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Thematic newspaper of the Comenius project Y.E.S.- Year 1,no.2, April 2010

Project meeting in Manisa, Turkey 12th to 18th April 2010




Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas de Castelo de Paiva - Portugal


Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas de Castelo de Paiva - Portugal


Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas de Castelo de Paiva - Portugal


Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas de Castelo de Paiva - Portugal

This poster shows Castelo de Paiva and its environment in small pieces. In the background we have the Paiva river which was considered the less polluted river in europe some years ago. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, i t p o s s e s s e s n o l o n g e r t h i s s t a t u s . We h a v e a l s o d e c i d e d t o s h o w s m a l l f r a m e s depicting the natural beauties that we still have in our surroundings and highlighted what is wrong. We b e l i e v e t h a t a p o s t e r s h o u l d n o t o n l y a m a z e o r shock its viewers through photos, but also with relevant information. That’s why we included a final graph comparing all the results obtained in the questionnaire on environmental issues. Apart from this, we also wanted to show the concern our poets have towards the environment or towards nature. So we chose an excerpt of a poem by Alberto Caeiro, another being born out of Fernando Pessoa, a great Portuguese poet that illustrates the importance nature has even in literature. We m u s t g i v e a w a r m t h a n k t o a f o r m e r H i s t o r y teacher, António Pereira, who kindly gave us the permission to use his photographs that beautified our poster. by Portuguese students


Colegio Sagrado Coraz贸n Carmelitas Ikastetxea - Spain


Colegio Sagrado Coraz贸n Carmelitas Ikastetxea - Spain


Colegio Sagrado Coraz贸n Carmelitas Ikastetxea - Spain


Colegio Sagrado Coraz贸n Carmelitas Ikastetxea - Spain


LycĂŠe Professionel des Monts Lyonnais - France


LycĂŠe Professionel des Monts Lyonnais - France


LycĂŠe Professionel des Monts Lyonnais - France


LycĂŠe Professionel des Monts Lyonnais - France


Berlage Lyceum - The Netherlands


Berlage Lyceum - The Netherlands


Berlage Lyceum - The Netherlands


Berlage Lyceum - The Netherlands


Súkromná Hotelová Academia ESO EUROSKOLA - Slovakia


Súkromná Hotelová Academia ESO EUROSKOLA - Slovakia


Súkromná Hotelová Academia ESO EUROSKOLA - Slovakia


Súkromná Hotelová Academia ESO EUROSKOLA - Slovakia


Manisa Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi - Turkey Also there are a lot of fountains all of the natural sources. After rising, you can see the forests that belongs to Manisa Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi. Let's go on the way. We quitely rises from the ground. One can see several NATURAL PARKS IN MANİSA Let's visit the parks in Manisa together. Firstly, we'll go to the Spil National Park. To go to Spil, one pass the Red Bridge from the city centre. A few meters later one see the Crying Rock (also it has an interesting story). After going a few minutes, you arrive an area named “Mevlana.” There are several cafes and restaurants and when you look around in this area, you can see Manisa under your foot.

trees and among them there are some fruit and olive trees. Then you arrive at the Güvercin Rock whose height from the sea is 900 meters. When you look around here, you can see the Turgutalp Village. After this, there is Merdivencik Hill. Everywhere is green there and covered with trees. Then on 1250 meters you can even watch İzmir Gulf. It is a wonderful view. You can watch it for hours. And finally you arrive in the Spil Natural Park whose height is 1375 meters and there is a parachute area. Then, there is a beautiful lake on the left side. You can stay here for

As time goes on, you become further than city centre and arrive at the Vali Park.It is natural but one can go for a picnic here. After this area, road curls until the peak. You must be a professional driver to arrive at the peak. While going, you may see a lot of giant trees such as firs, beeches, and pines.

a moment and enjoy the view. You can see “yılkı” horses,goats,birds,insects among the trees.Are these all? Of course not. There are wild boars, foxes, squirrels. Now we are in the Spil Natural Park after hundreds of meters (At Alanı). There is a flat place around us. There are pine trees, blueberries, garden sage trees…etc. In the middle of


Manisa Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi - Turkey in the park, there is a fountain

There are footpaths, too, also huge and magnificent pine trees both side of

with spout.The most important

you. People always come here for trekking and having fresh air. On the way

thing is a kind of


back you can stop by “Süreyya Park” where you can find the natural beauty.

“Anemon” which you can't see

There is a wooden bridge.

anywhere around the world but

You can use this bridge to

here. In winter there is so much

cross the other side. We

snow but in spring there is a

can divide into two parts.

meadow with trees, flowers and

In the main part people

birds. Yes, it is time to go back.

come here for picnic.


The trip is the same to come back. This time you can watch

And the upside part is full of huge trees and it's natural. If you go on a little

the view when you go downhill.

time, you can see a dried river with different kinds of flowers. Now let's

There is a canyon from “At Alanı”

leave from here to go on our trip through the village called “Türkmen”.

to our school's forest. There are some footpaths called “Oduncu Yolu”

It is 35 kilometers from Manisa and by the main road of Manisa and Aliağa.

which reaches the canyon. Opposite the canyon, there is a cave called “Rüzgarlı Mağara” (Windy Cave) where you can get and see. Now you can set out a travel to the other side of Manisa when you finally get to the city centre. First you arrive in “Mesir Tabiat Parkı” whose view is artificial (waterfall, animals, camellias… etc). You can walk via this park to “Kent Ormanı”(City Forest)

There is a natural park which is 5 kilometers to Türkmen Village. You can see a waterfall which flows bubbling with different kinds of flowers around it. You can come across some animals and insects such as butterflies, owls singing, goats… etc. In Manisa there are a lot of different green areas.

but it is a natural park. by Özge Şencoşkun, Burcu Kuşoğlu, M.Akif Gürbüz 24

Manisa Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi - Turkey CITIZENS ACTIVITIES TO IMPROVE THE ECOLOGICAL PARKS Ahmet Bedevi (Manisa Tarzanı) Ahmet Bedevi, also known as “Tarzan” of Manisa born in 1899 in Samara in Iraq. He participated in war of independence and honored with a medal. He came to Manisa in the early years of the Turkish republic. He started working at the municipality as a fireman and gardener. Then he began to plant trees and became the pioneer symbol of planting activities. He lived in the mountain Spilylus in a hut ignoring all his individual needs only with wooden bed.Ahmet Bedevi worked for a greener environment throughout his life and died on 31 May 1963.

TEMA PLANTING ORGANIZATION In Turkey there are a lot of projects about improving the natural parks and forest. One of them is “OAK PROJECT”. It started 1998. It is one of the biggest planting projects. TEMA (an essential organization interested in keeping environment clean, planting trees and organizing seminars in Turkey) has a lot of works to plant trees in Turkey.


INTERVIEW WITH CITIZENS Çağla USTA (student ): What kind of activities do you have to protect the natural parks? Tuncay CAN (the Manager of Forest): Our aim is to make conscience the citizens and to protect the environment with making educational seminars and meetings. The one fourths of Turkey covered with forest. Also this conscience is being adapted by people day by day. Because families give conscience to their children anymore.

Ç.U.: Well, What is the addition of citizens to these activities? T.C. : There are 22.000.000 hectares forest and they are not the areas which should protect the same way and same degree. So there are some areas such as Süreyya Park, Spil and City Forest which has special qualifications. We try to protect them with a watchman.It is going on investigating the entrance and exit ways. When we come to the addition of the citizens, they help us with their own consciences and conscience of environment. Ç.U: Well, what about fires? How do you restore fired forest? T.C. : The fired forest is replanted in the new year. We have a project providing to plant strong trees against the fire around the forest. So we prevent spreading fire to large areas.Also we provide to join citizens to these activities.

Manisa Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi - Turkey Ç.U. :How is the rate of joining? T.C. : Last year voluntary planting works were arranged with people who want to join from villages. We made a list in the villages and people who want to join had their names written. Voluntary people rate is approximately %20. Our aim is to raise this rate.

Berfin Yücel (student): Everyone must be sensitive about this situation. As a school we regularly plant trees in our school forest. Citizens must be conscious of keeping environment. Seminars must be given to the students and citizens. Esra Öztürk (university student):It is an important situation that everyone must be sensitive. In my opinion, Kyoto protocol should be signed and in most popular TV series, scripts should be about environment. The harmful substances in perfumes and sprays must be reduced. Çisem Tezcan (university student): I am a member of “TEMA”. We regularly plant trees. We have some works to make conscience the students at elementary classes and give some seminars. The name of our project is “GREEN LIGHT”. Otherwise we are going to the village schools to educate about environmental conscience and trying to provide the students' book needs with the project called “ONE PLANT, ONE BOOK, ONE LIGHT”

Fahrettin ER (doctor) Due to being a biologist provides being always in the forest with nature and I realized that although there are a lot of trees there are few birds, rabbits, squirrels. I thought there was few nutrition. There were not enough fruit trees for animals. And I decided to vaccinate the weak pear trees. In 1997 I vaccinated first tree then approximately 3000 trees were vaccinated. I have a project which supports the environmental activities “Each Seed Is a Tree”.

I collected about 10.000 seeds from both local people and my friends, doctors, environmentalists. Then we threw them to Spil by helicopters, parachutes and by hand. Now there are a lot of trees there and I will go on these activities with my group. I thought more people should work in these activities. I found a group which involved teachers, doctors, engineers, workers. There are a few group with us (Fırtına, Çarşı). We always go to Spil for a trip and examine the nature. ( by Çağla Usta, Dilay Doğru, Ayşegül Altın








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Proprietor: Project Y.E.S. Reporters: Ana Barbosa, Rita Rocha, Teresa Cardoso, Estibaliz Torres, Oihana Sancho, Pablo Barrena, Sandra Gonzalez, Sandra Relloso, Sara Gonçalves, Saray lobato, Tamara Barrio, Marina Morence, Melanie Poularel, Mohamedi Dimassi, Sarah Moulin, Chloe Ackenbout, Jesse Pannekeet, Marinda Koek, Tycho Tax, Eric Dolák, Kristof Miskanin, Nikola Hrisenková, Robert Sandala, Aysegül Altin, Burcu Kusoglu, Cagla Usta, Dilay Dogru,Özge Sencoskun

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Collaboration: Giselda Neves, Lourdes Goitia, Maria Purificación Venet, Charlène Gauthier, Daphne Oosterbaan, Gejza Kiss, Cemile Turbil

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