Visit Nature Museum l Look at some books about nature l Practice colour combination l More drawing in different scenes of season


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