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Describe people, my classmate.


RESTAURANT’S THE MEXICANA I will describe a delicious dish typical of Mexico WIZARD OZ For fun, you to see a movie. HOPES AND FEARS WORK AND LEISURE MY VACATIONS TIME, MONEY AND LIFE

TECNOLOGY Mobile Phone and cars

Content Introduction…………………..……………...…3 Profile……………………………………………....4 Restaurant´s the Mexicana………….…...6 Wizard of Oz………………………………….....8 Hopes and Fears……..……………………….10 Work and leisure……………………………..12

Mobile Phone………………………...………..14 Cars………………………………………………….16 Time and my life……………………………...18 Time is money…..……………………………..20 Chalco….………………………………………….22 Ensenada, BC…………………….…………….24 Reflection………………………………………..26


Introduction This is a collection of compositions that created during this school year, so far I have written five compositions the first one was a description. The first one was on September. I have learned how to describe a classmate. The second one was on October. I have also described a restaurant in my country and my favorite food there.

The third one was on October. I described one the books I like The Wizard of Oz. The fourth one was on November. And The Fifth one was December. In the two last compositions, I´ve practiced the formal e-mail and hot to write it. The sixth and seventh composition, I learned to use the comparative. The eighth and ninth composition, I used phrases of time and money, and as time affects the lives.

The tenth and the tenth first composition, I learned to describe the places.


PROFILE Name: Laura Perez My friend Laura was born in Mexico. She lives in Pe単a Alta. She has short brown hair, she is not very tall. She likes History and hates Math but she is really used to studying. She would like to work in the police force. She has two sisters and two brothers. At the moment, she goes to school in the Conalep, she is in the third semester. Status: free.




Restaurant´s the Mexicana

This restaurant has a traditional style Mexican food menu includes sopes, Tlacoyos, pozole, huaraches, tlayudas, arracheras. They use ingredients onion, tomato, lettuce, potatoes, beans, toast, corn, cheese, nopales and a spicy red or green salsa. My favorite dish is tlayudas, they are served with a steak, tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese and nopales. You can choose from steak and sausage. They are very crispy and delicious it has a selection of soda, orange juice or water. They have delicious desserts like custard, cheesecake or chocolate cake.




Wizard of Oz This is the story of a magician who is a big liar, to escape from his place of origin in the world, in adventure he goes to Oz where the wicked witch’s sister live.

He wants to know an evil witch and wants to kill Oz. To find Oz and a good witch, she asks for help. Could Oz save the world from the good witch?


Wizard of Oz


Hopes and Fears Dear: Edith Monserrat I would like to thank you for your message. I got my plane ticket, I’m coming on Friday 15 in the afternoon at half past six. I’ll take my cousin Jessica from my house to the airport. At the airport, I’ll take a taxi to the hotel near where the conference will be, it will cost me about 20 dollars, but I need to know the address where the conference will take place. Have you got the address? I give you my phone number, 5539593972, call if late or problems, what is your mobile phone number? Look forward to seeing you next week. Best wishes.

Yessenia Esperanza Dear: Yessenia I would like to thank you for your message. I will wait for you at the airport as I mentioned it. I’ll take you to the hotel in my car, you will stay in the Paradise hotel. It is one block from the Avon business I’ll give you the key to your room upon arrival. Do not worry about the hotel, expenses, they are paid

by the company call if late or problems this is my number 5512357091, I will be waiting at the airport exit. See you. Best wishes. Edith Monserrat

8 10


Work and Leisure Dear Mr. Ellis I am interested in the ad. I think I am qualified for the position. I speak very good English,

French and of course Spanish. I’d love to enter the international sporting event, I would like you to send me more information about the event, and where it will be held, and what time it is scheduled. I would like to have your phone number to get in touch and know about any changes in July.

Looking forward to your answer. Yessenia Paz.

9 12





Mobile Phone Mobile phone are there result of the evolution of society, it look to get to the right person, now with these mobiles phones in a while I can be talking to anyone you want. Advantages: First of all mobiles phones are effective, fast and even with each passing year, these evolve, marveling us with what they can do. Mobiles phones now work not only as a means of communication, as well as camera, radio and even video games. Disadvantages: even it the mobile phone, is wonderful, ironically it has become fashionable in marketing. Every year there are better versions of mobiles, so even if you have a mobile phone , many people are pulled to look at cool new phones. What is a substantial waste and increase waste. In conclusion phones are an advance, you must use mobile phone to the fullest, they are important to society, as long as they do not control you.




CARS Cars have gone through a process to get to what we see today, including different models of smart cars. The first in the history transportation are bicycles. Then followed the motorcycles and finally they cars world is now overrun with cars. Advantages: I use cars for transport, they are faster, the car is effective if we use it well and with pre-

caution. Disadvantages: like all people use cars as a means of transportation there is a lot of pollution, they are the first machines that pollute more. Over time we become sedentary, if we are left with no car, even for short distances. You stop using bicycles that support physical

activity. In conclusion, in my opinion it has more disadvantages,and although most use car, they pollute a lot, damage human health and the environment.



Time and my life I agree that the school does not help us manage our time, give us knowledge and learn to draw a conclusion starting a topic. But also to reason, think and meditate a bit, I can say that with someone of these tools, we can set a schedule to be trained for our lifestyle. Each person has specific time for leisure, and take another to work, but sometimes external factors prevent us from complying with a heavy schedule, an example is the time taken from place to place, from my house to go to school, and from school to go home it take me two hours, so I am very tired. In conclusion, I think it is better to have teachers, psychologists or for personal assistance and especially to have a schedule, well managed. However what would help and would be willing to love us, love is not that bad, and money is a tool to make other things, but we must not cling to having lots money.




Time and Money

Our free time, are the moments that I like and mostly for fun, and do things to feel happy. Everyone decides what to do in his free time, either to loss time or you live in the moment. I'm my opinion, spending time with our family, talking, laughing, and even crying, is very important. However doing something I like, or some activity like painting, drawing, singing, or watching a movie is very great!. We may have more time than our grandparents, because they had more obligations to survive, and many of us still do not work, yet, our parents still help us, even though we know it is not for life. In conclusion, we most take advantage of our free time, do not, waste time, because time is money.




Hi Aneta how are you? I hope you very well. Let me tell you a bit my town, is called Chalco State of Mexico, and is in the center of Mexico, It is a small.

What I liked best are the lakes of Chalco ranging Tlรกhuac. And near where I live, I like the hills, as they are still inhabited with many animals, such as rabbits. Not a tourist place, but if it is a peaceful place except in the center of Chalco. As there is not much pollution. From Chalco I can see the Volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, they are very beautiful. Some of the activities that I like is to go walking or running, they are some pools you can swim, they are also parks. The typical food is that of the country, but what I like are the mixiotes, chicken with nopales in a red sauce, wrapped in foil, they are very delicious. Anyway, that is all for now, I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Yessenia



Ensenada Last year, I visited Ensenada, Baja California, It is north of Mexico city, It is a medium-sized town, but it is very attractive and beautiful. When I went to Baja California, the first thing I saw of Ensenada was the ocean, its one of the most attractive things, also the docks, because it is there where several ships arrive and the most famous market there is black market, where they sell only seafood.

Some of the activities you can do there is swimming or walking and enjoying the beach,on the Malecon you can go along the coast from there, as you can see the sea lions. Almost always in the center of Ensenada,there exhibitions of aquatic animals, like sharks. And finally the food that I liked most is seafood, specially elams stuffed with vegetables and cheese, they are very delicious.




Reflection Writing helps me practice English to learn the vocabulary, pronunciation,

grammar and how to learn communicate in writing. Is very unbelievable because the more you practice, the more you learn, it is easier to, and understand better.

I hope that this book is of his pleasure.

Paz Rivera Yessenia Esperanza


My collection  

This is my collection of compositions along this school year.

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