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$5 Miracle

Give the Gift of Dignity

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Sign up to become a member through the Eizer Lamuzen office.

$5 will be added to your weekly shopping bill in the participating store of your choice or via automatic credit card payments.

Your donation will be added to your store’s special Eizer Lamuzen account, which holds all donations made by shoppers.

Your store's needy accounts, as determined by Eizer Lamuzen, will be discreetly credited with funds.


“As an Eizer Lamuzen member, I love knowing that my small weekly donation makes such a large impact.”


Your donations stay local, helping people in the store of your choice.


For only $5 a week, you can make a grand difference in someone else’s life.


Give struggling families help, hope, and pride in a simple, easy way.

Our Beginnings A little boy leaves a store. His hands are empty, his head is down. His dignity is left behind, along with his bread and milk. And Eizer Lamuzen is born. In 2004, Shamshon Krausz, founder and administrator of Eizer Lamuzen, witnessed this heartrending scene and was determined to change the way we give. Eizer Lamuzen enables individuals to be aided privately and discreetly. Through a unique concept, our members contribute $5 a week, added to their regular shopping bill, which goes directly to assist other local families in need. Our core mission is to help families regain their stability and security, while preserving dignity and pride.

“When my husband lost his job, the bills kept mounting and we went from proud shoppers to beggars. Eizer Lamuzen has allowed me to feel like everyone else, a respected shopper, once again.�

Replacing SHAME with PRIDE, PAIN with JOY, and DESPAIR with HOPE.

Every Day. Small Donations, Grand Results: Raising close to a million dollars a year! Numerous Recipients: Successfully established in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Kiryas Yoel, and Montreal. Helping More Every Day: Expanding in Boro Park and other areas. Loyal Contributors: Thousands of members! Respected Board: Vaad advises, oversees distribution and sets policy. Basic Necessities: Instituted in groceries, supermarkets, and meat and fish establishments.

“When my wife became ill, my modest salary couldn’t handle all the new expenses. Eizer Lamuzen’s help got me through the difficult times and back on my feet.”

Sign Up

Today! Are you ready to join our family of loyal members? An Eizer Lamuzen representative will be contacting you shortly to provide you with more information on how you can make a difference in someone else’s life.


(718) 852-3500 Email: Address:

31 Warsoff Pl.

Brooklyn NY 11205

To learn more, visit us any time:

Eizer Lamuzen's Wholesale Supporters

Eizer Lamuzen Boro Park's branch is dedicated to ‫לע"נ מו"ה שאול אלכסנדר ב"ר מרדכי ביסטריצקי ע"ה‬

Eizer Lamuzen Board Members R’ Shomshon Krausz, Founder and President Harav Yitzchok Bestrisky | R’ Riven Wolf | R’ Motty Herzog R’ Eliezer Duvid Itzkowitz | R’ Simcha Friedman | R’ Ari Weiss

Be A Part of the $5 Miracle  

Eizer Lamuzen is a non-profit organization that assists families in need. They possessed a strong member base in the Williamsburg area, but...