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Editor’s Note

Here we are at the end of the year again! We have all been so busy with the build-up to Christmas and New Year that I find myself writing the Editor’s Note a little late this month. With a New Year comes the chance for a New Beginning, and so I now find myself appointed editor of a new magazine; Your Gibraltar TV’s Magazine. This New Year will be bringing new challenges that I am really looking forward to getting to grips with., was launched on the 11th November 2011. Launched with a little initial scepticism, the stats have now proved otherwise. Since we launched (until I put pen to paper to write this note), we have had over 29,000 hits to the site. So thank you all. The success of has spurred us on to create and design a new magazine, loaded with general interest articles and local news stories. The website continues to be the hub of all our video programming, containing everything that we have created to date, plus written news articles about the day’s news and a couple of new programme series for Gibraltar. Thankfully Politics has quietened down after the elections. After nearly sixteen years, Peter Caruana bowed out to Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s new Chief Minister. The GSLP now has four years to show Gibraltar’s people what they can do. Your Gibraltar TV will continue to provide Gibraltar with local news and politics updates, however, this year we will also be covering the Miss Gibraltar 50th Anniversary Pageant, keeping you informed with what the girls are up to. January will also see the launch of our new locally-based Business Programme. In it, we hope to address the issues, ups and downs that affect Gibraltar’s business community. Remember the whole idea of YGTV (as it is referred to) is that it’s YOURS. We want you to get involved, send in ideas, take part in programmes and ask the questions you want answered. ED.

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YGTV Photo of the Month

AÂ Beautiful Sun Rise: Taken with Canon 60d 8mm lens on board the Egerton Gibraltar Tug Boat by: Karon Yusifredo


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Fuji Finepix X100 Camera Review In the immortal words of Gunnery Sargent Hartman of Full Metal Jacket fame,

‘There are many like it, but this one is mine.” I had the distinct pleasure of picking up my X100 after pre-ordering it from Jessops, on Shaftsbury Avenue, in London, last September. My decision to purchase this beautifully crafted camera was initially based on looks (which isn’t everything). However, upon reading the technical data on the camera’s performance, weight and, most importantly, image quality, I knew we would be going to go to S.E. Asia together.

Christmas certainly came early for me when

I unpacked the box and finally got to hold this little marvel. The specifications outgun many DLSRs even though the X100 does not want to be one, nor is it exactly a bridge camera.

by Leo Hayes.

The X100 sits on its own looking beautiful, but we all know that real beauty must be found within, for a real long lasting relationship to flower, and my little 450g Brushed Metal finish retrolooking camera does not disappoint. Inside there is a 12.3 million Pixel APS C CMOS with Primary colour filter, that handles noise well, up to the 3200 ISO setting with no discernable image degradation.

YGTV Competition iPad 2 Winner

The Fujinon single focal length lens is a wide 23mm, equivalent to 35mm on the old 35mm analogue format. Its widest aperture is a fast f2 to f16. ISO Range 2006400 with expansion on both ends of the scale.

But like all relationships, not all is perfect. The

X100 is sluggish on startup but this can be remedied by switching the electronic viewfinder to the hybrid viewfinder that is optical.

There were many complaints on user blogs about the battery’s staying power; I, however, found that I could squeeze 300 frames out of one charge. Overall the camera is a joy to use, the fixed lens makes the user get into the action producing the “I was there” kind of image. Aimed at the serious photographer, with a serious retail price of about £900, it’s a complicated relationship, which I intend to stay in.

YGTV would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Smitu Karnai whose 30th birthday party was held in style at Made in Mexico. The theme was Gangster Night and my gosh, what a night! If you want YGTV to cover YOUR event, get in touch:

Dean Olivero YGTV Magazine



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Jaguars Roar in Capurro’s Showroom Everyone likes to end one year on a high and begin the next with a bang, and Capurro’s have made sure to do just that, becoming the new, official dealers for Jaguar on the Rock. What is more, they intend to make it known. The well-established car dealership has been trading in Gibraltar since the early 1920s and is renowned for its links with major motoring manufacturers such as Range Rover, Land Rover, Mitsubishi amongst others. However, December saw the new addition of some fierce looking Jaguars to the collection, transforming their showroom into a Zen Jaguar zone. The showroom has been re-decorated with sleek black furniture and a comfortable lounge area for clients to sit and enjoy the automotive beauty on display whilst they wait. The shimmering cars in the showroom show off Jaguar’s latest models, which are all supremely designed, with curves in all the right places. The new XKs have pride of place and dominate the showroom with their sleek lines. Unfortunately, the best one, has already gone.

550 horsepower supercharged V8 5 litre engine, has already been

An XK RS, in blue, powered by a

bought here in Gibraltar. YGTV caught a sneak peak of the car before it was driven away, but more impressively, we had the chance to hear it, and this cat doesn’t purr, she ROARS! Having become immediately and completely besotted with the XKRs, YGTV is trying to organise a catch up with the owner to see how he is enjoying the car; as soon as we do, we’ll have it online in our all-new Motors section. The new addition of the Jaguars has also brought the new XF and XJ ranges to Gibraltar, showing off pure luxury, which defines, and potentially outshines, its competitors in the luxury saloon market place. Powered by a selection of 2.2 and 3 litre diesel engines, these cats look tame but are still powerhouses under the bonnet. If you are interested and want to know more about the new range of cars, get down to Capurro’s and speak to their friendly sales staff. However, if you’re seriously thinking of buying one of these wildcats, remember to bring a plenty of cash. The new, beautifully sleek, XK R in the showroom is nearly £100,000 (a figure not to be sneered at), but if you can afford it, start her up, hear the engine roar and sign the on the dotted line. It’s a truly beautiful thing.

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Social Media and the “experts”

The self-proclaimed social network Social Media Groups are a popular and novel way to experts in the marketplace today are start amassing followers, but they are not focused for businesses, and currently we don’t know how this feature exactly that; “self-proclaimed!” The unfortunate truth is that no matter how much we would like to be experts we can only be as good as the technology we know. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter’s technology make changes on a regular basis and no one outside their own staff knows what changes or when they are coming. The only option any social media “expert” has is to stay up to date with the latest Terms and Conditions from sites such as Facebook and ensure that clients are represented in a legal and sustainable way. There have been many businesses that have created profiles, which are meant for People, instead of Pages, which are designed for Businesses. These profiles are at risk and can be deleted without any prior warning, meaning that you may have built up over 1,000 friends for your business and tomorrow morning it could all disappear. Recently, we have seen updates to Twitter, Facebook Timeline Profile and the Google Panda Algorithm. These updates occur regularly and it is imperative to remain current and move fast with the new developments. Adhering to the core setups that are suggested for each entity is essential.

will develop over the next few months. Facebook Ads are also becoming very popular with Gibraltar businesses.

Think creatively and experiment. Think outside the box and try to engage with your clients; it’s the only way to succeed. Just Consulting Ltd has been around since 2008 and we have been heavily involved in Social Media since then. Our various pages for businesses here in Gibraltar connect to over 8,000 people. All built on Page Structure, ensuring that our clients can move forward in the best possible way. Facebook wants to make money; advertising for businesses is one of the best possible ways for them to do this. Just remember, spend your money wisely and choose your “expert” carefully. Anyone who doesn’t tell you the truth isn’t worth hiring. We don’t know how it will develop tomorrow. 2012 is claimed as being the end of the world, if it is, then we have nothing to worry about, however, should some of the ancient civilisations or the translators of their writings be wrong, we should all review what we are doing on social networks and make sure that what we are doing is sustainable for future growth. By Chris Bruno Director - Just Consulting Ltd The Social Media King Himself: His Highness, Mark Zuckerberg.


Photo By: Guillaume Paumier / Wikimedia Commons

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Round The Bend : Review


Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson, the vociferous main presenter for the cult BBC motoring programme, Top Gear, has chosen to print yet another series of rants; many of which have, on numerous occasions over the years, landed him in hot water with television bosses and the Ofcom watch dogs. Boorish, brash, condescending and sometimes downright rude, Round the Bend is packed with curious and fascinating but otherwise useless stories and facts about everything under the sun; it’s Jeremy Clarkson at his bullish best. Some of the chapters covered include Clarkson on Road Safety (where safety is ‘optional’) and Lovely to Drive Awful to Live With, the Porsche Cayenne, amongst various other gems all laced with Jeremy’s wit and wisdom. However, my favourite and most highly recommended rant focuses on Subaru Impreza WRX Drivers, which gave me the most chuckles. Clarkson will pluck a subject out of the air and give it a full tuppence worth. If you are not a fan you would probably not enjoy this book, however, if you are comfortable with the opinion of the big man it would be a great addition to your library.

Puss in Boots : Review Set long before Puss meets Shrek, it sees the feisty feline in Mexico covering much of the lead character’s early life as a sword for hire. Puss, voiced by the veteran Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, is supported by the beautiful Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws, the love interest, and Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty, the unreliable sidekick, with many of the best lines.


The story sees the trio on a quest to defeat some murderous outlaws that have obtained the power to destroy the world. Looking like a spaghetti western of yesteryear, the animation is seamless with incredible attention to detail. The movie is fast paced with lots of gags that may go over the younger viewers’ heads, but as in the Shrek franchise, it gives some escapism and some good laughs for the whole family.


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3. Frozen Planet

6. Dare To Dream/One Direction

9. All Hell Let Loose

Hot Movies This Past Month

1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

2. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

3. Arthur Christmas

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5. New Year’s Eve

6. Hugo

7. Happy Feet Two

8. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

9. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

10. My Week With Marilyn


1. Offer to go Dutch; most blokes would appreciate this, especially when you order a 3kg Lobster and a bottle Moet 1967. In most cases though, blokes will probably pick up the tab. 2. The following subjects are Taboo; the ex -boyfriend who is a police officer and currently plays as a halfback with the local rugby team; how your biological clock is ticking like an Afghan Improvised explosive device; how skint you are. 3. Compliment the bloke for at least trying not to look like he has been living in a cardboard box under a bridge. Not all blokes have a wardrobe full of Armani or have our hair done at Toni & Guy, we tend to do with what we have. If he has made an effort, tell him he smells nice, or that you like the Guns ‘N’ Roses T-shirt. 4. Leave your mobile phone/mobile web access at home. You can tell your mates how hot and cool your date was in the morning. 5. If you happen to bump into some of your friends while out, be brief and make sure you introduce your date, he is not a leper. If you don’t he will probably feel left out. 6. Don’t dress like a lady of negotiable affection, blokes do enjoy some skin on show, but if it is done with some class and finesse it will give you that air of mystery, which will keep your date wanting more.

Difficulty Dating?

7. Do ask for his manly assistance, it’s a good way to show how feminine you are, it doesn’t even have to be complex. Ask him to help you take off your coat, but never, never ask him to hold your handbag! 8. If you find out that the bloke is not for you half way through the date, continue to be pleasant enjoying the evening as best you can. When the date ends don’t exchange phone numbers; most blokes will get the hint. 9. You really like the guy, the date was the best one ever, you don’t want the night to end, you invite him back to yours for a coffee… don’t have sex with him! Guys love sex, but if it’s offered on the first date there is a good chance you won’t see him again. 10. Be yourself, and above all, be honest if you think things will not develop. Blokes do not like to be strung along; he will respect you more if you are up front about how the date went.


YGTV Magazine

1. Standing your date up – If you can’t make it, don’t tell us your cat died, your Tux hasn’t come back from the cleaners, you have a blister on your toe; tell us the truth! A simple text will do, even if it is a little cold. 2. Dress to Impress – Turning up like Christiano Ronaldo on a Saturday night is not for everyone, but if you turn up with a clean and functional set of clothes and some smart shoes, it should be enough for most ladies. 3. Take us somewhere nice – Make an effort, we don’t want to go to a football match or a poker tournament at your friend’s house. Try dinner and a movie; it’s cliché but it’s a winner. Be warned however, a moped ride to Gilbert’s does not a date make! 4. Don’t open the ex Files – It’s about US, not THEM! We don’t want to hear about your ex -girlfriend’s battle with the bathroom scales, or how you hate her current boyfriend and what you believe they might be doing RIGHT NOW! 5. Be Courteous – Tell us we look pretty, don’t look at us weirdly if we order a massive plate of food. 6. Don’t bring your Friends – Group dates don’t generally go down well with any girl. We want to spend time with you, and you alone.

We take you through the His and Hers point of view YGTV Magazine

7. Don’t just talk about yourself – Ask us questions, girls love to talk about themselves and their friends, and their dogs, and don’t mention the impending respray for your Honda Civic! 8. You should probably pay- It’s always a good thing when you pay for us on a date, or at least offer to… Be chivalrous. 9. No cheesy one liners - Pick up lines are a big ‘no-no’. You’ve already picked us up, there’s no need to lose us, now. 10. You should only have eyes for us! Definitely do not ogle any other girls whilst you’re out with us, and most certainly do not chat to any other girls… unless maybe you see your sister.


Good Morning Vietnam!

Sharing borders with China to the North, Laos to the North West and Cambodia to the South West, with a coastline that is some 3444km long (excluding islands), Vietnam is a country that has much to see and do. With a population of approximately 85.5 million it is a vibrant country, with a rich history and a proud yet humble people who work very hard to make you welcome to this land of contrasts.

ATMs can be found almost anywhere in the big cities, however, if travelling to less-frequented areas it’s advisable to stock up on enough cash to see you through.

My trip to Vietnam started at the friendship crossing on the Laos side of the border. Having first prepared my visa for entry in Vientiane, Laos’ capital city for $55, my passport was whisked away by one of the guesthouse employees to get the necessary stamps and visa sticker, which had to be accompanied with a recent passport photograph. I had also purchased a one-way ticket on the sleeping bus, which would take me all the way to Hanoi. The border crossing point was a bleak mountain pass intersected by a river with approximately 1.5km of no mans land which you had to walk once getting off the bus. On the Vietnam side, things looked more ordered, with a large presence of border guards and customs officials all heavily armed. Presenting my documents for inspection went quickly considering the amount of people wanting to cross; my single backpack was scanned in an industrial sized x-ray machine, after which I was allowed to re-join my bus. Many people, not travelling overland like I was, tend to fly into one of three International Airports, Hanoi to the North, Da Nang to the central part of the country and Ho Chi Min to the south, most of these airports carry direct flights from Bangkok and, at the time of writing, Vietnam Airlines also fly from Heathrow.

Hotels can be very expensive if you book on the Internet, as the more touristy areas have seen a rise in the boutiquetype hotels ranging from £55 to £240 (these prices I saw quoted on the internet). Prices will also vary depending if it’s high or low season. Most of the accommodations I stayed in were walk-ins at guesthouses or home-stays,. By arriving at the front desk and simply asking for the rate, most times you can get highly discounted rooms if it’s the low season. You can also save some money by going for double rooms and sharing, as the room rate remains the same and does not increase with the number of people.

Most things in Vietnam are very inexpensive, you could easily live on £12 a day staying in municipal accommodation, guest houses or home stays, you will also have money left over for food and entertainment.

Moving around in Vietnam is simple; for long distances I used trains, for shorter distances local buses and for local travel I would rent a motorcycle or a bicycle. All four options are very cheap, with the trains being the best value for money; one particular leg was a 720 mile 14-hour journey costing me only thirty pounds.

After a little bit of research on money matters I decided to go with the US dollar, but found out at one of the infrequent bus stops for comfort breaks, that in some of the areas outside the main cities, the Dong is king, with my dollars being shunned by most small traders. Vietnam’s currency takes a while to get your head around it, the smallest denomination note I saw was a 500 Dong note, with increments of thousands and hundreds of thousands, bearing in mind that £35.00 will give you 1,151,924.82 VND, making you an instant millionaire.


YGTV Magazine

Many Flash packers prefer to have all their transport pre-booked, travelling around in large well-appointed buses staying in overly priced hotels, with their own kind. I felt that if I was going to connect with the people I would have to go native, so to speak. Vietnamese people, I was told in Laos are highly aggressive, especially the traders and street vendors, I found this not to be entirely true. The Vietnamese are a proud people, but always polite. As long as you extend them the same respect they give you, problems seldom arise. When dealing with street vendors especially in Hanoi or some of the Hmong tribeswomen in Sapa in the North of the country, a polite no thank you in a firm tone tends to work. What I found does work wonders though is to say you do not want to buy anything, but then ask them their name and try to strike up some conversation about anything, other than what the person is selling, in most cases you will be pleasantly surprised, as they are always wanting to know where you are from, your age and the composition of your family, to help practise their English. After a while you will have made a friend and not have to part with your money.

Eating in Vietnam is an experience, not once did I eat in a restaurant, preferring to eat on the pavement with the locals, at the many hundreds of roadside carts selling anything that once crawled, swam, walked or flew (and in one case slithered), served with rice or noodles. When it comes to food you really must have an open mind, both in what you are eating and how it is prepared. Hygiene in food preparation is sketchy at best, but if you ensure that everything served to you is piping hot and fully cooked through and you stay away from salads and ice in your drinks you should not have a problem. Although I tried to stay off the beaten track I was compelled to visit many of the towns and cities I read about when I was younger, about the Vietnam war with the Americans. The Cities of Hue, Da Nang and Saigon were a must, as was Halong Bay and Hoi An An, the ancient Portuguese trading port that has remained very much untouched and not forgetting Mui Ne in the southern most part of the country - it’s like Tarifa on a chill pill. Anywhere you go you will be greeted by smiling faces and stunned by the beauty of such an interesting country. When I got back to Gibraltar many people asked me if I would go back and my reply is always the same, in a heartbeat.

By Leo Hayes

YGTV Magazine


What we covered in 2011: Our pick of the news Fabian Picardo elected Chief Minister The elections took place on the 8th December, seeing the GSLP and Fabian Picardo being elected in to government. The elections were close, but saw the GSLP take the win with a two percent margin. Peter Caruana and the GSD were in power for almost sixteen years and now face the task of being the opposition government for the next four years.

The new RGP Commissioner is announced Chief Commissioner Wink will be stepping down in April 2012. Super Intendant Yome has been appointed his successor. After a long and distinguished career Commissioner Wink will retire. When YGTV spoke to his successor he stated that he was looking forward to the new challenge.

The King Report about GBC’s devalued brand is published The King Report, detailing the current status of GBC’s devalued brand and the steps that need to be taken to correct this has finally been released. Ordered by the GSD and not released until this year, the 2008 report details the shortcomings of GBC. Three years later has it improved much?

Spanish workers protesting cause disruptions at the frontier For the past seven months, Government workers in La Linea have not been paid, seeing them take to the streets in protest, demanding their pay. The protests have seen everything from tyre burning, defacing the Palacio de Congreso, taking to the streets, and disrupting incoming flow of traffic to Gibraltar. The dispute has still not been solved and Gibraltar continues to be affected by their protests.

Fire breaks out in the port One of the oil and fuel containers situated on the North Mole caught fire and it took several fire fighting crews from Gibraltar and Spain over twenty-four hours to extinguish it. A Spanish floating water canon had to help douse the flames. The fire was started by one of the workers who was welding at the time.


YGTV Magazine

YGTV Magazine


The Gourmet Host is a new YGTV series of programmes dedicated to discovering some of the great restaurants that we have in Gibraltar. The first episode in the series showcases The Yellow House, which is situated in Parliament Lane. YGTV spoke to the Manager Isaac Mariscal about what makes a good Bacalao A La Vizcaina. The ingredients for this fabulous dish can be found below. Olive Oil Onions Garlic Red Peppers Carne de puntas de chorizo Brandy Fresh Cod fillets A selection of mixed vegetables and potatoes. For the full step by step method of preparing this dish please go to


YGTV Magazine

Chief Minister interview 15th December 2011

It’s late evening, and the new Chief Minister is sitting at his desk looking tired after his first full week in office; an office which is now certainly looking updated and innovative, with the newest Apple Mac products splayed across the dated desk. Mr Picardo kindly took some time out of his extremely busy schedule to invite us over to Number 6 for a quick chat. YGTV: Chief Minister, tell us how it feels to have finally made it? CM: Well, I must tell you, it is a huge privilege to have the opportunity to sit in the chair on which Joshua Hassan sat so many years ago, on which Joe Bossano revolutionised the Gibraltar economy and Peter Caruana spent sixteen years entrusted with the affairs of our community. To have the chance as a Gibraltarian who has the slightest interest in Politics, to steer our nation’s fortunes from this office… I can’t begin to describe what a privilege it is. YGTV: How have you found the first week? CM: Hard work, but no harder than I expected. I’ve been coming in every morning at eight and getting home later than I care to remember. It’s of course expected, in the first week, that I don’t just have to start the process of implementing our manifesto commitments, but also coming to terms with things that are on-going, therefore, I know that this first week is going to be a bigger test of my stamina than most of the weeks [ahead], which will be very hard; but at least by then I will have my systems working, I’ll have my manifesto delivery on track, and I will of course be more familiar with the things that are going on. YGTV: You met with Former Chief Minister Peter Caruana earlier this week, how did that go? CM: It went very well. We’re both people who believe in Gibraltar, first and foremost, as most of the people who give up their time for politics, do. We had a discussion that I hope has been in the interest of Gibraltar, so that I can get a bit of relay of what was happening before the day of election. YGTV: In the US, the first hundred days of a President in office are of key importance. You’re seven days in, what are the plans for the next ninety-three days? CM: [My plans are] to make these a hundred memorable days, [by] pressing the accelerator on the delivery of our manifesto commitments. We’re not just doing that though, we’re also looking at the things that are wrong within Civil Service, wrong within the Government Service, and trying to deal with those also, as we [move] very quickly within the first hundred days and in the first six months.

YGTV Magazine

YGTV: You mentioned the Civil Service. You recently met with the GGCA (Civil Service Union). Tell me how it went? CM: That’s right. Well, I’ve been meeting with the GGCA since before the election. I’ve built strong relationships with them and with members of other Unions… [The meeting] went very well, it’s a very positive outlook that we’ve all got. We’re in the process of starting the Civil Service review that we discussed before the Election. So, all I can say is, I think the good faith on both sides of the GGCA and the Government line will get us to the stage where we are doing something very positive with the rebirth of the Civil Service. YGTV: Involved in that ‘rebirth’ is the E-Government side of things, which is very important. How do you plan to implement this? CM: Well, everybody who knows me knows I’m a bit of a techie. Those who have come into this office have seen that it has changed technologically. I have two Macs, I have an iPad 2, I’ve started the process of changing the way that Ministers interact with each other, and bring in more technology to the process. I really enjoy what I.T. does in terms of making our lives easier and in terms of enabling us to do more. So, as I try and spread that agenda through the Government Service, I think it will have a repercussion not just for what the civil servants do, but also for the interaction with the public. I’ve retained those responsibilities for myself because I am very keen to be the person in the driving seat when delivering those issues.


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