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TRAVEL INCENTIVE Client: T-Mobile & Nokia Event: LA LA Land Incentive & Marketing Campaign Following the launch of the Nokia N8, with HD video feature, Yellow Fish developed an incentive campaign rewarding winners with a trip to the movie making capital of LA. An interactive website was created with all the glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood, as well as launch packs consisting of a Manager’s Manual and goodies. This was followed up with a selection of posters, flyers, and HTML emails all promoting additional rewards along the way. Top sellers were rewarded with a 5-day luxury trip to LA with the highlight being VIP tickets to see Lady Ga Ga in concert at the Nokia Centre. Going Ga Ga in LA!

ONLINE RECOGNITION Client: Everything Everywhere Event: Best Online Reward & Recognition Scheme Yellow Fish created an online recognition scheme, acknowledging those who excel in every aspect of their working life. This ongoing scheme targets all 8000+ sales staff, naming and faming high achievers and rewarding them with the delivery of their own personal dream come true. Yellow Fish produced the identity for the scheme, bespoke design & website build, promotional merchandise and print to increase awareness across the brand as well as HTML communication and mid campaign rewards and events to maintain momentum. The scheme, now fully established, inspires employees to develop their skills whilst reinforcing the companies brand values.

SALES INCENTIVE Client: Samsung Event: Bright Lights Big City Samsung introduced the first ever telesales incentive, targeting both T-Mobile and Orange combined. Top sellers of Samsung devices were rewarded with a VIP private suite at the o2 Arena to watch Rihanna perform. Yellow Fish created the concept for the 2-month campaign including branded print, leader boards to main momentum, merchandise as well as the reward itself. The incentive led to a high uptake of sales for Samsung and united the different sales teams.

TRAVEL INCENTIVE Client: BlackBerry & Everything Everywhere Event: B Incredible Campaign & Incentive BlackBerry were looking to implement a super hero themed campaign and incentive to promote sales of its latest handset; culminating in an adrenaline packed trip to Mont Tremblant, Canada. Yellow Fish created the B Incredible identity and bespoke interactive website as well as promotional VT’s, HTML emails and flyers to maintain interest in the campaign. Prior to the trip, winners received branded super hero packs to build excitement. The fun campaign supported all functionality of the handset and the ‘super powers’ it could give you.


Client: BlackBerry & T-Mobile Event: Summer Of Love Contact Centre Hype Day To embrace the arrival of Summer, Yellow Fish created a festival themed ‘Summer of Love’ hype day designed to increase sales of BlackBerry devices. Buzz was created around the 1-day event with a selection of branded print and deskdrops distributed by promotional staff dressed in festival gear. Those who sold devices on the day won a number of prizes from the lucky dip, including BlackBerry goodies. The campaign, targeting approximately 1800 staff, saw a marked increase in BlackBerry sales on the day and the subsequent month-long run of the campaign.

GADGET INCENTIVE Client: HSC, 02 & BlackBerry Event: Great Gadget Giveaway Incentive The incentive was designed to increase the quantity of o2 connections by HSC stockists, targeting approximately 1600 customers across the UK. Yellow Fish designed a number of bespoke HTML emails including fortnightly e-shots. The main prize consisted of a selection of the latest gadgets on the market. Mid prizes included specific gadgets such as flat screen TV’s.

ONLINE INCENTIVE Client: BlackBerry Event: Across The Board Incentive This online incentive targeted a small sales team of just 6 employees with an interactive Snakes & Ladders style website. The site allowed users to track their position on the board every time they sold a device, creating an element of competition along the way. Different stages of the board represented a different prize ranging from hampers to weekends away. This incentive was a huge success and saw a massive percentage uplift in sales in the first 3-months, prompting an extension to 6-months where sales were, literally, off the board!

SALES INCENTIVE Client: HTC & Orange Event: Movie Incentive

HTC wanted to thank Orange contact centre staff for their involvement in the sale and promotion of all things HTC. Raffle winners received an exclusive viewing of the latest HTC advert, followed by a private screening of the movie Paul. Yellow Fish secured local cinemas for private viewings and created hype around the reward with HTML emails, branded print and teasers such as HTC popcorn. Promotional staff were used to create a buzz, encouraging agents to enter the prize draw. The event engaged employees and improved knowledge of the HTC brand.

THINK OUTSIDE THE TANK Yellow Fish will motivate and inspire your people and your customers with an incredible array of rewards to match the occasion. Fire up your sales team with an ‘experience of a lifetime’ bungee jump at Victoria Falls, thank top clients with a beach party in Rio or simply acknowledge achievement with a highstreet voucher. Whatever your budget, there is a limitless array of ways to recognise performance. As well as organising an incentive or reward, Yellow Fish can design, integrate and manage online recognition and reward schemes to maintain momentum and drive sales.

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