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90 Days After

by Nikki Mailloux, Aileen Sepulveda

On December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Before he made a shooting at the school he had shot his mother, Nancy lanza in Newtown. Around 9:30 A.M on December 14, 2012 Lanza shot his mother,she was 52 years old. Later on in the hour, Investigators found her body,clad in pajamas in her bed with four gunshots to her head. About 9:35 A.M using his mothers bushmaster XM-15, Lanza shot his way through a locked glass door at the front of the school. Some people heard initial shots on the school intercom system, which was being used for morning announcements. Principal Dawn Hochsprung and the school psychologist Mary

Sherlach were at a meeting while they heard gunshots. Hochsprung and Sherlach immediately left the room and rushed to the source of the sounds that have been made, when they had walked in they’ve seen that Lanza had shot and killed both of the women in the office. A nine year old boy said he heard the shooter say “ Put your hands up” and someone else said “Don’t shoot”. Lanza shot Hammond through the door, in her leg and her arm; she was later treated at Danbury Hospital. In one of the first grade classrooms was a substitute teacher named Lauren Rousseau, she was shot in the face and killed.

There Have Been 1,793 Gun-Related Deaths in the U.S. Since Newtown 4

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fter NewTown Fifteen of the sixteen students in her class were killed. A six year old girl was sole survivor, the little girl’s family poster said that she survived the mass shooting by playing dead and remained still until the building grew quiet, she ran from school covered in blood and she was the first child to escape the building, when the little girl finally got to her mother she said “Mommy I’m okay, but all my friends are dead.” She described the shooter as a very angry and mean man. According to Nancy Lanza’s sister in law, he was a gun enthusiast and owned at least a dozen firearms. Lanza’s brother told law enforcement that Adam was believed to have a personality disorder and was somewhat autistic; Adam had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome due to being autistic. There has been many concerns of others with the same problem. Many people were affected by this tragedy including president obama. Many lives of children were lost in this tragic shooting 8 boys and 12 girls from ages 6 and 7 lost their lives due to one man in memory of the victims Charlotte Bacon (6), Daniel Barde(7), Olivia

Engel(6), Josephine Gay(7), Ana Marques Greene(6), Dylan Hockley(6), Madeline hsu(6), Catherine Hubbard(6), Chase Kowalski(7), Jesse Lewis(6), James Mattioli(6), Grace Mcdonnell(7), Emilie Parker(6), Jack Pinto(6), Noah Pozner(6), Caroline Previdi(6), Jessica Rekos(6), Avielle Richman(6), Benjamin Wheeler(6), Allison Wyatt(6). A recent shooting was a mass murder in a movie theater in Colorado on July 20th and another at Sikh temple in Wisconsin on August 5th and then the unthinkable nightmare of Connecticut elementary school on December 14th. since 1982 there had been at least 62 mass shootings. The shooting that killed 20 children had an effect not only by the parents and family members of the victims, students at Yucaipa High were also affected in different ways some by anger and others of sadness. There has been concerns of the type of security that schools should have some believe there should be armed security in front of the schools and others feel as if there should be no weapons on school ground whatsoever.

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Las Fuentes


The restaurant ‘Las Fuentes’ means “The Fountains”. The goal is to bring people and have them feel excited and have the smell, taste and energy of mexico. The background of this restaurant is about a man named Juan Carlos Orazon who would remember his childhood when he was just a boy , visiting the fountains in every restaurant his family owned and would enjoy the feeling , comfort , and the energy they created. In 2002 the dream came true and Carlos had an opportunity to have his very first restaurant open here in Yucaipa . Located on the Yucaipa Boulevard and Oak Glen Road. Recently they are building another “Las Fuentes” on the yucaipa Boulevard across “KFC”. The Anonymous says “ I’m impressed! I want to tell everyone what a wonder place this is to eat! The food is fantastic”.

Twinkie’s Reincarnated

The indestructible Twinkie, appears to be one step closer to a comeback, but they will not be returning to store shelves until Labor Day — at the earliest. Hostess filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012, and its brands could be split up and sold off to various companies. Bankrupt Hostess Brands have received a number of bids from companies interested in buying the maker of Twinkies. Ho Ho’s, and Wonder Bread, including retail heavyweights such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Kroger Co. According to the Los Angeles Times, one of the potential buyers for Twinkies and other snack cakes is C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., the private equity firm that owns the Pabst beer label. Another potential bidder is Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm that owns major companies such as Hardee’s Parent CKE, the times reported, and Flowers Foods of Thomasville, Ga., is in a deal with Hostess to buy the bread holdings, including Wonder and Nature’s Pride, for $290 million, according to reports. It’ll be early September before the famous spongecake treats are available at retailers. Time to close the deal and then the firing up of the Twinkies manufacturing process according to media reports, 6 6-7 (2) layout.indd 6


potential new owners are emerging. Twinkies were created in 1930 as lady finger-shaped sponge cakes, a banana filling at the hostess factory in Schiller Park, Illinois. The Twinkies name was inspired by a billboard in St. Louis advertising Twinkle Toe Shoes. The secret to the Twinkies longevity is their lack of dairy ingredients: because dairy products are not part of the formula, Twinkies spoil much more slowly than other bakery items. After the baking process of the sponge cake portion is completed cream filling is injected in each twinkie through three holes on it’s top (brown) side; the product is then flipped before packaging, turning it’s bottom into it’s top. Hostess uses eight million pounds of sugar, seven million pounds of flour, and one million eggs to produce the 500 million twinkies baked every year. Few snacks are more popular than the hostess Twinkies. Twinkies are creamfilled sponge cakes shaped like lady fingers which pack 160 calories per cake, yet, for all their nutritional drawbacks this snack is very popular in the US. Because of these tasty sponge cakes they’re always to be found on shelves at supermarkets and corner stores.

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Bet You Didnt Know That!

Yucaipa is a small town East of Redlands, many people live here, teens, elders, children. Some people have lived their whole lives here in Yucaipa. Most likely, you have a teacher that graduated from Yucaipa High School. Even though several people live in this small town, very few know much about the history of their home.

Did You Know?

-The first inhabitants of our town were the Serrano Indians, a Native American tribe of present day California. -Serrano is a Spanish word meaning “highlander” that was used to refer to the Indians by Spanish missionaries in the 18th century. -The word “Yucaipa” is a Serrano Indian word for “wetlands” -In 1991, Yucaipa High School was featured on an episode of “Rugrats.” Didi is shown going to work at Yucaipa High School. This area fits the description used by the producer to keep the setting vague. -Yucaipa is approximately 2,600 feet above sea level. -Yucaipa has a total area of 27.8 square miles , with 0.04 percent being water. -Near the Rancheria is the Yucaipa Adobe that is believed to be the oldest house in San Bernardino County. -Richard (Dick) D. Riddell Was the longest serving mayor, serving from November 1999- November 2012

Coming soon... The Wolverine

Unrated Release date: July 26, 2013 The wolverine( Hugh Jackman) goes to Japan to train with a samurai warrior. While in Japan he fights ninjas.

6-7 (2) layout.indd 7

by Courtney Sarrigar

The Hunger Game: Catching Fire

Unrated November 22, 2013 The Hunger Games are finally over, and Katniss is relieved to be home with her family. The second film to Suzanne Collins’ trilogy starts off with Katniss Everdeen(Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark(Josh Hutcherson) as the victors of the Hunger Games.

Enders Game

Unrated Release date: November 1, 2013 Its 70 years after hostile aliens have attacked earth, Ender Wiggin,(Asa Butterfield) an extremely gifted child is sent to military school to learn battle tactics. He quickly masters war games, winning respect of most of his peers. 7 4/28/2013 11:06:33 AM


Return of Walt Disney Episode 1

by Zach Lungstrum

n 1977, a movie came out that would become the first in a six-movie trilogy. That movie was Star Wars: A New Hope. This movie was about a young boy named Luke Skywalker. In the movie Luke is living on a farm with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru wanting to leave the farm and join the rebellion. He later meets a mysterious man named Ben Kenobi who turns out to be one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy. Ben also reveals that he fought with his father (Anakin) in the Clone Wars and eventually shows Luke his father’s lightsaber and teaches him the ways of the force. A few years have passed since the last Star Wars movie. The last Star Wars movie that came out was Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, on May 17, 2005. The movie was the connecting point between the original trilogy and the new trilogy. The gap it filled was it showed how Anakin fell into anger trying to save his wife Padme, in doing so Anakin turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. Last year on October 30, something occurred that baffled a great deal of people. The Walt Disney Company bought Lucas Film from George Lucas for $4 billion. George Lucas in a article from USA Today said,” For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next, it’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers.” CEO of Disney Robert Iger said” This is a great addition to the Disney Company and Star Wars has a lot of potential.

For many people, they like the original Star Wars Trilogy, episodes 4-6 way better than the newest three movies episodes 1-3. A reason people prefer the original series better is that they grew up with those movies. People may not like the newest movies is because they think the story or acting is bad. When people found out that Disney bought Lucas Film, people had mixed reactions. Some people thought that George Lucas wasn’t smart for selling Lucas Film because they thought Disney would ruin the franchise. Other people thought it was a great idea because they think that Disney can save the Star Wars movies and not let it die out. Since Disney now owns Lucas Film, the return of the Star Wars movies is a definite. Disney said that there are going to be three more Star Wars movies coming out. Star Wars Episode 7 is to be coming out in theaters in 2015. The following movies Episodes 8 and 9 are to be coming out two to three years after Episode 7.

The Ep life of The Ep Izzy Q Wolve TE: “H IQ: “W


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Carto popul Martin now n Timel a New makin went f manag was th made month plishe first w teame of sup Amer far pe one ye release were o

4/28/2013 11:07:55 AM

Comics of the Generation

ever since I was young and I seen some amazing comics and it all started from there but I have to say I love Wolverine so I’m stuck with that.” TE: “Why do you like marvel?” IQ: “I like marvel because their comics have so much meaning to it and it has so much action with great superhero’s” TE: ”Why do you like Wolverine?” IQ: “I like Wolverine because he’s just so cool with his blades coming out of his hands and is pretty much indivisible.” TE: “Are you looking forward to collecting more comics.” IQ: “No not really because I already have a lot coming from my dad and I have more an more to read everyday.” Marvel explains what they do as a company through their makings of very dramatic and action magazines. The scenes of Marvel would be drawn and copies of super heroes capturing the bad guy or any other types of themes. The comics had everyone interested in such great action coming The Epigraph interviewing Izzy Quesada about the from a magazine. Comics have been around for centuries and they are still loved by people around life of a comic fan: The Epigraph (TE): “What’s your favorite comic?” the world. Marvel still exists in comic stores, not making new comics but new movies. The movIzzy Quesada (IQ): “My favorite comic has to be ies made by marvel bring their comics to life and Wolverine.” wanting everyone to feel the meaning of comics. TE: “How did you get into comics.” IQ: “Well, my dad started to collect a lot of comics Cartoons turned into magazines are becoming popular, and now they are becoming a reality. Martin Goodman was the founder of what is now named Marvel Comics holding the name of Timely Publications in the year 1939. Goodman, a New York publisher, became popular with the making of comics. With his new line of publishing went from editor to managing editor to business manager. The first comic of Timely Publications was the new “Marvel Comics”; with a big hit it made almost 900,000 copies (100,000 copies a month). Marvel having their first comic accomplished turned out to be a great success. One of the first writers and artists of the company, Joe Simon, teamed up with Jack Kirby to create the first comic of superheroes creating the character of Captain America, which made over one million copies. So far people love the new editions of cartoons. All in one year they have made many different and new releases of their chartered comics with copies that were outrageous.

by Marcella Molina


by Miguel Aviles Nintendo will be releasing two new Pokemon games called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These two new games are the 6th generation of Pokemon games and will release worldwide on October 31, 2013. These new games are a big deal because they will be the first 3D Pokemon games. When these games are released there will be over 700 Pokemon! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS. The new starter Pokemon’s names will be Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin and they will be pure water, fire, and grass types. Froakie is a water type, Fennekin is a fire type, and Chespin is a grass type. Two new legendary Pokemon have been revealed and their

names are Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas is the mascot for Pokemon X and Yveltal is the mascot for Pokemon Y. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will have a new way of making your Pokemon even stronger which is by friendship.

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School Lunch

Exposed by Jade Murguia

A large portion of a teen’s day is spent

at school, where they eat lunch and purchase food items to snack on. School foods include entrées such as hamburgers, Domino’s Pizza, fried chicken, peanut butter and jelly, and snacks including, sugar coated candy, chips, cookies, etc. These foods may seem fine because schools have reassured us that they’ve switched to whole wheat, vegetables oils, and limited portions. However, the concern shouldn’t only be on these ingredients that are ‘healthier choices’, but the concern should also be on toxic ingredients added to our foods, such as hydrogenated oils, MSG, Titanium Dioxide, high fructose corn syrup, mass amounts of salts and various other life threatening substances. America’s leading causes of death include Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes. The ingredients in food can either contribute to the disease our lower the risks of ever having it. The food on our plate plays a big role on our future health. Healthy habits develop during childhood, in which the majority is spent at public schools. So it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that schools impact our eating habits more than we know. Although, we must ask ourselves does it impact our lives for the better, or the worse? Yucaipa High Schools lunch has been altered to benefit our students’ health been altered to benefit our students’ health. We’ve cut down portions so that we don’t overstep calorie limits, taken white flour out of our meals and replaced it with whole wheat, and have

added more fruits and vegetables to the menu. Lets have a look at whole-wheat foods. According to Dr. William Davis wheat is a, “perfect, chronic poison”. In his book and recent interviews with “CBS This Morning” he reveals that our modern wheat has been altered growth wise. It contains a substance known as Gliadin. Gliadin is a protein that binds to the opiate receptors in your brain and heightens the appetite. With this ingredient in our food it causes us to consume an extra 440 calories per day. This may seem okay but when you realize that there are about 180 school days per year, it adds up. Considering that the majority of students do not practice daily exercise this wheat factor can boost the chances of obesity. To get rid of this problem we would have to eliminate all wheat/grains as a whole from our school diets, a step that students might not be ready to take. Fruits and vegetables have always been a healthy choice but what schools fail to recognize is the pesticides on the raw fruits and veggies. Pesticides are chemicals that are designed to stop the insects from eating the food while it is still growing. These chemicals can increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 70 percent, and can cause fatigue, brain and blood disorders, higher risk of kidney and liver damage, and can increase the chances of getting cancer. To remove pesticides one must wash the individual fruit/veggie for at least 3 minutes. Do schools take the time to do this when they have thousands of hungry teens to feed? Probably not. The solution would be to have the pro

duce soak in a special solution, or water, for a few hours. The chances of seeing a student washing their produce before they eat it is rare, so shouldn’t the one preparing it take that step? The answers to these issues are drastic and inconvenient to schools, which is why no action is being taken. Our district’s menu has non-organic specialties, with pizza, peanut butter and jelly, chips, cookies, and fried chicken being a few examples. If you look deeper into what’s added into these foods one will find hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oil, otherwise known as trans fats, is the process of putting hydrogen gas and metal into oil at high pressure and temperature. These oils can be found in prepared frozen foods, peanut butter, chips, cookies, and many foods deemed unhealthy. What is so dangerous about this oil? Hydrogenated oil contains toxic trans fatty acids. These acids are contributors to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other lethal diseases. These trans fats stick to the walls of the arteries and cause fatty deposits to increase in organs throughout ones body. Harmful acids cause cellular damage that leads to possible organ failure. This deadly ingredient is found in many of the foods that are served in not only Yucaipa High’s cafeteria but in cafeterias throughout the state. Experts suggest that the intake of these foods should be avoided at all costs, by being cut out of ones diet completely. Another ingredient often found in packaged and frozen foods is a substance known as, titanium dioxide. The CDC confirmed this chemi

10 10-11 layout.indd 10

4/28/2013 11:27:01 AM

cal as a cancer-causing agent. It causes mutations of the genes and other sets of defects that eventually lead up to cancer. Titanium dioxide offers no nutritional value; so it is merely a silent poison. This can also be found in various frozen foods served in schools. It is not necessarily the schools fault for the ingredients added in food, but is something they can eliminate on campus. Schools, including Yucaipa High, have yet to admit that they are not doing the best they can when it comes to promoting good health when they allow such products in their meal plans. Yucaipa High claims to be a healthy environment, but after looking into the facts are they able to back up that claim? If a district really had the full resources to serve healthy food, drastic measures would have to be taken. Our local schools wouldn’t care about complaints being made by students. They would take initiative and make the change. In the long run it’s not what tastes good that matters; it’s what is good for your body. It’s about the diseases that our body is easily prone to, and how to avoid them. Now that the facts about the lethal foods we eat are exposed, it is strongly urged that students of Yucaipa High be cautious of what choices you make. •

Preparing and bringing your own lunch to school can be a healthier option than purchasng school lunch.

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4/28/2013 11:27:06 AM

Tangled in Art

by Jealee Hubbard


ou wouldn’t think that someone who is afraid of Grasshoppers and thinks chocolate is well, actually kind of gross, would want to be directing for Disney one day. Mckenna Harris is one who is willing to do that very exact thing; direct her own movies for Disney. She wants to make a name from her art, “I think I’m meant to say something really important through my art,” says Harris. Ever since she was young, Disney movies such as; Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, also along with TV shows like The Powerpuff Girls, actually helped Harris get inspired into drawing. “I like to try and tell my own stories after watching things like that.” Some artists that also help inspire Harris are Glen Keane, he is the one behind characters such as Ariel, The Beast, Pocahontas, and Tarzan. “This guy is a living legend!” Harris comments about Glen Keane. It is not a surprise that a future Disney Director looks up to him. Not only does she look up to Keane, but she also loves other animators such as Milt Kahl and Hayao Miyazaki. Mckenna loves all different styles of art, but the styles that have a “Soft-Spot” for her are classic and a sort of cartoony style. She also loves many abstract and experimental styles. You can ask Mckenna to do some art for you, but it will come at a price. Harris usually does commissions such as family por-

traits and even drawings of TV show characters. If only drawing took up most of Mckenna Harris’ time, but that isn’t possible when she is a student athlete, playing water polo and doing homework are what take up most of her time. “And I guess I could spend a little less time on the internet too!” Harris comments. You have to have talent to do art, Mckenna Harris is one who is able to have such talent. Look out for Mckenna Harris as she goes for her dream of becoming a Disney AniBy. Jealee Hubbard & Lawrence Sanche mator.

Sports High

McKenna YHS, is a varsity w enna en having fr making t better. Sh ous and Advice M to those “You hav You can’ enna is d ter Polo, drawing school a encoura the team

“Abil Motiv titude Lou H

“I think I’m meant to say something really important through my art” -Mckenna Harris 12 12-13 layout.indd 12


Addie M and a st Yucaipa only doe she also played track fo not play she enjo eating. ing tenn motivat becaus a sport, on, she best de made.” 2:23:43 PM

13 12-13 layout.indd 13

5/8/2013 2:23:48 PM

Close Your Eyes! Open Your Mind! by Alyssa Sanchez Have you ever just walked through the school hearing people making fun of someone else? Or even jumped in when your friend is being mean? Has it ever occurred to you that those being made fun of are already hurting? Not only does it hurt, but it can lead to a deep depression. Students at school can be very harsh to one another. No one really thinks about the possible outcome they may have made until something bad happens. Do dramatic events have to happen to someone in order for discrimination to stop? Everyone is going through different situations. That kid you’re laughing at for being alone, has been tossed around from home to home; the one you are calling fat, has an eating disorder; that one you called emo, his/her dad just passed away; those kids you call ugly, they were in a traumatic incident. No problem can be chosen, but it may be given. For instance, Best Buddies are for those who were born a certain way and nothing can change who they are. But, they do have feelings too,

they are just like us, they like to have fun and take goofy pictures. Sadly, a lot of people treat them like they are mistakes, they aren’t. There is a club called “Best Buddies Club”, which allows students to hang out with them and make them feel as welcomed as possible. Everyone needs to be treated the same, no matter who, what color, religion, or ethnicity they are. Ms. Fletcher was asked to explain her thoughts about discrimination. “ Discrimination is learned from parents and environment. They need to learn to respect, to look at themselves before discriminating someone else.” Many don’t do this, they think that they are better than everyone else and that they can just hurt someone. Did you know that people at school are going through family issues or could be suffering from a serious loss? There are even some students who might go here that may want to remove themselves from this world. Don’t be nice because it’s tolerance week or suicide awareness day/week, but be kind all the time. Think twice before discriminating someone. You never know if they are on the edge of destruction.

“Hear Something, Say Something, Take a stance against discrimination.”

14 14 14-15 layout.indd 14

5/8/2013 2:23:21 PM

CO There

can w ings s and b mean has ch such a for rel gettin should becau go thr come painfu ous an infect a big t tion y possib your b oppor of you becom

d! The Pros and Cons of getting Piercings by Vanessa Pedersen

CONS There are many things that

can wrong with body piercings such as infection, scars and blood poisoning .The meaning of body piercing has changed in the past years such as people used to do for religious reasons.Before getting a body piercing you should research into it deeply because the piercing might go through a nerve and become highly dangerous and painful. It is highly dangerous and not attractive when infected. With it being such a big trend in this generation you have to think of the possibilities when piercing your body.Such as the many opportunities denied because of your body piercing iis becoming such a big trend

by Kemper Winkelman people with many piercings are considered cool in their group of friends.It can be a major disability when having to take care of that region for a certain amount of time. Danielle Enrigenez from Mrs. Fletcher’s medical class “ no pain no gain.” In body piercing some of her students gave us input on this situation, when you are dealing with disease and accede ripping you want to make sure that getting a piercing is a thing you want to do. Lots of people get them to be noticed or just accepted. many people use these piercings to express their and individuality and to show people who they really are. But these simple accessories and go to an extreme.

PROS Scaring, future jobs, and per-

sonal appearance are all reasons people will give to be anti piercings. Once somebody has an opinion in their mind, it becomes hard to change it. But, what somebody does to their own body, is their choice, and should not be judged. Facial piercings have the biggest argument. Whether or not it will ruin your looks forever, or if you’ll want to keep your piercing in forever. Scaring should definitely be considered before you get a piercing, particularly on your face, but there are easy and obvious ways to avoid scaring so that it shouldn’t be a problem, like scar cream and cleaning everyday. The soft skin on your face that can be pierced such as around your lips or cheek have very little chance of scarring as long as you take proper care of it and don’t use too big of a needle. And the same goes for piercings anywhere else on your body. So what’s wrong with somebody who is younger getting a piercing when they can go back to looking normal if their future job doesn’t accept it, or they just simply get bored with it? Samantha Taylor says “Having

piercings myself I would understand the pros and cons. But in my opinion there is not cons, only pros, I love all of my piercings and it is very easy to hide any piercing. It’s a new generation.” Piercings are things that people can choose to do to themselves without it being too dramatic and damaging. It should not be looked down upon in public for your own personal opinions, but should be respected because of it shows your individuality, “I got my monroe piercing because it’s unique and no one else has it, piercings aren’t bad because they don’t define you, just give you character.” -Kassi Burhop. If you ever consider wanting a piercing on your face, or anywhere else, but decide against it because you are scared, make sure that its something that you really want. Because once you have it you have to manage it for a period of time before you can just leave it. Getting a piercing and not caring for it isn’t a good idea, but if its something you really want and/or to show personality or to be different, it shouldn’t be a big deal.


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5/8/2013 2:23:25 PM

Yucaipa Expression


by Crystal Lopez

Yucaipa High contains students that express themselves in many ways. It can be through art, music, poetry, etc. You see, we have the freedom to be able to show who we are by what we do. Poetry is a way to express how you feel in being creative. It helps people get whatever is going on in their head off of their chest whenever they feel like no one is there to listen. Art is a way of showing what’s inside. For example, The Scream. This famous art explains a moment of psychic calamity (tragedy), of shattered nerves. Music is another way people express themselves. Whether it’s creating music or listening to it, it has an affect on people. It can make you feel sad, happy, etc. But, that’s how you know what the writer is feeling. Expression goes a long way for Yucaipa. The high school has many great artists. Such as: Danielle Sanchez, Samantha Shelly, Toni Miller, Taylor Miller, Daniel Moran, and Eric Palhegyi. Some of their drawings have been displayed for many to see at past showings. So express yourself the way you want to be remembered as.

Six Billion There are 6,470,818,671 people in the world, give and take some. There are some who are crying, While others are dieing. There are some who are afraid, and some who are brave. There are some who are trying to fit in, While others own the place. There are people being lied to, When others are barely finding out the truth. There are some struggling with life. There are only six billion people in the world. Six billion lives. And we only need one to remind us that it won’t always be this way. Only one person to show you the way. Six billion people in the world. And all I need is one. -A Yucaipa High School student

by Samantha Shelly

16 18-19 layout.indd 16

by Danielle Sanchez

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” -Napoleon Bonaparte 5/8/2013 2:21:08 PM

Game-Day SuperStitions by Alyssa Sanchez

Many Yucaipa students have “superstitions” right before or the day of their game/race that they think will help make them win. Some could be as weird as hoping on one foot or as religious as praying right before their game. Some don’t believe in superstitions, they believe that all they need to win is to be good and practice. As for others, their rituals mean everything; they believe that they can’t win without doing them Jade Griffen is a senior swimmer. “Swim isn’t that easy as some may think.” She has practice starting at five in the morning on most days. To help her get into the race, she does stretch routines and tries to get focus while trying to get an upbeat song in her head. She has been doing swim since her Junior year, but has been swimming since she was in 6th grade.

Daniel Sanchez is a Sophomore basketball player. He says that, “thinking positive or thinking of the other team being as good as our team,” helps him to do his best during games. He doesn’t just play for the shool, but he plays with his family as well.

Danielle Sanchez is a senior and has been doing track for three years but she still get nervous before it’s her turn to throw the shotput. To help her get over the nerves, “I talk to my dad”, Sanchez says, “he gives me the motivation to throw further.” She is currently co-captain for shotput and is looking for a great last season. Andrew Gallardo is a senior varsity wrestler. He has been wrestling since his freshmen year. He believes that kissing his girlfriend will make him get the confidence to compete his best. This season was his last season wrestling for YHS. He had many victories and few losses, but it didn’ t stop him from doing the best he can.

Brandon Carleton is a senior and is on his seventh year of playing baseball. He believes that if he rubs his hands with dirt, he can win. He is hoping to get a baseball scholarship that will help him go to Cal-Baptist University (CBU) to become a RN (Registered Nurse).

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Tours to Europe by Alex Bush

With Educational Tours you can visit Europe and learn while having fun. At Yucaipa High School Ms.Kidd, Mr.Lewis, Ms.Haggerty, and Mrs.Gavigan are offering to take students to Europe with the Educational Tour workers for a small price. Ms.Kidd said “I think the best classroom for learning is on site where the event happened. It’s an amazing experience to be standing in a place that you have read about in history books.” You won’t be going to Europe with people that you have never met before because they hold meetings to discuss the trip and fees. For students that are under twenty years old the price is two hundred and twenty three dollars monthly with a total of three thousand, three hundred and thirty seven dollars. They have a monthly payment plan of only one hundred and ninety-five dollars a month for only fifteen months. The trip is a total of eleven days or fourteen days if you buy the extension days. Educational tours ensures a safe and comfortable hotel to sleep in. They have decided to let everyone leave the group for lunch to try new foods that they are interested in trying. There will be tours from Vatican City to Versailles in Europe. In Versailles you will be able to see Mona Lisa. You or your family can pay or you can have the option of occasional fund raising. Yucaipa is not the only town being offered this exciting trip. Educational Tours offers the trip to over four hundred schools in more than fifty countries and has been for over forty-five years. You can earn an official transcript from Educational Tours when you demonstrate your increased global awareness through multiple projects before, during, and after your tour. If the high school or college approves of the credit you may have extra credits on your transcript. If your high school doesn’t accept the credits Educational

Tours will make you a separate transcript and will be beneficial when you are applying for a college. Educational tours will help you explore and learn outside of your everyday environment. Who wouldn’t want to go to Europe to go have fun and earn extra credit for your transcript?

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A Night Worth Fighting For by Marcella Molina, Smantha Taylor Is prom getting canceled this year? Breaking news from the prom committee: There is no prom this year for Yucaipa High! Just kidding! Prom is totally on! On May 18th, 2013, Yucaipa High School will be holding it’s prom at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. This year’s Senior class is raving about what the theme will be. Is it going to be another masquerade, possibly repeat last year’s theme, or maybe there is the rare chance of it being something no one could come close to guessing. For the administration at Yucaipa High, they are all on their toes trying to make sure that none of the students try to change their grades right before prom like some students from last year did. A majority of the students that got caught changing their grades last year were Seniors. This makes complete sense due to prom being one of the biggest things Seniors look forward to. But this all will change. Not one student can slip past this year’s strong security system. Last year students had to print out their grades and show them to the activities office in order to get their ticket. This year it is different. The administration is going to personally check the grades of the students asking to buy their prom ticket. It may take more time but it is completely worth it. There is a good reason why Yucaipa High won’t allow students with bad attendance and or bad grades to attend prom. As Mr. Moore would say “It’s a way of rewarding students who are doing well.” In other words, Yucaipa High’s administration doesn’t want kids

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thinking that they can skip class, not do their work, and still have the privilege to go to prom. Prom is one of the biggest moments for a high school student. For most girls it is extremely important to have the right dress, make up, earrings, and date. For most guys, they get excited about the limo, their tux, and finding the cutest date. This is great motivation to get Yucaipa High students to get their work done and be on time all day, every day. One Senior at Yucaipa High, Michael Watson is very excited for this year’s prom. Michael expressed to us that “this year’s dance will be bigger and better than last year’s.” Even though the main dance floor will be smaller it isn’t going to cause a problem. There is more than one dance floor and there will be plenty of other activities. With delicious desserts and thirst quenching drinks this dance should be the best of them all. For all the Seniors this year, make sure to stay in class and do your work, because you don’t want to miss a dance like this.

5/8/2013 2:20:16 PM

Brad Hicks


YHS Teachers : Yearbook Edition

Class of 1997 Favorite Subject: Art Least Favorite Subject: Spanish Dream Career: National Geographic Photographer Something fun about school... Woodshop Something boring about school... School starting at 7:05 am Did you get good grades? Good enough to get me into college. A little more effort in high school would have made college a LOT less expensive. What college did you want to go to/went to? Azusa Pacific University How has high school changed since you were a student? My 10 in. Cell phone was little bit harder to hide Best high school memory: Cruising in my 66 Cadi Coupe DeVille Did you have a teacher who left a good impression on you? How? Absolutely, I had a math teacher that taught me confidence within my abilities was the only thing I needed to find success in his class. I realized later that his philosophy applied to almost all parts of my life. I also apply this philosophy to my classroom. Developing confidence is key to finding success in the arts. What do you most enjoy about be a teacher today? The students who tell me they can’t learn that they can

Class of 1992 Favorite Subject: Physics Least Favorite Subject: none Dream Career: Inventor, I thought that would be cool Something fun about school... One time, while in Mr. Smith’s AP English class, I got to class early to intercept everyone from coming in the room. There was a momentous occasion where one of our friends was on the verge of getting his 1000th “kiss-up” to Mr. Smith (we had been keeping track). During the period, when the occasion hit, the entire class stood up to give a standing ovation. The only two who had no idea what was going on was Mr. Smith and our poor friend. I announced the reason for applause, and we all shared a good laugh. It was one of those fun moments that we all laugh about even today. Something boring about school... I never really enjoyed getting up early to hustle off to school. Did you get good grades? Yes What college did you want to go to/went to?UCSD How has high school changed since you were a student? There are more buildings ☺ Best high school memory? The friendships I had, I still keep in touch with several of these folks Did you have a teacher who left a good impression on you? Mr. Roper was one of my favorites by far. He was brilliant-taught my AP English 11 and AP Physics yhe following year. He and I got off to a rocky start my junior year (I was too much the class clown and kept getting in trouble). I’ll never forget the conversation we had where I owned up to my behavior and we had a heart-to-heart. He and I were able to turn around a potentially toxic situation into something really great. What do you enjoy most about being a teacher? Definitely the interaction with students, you guys keep things fun and interesting!

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by Jade Murguia

Robert Cruz

Frank Solis

Tom Stewart

Favorite Subject: P.E. Least Favorite Subject: English Dream Career: Play 2nd base for the LA Dodgers Something fun about school... hanging out with my friends and playing sports Something boring about school...that it started at 8 am Did you get good grades? Yes What college did you want to go to/went to? I didn’t really care where I went to school but I went to University of Redlands, APU and UCR How has high school changed since you were a student? Technology (cell phones, internet, etc..) Best high school memory? My first varsity-wrestling match, during my freshman year. We wrestled against Yucaipa and I got beat up pretty good. It was also the first time I shaved my mustache. The referee made me shave. Some kind girl from Yucaipa let me use her Nair as shaving cream. The results were worse than the wrestling match. Did you have a teacher who left a good impression on you? Yes, Mrs. Marshall What do you enjoy most about being a teacher? Helping others and making a difference in lives, I feel I’m fulfilling my purpose in life. Class of 1997 Favorite Subject: P.E. & Advanced Weight Training Least Favorite Subject: Math Dream Career: Race Car driver, I loved to drive fast and wanted to make a living out of it. Something fun about school... participating in extra-curricular activities and metting life long friends Something boring about school...All the unnecessary drama Did you get good grades? I didn’t get good grades but I thought they weren’t bad What college did you want to go to/went to? I wanted to go to UCLA because I love basketball, I went to RCC then to CSUSB How has high school changed since you were a student? Technology has changed education. There were no cell phones and you had to talk to people Best high school memory? CIF swimming championships my senior year, we all worked so hard to get there and we did great! Did you have a teacher who left a good impression on you? Mr. Watkins, because he was down to earth and funny, and Coach Stout, we had a lot in common. What do you enjoy most about being a teacher? It’s never boring. Interacting with students everyday is the highlight of my day, I love to see them succeed. Class of 1979 Favorite Subject: English--hands down Least Favorite Subject: Psychology Dream Career: Pro-Sports (usual nonsense) Something fun about school... Being there, the people, and the activities Something boring about school...taking showers in P.E. Did you get good grades? Oh yeah! What college did you want to go to/went to? Claremont Mckenna College How has high school changed since you were a student? There are more required classes, and rigor for most motivated students Best high school memory? Performing at a pep rally as the Blues Brothers with my friend Robby Karyman Did you have a teacher who left a good impression on you? How? Mr. Gerst—encouraged me to read and study great literature What do you enjoy most about being a teacher? Encouraging students, and being amazed at the prospect of their futures VOTED MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED 23

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Epigraph Issue 13.2  

This is the spring issue of the Yucaipa High School Epigraph (Produced by the Digital Publishing class)

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