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Preface YFU is one of the biggest exchange organizations in the world, but we haven’t yet been able to use this to its full capacity. That was the starting point for the network to come together with one unified Global Brand. The first year has passed and we are starting to see a world painted in royal purple. 45 organizations have been on-boarded, and have started to implement their new look and identity within their own organization and market. We have realized that it’s a quite a bit of work to get all the pieces in place, after all a brand is more than the logo :) In this annual report, we wanted to show you some of the result and activities that have taken place to strengthen the YFU identity. The Global Brand Team has grown from two staff, to three and then additional interns. There will always be more requests and ideas than what we can manage to deliver, but we also appreciate that there is such an interest and drive in the network to grab this opportunity to position YFU.

March, 2016

As we are working towards positioning YFU as the leading intercultural exchange organization, make sure we play a role in today’s global challenges, tackle the increased competition, changes in society, new and different demands from our program participants, etc., we will continue to focus on both visual and identity implementations of our new brand. If we manage to come together as a network, build a strong platform, and establish YFU as an expert in intercultural understanding, we will have a much better chance to create a better world.

Kattis, Veronica, Manon Global Brand Team

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Global Brand Interns One way to increase the capacity, knowledge and cultural awareness of the Global Brand Team is through our amazing interns. During 2015 we were fortunate to welcome three interns to our team.

Caroline Henry, a Communications and Creative Writing junior from Queens University of Charlotte, and Matthew Weaver, a Communication graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, joined us during the summer of 2015 from June to August. They took care of writing texts for our new website, created campaign materials and make our first brand book – We Are YFU!

In September, Erin Bishop, a Marketing sophomore from Elon University in North Caroline, joined us and took on the project of building our Fund My Exchange, providing students with the tools, knowledge, and ideas for their own fundraising.

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Global Brand Interns | 6 + 7

Global YFU Presence “Writing the Story of Your Life” YFU offers a chance to change, transform, enhance, diversify, widen, and deepen, the story of your life by participating in our programs, join us as a volunteer or staff, or support us as a sponsor, partner or donor. The concept of a story also allows us to tell what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Storytelling is a strong tool, perfectly fitted for YFU as we live our experiences throughout the programs and participation. Focusing on life will connect us to the lifelong learning, and the fact that it’s not a one-year experience; the actual exchange year/host year is just the beginning. Writing the story means that you have to be active, you have to participate and shape that story; you are in charge and can decide how your participation in YFU will influence the story of your life. Goals: 1. Distinguish YFU from competitors 2. Raise awareness of YFU and Why YFU 3. Show benefits of Intercultural Exchange

For YFU there is also a story to tell, our history, our presence, on how we influence and participate in the shaping of communities and people. For us to share our message in a storytelling way makes it easier for others to understand us, see what we see, and it makes the written (and oral) message nicer and more appealing.

Global Marketing Strategy A successful YFU presence requires that we have a strategy for the work to be done, and thus one was created for the global level. Our strategy defines the target audience, our prioritized channels, and how to create quality content through content mapping to allow synchronized marketing and effective use of our resources.

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Website The design for the new website is born from the idea of an open book, giving the feeling of a narration and leading the visitors of the website through a story, the YFU story. It places emphasis on real stories from participants, scholarship recipients, and members of our IAC, intending to show who YFU is. Given the nature of the website, and that we are not actively recruiting participants to YFU, most of the text will be static. Updates will be focused towards photos, stories and news.

We Are YFU One way to give a better view of YFU to our external audiences is to show who we are, why we exist, and not focus on any of our specific programs. We have started this journey through #WeAreYFU. The first piece was our Brand Book, published in August and meant to be a resource to help us tell our story, it will be followed by a video. We also work consistently with the hashtag on social media and will continue to show who YFU is during 2016. Global YFU Presence | 8 + 9

Brand Implementation Support The following resources were developed by the Global Brand Team to support N.O.’s with brand implementation: ΕΕ

Branded Starter Packets for all N.O.s that signed the Brand Agreement;


20 Ready to Use Campaigns targeting students, natural parents, volunteers, host families and teachers;


YFU Brand Manual Version 3 launched;


Ready to Use Campaign Guide, that shows N.O.s how the Ready to Use Campaigns could be implemented in their organization;


Microsoft Office & Mac Pages templates;


Hundreds of new photos were added to the Media Library throughout the year;


Cheat Sheets to answer N.O.’s frequently asked questions: ΕΕ





Colors (cmyk, rgb, pms)




Email Signature


Printing Techniques


File Types


Social Media Visuals Guidelines




Print Checklist



Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Brand Implementation Support | 10 + 11

2015 In Numbers translations of our tagline


rebranded starter packets

most logo combinations for one country’s starter packet

campaigns produced

Media Library gigabyte of resources in the Media Library

available photos

edited videos new photos received via the Photo Uploader Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Photo & Video Project During the Social Marketing & Branding training in November, we initiated an extensive photo collaboration with professional photographers Marcos from Uruguay and Michael from Sweden. The project captured students, families, volunteers and staff in different settings and environments. These high resolution quality photos are available in the Media Library for everyone to use: Global Brand > 05. Photos > Target Audiences. The completed videos of Jay (Thailand) and Fabio (Italy) can be shared from YouTube > YFU World.

Photo & Video Project | 12 + 13

Ready to use Campaigns In 2015, the Global Brand Team provided numerous ready to use campaigns on topics like Host Family Recruitment, Why Exchange, Father’s Day, Founder’s Week, International Volunteer Day and Teacher’s Appreciation Day. The campaigns included social media posts, graphics, photos, videos, offline materials and marketing ideas and press release templates. By using a concept of ready to use campaigns, National Organizations will benefit through: ΕΕ

saving time and resources;


having branded campaign content to use and choose from, something many N.O.s are not able to create themselves;


getting ideas and examples of how marketing campaigns could be planned and structured, so that they are better equipped to create campaigns on their own as well;

Your National Organization did not use any of the campaigns published in 2015 yet? It is never to late to get on board! The ready to use campaigns are available in the Media Library > 02. Promotional Resources > Ready to use Campaigns

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

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Ready to use Campaigns | 16 + 17

Website Templates One of the objectives of the new website design is to speak through meaningfully selected text content and visuals (images, photo albums and videos), which go hand in hand. As such, images, photo albums and videos are incorporated with the text content that is appropriate to that section. In a way, the new layout has tried to move away from ‘extra-clicks’ and extra pages, trying to have pages communicating the most meaningful YFU stories that each National Organization has to (and should) tell. The website package contains: ΕΕ

A Style Guide for the web, for those of you who like your current website and just want to make the small adaptations to the new brand;


A complete set of mock-ups for a website, including a landing page, primary, secondary and tertiary pages. The package covers all of our identified stakeholders, and is suggested for those of you who want to keep your current platform, but want to have a developer create a new website for you;


A complete website builder package, that will give you both a platform for your website and all the elements programmed to create your branded website with or without our recommendations on layout and sections.

We also wanted to support you in creating good, targeted content, and help you make your website even better at serving your marketing needs and lead management. As such, you can also access: ΕΕ

A Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Guide;


A set of Cheat Sheets on how to use key words in your text;


Trainings on how to write good content that will attract your audiences and get you high on Google’s rankings.

All of this is to make sure that YFU steps it up, and gets the most out of our websites.

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Website Templates | 18 + 19

Fund My Exchange During the second half of 2015, we completed the first launch of Fund My Exchange – our fundraising support for students! On our website, they can now find support in the form of step-by-step guides, webinars, document templates, and ideas for fundraising activities. Since we know that sometimes the cost of our programs is too high for teenagers who want to go abroad, we will continue to develop these resources during 2016, and we know that there is expertise to find within our network!

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

Rebranding of the Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund At the end of the year the Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund received its much needed make-over and attention. Creating a visual concept for the Fund, with a graphic of Martha in the center, adding two student videos, as well as marketing material for N.O.s to use. We went over the application process and identified PR possibilities and moments when announcing winners, created a specific messaging with the possibilities of scholarship in focus. It all concludes in the new section of on our website. To complete the make over we will also create a plan for fundraising and donor appreciation.

Concept The project has been divided into different sections 1. Student Focus – from application to return: ΕΕ



Announcement of winners


During the exchange year



2. Marketing Focus – online and offline: ΕΕ


N.O. website information


Printed/published material

3. Fundraising ΕΕ

Fundraising plan


Donor appreciation



Rebranding of the Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund | 22 + 23

YFU Academy Training on External Outreach The YFU Academy training on External Outreach: Partnerships, Alumni Engagement and Fundraising, aimed to establish YFU as an expert in the field of intercultural understanding. It was designed to support National Organizations in reaching their potential in areas of partnerships, successful fundraising and alumni networking. Finally it strove to build network-wide activities within this field. Through an array of external experts and facilitators to increase our knowledge and support us in improving our visibility, positioning our identity and enhancing our credibility. The different speakers and workshops were selected to allow the participants to follow the steps to build up a successful outreach program. Our speakers took us on journeys along professional and emotional storytelling, how to use our brand equity, what it takes to seal the deal and not sell ourselves too cheap. We got to understand how data can drive not only our communication but also give us insight as to our target group, no matter if we are reaching out to a potential donor, volunteer or host family. Ideas were gathered around how to get boards involved, how to be better in telling the YFU story and why we are relevant, but also in very concrete partnership ideas and aspiration for funding. One of the evening we also organized a Fundraising event for the Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund, raising $1243 in the evening sun of a roof top bar.

“Excellent speakers, exceed my expectations. As mentioned in DC, was lik doing a PhD without finishing high school.”

Facilitation Team ΕΕ C harlie Cadigan, Vice President of External Affairs, YFU USA ΕΕ Liliane Eggli, Team Leader Public Fundraising, Helvetas ΕΕ Kattis Åström, Global Brand Manager, YFU IS




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Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015


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“An absolutely phenomenal array of guest speakers. Inspiring and challenging in equal measures, forcing us to reassess the way in which we talk about who - and what - we are. Lots and lots of food for thought...”




were selected based on their own self- and N.O.-assessment;


came from Europe, Latin America and North America (unfortunately the participant from Asia had to cancel);


had to complete pre-work: ΕΕ Case Statement ΕΕ Needs Assessment ΕΕ Inventory of Assets ΕΕ Elevator Pitch

Strong stable partnership proven win-win situation for both sides close link, regular contact good knowledge of each other’s goals and needs

regu suc lar eva ces ses luation and esu imp of part lts a rove ners nd i men hip: mpa ts ct atio n


left the training with a Novemberpledge for three actions that they will have done until mid-November follow-up.

YFU Academy Training on External Outreach | 26 + 27

Social Marketing & Branding Training In November 2015, the Global Brand Team and EEE-YFU organized a 3-day in person training for staff and volunteers with positions in the field of marketing called: Social Marketing & Branding in everyday Youth Work. The training aimed to increase participants’ attitudes, knowledge and skills in the field of social marketing and branding, focused on partner promotion, planning, cross-media marketing, implementation, evaluation and creating hands on takeaways and learning from colleagues’ best practices.

“I started to appreciate the new brand! I love that everyone has the same sense of community, we all belong together.”

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

“Today realized t was doing a fe on the automatic sessions and the pulled me out of zone, leading m ideas for my ne in marketi campaign

Participants from sixteen countries took part in the training, and one of the outcomes was to create promotional packages for their own country. Please find the ones from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Romania in the Media Library > 2. Promotional Resources > Ready to Use Campaigns > Partner Promotion

yI that I ew things c mode, the e exercises my comfort me to new ext steps ing ns.” “The depth of the Media Library content surprised me.”

“Today I heard a lot of good ideas from my colleagues that I can use to improve the marketing like videos, country quiz, map puzzles and developed games.”

“I learned how to be a non-profit and to present our organization in a professional way at the same time.”

Social Marketing & Branding Training | 28 + 29

YFU Branding & Marketing Facebook Group The YFU Branding & Marketing Facebook Group originally started as a tool to support YFU recruitment staff in April 2011. Now the group invites its members to brainstorm, pitch ideas and share interesting marketing tools and branding efforts with their colleagues.

Global Brand Team | Annual Report | Year 2015

More active than ever! Currently the group has 76 members and is regulated by three members of the Global Brand Team. Members actively use the items posted in the group and provide feedback. Members that most often share their rebranded marketing materials and ideas are from Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Uruguay.

Not a member yet? Are you responsible for marketing and recruitment in your national organization and not a member of the YFU Branding & Marketing Facebook Group yet? Please request to become a member, so we can add you to the group. Please also let us know when your staff or interns change positions or leave your organization, so we don’t keep inactive members in the group.

YFU Branding & Marketing Facebook Group | 30 + 31

Global Brand Team | Annual Report Year 2015 |

YFU Global Brand Annual Report 2015  
YFU Global Brand Annual Report 2015