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By Dr. Sharon Norling






By Wayne M. Levine



By Bianca Rose Martinez



10/ Special Health Bulletin

Combating Medical Conditions Associated with Menopause & Andropause

By Kristi Kellogg

16/ Health View 1

Skin Cancer Awareness & Treatment

By Dr. Sarmela Sunder

20/ Health View 2

What is Lymphedema – Catch it Early for Better Treatment

By Charlene Anderson, PT, CLT, MBA

34/ East/West Acupuncture & Chinese

Medicine – Before, During and After Cancer Diagnosis

By Linda Read-Shelby, MSOM, LAc & Viveka S. Rucker, MATCM, LAc

40/ From the Heart

American Cancer Society – Saving Lives by Helping People Stay Well, Get Well, Find Cures and Fight Back

By Alicia Doyle

42/ Beyond Green Living




Be Conscious of Your Health Now – Natural Prevention By Jan Tucker, MBA

Major back surgery doesn’t have to mean major scars Many of our complex spine and neck surgeries are performed microsurgically with tiny incisions. So if you want back surgery with a great outcome and no obvious physical evidence, call Virella Neurosurgery.

Complex Spine & Brain Specialists

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LOVE NEEDED HERE August 10th of this year turned out to be a wonderful day. The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides for Breast Cancer Relay was held in front of the Civic Arts Center in Thousand Oaks. As the proud media sponsor for ACS, I was there. As the morning progressed, a sea of pink t-shirts and matching tennis shoes flowed toward the grassy area. Women of all ages arrived—many with family members and friends. But the gathering felt more like a family reunion than a relay. The energies were undeniably heartfelt.


As the opening ceremony began, everyone’s energies lifted higher as the many survivors assembled on stage to voice their anniversaries of beating cancer. Tears of joy were felt by everyone as we celebrated their personal and profound victory together. Once the ceremony was completed, all the walkers lined up behind the ribbon eager to walk with purpose. As the walk got underway, I took the time to chat with the other exhibitors. Next to my booth was a beautiful woman named Bernadette. She is a cancer patient advocate and cancer survivor. Her words hit my heart as she expressed her passion for her patients. “It is important that we go back to basics,” she said. When I asked her to elaborate, she said that we have forgotten that the research is in place. We as a community should use this time and energy to surround the cancer patients with love and support. The pure purpose of our existence on this planet is to be there for one another— through the challenges, the sorrows, the milestones and the triumphs of life. It is love that binds us and keeps us strong. Love is the core of our life force and nourishes us all. This month I ask you to reach out to friends and family members and show the love and appreciation for their place in your life. Celebrate them and show your love, and also make time for sacred remembrance for those who have transitioned in the name of cancer. They fought their battles bravely and should be remembered with love and for their purpose here. With Peace, Love, Blessings and Gratitude,


BOOMERS! Are you one of the many Baby Boomers out there trying to figure out what is in store for your funture? Then the November issue is for you!

I dedicate this issue in loving memory of: My mother Hope Starr—meningioma (grade III malignant brain tumor), September 1988 My brother Alex Starr—pancreatic cancer, October 2007 “Oma” Edith Soeker—pancreatic cancer, December 2007 And to all of my dear friends and family members who are survivors of this disease.

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Enjoy a LIFETIME of healthy legs We specialize in minimally invasive, outpatient procedures for varicose and spider veins. Our skilled team of Vascular Surgeons are the most experienced in Ventura County and are devoted to making you look and feel your best.

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Combating Medical Conditions Associated with

Menopause and Andropause by Kristi Kellogg




Hormones that are essential to overall health are present in the human body from the time of birth. As men and women begin to age, these hormones diminish and consequently, medical conditions associated with pre-menopause, menopause and andropause arise. The good news is that these conditions can be remedied with bioidentical hormone therapy (also referred to as bHRT). “Bioidentical hormone therapy is exactly what it sounds like,” said Navid Vahedi, a compounding pharmacist who specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy. “With bioidentical hormone therapy, we are replacing hormones that are natural to your body – hormones like estrogen, testosterone and estriol.” In “Bioidentical Hormones: Are They Right for You?” Dr. Dixie Mills explains that bioidentical hormone therapy begins with testing hormones, and from there, “when warranted, [patients are prescribed] a precise dosage of bioidentical estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, and/ or DHEA. These formulations are prepared at a registered compounding pharmacy and each patient is monitored carefully through regular follow-up hormone panels to ensure [he or she] gets symptom relief at the lowest possible dosage. In the initial stages, we will do a hormone panel every three months. Once balance is restored, we’ll do one panel a year at the time of the annual exam.” With bioidentical hormone therapy, patients can achieve hormonal balance. “Patients see a great improvement overall,” said Vahedi. “Cognitively, they function better. Skin will retain moisture. Think of pregnant women, for example. We’re all familiar with ‘the pregnancy glow.’ That glow comes from a surge in estriol – this is a perfect example of hormones at work in the human body.”

While bioidentical hormone therapy works for both men and women, women are more apt to seek out the treatment, Vahedi said. For women as young as thirty, bioidentical hormone therapy can be useful in combating anxiety, depression, insomnia, low libido or conditions associated with premenopause and menopause, such as dry hair, dry skin, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, memory loss, and osteoporosis. Andropause is the male equivalent of menopause in females. As men age, they lose testosterone which leads to decreased muscle mass, impotence, decreased libido, fatigue and depression. In the same way that bioidentical hormone therapy can combat these problems in women, it can combat these problems in men. Low testosterone issues can begin to affect men in their thirties. Vahedi, who owns Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy in Westwood, shared an example of one such thirty-something man who reached out to him directly. “He was complaining of decreased libido and was seeking testosterone therapy. He did not know any doctors that could help him. I referred him to a one of our physicians. We started him out at a pretty low dose and over a period of a few weeks raised that dose until he was getting the results that he wanted,” Vahedi said. Bioidentical hormone therapy, practiced since the 1930s, differs from traditional hormone therapy in the manner in which the hormones are harvested. Bioidentical hormone therapy derives hormones from soy or yams. But most of the traditional hormone replacement therapy prescribed by large pharmaceutical companies uses estrogen extracted from the urine from pregnant horses (which is filled with estrogen),” Vahedi explained.



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Hormones that are derived from horse urine are an example of a synthetic hormone, which the human body is not adept at processing, Vahedi said. “In traditional hormone therapy, the hormones are dissimilar to what your body is used to seeing and are therefore associated with a higher risk of cancer,” Vahedi said. “When you introduce foreign hormones into a patient’s body, the body doesn’t know what to do with them. Those foreign hormones end up going through the bloodstream and are metabolized by the liver, resulting in a less favorable and potentially cancer-producing estrogen.” Conversely, bioidentical hormone therapy only uses hormones that are very natural to the body, Vahedi explained. “Bioidentical hormones are manufactured … to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body,” Mills concurs. “This makes [bioidentical hormones] unlike synthetic hormones which are intentionally made to be different. That’s because drug companies can’t patent a bioidentical structure to make it exclusively theirs, so they invent synthetic hormones that are patentable (Premarin, Prempro, and Provera being the most widely used examples).” “Synthetic hormones are quite strong and often produce intolerable side effects,” Mills writes. “But bioidentical hormones are natural, and our bodies can metabolize them, which minimizes side effects.” Furthermore, medications used in bioidentical hormone therapy are compounded, meaning they are specially created for each individual and tailored to his or her specific body chemistry. “Compounded bioidentical hormones [are] matched to each [patient’s] needs — which is just impossible with massproduced products,” Mills writes.

Interested in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? If you want to learn more about how bioidentical hormone therapy can help you, talk to your doctor or reach out to pharmacist like Vahedi. “Most OB/GYNS are very familiar with bioidentical hormone therapy and most pharmacists are very well-versed at analyzing and prescribing the tests needed to identify what conditions exist,” Vahedi explained. “Pharmacists can refer you to a physician that they work with or get in touch with your primary care physician or OB/GYN and recommend the appropriate treatments.” As far as insurance companies are concerned, Vahedi said “most PPO insurance will pay for compounded medications. Some patients will have a deductible to meet. There are some insurance companies that won’t cover

it at all, however; off the top of my head, I know Blue Shield will not pay for compounded medication.” For men who want to learn more about low testosterone and bioidential hormone therapy, Vahedi recommends Dr. Abraham Morgentaler’s book “Testosterone for Life.” For women, Vahedi points to www. as a great resource for learning more about biodentical hormone therapy. “It’s important to take the time to educate yourself and take initiative in your own health,” Vahedi said. “I encourage patients to do their own research and make their own conclusions.” To learn more about Vahedi, visit

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Anti-Aging medicine is the future and you can be a part of it.

HERA HEALTH CARE A Holistic esthetic restorative and Anti-Aging medical practice


he science and study of Aging is constantly evolving and new discoveries offer hope that we can maintain our health, mobility, vision and mental sharpness well past the 8th and 9th decades of our lifes.

There are many names used to describe the practice of medicine that addresses Aging. At HERA Health Care, Anti-Aging symbolizes our FIGHT against associating getting older with being sick, with being plagued by chronic illness and cancer, unable to enjoy life because of pain, limited mobility, impaired vision and mental decline. Anti-Aging is about living our life with purpose, restoring health and balance to our body using the most up to date information

and technology, using functional medicine, addressing the root cause of the imbalance and correcting it, so that we can live life in our body and enjoy it until the end. When we are young and strong and too busy living, most of us don’t think about getting older until a major problem is discovered or we suddenly realize we are not able to do the same things that were so easy in the past. Taking action when we are healthy is much easier than restoring the balance we lost.




At HERA Health Care we will help you stay strong and healthy, as well as help you restore and regenerate imbalanced organs and systems as best as science allows us to do.


SEEK YOUR INNER GODDESS! cAll 805-379-9110 for An Appointment 3180 WilloW lAne Suite 108, WeStlAke VillAge, cA 91361 monday, tuesday, Wednesday & friday: 11:30 am - 8:00 pm, Saturday: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm | We accept all major insurance ppo plans and medicare.



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RUTH SWISSA OFFERS TEMPORARY AREOLA TATTOO for Breast Cancer Survivors A temporary areola tattoo for breast cancer survivors is the latest product offered by Ruth Swissa, a professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist whose family has been in the aesthetics field for three generations.

Ruth Swissa

“This is a realistic-looking areola tattoo specifically for those who do not want permanent makeup just yet— only something temporary yet realistic,” explained Swissa, a lifetime member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. The temporary areola works like a non-permanent tattoo by placing it on the designated spot, wetting the back of the paper while holding it down, and slowly pulling the paper away. “It is a safe, quick, and an easy way to achieve a look that many usually pay hundreds for,” said Swissa, further noting that this temporary, high quality tattoo is expected to stay on skin for at least one week. “This not only boosts morale, but gives the patient a feel for whether they would like to get a medically-tattooed areola.” Swissa works extensively with plastic surgeons who refer patients for medical micropigmentation procedures such as areola re-pigmentation for the area surround-

ing the nipple of the breast, scar camouflage and vitiligo treatment. “I am especially gratified of my work with breast cancer survivors, whom I have helped recover not only physically but emotionally,” Swissa said.

A Fresh, Natural Look First and foremost an artist, Swissa specializes in permanent makeup—also called micropigmentation—using organic ingredients to give clients a fresh, natural look. “I pride myself on my lengthy experience, state-ofthe-art techniques, color artistry and good judgment,” Swissa said. “However, permanent make-up is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as micropigmentation,” Swissa explained, of the process that involves tiny droplets of custom-blended colors skillfully deposited into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural looking or well defined makeup. “This is why permanent makeup will not last forever, nor will it spread over time like a generic tattoo,” she said.

Clientele Clients that seek Swissa’s services range from hardworking business women who don’t have the time to apply makeup, to people who have vision problems or allergies to makeup. “I also get many burn victims, breast cancer survivors, and patients who suffer from alopecia,” Swissa said.

Joy of Reinventing Not only does Swissa enjoy the actual work of applying and reinventing, “the joy I get from a pleased customer is a reward of its own.” She also loves to see the emotional transformation from a client before and after the procedure. “You would be surprised how a simple eyebrow procedure can impact a person’s self-esteem,” Swissa said. “However, the most gratifying part of my profession is to see that smile on a breast cancer patient who has just undergone an areola medical tattoo. It’s just priceless.”

For more information call 818.735.8818 or visit 14




Specializing in: Holistic & Sedation Dentistry Biocompatibility Testing Mercury Free Heavy Metal Free All surgery done on premises

Board Certified Biological Dentists


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Skin Cancer Awareness and Treatment by Dr. Sarmela Sunder

When Cynthia first walked into my office her story was very similar to that of many women in their late 50s. As a teenager growing up in Southern California, she spent a great deal of time in the sun. Constantly in search of the perfect tan, sunscreen was not on her list of priorities. She remembers several instances when her stints in the sun led to a sunburn.




However, her story differs from that of most people in that several decades later, she developed a spot on her face—not unlike her many freckles. This spot, however, would occasionally flake and slowly changed in appearance. She finally mentioned it to her dermatologist wondering if there was a cream she could use to get rid of it. The dermatologist was concerned about its appearance and performed a biopsy of the spot. The spot turned out to be a basal cell cancer, a type of skin cancer that is generally easily curable with excision. While Cynthia was pleased she could be cured, she was concerned that because she had waited so long to take care of it, the remaining wound would be very large and would leave her with a big scar. It was this concern that brought her to a consultation with me.

scar was minimal. Her sutures were removed the following week and I gave her strict instructions about sun protection in order to optimize her scar healing and help prevent further skin cancers. A few months later, the scar had improved dramatically and was barely perceptible. Needless to say, since this experience, Cynthia has been vigilant about her skin, protecting it from the sun and following up with her dermatologist routinely.

We expected that after her skin cancer removal procedure, she would be left with a two-inch wound. While a diagnosis of cancer is stressful enough, the thought of being left with such a large scar on her face, reminding of her ordeal, was equally daunting.

Facts About Skin Cancer in the U.S.

A More Aesthetic Procedure

Types of Skin Cancer

After examining her and reviewing her medical history, I decided the best course of action would be to do a local flap, which would rotate the surrounding skin on top of the wound, effectively closing the defect. Cynthia had her skin cancer excision procedure the next day and I performed the skin flap and closure of the wound soon after.

The three most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma. BCC and SCC originate from cells in the outer layer of skin. They typically arise from areas of the body that get a lot of sun exposure, such as the face, lips, neck, ear and the back of the hands. Melanoma begins in the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin pigment giving color to the skin.

The wound was covered with a bandage for the first day. When the bandage was removed the following day, I could sense her relief that the

More than 3.5 million cases of skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the United States. In fact, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, comprising almost half of all the cancers in this country.

SCC and BCC are the less aggressive cancers, with a cure rate close to 95 percent if treated early. Melanoma is the more aggressive cancer, causing about 75 percent of all skin cancer



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deaths. While melanoma is more aggressive, the five-year survival rate for those whose are treated before it spreads to the lymph nodes is 98 percent.

during those times of the day. In addition, research suggests the use of daily sunscreen can cut the incidence of melanoma in half.

Who is at Risk and What to Watch So early detection and prompt treatment is key, which is why it is important to mention any suspicious spots to your internist, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

What Causes Skin Cancer? The major risk factor for these skin cancers is ultraviolet light, whether it be from sunlight or tanning beds. The easiest and most effective way to prevent the majority of skin cancers is to be smart about your sun exposure. The strongest rays are present during the middle of the day. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the shorter your shadow is, the stronger the rays. So avoid direct sunlight




Individuals with a history of excessive UV exposure and severe sunburns are at risk for developing skin cancer in general. People with more than 50 moles, atypical moles, light skin, freckles, a history of sunburn, or a family history of melanoma are at increased risk for developing melanoma. One must be vigilant of any new moles or growths on the skin. Any changes in size, shape or color of a mole or the appearance of a new mole warrants an evaluation. Other reasons to consult a physician is if there is any scaling, oozing, bleeding or other change in a mole. If the spot becomes itchy or tender, it should be evaluated as well.

How is Skin Cancer Treated? The first line treatment for most skin cancers is surgical excision of the cancer along with a margin of surrounding normal tissue. Depending on the type and stage of the cancer, there may be a role for radiation and chemotherapy. For skin cancers on the face, a Mohs procedure—microscopicallycontrolled surgery—is performed so the tumor can be removed with a very narrow margin of normal surrounding tissue.

Available Reconstructive Options Depending on the size of the wound remaining after the skin cancer is removed, varying options exist to repair the wound. If the scar is too big to close on its own, the plastic surgeon may need to do a skin graft or a local flap. A skin graft is a piece of skin taken from another part of the body sutured in place to cover the wound. When repairing a wound on the face, the likely donor sites for the skin graft are the area behind the ear and the neck. Because taking skin from a different area does not offer the best color match and because a graft may not heal as well as native tissue, often a better option is to rotate tissue from the surrounding area onto the scar. This is referred to as a local flap and is required for larger defects.

Fix Your Sex Life and Marriage with Intimacy Counseling SCOPE OF PRACTICE INCLUDES:

• Couples Counseling • Erectile Dysfunction • Porn Addiction • Lack of Desire • Hormone Related Issues • Women’s Sexual Health • Men’s Sexual Heath • Gender Issues • Sex Therapy • Sexual Healing

Dawn Michael M.A.

Certified Clinical Sexologist & Marriage Counselor


3625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Suite #262 Building C

A well-trained plastic surgeon can repair these areas in a manner that provides a great aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with offices in: 201 South Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310)461-3841 16311 Ventura Blvd; Suite 600, Encino, CA 91436 / (818) 501-3223 (FACE) Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup & Skin, 29020 Agoura Road, #A6, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 / 818.735.8818 OCTOBER 2013


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Bug bites, rose bush thorns, cuts and scratches and airplane travel can bring it on. This is part of the education men and women who are at risk of lymphedema receive— usually after they have already experienced lymphedema. It can even develop 20 years into breast cancer survivorship, as one lady who visited with me recently discovered.

What is Lymphedema .

Catch it Early for Better Treatment by Charlene Anderson, PT, CLT, MBA




While this education is valuable after one has been diagnosed with lymphedema, early education and treatment and management of lymphedema could reduce a person’s risk of getting it or help to catch it earlier, when it is easier to treat

up proteins, cellular wastes, viruses, bacteria and more and transports this fluid in vessels to lymph nodes. The lymph nodes help to cleanse the fluid before moving it on to larger vessels, ultimately pouring the fluid back into the venous system.

Two Types of Lymphedema— Primary and Secondary In primary lymphedema, individuals are born with an impaired lymphatic system. In secondary, it is an acquired impairment involving secondary to damage to the lymphatics.

Now imagine that the lymph nodes the fluid would normally go to have been removed, or the vessels that transport the fluid from the intracellular space have been damaged by radiation. The flow of the lymphatic fluid along this journey would become impaired or slowed.

In the case of breast cancer, the removal of lymph nodes, chemotherapy, radiation and obesity all play a factor in a person’s risk of getting lymphedema. It is experienced as swelling or edema, but it is much more than just that.

Typically the human body has a greater capacity to handle the necessary lymphatic flow than it needs. But if the amount of lymphatic fluid is greater than the capacity to transport it—lymphedema (swelling) occurs.

Early Signs of Lymphedema The first part of education is the recognition of the edema or swelling. For example a breast cancer survivor may notice a new swelling starting in the fingers, making a wedding ring tight, or in the wrist, leaving the imprint of a watch or bracelet after it has been removed. Others may notice fullness in the forearm or a generalized ache in the limb at the end of the day or even in the morning. Many women also report fullness in the remaining breast tissue or the skin beside the breast and under the axilla (the armpit or underarm).

Treatment Once a person suspects they may have lymphedema, the next step is to go to their physician for a

It is protein-rich edema—it is the result of an important system of your body, the lymphatic system, not being able to do its most important role—removing the waste from your body at an intracellular level. This places a person at risk for a local infection called cellulitis, which can quickly progress to a systemic infection requiring hospitalization.

How the Lymphatic System Works Certified therapists educate their patients that the lymphatic system is the lesser known part of the circulatory system. Arteries bring oxygenated blood to the cells to nourish the tissue. Approximately 90 percent of the fluid leaving the arterial capillaries reenters the circulatory system through the venous capillaries. The remaining 10 percent of fluid becomes lymphatic fluid which picks



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diagnosis. If they are still under the care of their oncologist, he or she may be the physician of first choice to rule out any new cancer, cancer treatmentrelated causes or other swellingrelated diagnoses. Once the diagnosis of lymphedema has been established, an individual needs a prescription for lymphedema therapy Ojai Sugar Sugar All Natural exfoliation for body and helpsand you face look and greatyou in your Since 2010---Ojai All Natural exfoliation forface body willfeel help look and feel performed by a certified therapist. ownyour skin. own Our hand-crafted bodysuscrubs and facial polishscrubs thoroughly great in skin. Oursugar-infused hand-crafted gar-infused body andcleanse, facial polish This therapist is typically a physical moisturize and refresh the skin deeper regularthe soaps and deeper body washes without disturbing thoroughly cleanse, moisturize and than refresh skin than regular ps soa and body therapist or occupational therapist in an the skin’s disturbing natural ph balance. For our uniquephscents, we. For use plant-based essential oilswe with washeswithout the skin’s natural balance our unique scents, use plant outpatient clinic. It is essential that the based essential oils with therapeutic properties that truly reflect the beauty and diversity of therapist is a certified therapist. Certified Ojai and Central California. Experiencethe joy of having skin that looks and feels great ! therapists have undergone extensive Experience the joy of having skin that looks and feels great! training beyond the schooling required Sold at Rainbow Bridge in Ojai andLassen’s in Ventura. to be licensed in their profession.

Sold at Rainbow Bridge in Ojai and Lassen’s in Ventura

FREE GIFT with your online order!

Hilda Maldonado, M.D.

Regenerative & Anti Aging Medicine • Over ten years of experience using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy • Hormone balancing • Nutritional supplementation • Lifestyle changes (individualized diet and exercise) • Stress management • Education • Judicious use of medications as required




Compression in the intensive phase usually involves multiple layers of short-stretch compression bandaging over gray foam. To maintain a high level of compression, this compression is changed daily or nearly daily. MLD is much more than just a massage. It involves a light touch and stretch/relax of the skin to stimulate the movement of lymphatic drainage in the direction the therapist wants it to flow and away from the impaired lymphatics.

• Specialized testing for metabolic factors

Dr. Hilda Maldonado is board certified in Internal Medicine and additionally she is a diplomate of the American Academy of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine.

The gold standard of care in the treatment of lymphedema is complete decongestive therapy (CDT). CDT involves an intensive phase and a maintenance phase. In the intensive phase, the active phase of treatment, a patient may be seen three to six times a week for compression, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), exercises, and education in skin care and risk reduction for progressive lymphedema and infections.

1240 Westlake Blvd., Suite 133 Westlake Village, CA 91361 Phone / Fax: 805.496.6698

Once the lymphedema has been stabilized, then the patient moves into a maintenance phase. In this phase, a person learns how much compression they need and when they need it. If the condition has been caught early and stabilizes easily, a compression sleeve for exercise may be all they need. Conversely, challenging cases may require daytime compression, a nighttime compression garment and daily self-manual lymph drainage and exercises.

A unique blend of Chiropractic & Acupuncture at

The gold standard of care in the treatment of lymphedema is complete decongestive therapy (CDT)

> Chronic & Acute Pain > Carpal Tunnel > Plantar Fascitis > Fibromyalgia > Stress > Weight Loss & much more Therapeutic Massage now available MENTION THIS AD FOR A


Same Day Appointments and Most PPOs, HMOs and Kaiser Accepted or 805.777.8154 Quality of life is very important in the maintenance stage. Certified lymphedema therapists can help to improve quality of life issues. First, they can help integrate lymphedema and infection reduction adaptations into your activities of daily living, leisure and business activities. Many clinics offer free monthly lymphedema support groups for education and peer support. Bug bites, nicks from rose bush thorns, or airplane flights can trigger lymphedema or an infection, but sleeves and gloves can keep an avid gardener gardening; and compression sleeves can keep a business woman flying the friendly skies.

650 S. Westlake Blvd Suite 200, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

(In The Promenade at Westlake, across from Mann Theatres, above the Capri Nail Spa)

Charlene Anderson, PT, CLT, MBA is a certified lymphedema therapist and a physical therapist for more than 24 years, currently practicing at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center, Thousand Oaks, in the Outpatient Rehab Department’s and Oncology program. Ms. Anderson leads the monthly support group on the last Wednesday of every month and serves on the leadership committee for LRHMC’s breast cancer Program. Email her at OCTOBER 2013


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ADD & ADHD Drugs are not the Answer by Dr. Sharon Norling




Re-Balance If you have Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) or live with someone who has ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) you know how distressing it can be. Your child, although very bright, may be struggling in school. His behavior is probably distracting and challenging in and out of school. Discipline, rewards or punishment just don’t work. Families, friends and marriages can be affected. If you live in the U.S. today, you probably know someone or their child who has ADD or ADHD. ADHD is the most extensively studied pediatric mental health disorder, yet controversy and public debate continue regarding the diagnosis and medication treatment.

Six criteria for ADHD are:

• Is easily distracted.

• Does not seem to listen when spoken to. • Does not give close attention to details.

• Fidgets.

• Talks excessively.

• Has trouble staying on tasks.

Dr. Daniel Amen, renowned neuropsychiatrist, best-selling author, and PBS favorite suggests these questions.

1. Do you get easily bored? 2. Does your mind frequently wander in conversation? 3. Do you get distracted easily? 4. Are you overactive? 5. Are you impulsive? 6. Are you impatient? 7. Are you always on the go? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 11 percent of all

No one knows what causes ADHD and there are no laboratory tests to prove a person has the condition. The diagnosis of ADHD and ADD are dependent on very subjective factors.

Don't know what’s WRONG?

Get Yourself Tested children are suffering from ADHD and 5 percent of adults have this condition. Perhaps I do, too. As I read the classic symptoms I can identify with several of them. However, I have chosen to avoid the diagnosis, not take any medication and see myself as having great energy, multiple projects ongoing at any one time and a healthy lifestyle. While it can be annoying, sometimes I actually credit my many accomplishments to a modified ADD. Children with ADD are sometimes unable to stay with tasks for an extended period of time. Clinicians also have noted these children are very bright and get bored quickly. Children may be hyperactive, talkative, easily distracted and have difficulty waiting their turn. Peter, age 12, was recently brought to my practice by his mother. He had seen many physicians, school psychologist and therapists. He was failing in school and was considered out of control. His parents did not want to give him pharmaceutical drugs. After a comprehensive assessment and specific lab studies of his blood chemistries, nutrient status, food allergies, gluten sensitivity and the resulting changes in his diet, he had significant improvements. He was attending school regularly, getting A’s, and was able to participate in sports. His sister even started to like him!

To accurately diagnose and help guide treatment of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Insomnia, and Mood Dysregulation, we are now offering

NEUROTRANSMITTER TESTING Entails testing for abnormalities in Brain chemistry. By correcting Brain chemistry with medications and natural supplements we can bring the balance back, thereby ensuring optimum emotional and physical well being.

Get Your life in balance. Get tested today.

FAMILY PSYCHIATRY A Division of Westlake Wellness Center

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When you gotta go and there's no flow,

We can help!


What is the Status of ADHD? No one knows what causes ADHD and there are no laboratory tests to prove a person has the condition. The diagnosis of ADHD and ADD are dependent on very subjective factors. I remember many children from my childhood (myself included, at times) who today may have been diagnosed using the criteria. But the diagnosis didn’t exist then and the treatment for ADHD—stimulant drugs—was not available. Before 1970, the diagnosis of ADHD was relatively rare for schoolchildren and almost nonexistent for adolescents and adults. Between 1980 and 2007, there was an almost eightfold increase in the prevalence of ADHD in the U.S. compared to a similar span of time 40 years ago. Safer and colleagues estimate the prevalence of ADHD in schoolchildren as 1 percent in 1970s, 3 to 5 percent in the 1980s, and 4 to 5 percent in the late 1990s. In 2007 the National Survey of Children’s Health reported 7.8 percent of children aged 4 through 17 years had ADHD and many were using medications for the disorder.


UROLOGY INSTITUTE Gary Bellman, M.D., F.R.C.S. Board Certified Urologist Specializing in: • Enlarged Prostate Treatment • No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy • Kidney Stone Treatment • Incontinence Treatment • Erectile Dysfunction • Premature Ejaculation (PE) • Hormone Imbalance • Individualized Anti-Aging Programs

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Stimulant Medications While effective in reducing symptoms, the stimulant drugs are members of the amphetamine class. This means they are in the same class as methamphetamine, the highly addictive street drug often referred to as meth. The graph above shows the increase in methylphenidate, a stimulant used in Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Dexadrine and Vyvanse, during the past three decades. Other ADHD drugs are available that do not contain methylphenidate. Unfortunately these stimulating drugs have gained popularity as recreational drugs, especially among adolescents and college students. Surveys have indicated that more than 90 percent of college students and adolescents who abuse

LASIK • CATARACT SURGERY IMPLANTABLE CONTACT LENSES prescription drugs identified methylphenidate as their drug of choice (White, 2006). This drug has the same effect as street meth but it is legal and paid for by insurance companies.

Today’s ADD/ADHD Landscape So what’s changed through the years? Today we see a dramatic decrease in the amount of physical activity in and out of schools. Instead of burning excess energy on the playground, children are at home sitting with their computers, iPads, video games and iPhones. There is an increase in academic and social stress.

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Dr. Paul J. Dougherty Board Certified MD and Certified Clinical Instructor

Our foods are processed and devoid of nutrients and genetically modified. Processed foods and fast food chains have increased dramatically. Families are busy and fewer of them eat whole foods prepared at home. An array of poor quality vitamins and supplements are found over the counter. School lunches are notoriously unhealthy. According to a study by Dr. Lidy Pelsser of the ADHD Research Center in the Netherlands, in 64 percent of children with ADHD, the symptoms were caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to food. Have your child tested for food allergies and gluten sensitivity. There are also concerns that this condition is being overdiagnosed and over-prescribed.

Potential Alternate Causes What else may be causing the ADHD behaviors? What other options are there to decrease the symptoms? Have your child checked for low cholesterol. It is important for cholesterol to be in the normal range between 160 and 200. Cholesterol makes up one third of our cell membranes and is necessary for normal brain function. Low thyroid or low iodine and a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause the symptoms of ADHD. Toxins can create neurological disorders and cause hyperactivity. ADHD is often misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly. It can be caused by imbalances in hormonal and nutritional systems as well as heavy metal toxicities. Food additives, sugar and impaired digestion can all cause the identifying ADHD behaviors.

What Can You Do? Many times drugs are not the answer. We have other effective ways to treat these disorders. Multiple studies have shown identical improvement in groups using vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids and phytonutrients compared with the group using methylphenidate.

Dr. Dougherty is an expert in his field: •• Board Board Certified Certified by by the the American American Academy Academy

of of Ophthalmology Ophthalmology •• Has Has performed performed over over 30,000 30,000 LASIK, LASIK, ICL, ICL, and and Cataract Cataract Surgeries Surgeries •• He He isis aa Clinical Clinical Instructor Instructor at at UCLA’s UCLA’s Jules Jules SteinEye Institute SteinEye Institute •• Is Is aa pioneer pioneer in in today’s today’s vision vision correction correction techniques techniques and and technologies technologies •• He He isis an an internationally internationally renowned renowned eye eye surgeon who lectures lectures and and teaches teaches to to surgeon who doctors doctors around around the the world world •• He He has has appeared appeared as as aa surgery surgery expert expert on on Oprah, Oprah, The The Doctors, Doctors, Fox Fox News News and and ABC ABC Nightline Nightline Dougherty Laser Vision 4353 Park Terrace Drive, Ste 150 Westlake Village, CA 91361 Call Today for a


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As Dr. David Brownstein, a highly acclaimed clinician, speaker and author on this subject notes, “Keep in mind that stimulant drug therapies are dangerous.”

No studies show that these drugs are safe and effective for children, especially in the longterm. Medicating the youth with a potentially addictive drug without looking for other underlying causes of ADHD does not seem like best medical approach. Try this instead— have your child:

• Eat healthy whole foods, avoiding sugar and processed foods. • Ensure adequate vitamins, minerals and fish oil. • Avoid food additives (artificial food colors, flavorings and preservatives).

• Get lots of fun exercise.

• Lower their stress levels.

Have your doctor test for the following and treat any issues:

• Hidden food allergies and

gluten sensitivity.

• Heavy metal toxins.

• Neurotransmitters. High levels of nor-epinephrine and epinephrine and/or low levels of dopamine can cause ADD and ADHD symptoms. • Thyroid function, iodine levels, cholesterol and nutrient status.




If you or your family are suffering from ADD or ADHD your life can be so much better! Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice but is informational only.

Dr. Sharon Norling brings a lifetime of education, training and passion in both conventional and natural medicine. Using specialized testing she finds the root cause of symptoms and illnesses and uses effective natural medicine whenever possible. For more information on these topics please see her book, Your Doctor Is Wrong. Her practice is in Westlake Village: 818.707.9355.



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Life Can Be Frustrating by Wayne Levine




Man, was I PISSED! And I had every right to be. I had relied on someone to handle a task for me. I’m their client. They’re supposed to handle it. It’s their job! But they didn’t. And there I was getting upset, realizing I had wasted half a day—trying to fix the problem—only to conclude there was ultimately nothing I could do to solve it. The opportunity was lost. Gone. Couldn’t get it back. I had to surrender and accept it. I’ve been doing men’s work for about 20 years. I coach and I’ve been coached. I’ve participated in men’s retreats and I’ve run them. I help men every day, and I continue to ask for help to be the best man I can be.

Life Happens Yet despite all the work I’ve done to be a better me, occasionally, still, something can happen. Someone can screw up, some set of circumstances can throw me off track, make a mess of my day, obliterate my good attitude, ruin my evening or otherwise make me feel or behave like the grown-up little boy I once was. And depending on the situation and my state of mind, the impact can make me angry, sad, self-pitying, discouraged, numb, disconnected and absolutely no fun to be with—or to be. I’ll bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s part of the human experience. Overcoming these external influences to remain that centered, loving and compassionate individual you’ve worked so hard to become is what this work of self-improvement and transformation is all about. No one can make us feel any way we don’t choose to feel ourselves, so the ancient wisdom tells us. And I agree. Yet in those moments, many of us would tend to disagree vehemently.

…when you can clear your head, you’ll feel better, avoid collateral damage and be in a position to confront your next challenges from a place of power and calm.

A Proven Non-Drug Treatment for

Depression ...without medication side effects ...right in doctor’s office

How it Sometimes Is Though I’d rather not have to remind you of what those awful consequences look like, I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay a little attention to the damage we can cause when we’re not the captains on our own ships. As men, when we overreact we act out in numerous and damaging ways. We yell, berate, break stuff, whine and complain, ruin dates and vacations, undermine trust, chip away at relationships, frighten children, lose friends, destroy business relationships and ultimately feel pretty crappy about who we are. Often this leads to shame, doubt, fear and depression. To avoid all of this we need a few tools to help us make our way through the frustration and anger so we can get out of the problem and into the solution. As I mentioned, there was no immediate solution to the problem caused by my vendor— at least not that occurred to me. But the more important problem for me was the state I was in at the injustice of it all. I wanted it fixed—now! My blood pressure was rising, my breathing became shallow, my world view was shrinking fast! This is what needed my immediate attention. So I went about doing what

NeuroStar TMS Therapy® is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from one prior anti-depressant medication at or above the minimal effective dose and duration in the current episode. The most common side effect associated with TMS Therapy is pain or discomfort at or near the treatment area - generally mild to moderate. There is a rare risk of seizure associated with TMS (1 in 30,000 treatments) NeuroStar TMS Therapy is available by prescription only and is not right for everyone. For full safety and prescribing information, visit

Arjun Reyes M.D. 893 Patriot Dr. Unit A Moorpark CA 93021

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I’ve learned to do when things don’t go my way. I’ll tell you specifically what I did, and then list a few other options we have in order to manage and move beyond our frustration and anger. When negativity is coursing through my veins, I’ve learned that my immediate concern is to gain objectivity. Why? Because when I’m pissed I’m an idiot! I have no perspective, nothing else matters, and everything is colored by this clear and present problem. Though I’ve learned over the years to keep from acting out, the thoughts, feelings, and physical manifestations can still send me for a loop.

How it Can Be As soon as I pulled my attention from the initial problem to my desire to calm down, I asked myself what lessons there were to learn. And there were a few. I thought about what I could have done proactively to avoid the problem. It occurred to me that I had been unhappy with this vendor in the past, but had avoided having an uncomfortable conversation with them to discuss it. Within moments, I had a new perspective on my situation that was more about what I could do better in the future than how I was wronged in the present. My heart rate slowed, my breathing deepened and I felt like me again. It was much easier now to accept and move forward. Here are some other ways you can use to reconnect with you when faced with the inevitable frustrations of life: Get some food. Sometime we’re just hungry and grumpy and need to address our blood sugar levels. Call a buddy. A quick chat with a close friend can quickly get you to think and care about someone else instead of focusing on you and your immediate concerns.




Breathe. A simple breathing exercise—slowly breathing in for a count of seven, and out for a count of seven, can reconnect you to your body and to a healthier outlook. Journal. Writing it out often brings us back to our senses. Get physical. Work out, run, go to a yoga class, stack wood or even vacuum. Working our bodies can often move us beyond the moment’s frustrations. Meditate. If you have a practice, use it. If not, I encourage you to investigate the benefits of meditation. Over the long term, meditation will increase your ability to stay in the moment and face life’s challenges with a healthy perspective.

With copayments and premiums going up, and insurance-covered services going down — there’s never been a greater need for Aflac. Aflac pays cash benefits to help cover things that major medical doesn’t — like out-of-pocket medical costs and everyday living expenses. Call Julie today!

The point is, when you can clear your head, you’ll feel better, avoid collateral damage and be in a position to confront your next challenges from a place of power and calm. I’m generally a very patient guy these days. The work has paid off. I encourage you all to continue the work you’re doing to be the men you want to be. But it is humbling and important to remember, that no matter how much work we’ve done, we’re still human, we still have a way to go, and we’re all in this together.

Wayne M. Levine, M.A., is a men’s life coach and director of BetterMen Coaching in Agoura Hills, CA. He teaches men to be the best men, fathers, husbands and leaders they can be through individual, couples, and group coaching, both in office and via phone. Wayne is also author of the best-selling Hold On to Your N.U.T.s—The Relationship Manual for Men. Find out more, get a copy of Wayne’s book, and register for the Sept. 27-29 BetterMen Weekend Retreat at

Julie Kraus, Agent • 805.529.8190 • CA Insurance Lic #0C47103

At United Family, We Specialize in Pediatrics. A center for whole family care specializing in treatment of pregnancy and infants, young athletes, and active adults. Your family will enjoy a unique experience in this child friendly office. Nutritional evaluations, Massage Therapy, ADHD and Autism alternative treatments, and Pre/Post Natal chiropractic care

Located in beautiful Wood Ranch in Simi Valley

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Dr. Katie Greeley D.C., CACCP Certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics and WebsterTechnique Certified International Chiropractic Pediatric Member Holistic Pediatric Association Member ICA Pediatric Council Member



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Acupuncture& ChineseMedicine Before, During and After Cancer Diagnosis By Linda Read-Shelby, MSOM, LAc & Viveka S. Rucker, MATCM, LAc




There is nothing like a diagnosis of cancer to jolt your life from automatic pilot into the present moment. As health care providers of Eastern medicine, part of our job is to be calm in the middle of chaos. We can offer focus when things are scattered, direction when things feel hopeless and comfort in times of fear. Our therapeutic goal is to provide knowledge and care to support a person’s highest quality of life during a circumstance where they may be in pain, fearful, exhausted, and enduring treatment side effects. Our medicine provides health-enhancing tools to empower you when you feel like you have no personal power left, bringing your body, mind and spirit back into balance. This regained equilibrium offers a person more strength and mindfulness in expressing their needs and making choices throughout the treatment process.

Prevention It is now widely acknowledged not only by the American Cancer Society but in the scientific community that much of cancer is caused by lifestyle habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol use, obesity and poor nutrition. In addition, stress and exposure to ever-increasing toxicity in foods and the environment produce a modern challenge for the immune system. When the body is overwhelmed by any or all of these factors, cancer has an opportunity to proliferate. Fortunately many cancers are completely preventable through lifestyle changes, and there is more you can do to stay cancer-free. Several studies have documented that acupuncture excels in preventing disease by producing physiological changes that enhance immune function. Lifestyle adjustments made with the proper guidance and support can help the body reduce the toxic load, freeing the immune system to address any cancer cell activity more potently. For example, sugar and foods or processed food products which break down quickly into sugars are the main diet of cancer cells. Simply reducing sugar and refined

carbohydrate intake along with bringing blood sugars into balance can enormously reduce the chances of developing cancer. We do this using proven acupuncture, nutrition and herbal protocols along with exercise instruction, including the ancient art of qi gong which has been shown to help normalize blood sugar. This is just one example of how Chinese medicine can positively address a main mechanism affecting cancer proliferation.

Complementary Care during Cancer Treatment Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be very effective for patients undergoing cancer treatment to reduce side effects of traditional treatment, improve quality of life, and to support positive outcomes. While Western treatments target destruction of the cancer, acupuncture and the other tools of Chinese medicine relieve many symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments, improving energy and strengthening the immune system so the benefits of Western treatment can be fully realized. The National Cancer Institute lists research on its website showing acupuncture’s positive effects on cancer-related pain, nausea, vomiting, vasomotor symptoms, xerostomia (dry mouth) and other side effects of cancer treatment. For example, xerostomia is a common symptom of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Studies show acupuncture can be as effective as the pharmaceutical drug Salagen for dry mouth, thereby sparing patients additional side effects. Research published in 2008 compared the effects of acupuncture to Effexor for vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) in breast cancer patients receiving hormone suppression treatment. At 12 weeks, both groups experienced fewer hot flashes and menopausal symptoms as well as less depression. However, the group taking Effexor reported numerous negative effects, OCTOBER 2013


| 35



while the patients who had been treated with acupuncture reported no adverse effects. They also reported the additional benefits of increased energy, clarity of thought, increased libido and an overall sense of well-being. Also, the reduction in hot flashes lasted longer for breast cancer patients after completing acupuncture treatment compared to patients after stopping their drug therapy plan. Eleanor Walker, MD, lead author of the study and a radiation oncologist at Henry Ford Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology in Detroit, Michigan stated, “Our study shows that physicians and patients have an additional therapy (acupuncture) for something that affects the majority of breast cancer survivors and actually has benefits as opposed to more side effects.” Many acupuncture protocols and acupuncture point selections are possible in cancer treatment. One is the acupuncture point pericardium-6, approximately two inches above the inner wrist crease, which has been shown in studies to reduce nausea and vomiting. As with most acupuncture treatment, it is used in combination with other points carefully selected for each patient to achieve maximum benefit. Pressure can be applied to this point by anyone at any time to relieve stomach discomfort. Instructing the patient on acupressure points is an empowering tool we can give patients. We all know that consuming fruits and vegetables is extremely important for health. However, many oncologists caution their patients, “If you can’t peel it, don’t eat it.” Anything exposed to pesticides or bacteria poses a greater danger to those with a weakened immune system. So if something has a peel and you can peel it off, you will be safer eating that than salad in a restaurant or something without a peel. Washing fruits and vegetables properly is important to improving their safety, but pesticides are not just on the outside—they come into the plant from the soil, so there is no way to avoid all pesticides unless you eat certified organic foods. Fruits and vegetables without peels may not be clean and safe enough from bacteria or pesticides for patients to consume while their immune systems are weakened.


By Appointment Only 805-370-5365 Suddenly Slimmer Bodywraps 2695 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Westlake Village, CA 91362 mention this ad for $25.00 off your first visit




This risk can be mitigated using nutritional protocols that include whole food nutrients cancer patients may otherwise not be permitted to eat. Difficulty chewing, eating and digesting is common during cancer therapies. Whole food nutrition can be provided in shakes that help when there is no appetite or the patient’s mouth is too dry to swallow comfortably. Assessing each patient’s individual nutrition needs is key, versus reliance on over the counter supplements. Chinese herbal therapies can also be used in close communication with the patient’s oncologist. Many Chinese herbs have antineoplastic properties (preventing, inhibiting or halting development of a tumor) as well as strengthening, adaptogenic and symptom-relieving substances that can be used to help prevent cancer, support Western cancer treatment, and reduce the likelihood of recurrence once cancer is in remission. These formulas are specifically designed for cancer patients to help with energy loss and side effects of radiation and chemotherapy while supporting the body’s natural cancer-fighting mechanisms. Yoga and qi gong exercise are moving meditations that restore balance and flexibility to the body and facilitate calm, equilibrium and awareness by harmonizing mental intention with posture, movement and the breath. Because these exercises are adaptable to all levels of physical ability, they are accessible to cancer patients,

allowing them to do something selfnurturing and loving for the body that has been wounded. The connection between mood and health is well-established and many forms of meditation can have a profound effect on reducing stress, relieving fear and re-grounding the mind as well as healing the body.

Post Cancer Care to Prevent Recurrence and Rebuild Health More now than ever in the past, cancer treatments are successful for controlling or killing tumors. Remission offers the perfect opportunity to address and correct the preceding immune system imbalance and reclaim vigorous health. This is the ideal time for repairing, cleansing, nourishing and strengthening to prevent recurrence. Chinese medicine health care doesn’t end with remission but evolves with the patient to support the immune system and reinforce the body’s healthy mechanisms at every stage. The history of Chinese medicine emphasizes prevention by working with your practitioner regularly to promote vitality and longevity rather than just treat disease. Wherever you are in the spectrum of health it is never too late to take responsibility for yourself, your well-being and your quality of life.

Did You Know... UCAAN (United Cancer Advocacy Action Network) based in Thousand Oaks, announces the start of their Gas Assistance Program, a program designed to offer cancer patients a $25 gas card every month to get to treatments.

For more information, contact UCAAN., or 805-796-6090. UCAAN - Finding Solutions 4 Cancer Patients in Need and 100% Volunteer and Free Services

“Come as you are: afraid, sick, tired and maybe bald—you will be heartily glad of it.”


The Healing Compass and Qi Center provides comprehensive natural health care in a serene and beautiful environment. Our treatment plans are personalized and supportive. Care includes acupuncture, whole food nutrition, Chinese herbal treatment, therapeutic massage and wellness education such as gentle yoga, meditation and qi gong exercise classes, as well as various workshops that support a person’s well-being. Call to find out how we can help. 818.591.8600 or visit OCTOBER 2013


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American Cancer Society Saves Lives by Helping People Stay Well, Get Well, Find Cures and Fight Back by Alicia Doyle




A breast cancer survivor whose last treatment was a few years ago, Heidi Lawhead, loves the fact that the American Cancer Society is creating a world with more birthdays (to celebrate its own 100-year anniversary).

Unyielding Passion

“My first chemo treatment was how I celebrated my birthday. I vowed then that I would celebrate after I had made it through all of my treatments,” Lawhead recalled. “One year later I had the best birthday ever. I was thankful to be celebrating another birthday and hope to have a lot more cancer-free birthdays to come.”

“As a global grassroots force of more than three million volunteers, we fight for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community,” Martel said. “We save lives by helping people stay well by preventing cancer or detecting it early; helping people get well by being there for them during and after a cancer diagnosis; by finding cures through investment in groundbreaking discovery; and by fighting back by rallying lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and by rallying communities worldwide to join the fight.”

With that, she gave a purpose to her cancer.

As the nation’s largest nongovernmental investor in cancer research, contributing about $3.4 billion, “we turn what we know about cancer into what we do,” Martel continued. “As a result, about 11 million people in America who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will be celebrating birthdays this year.”

“It isn’t what happened to me—it is what it made me. I am not an expert in the field of cancer, but I have walked in some of the same shoes as those who call the American Cancer Society’s Ventura office,” Lawhead said. “I want to help others see the other side of their situation and know that while life has changed, you can still move forward with help from the American Cancer Society.”

Prevention programs help adults and children make healthy lifestyle choices that continue throughout life.

“The American Cancer Society combines an unyielding passion with nearly a century of experience to save lives and end suffering from cancer,” said Kristina M. Martel, director of corporate communications for the American Cancer Society, California Division, Inc.

ACS was founded in 1913 as the most experienced and largest nonprofit cancer-fighting organization in the world. In the past 60 years, the Society has invested more than $3 billion in cancer research in the form of grants, and funded 44 Nobel Laureates early in their careers, when few funding sources were available to them.

Preventive Services Today, “The American Cancer Society is working with partners in all sectors of the health care system to ensure that all individuals are offered a full range of preventive services to enable them to reduce their risk of getting cancer or to find their cancer at an early, treatable stage, and that persons with cancer receive the highest quality care,” Martel said. “The Society has free cancer information, support groups…and offers rides to and from treatments, scholarships for youth cancer survivors and so much more.” For instance, the Look Good Feel Better program is a workshop led by trained volunteer cosmetologists and aestheticians to help women undergoing cancer treatment deal with appearance-related side effects through the use of makeup, skin care, wigs and scarves. Reach to Recovery, led by breast cancer survivors, is a one-on-one support program for women or men facing breast cancer. Road to Recovery involves volunteer drivers who take cancer patients to and from their medical appointments. I Can Cope, conducted by



| 39



trained health professionals for adults with cancer and their family members, involves patient education. Man to Man, an education and support program for men and their families, helps people cope with prostate cancer. “All of the American Cancer Society services and programs are free and available to everyone regardless of economic status,” Martel said. “People can call the Society at 800.227.2345 to receive cancer information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”


we can finish the fight. Enroll in Cancer Prevention Study-3. You can change the course of cancer by enrolling in the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). Your participation could help transform the disease from treatable to preventable. The American Cancer Society has played a part in nearly every cancer research breakthrough in recent history, and you can be a part of the next big breakthrough by enrolling in this landmark study.

You can enroll now by visiting or by calling 1-888-604-5888.

©2013, American Cancer Society, Inc.




Support and Service Programs Because cancer can take a toll on caregivers and family and friends—as well as the patient—ACS offers support and service programs in a variety of languages to try to lessen the impact. “These programs cover a wide range of needs, from connecting newly diagnosed patients with survivors to providing transportation to treatment, college scholarships for survivors, summer camps for children, wigs and online classes,” Martel said. Knowing the facts about cancer can save lives, Martel added. “What you eat and drink, how you live, where you work...all these factors can affect your risk for cancer. Prevention programs help adults and children make healthy lifestyle choices that continue throughout life. The Society offers programs to help educate the public about cancer risks, early detection methods and prevention through campaigns in a variety of languages focusing on breast cancer, tobacco control, nutrition and exercise, colon cancer, prostate cancer, access to health care and more.”

Volunteer Opportunities ACS also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in cancer issues. “More than two million volunteers carry out the Society’s mission of eliminating cancer and improving the quality of life for individuals facing the disease,” Martel said. “These dedicated volunteers donate their time and talents to further cancer research; educate the public about early detection and prevention; advocate for respon-

Live life feeling your very best. sible cancer legislation in the local, state, and federal governments; and serve cancer patients and their families as they manage their cancer experience.” Lawhead, now a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team leader and top fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, explains, “If you are looking for a fun place to spend a day or several free hours of your time, the Society is always looking for volunteers.” She continues, “We have opportunities in a variety of areas and work to slot our volunteers in projects where they have an interest and available time to assist. Currently, Ventura has approximately 75 regular volunteers who help make all of our activities a success. If you have an interest in answering phones, putting packets together, data entry, attending health fairs, driving patients to cancer treatments, working registration desks or manning an educational tent, please let us know.” “Being diagnosed with cancer is not something you plan,” Lawhead further emphasized. “For many, the realization and shock of it all can be overwhelming. It is both physically and emotionally tiring. Your day-to-day world now has new medical terms, insurance approvals and billings, appointments to schedule, and a host of other things you know nothing about. The American Cancer Society provides free services and resources to help patients navigate this seemingly daunting time in their lives.”

American Cancer Society’s 100th Birthday The American Cancer Society turned 100 years old on May 22, 2013. “One-hundred years ago, the word cancer was rarely spoken, and we lost almost all patients to the disease,” Martel said. “Thanks to 15 determined physicians and business leaders who wanted to raise awareness of cancer back in 1913, the American Cancer Society has grown to become the world’s leader in the fight to end the disease,” Martel said. “And the progress we’ve made is remarkable.” The American Cancer Society’s 100th birthday is a once-in-alifetime opportunity to acknowledge the progress made this past century and to celebrate the millions of lives saved. “It is significant because it gives us an additional opportunity to rally everyone everywhere to help us finish the fight once and for all by taking action now,” Martel said. “We’re on a mission to finish the fight, and we believe our 100th birthday is a unique chance to re-energize people everywhere to take action to make that possible,” Martel further emphasized. “It’s not a party we hope to celebrate; it’s our declaration to make this cancer’s last century and put the American Cancer Society out of business that excites us most.”

For more information about the American Cancer Society, call 800.227.2345 or visit

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Be Concious of Your Health Now

Natural Prevention by Jan Tucker




I’ve written and read a lot about, and have personally experienced the benefits of living close to nature with health in mind. At the same time I’ve seen young friends and my father lose the battle with cancer. I’ve also learned that illnesses can actually be reversed when it’s not too late by relatively painless changes in eating and other lifestyle habits—not in every case—but people do this successfully every day. If this is true, why do so many of us wait until we are facing an illness or the effects of aging to seek new ways of healthy living to help us regain or optimize our health? Why do we sometimes need a cancer or diabetes scare in order to take notice? It is so tragic when this happens. I know many of you do take care of yourselves. I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking to those who haven’t signed up to this concept yet. You know who you are. It’s so important.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes If you haven’t signed up, try to project a bit—have you ever known anyone who has been in the situation I just described? They received a serious diagnosis—maybe serious enough to shorten their life. Their doctor did what they could for them medically, and sent them home with the advice, “Change your lifestyle—eat better, exercise, stop smoking, stop or reduce drinking, wear sunscreen outdoors—just take care of yourself or you’ll be back!” Imagine if this happened to you— think about the feelings of regret that would surface if you received a diagnosis you discovered could be reversed by changes in diet and other living habits. This happens to people every day after heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and more. They wish they had taken better care of themselves all along because once you’re ill, the road back to health can be long and arduous.

Even so, many of these patients become true health aficionados—they pull themselves out of danger, get healthy, feel great and some of them even help others do the same thing. They do these things because they were faced with serious illness and the thought of death. These two life events are colossal motivators. Why not do everything you can to avoid them? It’s in your power.

Resolve to Take Charge of Your Health We know so much today about staying healthy and it’s so easy to put a plan in place and follow it. It’s easy because once you do it you begin to feel better—and that encourages you to continue more of the same. Doing this with a buddy can be even more rewarding.

What Does a Good Plan Look Like? If you are doing this for prevention, you don’t have to do everything at once. Start with little changes and let the results motivate you to take it further. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip—just do better the next day—keep at it and don’t slip too often. Nourishment: Our bodies need proper nourishment to operate optimally. In Ayurveda (Eastern Indian medicine), food is considered medicine—it really is that important. Years ago I decided to stop drinking soda and eating refined sugar. I don’t remember what motivated me, but I realized these things were bad for me, I knew there were alternatives I could use, I did it cold turkey and I’ve never looked back. OCTOBER 2013


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If you have a real sweet tooth, it will take some resolve to do this. But keep reminding yourself why you have the goal—you want to stay healthy so you can enjoy life as long as possible. Cling to the healthy alternatives. Visualize yourself later in life being healthy and fit—enjoying life and being active rather than struggling with aches and pains and taking multiple prescriptions, each with their side effects. Re-commit to doing everything you can to match the first picture rather than the second. There are no guarantees in life, but you can stack the odds in your favor. We know eating more fruits and vegetables and less red meat is really healthy for us. The CDC recommends we eat between 5 and 15 servings of fruit and vegetables each day depending on your age, sex and activity level. Calculate the optimum number of servings for you on the CDC website— fuelyourbody—then fix your diet! To help you stay with your new healthy diet, learn to prepare these foods in delicious ways. Healthy, easy yet scrumptious recipes are abundant on the Internet. Keep a file of them to reuse. Try growing your own veggies—even in a container garden.

You’ll have far tastier, healthier produce than you can get at the store and the awesome flavors will motivate you even more. I have a roasted fresh beet recipe with feta ( heavenlybeets) that makes my friends’ mouths water when they think of it (mine too). It’s so much fun to find these recipes, share them and make them over and over again.

Mental Relaxation and Proper Rest: Your body, mind and soul need to be balanced in order to maintain your health. Iyengar, who developed Iyengar yoga said, “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” It’s so true.

Exercise: This can be a tough one. But it is so crucial to move your body to keep it moving as you age. The best way to stick with an exercise plan is to find what you like to do best. If you like working out you can either go to the gym or find a place you can dedicate to exercising at home. Even if it’s in front of the TV, do it! If exercise DVDs help you, use them!

Give your body the rest it needs— enough so you don’t feel tired. Your health and your moods will both improve—guaranteed.

If the thought of doing this turns you off, then find fun activities you like to do that will keep you fit. There are a million ideas—dancing, walking, golf, tennis, swimming, gardening, biking, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, washing cars, doing yard work, running, volleyball, bowling—ping pong—mud wrestling—anything! Just do it ’cause it’s fun and it gives you a good break! Choose several activities for variety and get them into your schedule three days or more each week.

If you are following your exercise plan, this contributes to balance. But you also need to kick back and do things you enjoy. Create some alone time (meditate if you can). Get together with friends and family. Cultivate some relaxing hobbies— whatever floats your boat. Enjoy life. Above all, reduce your stress! Avoid Products Laden with Chemicals: Harmful Chemicals are in 95 percent of the off-the-shelf products we use every day. But for every product like this, there is a truly natural, healthy product to replace it. Find natural products that work— the air in your home and your body organs will be healthier. Our human instinct of survival runs very deep—so instead of fixing the problem after it happens, think about preventing illness and disease. Make it easier for yourself in the long run and take the steps necessary to nourish and care for your body now—give yourself the best shot at avoiding—or at least minimizing illness!

Jan Tucker is founder of White Lotus Living, whose vision is all about positive thinking, returning to basics, tuning in with nature, unifying the world with compassion, and through all these principles—ultimately— world transformation. It’s about truth. is also a place for consumers to learn about and gain access to truly green, natural products.






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Vegan“Tuna”Salad by Bianca Rose Martinez

This “tuna” salad is great in pitas, wraps and even sushi rolls. You can also use it as a spread for crackers and dip. Super easy to make and has tangy flavor and rich texture. The main ingredient (garbanzo beans) is a good source of dietary fiber, protein and iron.

INGREDIENTS 1 can organic garbanzo beans 1 clove pressed organic garlic 1/4 cup diced organic red onion (optional) handful of chopped fresh organic cilantro 1-2 tbs of Vegenaise 1 tbs fresh lemon or lime juice salt and pepper

DIRECTIONS First drain the garbanzos. Pour them into a medium size bowl and mash with a bean masher until most of the whole beans are gone. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Serve in sandwiches, pitas pockets or wraps with lettuce, tomato and avocado. Enjoy! Salad stays good in the fridge for 2-3 days. Remember each and every one of us has the power to make positive change in our world. By adding a little compassion to our eating habits we can make a difference with every bite we take!

Bianca Martinez is an artist, public speaker and author of the book Compassionate Eating Conscious Consumption for Mind, Body Spirit & Planet. She also teaches organic vegan cooking classes in Ventura, CA. For free recipes, cooking videos and more information please visit





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Saturday, October 12, 2013 7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Ventura Beach Marriott, 2055 Harbor Blvd., Ventura Reservations: 800/428-1749 or visit

at Community Memorial Hospital

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Coastal Communities Cancer Center brings together local cancer experts in a convenient setting for cancer patients and their families. • Cabrillo Radiation Oncology Medical Center • Ventura County Hematology - Oncology Specialists • Gynecologic Oncology Specialists - W. Michael Hogan, MD; Rosalind C. Warner, MD; Anne O. Rodriguez, MD • Grossman Imaging Center • Cancer Resource Center


805/652-5459 The CMHS Cancer Resource Center offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of individuals faced with a diagnosis of cancer, as well as providing programs for family members, friends and the community-at-large. These services are offered free of charge in a comfortable non-hospital setting.


805/652-5093 The philosophy of The Breast Center of CMHS is to ensure that our patients receive the most technologically advanced medical care rendered by a specialized team of healthcare professionals in a warm, caring, and supportive manner.


805/651-2661 Breast and cervical cancer have touched the lives of many people. Early detection and awareness is the key in the battle against these life-threatening diseases, yet many women who are uninsured, under-insured or lack access to funds cannot afford to pay for these services.


805/585-3082 Our primary focus is accurate diagnosis because it is the key component in understanding the health needs of our patients. Once an individual diagnosis is made, we can then provide options that include minimally invasive therapies, including cryotherapy, as a means of treatment that increase survivability and may reduce side effects and complications.


805/652-5450 Spiritual Care Services supports patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis. A professional chaplain can assist you in expressing your feelings while dealing with extraordinarily difficult circumstances. For many, faith in God gives them the courage and hope necessary to face their diagnosis. Together we can share in the spirit of hope and create a loving and healing environment.

TUMOR BOARD Each week twenty or more board-certified radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists and other physicians on staff meet to review patient treatment plans. This collaborative approach results in providing the patient with the best possible treatment plan.


805/667-7975 Palliative Care is an area of medicine aimed at alleviating the physical, psychological, and social implications of a life-threatening disease. Palliative care can begin at the time of diagnosis of a chronic illness, and continues to provide the necessary support as the disease progresses.

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