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Welcome to the Ygl Reference Program The Ygl Reference Program is designed to provide a framework to fulfill your reference needs quickly and easily.

A formal reference program is a win-win situation for both Ygl and our clients. This program builds a mutually beneficial relationship with Ygl and our high-value customers. Not only does Ygl benefit from a satisfied client base, but our referenceable clients receive increased visibility both within Ygl and the media, as well as points for each referenceable activity towards potential rewards, as approved by the management. By showcasing their achievements, our references are viewed as leaders in their field, utilizing best practices and pioneering strategies to hold a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our centralized, standardized customer reference database has been compiled from sales nominations and independently managed reference lists. Ygl has configured this database for our products, industries, business units and regions. The reference management system features best-match and key-word search capabilities with a library of reference materials, such as case studies, editorial articles, video testimonials, etc. This tool is designed to track and monitor reference utilization to avoid burn-out whenever possible.

As the program develops, we will continue to refine the reference process, database functionality and expand the reference database through internal and external membership drives.

Referral & Influencer Program Benefits

Referral & Influencer Program Requirements

By participating in our Referral Program, you can take advantage of our comprehensive sales referral program while expanding your market reach.

• • •

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Enjoy financial rewards for delivering business opportunity to Ygl Broaden your product and services portfolio without investment Focus on No software expertise required

Referral & Influencer Program: Overview Guide Copyright 2008 Ygl. All rights reserved

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Consult with a customer and recommend Ygl Business Solution Complete a Referral Authorization Form If the order satisfies our criteria (as outlined below), we approve your referral request The customer places the order directly with us We receive customer payment of the invoice Companies can only register once as a legal entity per country

Meeting Your ERP Demand

Identifying opportunities

Referral & Influencer Program Collaboration Type

Any time Ygl Referral & Influencer Program member is in

Under the Ygl Referral & Influencer Program, Ygl runs

contact with a small business or midsize company, there may

two different incentive program:

be an opportunity to refer this company to Ygl and earn a reward. The primary types of potential prospect include:

Referal Opportunity—Participants bring NEW leads or opportunities to Ygl.

• • •

Companies that express the need for a new software

Influencer Opportunity—Participants bring NEW

solution to replace their applications

leads or opportunities and also plays a key role in

Companies that have not yet implemented business soft-

the sales cycle (ie. By performing certain specified


activities) and collaborates with Ygl or Ygl partner

Companies that are aware that their current solution

to win such opportunities.

does not meet their needs •

Companies that have merged and need a unified business software system

NOTE: Ygl reserves the right to disapprove of a Referral Form, obtain reimbursement of a referral fee, or otherwise deny payment of a referral fee, if in its sole discretion, it determines that any of the following apply:

The product or service deliverable is subject to a return or cancellation, a refund or other customer remedy depriving Ygl of its anticipated revenue;

Multiple partners or entities are seeking referral fees on the same order placed with Ygl;

An organizational relationship exists between a customer and the Referral partner (such as parent-subsidiary or affiliate);

The customer is a pre-existing customer of Ygl; or

Any other reason making it inequitable for Referral Partner to receive a referral fee. Referral Participants shall be eligible to receive referral fees based on sales revenue received by Ygl from a customer identified on a Referral Authorization Form for a period of six (6) months from the date of Ygl’s receipt of such Referral Authorization Form. Following such six (6) month period, Referral Participant shall not receive any referral fees as a result of any sales to such customer.

Referral program  

referral program

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