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Hands and care

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The hands are part of the human body's extremities, the fourth segment of the thoracic or upper member are located at the ends of the forearms, are grasped and having five fingers each. They are the principal body for physical manipulation of the medium. The fingertips contain some of the areas with more nerve endings of the human body are the main source of tactile information about the environment, so the sense of touch is immediately associated with hands.

Uses of hands The main use of the hands is to take and hold objects, although these general uses derive many more, due to the great versatility of movement that is capable hand, and by the accuracy that can be achieved in these movements. Examples of uses of the hands are: •

The hands and fingers are "tools" key to eat and drink.

The hand also serves as a measuring device. An outstretched hand is a foot, although its length varies by individual. Blind people can use their hands as tools for reading by writing in Braille. In this writing, the sensitivity of the fingers into action as to be able to sense small grooves in the paper of which it is composed. A hand is a closed fist, and can serve to strike or to hold small items. A closed hand with the index finger extended serves to point or touch something. You can also hold a pencil or similar instrument for writing or drawing. Writing is an activity that really requires great precision and coordination of different muscles and joints that make up the hand.

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Causes of brittle nails • • • • • • • • • • •

Causes of weak and brittle nails A poor diet: if our diet is deficient in vitamins A and B, iron, zinc or calcium can influence the health of our nails. Having an illness: some diseases such as anemia, kidney or liver disorders, etc.., Can affect our nails making them more fragile and brittle than normal. The action of external agents: contact with cleaning products, detergents, chemicals, can influence the state of our nails. Lack of nutrients: the lack of calcium, zinc and silica greatly affects our nails. Tips to avoid nails, brittle Look at the composition of the products we use for our nails as some may have components that harm. A healthy and balanced diet is very necessary and influence the good health of our nails. Maintain good hygiene by cutting our nails regularly and wiping every day. Use a sunscreen of hands and nails. Gloves protect them when we have to use products that can harm.

Natural Hand Care • •

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Natural care for dry hands Natural Care for moisturizing hands: hot water bath 250 ml. apricot oil, 12 ml. coconut oil and 30 g. beeswax scraped. Cool and add 125 ml. Aloe Vera gel and 5 vitamin E capsules oily? Preparing to keep in the fridge.? Apply after each hand washing. Another preparation for moisturizing hands: grind the pulp of a ripe avocado, mix with 6 tablespoons of oats, 60 ml. almond oil and add 60 ml. water to the consistency of cream. Apply twice daily.

Natural Care for poor circulation in hands Ginko biloba 100 mg. day. Hamamelis 100 mg. day. Chestnut India 100 mg. day. In cure of 20 days per month for several months.