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Flexible solutions for your business needs 27 April 2009 MIRC Annual Dinner & Rec ognition Award Night 2009 The MCA ICT Resource Centre (MIRC) Malaysia Annual Dinner & Recognition



Award Night 2009 in conjunction with its 5th Anniversary celebration was held at Sunway Resort Hotel. The Minister of Transport and MCA president, YB Dato‟





Seri Ong Tee Keat and the Deputy Minister of Finance and MCA Vice President,

YB Dato‟ Kong Cho Ha were invited to present the Recognition Awards to recipients and witness this significant moment with MIRC on this occasion.

Ygl Convergence was selected as one of the recipient for this recognition award by MIRC. This award is in recognition of Ygl Convergence‟s quality and professional consultation service to SMEs in guiding and supporting them on their

management of various aspect of their businesses. The objective of this Recognition Award Night is to appreciate companies that have been supportive to MIRC‟s programs in SME and ICT development. Besides, the MIRC Annual Dinner & Recognition Award Night also implies an intention to assemble business world contributors to meet and network with other partners with the same objectives of growing SMEs. .

Technology at work for you HKTDC International ICT Expo 2009 — 13-16th April 2009 Hong Kong Ygl participated in the HKTDC International ICT Expo 2009 which was held at Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. IGEL Universal Desktops

The Universal Desktop strategy is unique and enables organizations to deliver all their server-based applications, anywhere, with the best user experience, security, ease of management, and lowest total cost of ownership.

IGEL Universal Desktop helps save IT running cost and delivers great user experience

Thin clients are the modern form of Personal Computers and Terminals. They provide access to applications running elsewhere on a network and have a keyboard, mouse and user experience just like a PC. Thin clients can be used for a wide variety of tasks including word processing, email, data processing, voice and multi-media. They are available as desktop, mobile and all-in-one LCD integrated devices. Unlike a PC, thin clients do not run applications and store no data; they simply collect key strokes, mouse clicks or audio/video input from the user and display the application interface. By making all IGEL Universal Desktops highly multi-functional with many server -based protocols or “Digital Services” for connecting you to your centralized applications, IGEL develops just three “Universal Images”: IGEL Linux, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 with each image having three different “Digital Service Packs” that are unlocked on shipment. Other than Digital Services, each Universal Image has a raft of other features that support sbullet proof security and connectivity. The three Universal Images are offered across a broad range of hardware platforms so you can deploy applications anywhere and at a price performance that suits your needs. The UD3, UD5 and UD7 hardware platforms have an optional “Digital Foot” that provides WiFi connectivity and legacy ports.

K/3 ERP solution is a cross-border, multilingual ERP system, enhanced by business performance management (BPM) core and industryspecific feature and best practices based on 12 years Kingdee experience. With its development firmly rooted in China, K/3 transcends these issues, particularly in terms of accounting practices, taxation and legal systems. This comprehensive software solution comprises six software suites including Finance, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources, CRM, BOS and All of the modules can be configured and implemented rapidly for rapid results. They include pre-set reports that have been fully endorsed and approved by the PRC government, and fully support international standards and multilingual user interfaces including English, simplified and traditional Chinese. The software's support for multilingual conversion, enables people in different geographies to communicate effectively, and underscores the product's global fit. The system is intuitively designed so end users can be trained quickly and cost-effectively.

K/3 ERP provides you with strategic insight, ability to differentiate, increased productivity, and the flexibility you need to succeed, enables you to reduce total cost, achieve a faster return on investment, and benefit from a more flexible IT infrastructure that helps drive innovation, generate value and lead at the speed of growth. It combines the most complete, scalable, and effective software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Kingdee BOS (Business Operation System) platform, a flexible and open technology platform that can leverage and integrate Kingdee and non-Kingdee systems, and be easy to customize for organizations of any size, in any industry and any level of growth. Additionally, K/3 ERP fits for your size and budget – while offering unlimited scalability for tomorrow. Kingdee K/3 ERP, with its unparalleled features is your ideal weapon to penetrate into China market! Kingdee, a reliable Chinese partner you can choose with confidence! Top 10 Reasons to Utilize Kingdee K/3 to Manage Your Operations in Hong Kong and China

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100% Match with the Local Statutory and Accounting Requirement in Hong Kong and China Pre-Built Financial Reports are Fully Endorsed and Approved by the PRC Government Fully Support International Standard and Multilingual User Interface including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and oth-


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Seamless Integrated with International Accounting, ERP, CRM and SCM Systems Richest Functionality at the Most Reasonable Price (High ROI and Low TCO) A Rich Supply of Kingdee-literate Accountants and Consultants in China Well-Proven Solutions in Major Industries with a Large Customer Base in China and Hong Kong Served by a Team with both International and Local Talents and Experience Strongest Research & Development and Technical Support in China and Hong Kong (3,000+ staff) Well-Integrated Component-Based Architecture for ERP, CRM, KM and BI Products

“应对金融风暴的冲击-在低潮中奋进!”研讨会 槟商会办应对金融风暴研讨会 中国专才为槟企业界授课 (韩视网报道)Ygl Convergence有限公司及中华总商会联合举办“应对金融风暴的冲击在低潮中奋进!”研讨会协助商家快速了解客户需求。 如今许多企业都在面临并思考如何去应对经济风暴。经济的持续增长是不易的,但始终还 有一些有效的方法帮助商家的企业举行前进。因此该研讨也特地邀请来自中国的著名电脑 资讯专业人士林楠远道而来,为槟城的企业家授课。 ·




设,向他们提供专业的电脑资讯管理咨询服务。他的工作范围包括项目规划、项目管理和 实施。

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce

在研讨会上,林楠的主要主讲内容是教导企业家分析现状,并在低迷的经济环境下创造机 会。合理运用危机并将其转为机遇,从而扭转局势。同时让出席者了解如何快速响应客户 需求及有效加强企业精细化管理。 出席该项研讨会的嘉宾包括,中华总商会资讯工艺组主任李永龙、Ygl有限公司经理何伟雄 及市场经理何昰葳。

■ 李永龙(左2)在何伟雄(左3)及何昰葳 (右)的陪同下,赠送纪念品予大会主讲人 林楠。

联合主办 Jointly Organized by:

■ 林楠的生动演说让观众获益不少。

Ygl Convergence Malaysia Berhad

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS In this information age the need for

15 April 2009 Ygl and our clients were invited to an event organized by our principal Infor at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur . The event theme was on „Innovation‟. Presentations focused on how Infor‟s innovations can help companies ride out the economic uncertainty – through smarter ways of improving efficiency and productivity, mitigating risk, or reducing waste and operational cost, etc. Infor presented the key corporate and product developments, followed by 3 solution/product breakout tracks focused on highlighting the product strategies and solution capabilities of various Infor products and solutions in the event.

cutting edge ERP solutions is becoming crucial. This is accentuated by the fact that even clients are asking us to provide them a customized ERP for tailored requirements to fulfill specific and unique processes.

Lunch is hosted at this event to maximize engagement and networking opportunities for Infor customers, executives and partners. There was a Solutions Showcase area at the event foyer where demo stations was set up for several Infor solutions. Sponsors and exhibitors was also featured and represented at Solutions Showcase. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Property managers everywhere love the real time data they can access with the click of a mouse through the system.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Ygl has been providing our Tier One and SME customers in various sectors, such as Commercial, Government & Public Utilities, with competent Business Technology consulting services.

Ygl Penang No. 16, China Street 10200 Penang Malaysia Tel No : 604-2610619 Fax No : 604-2625599 Ygl Research & Development Centre 5, Lintang Bayan Lepas 1 Bayan Lepas Industrial Park Phase 4, 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia Tel No : 604-6303377 Fax No : 604-2625599 Ygl Kuala Lumpur Suite 9-10, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel No : 603-2166 5928 Fax No : 603-2166 5926 Ygl Singapore 205 Henderson Road #02-01 Singapore 159549 Tel No : 65-6270 7877 Fax No : 65-6270 7787 Ygl Hong Kong Unit A, 34/F, Manulife Tower 169, Electric Road North Point, Hong Kong Tel No : 852-2609 1338 Fax No : 852-2607 3042 Ygl Shanghai Unit 1502, Kerry Everbright City Tower 2, 218 West Tianmu Road Shanghai, China Tel No : 0086-22-63538210 Fax No: 0086-21-63549862 Ygl Beijing 北京海淀区板井路远大五区 9 号楼 B1B 邮编


电话: 8610-5198 8637 传真: 8610-5198 8637


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