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KYIV 2014

Core Organising Team Anna SUPRUNENKO

Roksolana PIDLASA








Steering Committee Vasyl MYROSHNYCHENKO, Oleksandra ANDRUSYK, Oksana ANDRUSYAK

Comité d'Honneur Martin SCHULTZ, President of the European Parliament Jan TOMBINSKI, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jock MENDOZA-WILSON, SCM Dr. Bohdan HAWRYLYSHYN Oleg MALKIN, PIN Bank

******************************************************************** European Youth Parliament 
 Sophienstrasse. 28-29 10178 Berlin
 Germany International Youth NGO “European Youth Parliament – Ukraine” а.с. 409B, 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine

INTRODUCTION Why Ukraine? Living in a young country that is currently passing challenging times in terms of economic development and geopolitical identification, we strive to bring European agenda to Ukraine by conducting one of the biggest international youth event held in Europe. By this we aim to open Ukraine for gifted youngsters coming from different countries and make our country the source and birthplace of innovative ideas for tackling the current European challenges in different sphere. We want to create and initiate instead of copying and following trends of the past. The right to host an International Session in Kyiv was won in a competition between 36 countries. Session Topic - Harmonizing Europe All European Union and neighbouring countries are finding themselves on different development stages in terms of economy, human rights, social and cultural processes undergoing crisis. With booming unemployment and disappearing pensions, it’s no wonder that the inclination of many citizens is to turn inward, defending national interests and lacking cooperation between the states. But if this continues to happen, it could pose more of a threat to Europe’s unity than any fiscal concerns. As Europe grapples with whether the Eurozone crisis will unravel the larger Union, it needs to also remember its motto: “Unity in diversity.” The European Youth Parliament would like to raise the question of harmonizing Europe by finding a way how all European countries can sustainably develop disregarding all misbalances, using the local sources in more efficient way and at the same time improving cooperation tights between the countries in order to ensure balanced economic growth.

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique non-formal educational network currently working in 41 countries of Europe and involving up to 20000 youngsters into various educational and social projects annually. EYP is one of the largest European platforms for raising awareness of European issues, intercultural dialogue and the promotion of volunteering and active democratic citizenship

See what was achieved in 2012!

International youth NGO European Youth Parliament – Ukraine (EYP-Ukraine) is an apolitical, non-profit organisation representing the National Committee of the European Youth Parliament in Ukraine and run by enthusiastic young people who are working on voluntary basis. See what was achieved in 2012!

Keywords: education, youth, volunteering, activism, apolitical, intercultural, democracy


in media:

About EYP at UTalk on Euronews, 2012, language - ENG

7th National Session of EYP Ukraine, ICTV, Feb. 2013, language - UA

IS HISTORY in Ukraine 53rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament, Kyiv, 13-22 October 2006 (260 young people from 26 countries; topic: "Think Past. Create Future"

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65th International Session of the European Youth Parliament, Lviv, 22-31 October 2010 (232 participants from 29 countries; topic: "Sustainable Europe – Sustainable Future" click to find out more!

KEY FIGURES 10 days (October 2014) 36+ European countries to send delegations to attend the session

300+ participants â‚Ź150k estimated project budget 16 resolutions to be composed, debated & voted on and sent to the European Parliament

Resolution Booklet of the International Session in Munich, Germany (spring 2013)

A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CHOICE We recognize that a number of worthwhile projects and events are happening in Ukraine throughout the year, and your budget for social activities is limited. Nevertheless, we believe that bringing an International Session of EYP to Ukraine we establish a great platform for European youth and make Kyiv a meeting point for bright and talented young leaders. The experience of previous international events held throughout Europe has shown that an International Session makes a project of huge interest for national and international media, government, and local community. Therefore, we believe that supporting our project is a smart choice. In the same time, it is a socially responsible choice as well. Having conducted a large-scale event in Ukraine, we will give a boost to the development of EYP clubs throughout Ukraine, and will open opportunities for Ukrainian youngsters to participate in various international conferences in Ukraine and abroad, as well as social and charitable events and initiatives in their native cities and towns, thus forming a generation of smart, active and responsible citizens.

RECOGNITION International Sessions of EYP are frequently visited by prominent politicians and public figures. Over the last few years Opening Ceremonies of the sessions were honoured to have such keynote speakers as Mary McAleese, President of Ireland (Dublin 2007), Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (Stockholm 2009), Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia (Tallinn 2012), Rainier Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament (Amsterdam 2012) and others.

PLANNED ACTIVITIES Chairs Academic Training (CAT) Conducted several months prior to the session, CAT is aimed to provide an international team of committee chairpersons with an opportunity to get better acquainted and to prepare their topics in more depth. Following a presentation about the intricacies of the European Union and intense discussions on their topic questions, they plan topic overviews for the participants and begin to draft the academic preparation kit which is eventually sent out to delegates.

Teambuilding On the first weekend of the session students from all over Europe get together in 15 multinational committees. These people coming from different backgrounds and having never met before need to function as a close-knit team pulling together and respecting each other by the end of the week. The preparation for this challenge is the aim of the teambuilding activities. With assistance of the committee chairperson, the delegates in committees engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Opening Ceremony Committee work Opening Ceremony is an official event where high-level guest speakers deliver speeches to participants and officially open the International Session.

Committee Work Committee work is a central part of any session of the European Youth Parliament. The delegates of a commit-tee come together, now working well as a team after the teambuilding weekend, to discuss their particular topic. Their goal is to write a resolution on the topic on which they can all agree upon. Delegates prepare an extensive research on the topic prior to session.

General Assembly The General Assembly reunites all the participants of the session to consider the results of the committee work. Each committee presents and defends their motion for a resolution. At the end of each debate there is a vote-based solely on the personal conscience of each delegate. Those resolutions which are passed are subsequently presented to the European Parliament, National Governments and other national and international bodies.

Evening Activities Like all young people, the participants of an EYP session value the chance to relax from the very demanding pace of the session and the evening programme is designed particularly for this. That is not to say that it does not continue the emphasis of the other elements of the session, providing delegates with a unique opportunity to learn about each other and the diversity of our continent in general.

Eurovillage The idea of the Eurovillage event is for all the delegations from all the countries to put together their own stall to present local cuisine and culture. The presentation tables usually include a variety of local food and drinks, brochures, small gifts and other products. Quite often the delegation also wears their respective national costumes to make the event a colourful celebration of the different nations of Europe.

Euroconcert The talents of EYPers are various, and in recognition of the many musically gifted among the participants, this event is a chance for them to show their abilities, playing a variety of instruments, singing and dancing.

Country Presentation Evening The Country Presentation Evening will provide each delegation with a chance to showcase their national culture and customs through song, dance or other performances. Each country will have no more than three minutes for this performance, which all together comprise a magnificent one and an half hour show of differences and similarities that over 36 nations of Europe have.

Meeting with Experts On one of the Committee Work days the committees welcome experts on their topic to discuss their specific committee topic and related issues. Each guest is an expert on the topic and expected to give the members of the committee a valuable input to their work.



Benefits Offered: Corporate logo on the session’s banner (priority placement) Corporate logo on official merchandise, LED screens, badges, printed matter Corporate banner placed on the stage during official events Speech & company presentation delivery at the opening event Corporate logo and short information on the company on website and social networks (Fb, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn) 50-word company description in media releases on the session 2 committee topics to suggest (2 committees will make a comprehensive research on the topics important for your business and present it in the form of parliamentary resolution; the company might provide experts who will guide the working process) Long-term partnership within CSR projects of the company (volunteers and informational support)

Official Sponsor 5000€ -


Benefits Offered: Corporate logo on the session’s banner Corporate logo on official merchandise and printed matter Corporate banner placed on the stage during official events Corporate logo and short information on the company on website and social networks (Fb, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn) Mentioning company (‘special thanks to’) in media releases on the session 1 committee topic to suggest (1 committee will make a comprehensive research on the topics important for your business and present it in the form of parliamentary resolution; the company might provide experts who will guide the working process) Long-term partnership within CSR projects of the company (volunteers and informational support)

Sub-offers available in this category: Official Legal Partner Official Automotive Partner Official Electronics Partner Official Innovation Partner Official Financial Partner

Supporter 2000€ -

Benefits Offered: Corporate logo on official merchandise and printed matter Corporate logo and short information on the company on website and social networks (Fb, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn) Mentioning company (‘with support of’) in media releases on the session Long-term partnership within CSR projects of the company (volunteers and informational support)

Hospitality Partner - Provides an appropriate venue for the event/s of the session (e.g. accommodation, Euroconcert, Eurovillage; see the full list of planned activities above) - Benefits are equal to those offered to Official Sponsor + include a priority banner placement at the venue provided

Media or NGO representative? Contact us to find out how you can help! - Informational partnership - Help with preparations and arranging logistics and venues

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