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JULY 2013

5th International Management Speakers Conference

The Best Business Model Date: 19 & 20 / 07 / 2013 (Fri & Sat) Venue: Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang

“最佳商业模式”国际名师研讨会 “当今企业间的竞争,不是产品与价格之间的竞争,而是商业模式之间的竞争”企管大 师彼得杜拉克说。

Mr. Yeap Kong Chean, CEO of YGL Convergence Berhad is the invited special guest to present a talk of “From Small Business to Value Enterprise” at the 5th International Management Speaker Conference with the other 4 speakers from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. A token of appreciation from YB Ooi during the opening ceremony.


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溫馨苑研討會 黃偉益:沒有最佳模式 企業經營須突圍 北馬 2013-07-20 16:26 ( )

(檳城20日訊)經營企業如同治理國家,倘若一味盲目套用別人所謂最好的模式,或許將落得東施效顰的下 場,反之應深入了解本身的定位,方能揚長避短突圍而出。 丹絨區國會議員黃偉益指出,世上並沒有一套所謂的最佳模式,老是依樣畫葫蘆無法讓自己佔先機,惟有找出 本身的差異化價值,才能鶴立雞群,為企業開拓永續發展空間。 他舉例,硬把亞航的經營模式套在馬航不見得奏效,蘋果企業雖無法壟斷科技市場,卻能憑著喬布斯對企業的 執著,而在全球樹立傲人品牌形象。 “除了企業界的管理及宣傳,政府推出的利商政策及留住人才也扮演極重要角色。“ 他週五為溫馨苑舉辦的第五屆國際企管名師研討會開幕時,不忘為檳城致力成為區域投資新熱點的努力宣傳。 他說,相較擁有強大後盾的柔南依斯干達經濟特區,檳城更受新加坡投資者的青睞。 他補充,除多種誘人美食,檳城投資機構提供的高效率一站式服務,也是重要賣點。 “在吸引歐美投資者方面,我們注重本地企業家對智慧產權的尊重,這點是中國商家不能比擬的。”

JULY 2013

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by Klaus Richter. Klaus' father, Herman Richter, invented the first automatic latex dipping line in Germany. Herman's father, Emil, had founded the company originally back in the 1920's.

Ygl e-Manufacturing provides for formulation of different chemicals/additives to the precise volume/quantity to makeup for the final mixtures in accordance with laboratory specifications.

In 1990, a partnership between the Richters and a young trading company

Make To Stock

formed "C.P.R. Produktions - und Vertriebs GmbH" also in Sarstedt, Germany. In the following three years, the company became a successful developer, manufacturer and supplier of complete condom dipping facilities

The final mixtures may be put into the production to produce raw condom based on make to stock criteria within Ygl emanufacturing minimum, maximum, reorder planning dashboard.

all over the world. The technical division of the company was led by Klaus

Make To Order

Richter. In 1993 a GermanMalaysian joint venture formed the newly named Richter Rubber Technology. Richter Hi- Tech Sdn. Bhd was formed a year later. The company manufactures high quality condom manufacturing machinery which is distributed globally.

Raw condom may then be further processed into different coloured and flavoured condoms based on customers demand and sales forecast. Accordingly Ygl e -Manufacturing has a Advanced Planning Scheduler that automates the generation of manufacturing orders and Purchase Orders taking into account customers Sales Orders and internally generated Sales Forecasts.

Ygl Penang No. 16, China Street 10200 Penang Malaysia Tel No : 604-2610619 Fax No : 604-2625599 Ygl R&D Centre Penang No. 5, Lintang Bayan Lepas 1 Bayan Lepas Industrial Park Phase 4, 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia Tel No : 604-6303373 Fax No : 604-6303377 Ygl Kuala Lumpur Suite 9-10, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel No : 603-2166 5928 Fax No : 603-2166 5926

A Fourth-party logistics provider (abbreviated 4PL), lead logistics provider, or 4th Party Logistics provider, is a consulting firm specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. YGL e-Logistics software is targeting the Global logistics service provider positioning itself towards becoming a Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) company that provides multimodal transportation services, logistics solutions and sourcing capabilities to customers all over the world. YGL e-Logistics solution handled using two different application system (YGL e-Logistics & YGL e-Finance). YGL e-Logistics primarily handles the activities related to the operations and the freight movement and Vendor Invoice generation. All GL postings are linked with YGL e-logistics through ‘Charge codes’.

Ygl Singapore

Then ‘TAXcom – The Best is the an-

55, Market Street Tax Software’ #10-00 swer. Singapore 48941

Choosing the right software

Tel No : 65-65213030 business is critical for Faxfor No your : 65-65213001

your ongoing success. And in

Ygl today's Hong Kong on-line world, it is

your chosen Plaza, software Unitessential 2402, 24/F Nanyang is trulyTooutstanding. TAXcom 57, Hung Road is based Kwun Tong on a commitment to providing organizations with Kowloon theKong ‘BEST TAX SOFTHong

WARE’ choice to make it easy

for you to evolve Tel No : 852-2609 1338your busiFaxness No : unencumbered 852-2607 3042 by tech-

nology limitations. With tools to enhance your company’s customer service prcesses, UnitTAXcom 1502, Kerry helps you drive conEverbright 2, sistent City and Tower measurable im218 provement West Tianmu Road in everyday busiShanghai, China ness processes. Ygl Shanghai

Tel No : 0086-22-63538210 TAXcom simplified the ability Faxto No:tailor 0086-21-63549862 business processes

and data, enabling businesspointJiang and Men click cusYgl driven R&D Centre

tomizations as well as point-

Rm and-click B, 29/F, Zhongyuan Building, development of 13-2sophisticated Gang Kou Yiapplications Road, Pengjiang City beyondDistrict, typical JiangMen Tax applicaGuangdong Province, tion. These featuresChina are deliv-


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