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Born in 24/06/1987 in Madrid, currently a Tesis Student of Master in Architecture at the Politechnic University of Madrid. In 2009 enjoyed a mobility grant to Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Budapest, Hungary, 2009/2010). Also been living in Dublin (2005) and Berlin, where collaborated in the organization of the exhibition AUTOCENTER-10 years with the artists Joep van Liefland and Maik Schierloh (2011) Worked in different fields as the organization of the Architecture Week of Madrid during the years 2010 and 2011, or Architecture and Interior design in ARTECO2000 in 2007; and participated in several workshops related with Architecture, Urbanism, and Design. Here are some selected projects developed in the last years, that should be read as a way of understanding architecture, urbanism and design.


1.Market 2.Sports


and 3. 4.




Technical Mapping Ligth




Lavapies Tomorrow








Selescted for Fargile´s Students Conference Lucas University, Gent, Belgium. March 2012

In Sain

Selected by Cervantes Instute of Casabalanca for exhibition and publication (in progress) Design of a Market and Cervantes Institute site in Karian Centrale, Casablanca. We undestood the design of this building not only as a matter of architecture but also as a urban intervention which improves and connect different areas of the city, in which the public space and circulations have an special importance. The purpose of this project is to create a new way of understanding urban development as integrated into the pre-existing urban landscape while recognizing the regional history including its societal problems, environmental conditions and cultural issues. It’s a horizontal and extensive system that achieves three conditions: interconexion, flexibility and the possibility of growing and change. We increase the program including housing, Sport s hall and public baths (hamás) to supply the lack of services in the area. The footbriges in the upperfloor unified all the complex and make twice the quantity of public space in between green and waterroofs. The relationship between empty and built spaces, the relationship with the city and the treatment of the ligth and shadows were the main concepts developed in this project. Politechnic University of Madrid. Autumn Semester, 2011.

Sistema constructivo PERMANENTE

Sistema constructivo mercado TEMPORAL

Acceso rodado

Accesos y espacio pĂşblico

Circulaciones Planta baja

Primera planta

Sports school

hall and in Madrid


Design of Sport Hall and SchoolL with residence for 50 children for Atllético de Madrid Football Team. Located in the border of Madrid Río Park, the aim of the project is emphasize the relationship between city and park, avoiding a clear limit. The park is introduced in the building by open courtyards; and the building disapperad in the park with the desintegration of the structure and the topograpy of the roofs.

Politechnic University of Madrid. Spring Semester, 2011. Supervides by Tuñón+Mansilla

level 0 0_ park level

level1_city level



Hall programa público

Biblioteca Oficinas Cafetería Tienda Sala de trofeos y exposiciones Dormitorios Aulas

programa público Circulaciones principales Programa privado


Non-conventional of Lavapies


In partnership with Alejandro Guijarro, Javier Reboreda, Yolanda Espinar, Eduardo Camarena and Teresa Torrijos.

Project developed in the workshop Urban Negotiation, which was focused in giving social integration solution for Lavapies, the cuarter of Madrid with biggest multicultural background, related with the urban plan Madrid Centro. The process was divided into a first legwork information research where we develop and nonconventional mapping. We tried to supply the human-scale -data in the common urban projects researchs to take a new approach closer to the citizens. Collecting this information we found the idiosincrasy of the area and we purpose some solutions related with urban design and social activities with the aim of solving the isolation of the different nacinalities living there.

Polytechnic University of Madrid. March 2009 Urban Negotiations Organised by Paisaje Transversal and Belinda Tato (Ecosistema Urbano)

mapa de establecimien imientos por grupos upos sociales

ámetros por grupos sociales establecimientos africanos

establecimientos imientos castizos titizo tizos zoss establecimientos imientos moder imientos moderno modernos der ernos ernos establecimientos establecimient imientos os latinos latinos inos in os establecimientos indios ndios ndio nd establecimientos establecimient imientos chinos hinos hino hi noss no establecimientos os africanos africanos anos an os

establecimiento chino establecimiento indio establecimiento latino establecimiento joven/moderno establecimiento castizo 1_bar manchego 2_asociación los os castizos agrupados de madrid 3_restaurante estaurante cocina asturiana 4_bar el andaluz 5_bar el 20 6_bar alfaro 7_peluquería señoras 8_restaurante la mina 9_restaurante la inquilina 10_bar melo 11_bar barbieri 12_pastelería horno la fe y valencia 13_bar er wishi 14_fábrica ica de patatas fritas 15_restaurante estaurante naranjo de bulnes 16_asador de pollos el murciano 17_los madroños 18_restaurante la rueda

mapa de conc ncentraciones de publicidad papeles, ppeg pap pegatinas egatinas carteles

recursos para sintecho tercera edad

marquesinas marq mar

parámetros ilícitos sexo botellón graffiti publicidad invasiva

parámetros usos

mapa de nív níveles de locales vacíos

tiendas especializadas 1_el taller de justo 2_camarada camarón 3_ppercusión 4_artesanía 5_ferderación macarrilla 6_taller de violines 7_restauración estauración de mobiliario 8_cristalería olivar 10 9_bisutería variada 10+11_tienda de tocados ocados imposibles 12_guarnicionería bolsos castellanos 13_real eal sociedad de fotografía 14_josé luis y sus chaquetillas tillas 15_freepress_diagonal 16_peluquería y estética china 17_farmacia increíble 18_tienda de hamacas 19_artesanía de egipto 20_diseño exclusivo xclusivo de gafas cqcoque 21_restaurante estaurante griego el rincón de hércules

locales vacíos aberraciones arquitectónicas ónicas 1_ventanas torcidas 2_sorprendentes fachadas 3_almohadillado brutalista

índice de actividades locutorio teatro bar de copas bazar asociación restaurante alimentación cafetería/tetería tienda peluquería videoclub galería


mapeados no convencionales análisis álisis del área de trabajo

camarena est estébanez, ébanez, eduardo espinar garcía, yolanda fernández lorenzo arroyo, guillermo guijarro sosa, alejandro herranz iglesias, yolanda rabadán martínez, david reboreda fernández, javier


mapeados no convencionales arepresentación de datos recogidos

camarena estébanez, eduardo espinar garcía, yolanda fernández lorenzo arroyo, guillermo guijarro sosa, alejandro herranz iglesias, yolanda rabadán martínez, david reboreda fernández, javier





The light of tomorrow is the imposition of layers of lights across the city, bridging dawn to theneon-lights at dusk.






hundreds from the


of sun




With Mariano TomĂĄs Fuster, Elena MartinĂ­nez Lamata and Iago Romero. We will begin with the insertion of light from an urban frame. In the city we not only find sources of natural light but also artificial. Both sources compliment city spaces in turns spanning the twenty-four hours of each day. Our project will utilize electric light provided by pre-existing sources. Apart from the free artificial light and sunlight, our plan for light includes eliminating any wasteful energy-taking light sources. We have selected two local sites and one tunnel located below a commercial zone (one part receives natural light, the other only artificial). One specific place is located next to a ZARA store, and we plan to utilize energy given off by the store in exchange for light in a different form. This energy exchange is reflected in the design of our project which includes skylights. The use of transparent, opaque, translucent, and reflective materials, which modify the potency of light, is what we propose for the spa. We suggest this use for the space because it incorporates two distinct mediums; the water and the air. In addition, this theme allows us to create a luminous environment with ranging tonalities of direct to very faint light.

Mobile P D F p


roject developed in partnership wirh avid Pérez, Pablo Mora and Mariano Tomás uster during the course Optimization of arametric models.

We develop a folding structure based on the umbrella mechanism which is moved by the electronic device ARDUINO.Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform what we programmed by Processing to make out model move open and closing our roof depending on the ligth. The movement of the structure is activated by a Servo conecteced to a ligth sensor. In the presence of ligth the servo starts working moving a sistem of gears which moves the structure. This structure were supporting a elastic roof based on a deployé which opens and closes with the movement, letting the light in or providing shadows when needed. After working on the prototype we purpose several aplications of the structure as a technified glasshouse or a cover for a terrace system in open scenaries. To see the whole project and some videos please visit our blog: Politechnich University of Madrid. Spring 2012. Supervised by José Ballesteros.


















Project 1: Glasshouse Roof

Sensitive to ligth and humidity conditions to create a tropical atmospheare.

Project 2: Stands structure roof Sensitive to ligth and number of poeple to adapt its size to the best conditions.

Postproductions Remodelation bullfigthing

of the ring of


Las Arenas Bullfighting square in Barcelona was being remodelated by Richard Rogers to became in a big mall, but the construction was stopped for a while because of economical problems. We were claimed to reduce the project to its half to make it affordable. Tensions between the information about the site and the program and distribution of the original project allow to generate two protodocuments which were the basis to design the new approach.

Polytechnic University of Madrid Autumn semester 2010 Supervised by Federico Soriano and Pedro Urzรกiz




Thank You!

Yolanda Herranz Iglesias

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