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MARCH 2010

S AGE D AY 2010, KL














Sage Day 2010, Malaysia Improve Productivity. Streamline Operations. Increase Visibility. Ygl, partners of Sage joined in the Sage Day at KL, early this month. It is a gathering of great minds indeed! An overwhelming seminar conducted for customers to provide all with networking opportunities to meet like minded people, to gain knowledge, to keep up with the current technology advancements, to share and learn from your peers in the industry. It is simple arrangement that brings about great opportunities. Get the latest updates on the upcoming Malaysia HST Structure, Business Management Solution, the latest Sage Accpac ERP v5.6, etc by logging on our website at

Benefits BETTER INSIGHT INTO YOUR BUSINESS To realize your strategic vision. A new business intelligence tool enables you to adapt successfully to changes in today’s markets and make better, faster decisions. PROFICIENTLY MANAGE BANK SERVICES Get a fast and accurate view of your cash position and better insight into cash flow with the improved usability and new functionality in System Manager Bank Services. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Now you have more ways than ever to accommodate your unique procedures and get job done even more quickly. STREAMLINE OPERATIONS Boost profitability and cut costs by dramatically linking processes, information, workflows and communication channels through SageCRM integration. BETTER INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Several enhancements assist you with inventory management—a key area for process improvements used to reduce costs that also result in better service—and greater customer satisfaction.

March 11, 2010 - G Hotel Penang. Every year, IBM organizes a business partner conference for their partners. The purpose of this event is to announce the latest features, product updates and news from IBM. As a Business Partner of IBM, we get access to a portfolio of IBM offerings designed for the midmarket plus a toolkit full of education and enablement resources. We are committed to driving solutions to help customers cut costs, drive efficiency and productivity, preserves capital and create competitive advantage. As business partner, we have been an integral part of cocreation of solutions, applications, services and expertise required to solve today’s challenging and rapidly changing customers needs.

Synergizing businesses through innovative TAX solutions Ygl established its Software Development Division in 1993. Since then, it responds to these requirements by working with respected, independent software vendors, system integrators, and management consulting firms that have extensive experience addressing tax and revenue issues using Ygl TAXcom solution. TAXcom introduces fast, flexible, and familiar business software that empowers organization to improve sales and customer service efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Benefits Summary TAXcom delivers a wealth of new features and capabilities that can benefit your entire organization. With this new release, end users will able to do the following:

Enhance productivity: Wider access to data and functionality and streamline user experience help your people get started right away and work more productively.

Streamline business processes: New and enhanced design tools give end users the ability to create workflows to help ensure consistent and streamlined processes across the business.

Manage data intelligently: Data management capabilities empower people to import data rapidly while helping to preserve the integrity and accuracy of your database.

Deliver on availability, performance, and scalability requirements: TAXcom provides availability, performance, and scalability to meet the requirements of any organization.

Easily Deploy: Keeping pace with a rapidly changing market is a challenge for any company. To meet this challenge, companies need powerful application that give them the power and flexibility to adjust their business to meet new opportunities. New and enhanced features for TAXcom help companies create next-generation TAX solutions quickly to meet the changing needs of business.

Solutions implemented today by Ygl for tax and revenue include:

TAXcom Office

TAXcom Lite

TAXcom Deferred Taxation

TAXcom Capital Statement

TAXcom simplifies the ability to tailor business processes and data, enabling business-driven point and-click customizations as well as point-and-click development of sophisticated applications beyond typical Tax application. These features are delivered on a platform that fully supports global business and scales with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Manufacturers are doing their best to manage unavoidable threats while maintaining productivity and growth. Typical manufacturing solution are unable to meet the demands of the 21st century challenges. Thus, manufacturers need smarter solutions to help them stay ahead in the competition and achieve their business goals. By working closely with manufacturers to understand their business needs and identify inefficiencies in their current processes, we need to develop a solution tailored to their individual business needs. Solutions that are designed to enable manufacturers gain profit and respond more accurately to change and competition threats with smarter supply chain technology, improved collaboration and manufacturing operation. As IBM Partners, Ygl attended the half day seminar organized by IBM at Equatorial Hotel Penang earlier this month. This seminar provides us with the latest trends and the cutting-edge best practice for manufacturing industry. Talks on strategies for cost reduction and preserve capital as well as streamline operations. Plus intelligent tool and solutions to maximize asset management effectiveness and enhance production planning and scheduling system.

Sustainable Supply Chain in Asset Management Synopsis: Managing critical assets has become continually more complex in order to meet increasing requirements, to manage risk and compliance, to have full visibility of all asset & asset-based service management activities, and to standardize business process and operations across all the entire organization. Critical assets require a high level of uptime. More than ever, manufacturers must prioritize on how to manage their asset and inventory to increase asset availability and reliability while reducing disruptions, improve customer satisfaction, costs for all their operational assets.

Excellence in Integrated Planning and Scheduling with Plant PowerOps


Strategic Profit Improvement and Intelligent Cost Reduction Synopsis: Companies are facing an economic environment unlike anything most have faced in the past. There are unprecedented constraints on access to credit and capital; unwinding of over-leverage, falling demand, increased price sensitivity as consumers and enterprises cut back and disruptions in supply chains, partner and customer arrangements. Typical cost reduction approaches, such as "hacking out costs" is not enough. Firms must identify opportunities to restructure, reduce, and preserve capital as well as streamline operations. Strategic Profit Improvement (SPI) analyses key functional and financial areas of a company and measures the company performance against industry Key Performance Indicators and the CBM tool to identify potential and sustainable improvement areas. The SPI Assessment focuses on Revenue Enhancement, Capital Optimization and Intelligent Cost Reduction (ICR).

ILOG PPO leverages existing ERP, SCM and MES investments to provide dramatic improvements in production efficiency and flexibility without an expensive system replacement or a risky customization project. It complements transaction systems, providing excellence in integrated production planning and detailed scheduling. In this session, we will walkthrough a typical scenario in a process industry and provide a live demo to illustrate the IBM of planning and scheduling system.

Smarter Supply Chain for Manufacturing Synopsis: Today's supply chain is more complex and volatile. supply chain managers and executives are under great pressure to provide consumer responsiveness while constantly battling cost containment and efficiencies. A holistic approach is mandatory. Smarter Supply Chain will ease your companies transformation to pursue business growth, profitability and building supply chain resiliency.

Cradle Investment Program (CIP) for Technopreneurs

Ygl, a member of Software Consortium of Penang (SCoPE) proudly supports the collaboration between Cradle & SCoPE.

The signing ceremony was done in the presence of Datuk Boonler Somchit, Chief Executive Officer of PSDC.

Cradle is an agency under the Finance Ministry of Malaysia that provides pre-seed funds and seed

“This grant serves as a mechanism for the creation and growth of a total eco-system including

funds for Penang’s technopreneurs. Ygl witnesses the signing between Jeffrey Lim (SCoPE, Chairman) and Nazrin Hassan (Cradle, Chief Executive Officer) at Penang’s Penang Skills and Development Centre (PSDC).

the development and commercialization of technology business in the northern region”, Jeffrey Lim said.

For more information please visit

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers 12th Annual Global CEO Survey 2009, a whopping 97% of respondents saw getting and keeping top performers as critical as sustaining long-term growth. 9 out of 10 CEOs globally reported that working on their organization's people agenda is a top priority. Managing people is never an easy task. The role of HR practitioners is slowly transforming from the traditional administrator to strategic business partner. During this transformation period, ensuring that HR strategy is aligned with corporate business strategy and developing organizational agility is critical. HR Congress APAC Series is a timely not-to-be missed event which offers solutions on pressing HR matters such as talent retention & management, leadership development, organizational change management, HR restructuring and employee performance measurement.

This event is an amalgamation of cutting-edge conference sessions with an international exhibition that is freely accessible by all delegates over two days. Ygl took this opportunity to introduce its latest HR software called SunFish HR. With this remarkable system, anyone, anywhere in an organization can be provided with access to comprehensive functionality through a standard browser—while ensuring that HRD retains control of both data and processes. SunFish HR lets you manage your HR processes from recruitment to retirement with pure Internet applications that are built on best practices and performance oriented. Specifically design for medium and large enterprises, SunFish HR offers all of the functionality you would expect from a HR system, plus a host of features to help you better recruit, develop and retain your people.

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Ygl will be giving presenting on how Intelligent Information Technology can assist Malaysian SMI & SME businesses. The event will be hold at the Penang Chinese of Commerce in Penang.

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