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Making Filipino Cuisine


Cool & M ost Lov ed inLondon ...and she's making us Proud Pinoys intheUK L ORD

Th e Din n er Lady Wh o Ref u ses t o St ay in t h e Kit ch en

FRAN CESZQUA W ARD A You n g Filipin a Baller in a Pir ou et t in g Her Way t o Fam e








Let t er Fr om Th e Pu blish er


'As bea r er s of good news, we a r e t hr i lled t o i nfor m you t ha t a ll t he i nspi r i ng st or i es of Fi li pi nos ba sed i n t he UK a nd t he Republi c of I r ela nd ha ve now found t hei r new hom e? a nd you a r e holdi ng i t i n your ha nd.'

EHIND ever y t r iu m ph , per f or m an ce an d even t is a jou r n ey w or t h h ear in g; beh in d ever y Filipin o is a st or y w or t h r eadin g.

And these tales, no matter their nature, deserve to see print and be brought to life. As bearers of good news, we are thrilled to inform you that all the inspiring stories of Filipinos based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland have now found their new home? and you are holding it in your hand. Mabuhay and welcome to the first issue of Yes Philippines News Magazine, the first ever truly Filipino Community paper in the UK and the ROI from cover to cover. On our maiden issue, we had the pleasure to tell the stories of noteworthy Filipinos who have carved their names on various fields. To start things off, we feature Rowena Romulo, a banker turned restaurateur, who gave the people of Kensington High Street the distinctive taste of Filipino dishes through her award-winning restaurant, Romulo CafĂŠ. Following that delicious story of success is a feature about Jeannahlyn Alcano-Lord, a dinner lady and an ultimate performer who has made a remarkable impression as an X Factor sensation. Originally from Misamis Occidental, Jeannahlyn is now making a name in London as the ever-energetic and -talented Gaga Lord.

A few pages after Jeannahlyn?s story you?ll meet Francezqua Ward, a FilBrit ballerina, who never fails to charm her audiences and make both the Filipino and the UK communities proud with her graceful and eloquent performances. Last but not least is the feature of presidential fashion consultant Mimi Parrel Pimentel and her experience showing her works in the London fashion scene. Of course, we won?t be calling ourselves the creators of the first ever Truly Local Filipino paper from Cover to Cover if we can?t give you the freshest updates on community news and events. So, expect to stumble upon local bits while you dip into the paper. You will also get some practical financial tips as our contributor Micah Lee shared some ways on how to achieve or maintain financial security in a world of student loans, trend buying and obsessive-comparison tendencies, among other things. Features, local news, showbiz bits and more are waiting for you. But before I end this letter and you leaf through the paper, allow me to thank you for being among the first persons to support us and read our thoughtfully written stories. As we create this paper, we are starting a new tradition of celebrating lives and stories of the Filipinos in the UK and ROI. And no words can express how glad we are to have you on our journey. Happy reading, and we hope to see you again on the next issue!

This Edition is distributed all over the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) & Republic of Ireland. Pu blish er M ARY SOL PIM ENTEL Associat e Pu blish er SARAH M AE Coor din at in g Edit or TRIXIE BAUTISTA Feat u r es Edit or SADEKA SARRA M ESALUCHA Ar t Dir ect or JOHN KNUCKLES DANNY BARRAM EDA Wr it er s/ Con t r ibu t or s PEPS VILLANUEVA TRIXIE BAUTISTA ARAH DEM APANES BEA SANCHEZ M ICAH LEE M IZPAH LEE SHAIRA HABON Adver t isin g KARLA DUCAY Cir cu lat ion FLOR M ORANTE

WHAT M AKES YES PHILIPPINES NEWSM AGAZINE DIFFERENT? We are a TRUE PUBLISHER and not a FRANCHISE PUBLISHER. We wri te our own edi tori al content/materi als and not just repri nt them from websi tes and Phi li ppi ne publi cati ons. We are a true Communi ty Newspaper as we feature the people, stori es, events and acti vi ti es of Fi li pi nos li vi ng i n the UK & Republi c of Ireland on our paper from cover to cover. We have a more extensi ve di stri buti on coveri ng the UK & ROI.





From Bank er to Restaurateur Rowena Romulo's Journey to Conquer London? The Romulo Café Way By Sadek a Sar r a Fabillar M esalu ch a

Conquests carry a different meaning in the food industry. For restaurants, it is more than just paving the way for a superb impression BUT cementing an indelible name.


T w asn?t solely a car eer sh if t w h en a 54-year old ban ker t ook a det ou r an d br aved t h e m ot ley h u r dles t o en t er t h e w or ld of f ood ser vice in 2016. For Row en a Rom u lo, it w as n ow or n ever .

Row en a Rom u lo w it h h er Lola Vir gin ia's pict u r e beh in d h er w h ose r ecipes w er e t h e in spir at ion f or Rom u lo Caf e's m u lt i-aw ar ded Filipin o cu isin e

Fu elled by h er h igh r egar d f or Filipin o f ood an d det er m in at ion t o en r ich h er f am ily´ s h er it age as w ell as t o expan d, in t er n at ion ally, t h e su ccessf u l Rom u lo Caf é in M an ila, sh e m u st er ed all h er cou r age an d em bar k ed on an am bit iou s m ission t o n ot on ly pave t h e w ay f or Filipin o cu isin e in t h e est ablish ed Lon don f ood scen e bu t m ost im por t an t ly, m ak e it st ay. Su r ely, am bit ion r equ ir es m or e t h an h ar d w or k ; it dem an ds a gr eat deal of st r at egy an d t on s of passion . Fr om h ir in g a UK con su lt an t t o devisin g a bu sin ess plan , pr esen t in g it t o h er f am ily in t h e Ph ilippin es, an d t h en h avin g t o f in d a su it able spot ? Row en a h ad t o k eep r em in din g h er self of t h e goal so sh e w ou ldn?t get cold f eet . ?Th e f ir st locat ion w e set ou r eyes on an d m ade a bid f or t u r n ed u s dow n becau se t h e lan dlor d w as n ot f am iliar w it h Filipin o cu isin e an d h e w as u n su r e as t o w h et h er t h is w ou ld be a su ccess or n ot ,? sh e says. Sh e an d h er t eam w er e n ot obliviou s t o t h e f act t h at locat ion is cr it ical f or r est au r an t s. Th ey h ad t o execu t e a con sciou s decision t o m ak e a sign if ican t in vest m en t in an ar ea t h at w as ?We h ave n ever close t o m ajor Filipin o claim ed t h at ou r f ood h u bs su ch as Ear ls is t h e def in it ive t h is or Cou r t an d Ou r Lady of t h at dish ; r at h er , it is Vict or ies Ch u r ch , an d t h e f am ily r en dit ion of associat ed w it h k ey Filipin o f avou r it es or , Br it ish lan dm ar k s an d ever so of t en , ou r est ablish m en t s lik e in n ovat ive t w ist on Ken sin gt on Palace, dish es u sin g Filipin o Hollan d Par k , t h e Em bassy Row , Palace in gr edien t s an d Gr een , Royal Alber t cook in g st yles,? Hall, V&A, an d Lon don Olym pia.

of t h e gam e? m ak in g Rom u lo Caf é blen d in t o t h e Lon don lan dscape on t h e on e h an d an d st an d ou t on t h e ot h er .

Row en a an d Co-Par t n er Ch r is Joseph w it h t h eir Tim e Ou t 2018 Lon don Aw ar ds f or M ost Loved Rest au r an t s - Ru n n er -Up in t h e en t ir e Lon don an d Best Rest au r an t in Ken sin gt on

Af t er six m on t h s of sear ch in g an d su r veyin g, a Ken sin gt on sit e w as m ade available! Not even t ou gh pr oper t y lease n egot iat ion s w ou ld h in der t h e r ise of t h e f ir st ou t post of Rom u lo Caf é in t h e Br it ish capit al.

?Th er e w er e m ajor m odif icat ion s w e h ad t o m ake. Th e in t er ior s m ade by Filipin a Kar en Sor ian o-Hr ist ov, ar e a depar t u r e f r om t h e black an d w h it e/ m on och r om e f or m u la of ou r r est au r an t s back h om e. Th er e is also a bit of qu ir k in ess, as you w ou ld f in d in an y r eal h om e w h ilst it s spir it belon gs t o t h e legacy lef t by m y gr an df at h er , Car los P. Rom u lo, t h r ou gh t h e ph ot ogr aph s an d m em en t os t h at ador n t h e r est au r an t . Th e ou t com e is an appealin g space t h at br idges Filipin o cu lt u r e w it h t h e localit y, r evealin g a r ich sen se of per son al an d f am ily h ist or y.?

Af t er f u r n ish in g t h e r est au r an t , Row en a?s t eam w as con f r on t ed Rom u lo Caf e in t h e h ear t of Ken sin gt on in Lon don w it h a m or e ar du ou s Row en a didn't sail ch allen ge? set t in g u p t h e u n r eady. Th e Lon don m en u ! Sh e explain ed t h at t h e m en u ch allen ges did n ot cou ld n ot be as ext en sive as t h e r est au r an t s in su r pr ise n or dau n t h er . t h e Ph ilippin es lar gely du e t o in gr edien t s n ot Con f iden t of h er t eam , sh e w as u p f or som e bein g available in Lon don . It also becam e ?don k ey w or k ?t o con vin ce f ood lover s an d im per at ive t o alt er t h e pr esen t at ion of som e of r est au r an t -goer s in Lon don t h at Filipin o f ood is t h e dish es t o en su r e t h at t h ey w er e n ot ju st t h e big t h in g. M or eover , alt h ou gh t h e m ission w as delect able bu t at t r act ive t o Filipin os an d t o t ak e Rom u lo Caf é an d all t h e good it h ad t o n on -Filipin os alike, given t h e br oader cu st om er of f er t o Ken sin gt on , st ill t h e bell lou dly r in gs, ?it ?s base in Lon don . Lon don?, an d t h er e w as alw ays t h e r isk t h at t h is Ph ilippin e set -u p cou ld m isf ir e. Row en a h as f ait h in t h e u n iqu en ess of Filipin o

A Un iqu e Com pr om ise

So, m ak in g a u n iqu e com pr om ise w as t h e n am e

cu isin e. For h er , it is a m esm er izin g com bin at ion

Continued on page 7.....



Continued from page 6... of f ou r cu lin ar y t r adit ion s ? Span ish , Am er ican , M alay an d Ch in ese, an d a r eal f u sion of f lavou r s f r om t h e East an d West . An d sh e?s ear n est in m ak in g it k n ow n an d savou r ed by t h e w or ld.

est ablish ed r est au r at eu r , ?We ar e n ever t oo old n or is it ever t oo lat e t o st ar t over . At t im es, w e n eed t o t ake a r isk an d h ave t h e cou r age t o ven t u r e in t o som et h in g n ew ? even if it m ean s clim bin g ou t of ou r com f or t zon e. All ou r dr eam s can com e t r u e if w e h ave t h e cou r age t o pu r su e t h em . Not h in g is im possible, t h e im possible on ly t akes t im e.?

Gr eat n ess in t h e M ak in g It h as been n on -st op w or k at Rom u lo Caf é sin ce day on e. Th e ch allen ges h ave been h u ge an d dem an din g. How t o n ot on ly in t r odu ce bu t f am iliar ise din er s w it h Filipin o f ood; h ow t o com pet e in su ch a cr ow ded, n oisy an d h igh -st an dar d cu lin ar y locat ion , an d even h ow t o per su ade Filipin os in Lon don t h at Rom u lo Caf é of f er s a viable alt er n at ive t o Pin oy h om e-cook in g or M am a?s cook in g. Row en a st r at egised an d soon w it n essed h ist or y in t h e m ak in g. ?Filipin o f ood h as been t h e ?qu iet m an (or w om an !)?of gast r on om y f or t h e lon gest t im e. Bu t w e t r ied t o explain ou r f ood on ou r m en u s as sim ply an d clear ly as possible, an d w e did n ot h esit at e t o pr om ot e, via social m edia an d ot h er m edia Th e popu lar ch an n els as ?We h ave t o m ak e w ell as su r e w e ar e exh ibit ion s com pet it ive ? in an d f ood f est ivals, t h e ever y w ay, ver su s f act t h at w e exist ed as pu r veyor s of ?a t ast e of est ablish m en t s in ou r st yle an d pr ice t h e Ph ilippin es in t h e h ear t of Ken sin gt on?.? br ack et .? Today h er ch ef s en su r e t h at t h ey k eep h er gr an dm ot h er , Lola Vir gin ia?s r ecipes alive by over seein g t h e con sist en cy an d qu alit y of t h e f ood seven days a w eek , bear in g in m in d t h at m an y n o lon ger con sider eat in g ou t as a t r eat bu t a lif est yle. ?We h ave n ever claim ed t h at ou r f ood is t h e def in it ive t h is or t h at dish ; r at h er , it is t h e f am ily r en dit ion of Filipin o f avou r it es or , ever so of t en , ou r in n ovat ive t w ist on dish es u sin g Filipin o in gr edien t s an d cook in g st yles,? said Row en a. Rom u lo Caf é?s k it ch en t eam is qu it e pleased t o h ave been able t o con vin ce a n u m ber of people t h at f in e w in e goes w ell w it h f in e Filipin o f ood, an d m an y of t h eir Ph ilippin e-in spir ed cock t ails h ave t aken of f .

Row en a an d Ch r is w it h Execu t ive Ch ef Jer em y villan u eva

Rom u lo Caf e Pan desal

Som e of t h e f ir m f avou r it es at

Wit h su ch a disposit ion , it w ou ld n ot t ake lon g f or t h e w or ld t o see t h e st r en gt h in Row en a. In 2017, sh e w as n am ed on e of t h e 100 m ost in f lu en t ial Filipin as in t h e w or ld by t h e Filipin a Wom en?s Net w or k . Sh e w as r ecogn ized in t h e ?Bu ilder Aw ar d?cat egor y f or h er "except ion al or gan izat ion al im pact at a lar ge w or k place en vir on m en t ," h er "deep passion f or a cau se, t h r ou gh ?M y t eam an d collabor at ive I con t in u e t o in it iat ives or w or k allian ces" an d " h igh ext r em ely h ar d pot en t ial an d sk ill t o en su r e t h at w it h m easu r able w e ar e r esu lt s." con sist en t ly t h e r est au r an t

TATLER Rest au r an t Gu ide in 2018, t h e A-list of t op r est au r an t s in Lon don an d t h e UK, is on e of t h e f or em ost ach ievem en t s, car r yin g t h e pow er f u l st at em en t : Filipin o f ood h as def in it ely ar r ived an d is h er e t o st ay. As if t o dr ive h om e t h e poin t , in M ay 2018, Rom u lo Caf é r et ain ed it s cr ow n as Tim e Ou t M ost Loved Rest au r an t in Ken sin gt on . M or eover , it is n ow Tim e Ou t ?s secon d M ost Loved Local Rest au r an t (am on g all r est au r an t s) in Lon don ! Th e h ar d w or k h as paid of f . Today, t h an k s t o bot h f ellow Filipin o, Br it ish an d in t er n at ion al cu st om er s, Rom u lo Caf é?s Crispy Pata, Adobo, Kare-Kare, Pansit Guisado, Flying Fish, Pork Sisig, Chicken Relleno, Halo-Halo, an d Suman Latik ar e

?We h ave t o m ak e su r e w e ar e com pet it ive ? in ever y w ay, ver su s est ablish m en t s in ou r st yle an d pr ice br acket ,? sh e added. Row en a cer t ain ly h ad h igh h opes, bu t sh e h er self cou ld n ot believe t h e t u r n ou t . Rom u lo Caf é h as becom e a h ead-t u r n er , cr eat in g n ot ju st a bu zz bu t a r esou n din g ban g. Th at sam e year it open ed, Rom u lo Caf é w on t h e 2016 Tim e Ou t ?Best Loved Rest au r an t in Ken sin gt on?. It also r eceived a 5-st ar an d ot h er t op r at in gs f r om t r en d-set t in g lif est yle/ f ood bibles lik e Tim e Ou t , Har den s, an d Squ ar e M eal.

f ir m f avou r it es on Ken sin gt on High St r eet .

An d w h ile t h ose ar e alr eady m ilest on es, t h e in clu sion of Rom u lo Caf é in t h e pr est igiou s

Gr it over exper ien ce is Row en a?s f or m u la f or ch am pion in g t h is voyage. Says t h e n ow

Row en a accept in g h er aw ar d as on e of t h e FWN 100 M ost In f lu en t ial Wom en of 2017

Th e Con qu ist ador is a Wom an Wh at cou ld h appen in less t h an t w o year s? For Row en a an d Rom u lo Caf é, w h at h as h appen ed is n ot h in g sh or t of m on u m en t al.

deliver in g qu alit y f ood an d ser vice day in an d day ou t . An d t o sh ow case t h e best of Filipin o h ospit alit y, an d m ak e Rom u lo Caf é ?h om e aw ay h om e?f or Filipin os.?

In t h e m idst of all t h e accolades, sh e r em ain s st eadf ast . For h er , r eceivin g r ecogn it ion sim ply m ean s ?No Slack in g?. ?M y t eam an d I con t in u e t o w or k ext r em ely h ar d t o en su r e t h at w e ar e con sist en t ly deliver in g qu alit y f ood an d ser vice day in an d day ou t . An d t o sh ow case t h e best of Filipin o h ospit alit y, an d m ake Rom u lo Caf é ?h om e aw ay h om e?f or Filipin os,? sh e said. Row en a can n ot h elp bu t lik en t h e jou r n ey of Rom u lo Caf é t o t h eir Pan desal. ?Ou r h om e-m ade Pan desal is t h e f ir st t h in g t h at gu est s ar e ser ved w h en t h ey din e w it h u s. It look s ver y sim ple an d u n assu m in g an d t h en w h en gu est s t ake t h eir f ir st bit e, t h ey say ?WOW? an d ar e ver y com plim en t ar y. Fr om t h e ou t side, t h e r est au r an t look s sm all an d u n pr et en t iou s bu t w h en people en t er t h e m ain din in g r oom , t h ey ar e im pr essed w it h t h e over all am bian ce an d décor an d t h e h ist or y t h at su r r ou n ds t h e r est au r an t . Ou r jou r n ey h as been t h at of a r elat ively u n k n ow n cu isin e in Lon don t h at h as m ade it t o t h e A-list of r est au r an t s in less t h an 2 year s. An d n ow , Pan desal is deliver ed t o m an y Lon don h om es an d w e h ave n on -Filipin os w h o com e in t o t ake it h om e. How abou t t h at !? Th e epon ym ou s Rom u lo Caf é is su r e t o h on ou r t h e gr an d legacy of t h e diplom at Car los P. Rom u lo. becau se a det er m in ed an d dr iven w om an n am ed Row en a Rom u lo t ook u p t h e ch allen ge, it is n ow an em blem of Filipin o pr ide in Lon don , ou r ver y ow n cu isin e at it s h ear t .



Gaga Lord Ou t side t h e

Kit chen an d Beyon d X Fact or by Tr ixie Bau t ist a

'I ceased performing on stage for over 10 years because I thought it?s the end of my career. Then I realised you?ll never get too old to sing.'


O live dif f er en t lives m u st be f u n ? if n ot , t h en w h y is Jean n ah lyn Alcan o-Lor d h avin g a gr an d t im e? Lovin gly k n ow n as Gaga Lor d, t h e 41-year -old Filipin a w or k s as a din n er lady by day an d a per f or m er by n igh t . On a regular day of grinding, she heads to bars and lounges making audiences groove after serving meals in a primary school. A comedian, a dancer, and a singer, Gaga is an ultimate performer rolled into one. With her infectious laughter and perpetual energy, she captures the hearts of everyone watching and

listening to her. Seeing Gaga perform so exhilaratingly, complete with high kicks and hip shaking, it?s almost a sin not to get up and dance with the singer. For an artist with a serious talent, Gaga is not afraid to make fun of herself. Every so often, she?ll chuckle between performances, toss the mic from one hand to another, and dance with an audience member on the stage. And just like what every Pinoy will do, the singer speaks Tagalog from time to time when faced with Filipino audiences. Whether it?s a love song or danceable pop music, the seasoned performer is sure to give the entertainment that the audience came for. Gaga?s love for music goes back a long way, looking up to the iconic and incomparable Tina Turner as an influence. At the early age of 17, after graduating high school, she became a drummer at a band and was able to perform in countries outside the Philippines, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Borneo. After years of performing, Gaga has rightfully earned her stripes. Naturally entertaining and having contagious humour, she eventually became the front singer of the band eight years later. Th e Lif e Th at Wasn?t as Gaga as Her Nam e

As a young performer in bars and hotels in Asia. and doing her Tina Turner covers.

Oozing with charm and energy ? that?s how many

Courtesy of X Factor UK

would describe Gaga. However, those words fall short to encompass her personality and story. Gaga was from Calamba, Misamis Occidental and led a tough life in the Philippines, growing without her parents by her side. Kader Academy in Middlesborough where

When she took her Gaga works as a dinner lady by day chance abroad, things chance to dance with two stunning weren?t easy at first. Among the many celebrities Nicole Scherzinger and challenges she had to bear is the Alesha Dixon. And the three of them longing for the home and family she gave us a glimpse of the world?s had left in the Philippines. latest? and must we say, Notwithstanding this, she got by and sexiest? Bond girls. managed to make the best of things. ?It was very difficult when you feel homesick, but always look on the brighter side of life. In everything, give thanks for this is the will of God?, Gaga recalls her first few years abroad. Caught up with her new life, Gaga had to stop performing for quite some time, a break which stretched to a decade-long hiatus. Fortunately, a new opportunity to jumpstart her singing career, though unexpected, soon came. An Acciden t al Bon d Gir l What started as a far-fetched idea between friends had led to a wonderful journey, albeit a nerve-racking experience for Gaga Lord. In her spontaneous audition for The X Factor UK, she had breathed a new life into classic Shirley Bassey song, Diamonds Are Forever, and wowed all four judges. That audition did not only earn her the ticket to the show?s boot camp stage at Wembley Arena; it also gave her the

?I achieved my singing career to a different level.? Even though Gaga didn?t get through the boot camp, The X Factor had opened doors for her. She is now juggling gigs and bookings across the UK while working as a dinner lady. Keen to make it big, she plans to grab every opportunity that comes along. At present, Gaga is living in Middlesbrough with her husband Chris and daughter, whom she brought to the Philippines a couple of years ago for vacation. Jeannahlyn Alcano-Lord ? the Filipina who wowed the X Factor judges and now continues to pursue her passion for singing at 41 ? has a message for everyone who wants to make it as well. ?Don?t lose hope. As a personal experience, I ceased performing on stage for over 10 years because I thought it?s the end of my career. Then I realised you?ll never get too old to sing.?





Th e Young Fi l Bri t F r a n c e s z q u a Bal l eri na Wi ns Our W a r d Hearts Wi th Grace

Leaping and Pir ouet t ing... by M ae Ogdoc an d Tr ixie Bau t ist a

At some point in our lives, we feel the eagerness to discover our true passion, the thing we?ll never get tired of doing. Some people find it eventually by trying everything they could get their hands on, but for some, finding that one thing takes a lifetime.


HILE m ost of u s t opple on ou r jou r n ey, Fr an ceszqu a War d, a pr om isin g ballet dan cer , discover ed h er pat h at t h e ear ly age of t w o? an d all it t ook t o spar k f or h er passion is an ador able Hello Kit t y t u t u . Sin ce t h e day sh e r eceived it as a gif t , sh e w ou ld of t en be seen ch ar m in gly dan cin g in f r on t of t h e TV an d im it at in g pr of ession al ballet dan cer s, w it h h er clu m sy an d ch u bby f eet . All of these happened years ago. Now at 11, the pretty Filipina dancer has grown into a young lady, conquering various ballet stages and pirouetting her way to success. Dancing lightly and delicately on the ends of her toes, she has impressed audiences in and outside the United Kingdom, slowly making a name for herself and immensely making both the Filipino and UK communities proud. Among Franceszqua?s many awards are Theatre Dance Council International Regional Champion in Ballet, Modern and Tap, Youth American Grand Prix European semi-finalist 2018 in Paris, and Royal Academy of Dance East Midlands. She was also the youngest dancer to win a double title in a year from the British Champion in Ballet and All England Dance gold medallist in Ballet at eight years old. In addition to competitions, Franceszqua did special performances at Mandarin Oriental Hotel?s 20th-year celebration and at the premiere of the film ?Ballerina?, among others. Because of her performances that leave many amazed and astounded, Franceszqua often receives words of appreciation, and she is extremely grateful to everyone who has been with her in her journey. However, amidst all the praises from other people, it is her parents?encouragement and supports she value most. The first person to believe in Franceszqua?s potential is, of course, her mother, Juvy Ward. Since day one, Juvy has always been very supportive of her kid?s dreams, always finding a way to ensure that her little ballerina receives the training that she needs to fulfil her goals however difficult circumstances may be at most times. ?Words aren't enough to express how proud I am. Franceszqua's hard work, dedication, and love of dancing inspire not just the people who know her but she inspires me to keep believing and never give up,? Miss Juvy Ward told Yes Philippines Newsmagazine. Dan cin g Is a San ct u ar y In the eyes of the audiences, Franceszqua is a dancer trying to tell a story through graceful and eloquent performances. For the young ballerina, however, dancing is what makes life more interesting? a way to create her own place of happiness. ?I love dancing and I don't think a day goes by when I don't dance. It's the only way to keep me happy?, Franceszqua professing her love for the craft. A Filipino girl born and raised in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England, Franceszqua has had her share of dealing with uncalled comments from her peers at school. This is particularly because of her looking ?different?from everybody else. As a result, this makes her a favorite for bullies. Instead of falling back, she uses all the horrible experiences thrown her way to

fuel her love for dancing as well as to prove to herself that she deserves better. Truly, Franceszqua has found not only her passion but also the place where she could take refuge in during difficult times. Whenever she faces struggles and personal issues, she reminds herself constantly why she started dancing in the first place which subsequently keeps her going. Young as she is, Franceszqua always finds the strength knowing that nothing good comes to people who do bad things. ?When I dance, all of my troubles melt away and everything is put into dancing. When I dance, I feel like I can get away from all of the bad things, and I feel like I'm not drowning in regret, sorrow or anger. I always believe that dancing is the closest thing to flying; when I dance, I'm free!?, she honestly confessed. Th e Baller in a?s Soph ist icat ed Dr eam s Franceszqua is a little kid with big dreams. In the future, she aspires to become a principal dancer in the Mariinsky Ballet. The young ballerina, while often seen light on her feet, knows that getting from where she is to where she wants to be would take hard work and discipline. Aware that every performance gives her an opportunity to get closer to her dream, Franceszqua religiously practices her routine to get better at her craft. ?I usually stretch, work on my technique, and I zone out quite a lot so that helps me too. I like to sleep a lot as well, it's important to get rest!?, the young ballerina said. On stage, in her soft tutu, Franceszqua has touched people on a deep, abstract level as she pirouettes and leaps on the tips of her toes. However, beyond giving otherworldly performances and bagging awards, she hopes to inspire people to become the best they can be so they are confident enough to follow their dreams.





?Don?tGo BrokeTrying toLookRich?

by M icah Lee Ou r con t r ibu t or M icah Lee lives in Lon don an d is a Law gr adu at e of Br u n el Un iver sit y an d cu r r en t ly t r ain s t o be a solicit or .

?Broke? doesn?t necessarily mean no money, it can also mean spending money that leaves you with ÂŁ7 before payday. If you?re continuously living off pay-slip to pay-slip you?re not financially secure.


HAT w ou ld you n or m ally f in d m e doin g on m y daily com m u t e t o w or k ? Nor m ally squ eezed on t h e Cen t r al Lin e, scr ollin g t h r ou gh m y ph on e t o avoid aw k w ar d eye con t act ; t h an k goodn ess f or u n der gr ou n d Wif i.

Lik ely t o be sif t in g t h r ou gh m y In st agr am an d Facebook f eed - t h at gir l you sor t of k n ow bu t n ever r eally spoken t o is on h er f if t iet h h oliday t h is year t o t h e M aldives, you r f or m er secon dar y sch ool f r ien d m an aged t o bag h im self a Por sch e f or h is 24t h bir t h day, you r w or k colleagu e m oan in g abou t h er h an gover f r om dr in k in g on e t oo m an y cock t ails at t h e Sh ar d. On ly t h en do I r ealise t h at t h is is w ay t oo m u ch glam f or a M on day m or n in g? Th e you n ger gen er at ion , or w h at older gen er at ion like t o call u s ?m illen n ials?, is w ell k n ow n f or ou r addict ion t o social m edia. We in vest so m u ch t im e in t o br ow sin g ever y day t h at w e get su cked in t o f ocu sin g on ot h er people?s lives r at h er t h an ou r ow n . Wh y n ot ? It ?s w h at t h e cool k ids do. Bu t w h at t h e su per cool k ids do is sh ar e t h eir lavish lif est yles, f r om casu ally w alk in g in t o Har r ods t o bu yin g a Gu cci bag t o bein g on e of t h e f ir st t o ow n t h e lat est iPh on e. Redef in in g you r r elat ion sh ip w it h m on ey? Of cou r se, you ?r e en t it led t o spen d you r m on ey h ow ever you lik e. On t h e ot h er h an d, com in g f r om a 21-year -old gr adu at e t h at ?s in a load of st u den t debt , as a societ y ou r f in an cial pr ior it ies ar e pr et t y m essed u p. Rat h er t h an payin g of f you r over dr af t , w e?d r at h er get t h e n ew Yeezy ?s. Bu t w h o car es r igh t ? Nobody can see you r debt , bu t ever yon e can see you r n ew f an cy sh oes. WRONG. Wh en you t ak e you r f ir st st eps in t o t h e scar y adu lt w or ld, you ?r e of t en f aced w it h decision s t h at ar e det r im en t al t o you r developm en t f r om a ch ild t o a r espon sible adu lt an d m on ey is a biggie. Th is ?t r en d bu yin g?beh aviou r is a n ever -en din g t ir in g cycle t h at cau ses you t o live lif e f r om on e paych eck t o an ot h er . ?Br oke? doesn?t n ecessar ily m ean n o m on ey, it can also m ean spen din g m on ey t h at leaves you w it h ÂŁ7 bef or e payday. If you ?r e con t in u ou sly livin g of f pay-slip t o pay-slip you ?r e n ot f in an cially secu r e. Yes, you ?r e f oolin g ever yon e else bu t you ?r e m u ggin g you r self of f t h e m ost .

Social m edia is t h e biggest blu f f ? Ever yt h in g w e see on social m edia h as t o be t aken w it h a pin ch of salt , a f ive-secon d Sn apch at n or a 40-m in u t e You Tu be video h ar dly r ef lect s som eon e?s lif e. On e of m y f avou r it e blogger s r ecen t ly adm it t ed t h at sh e w as w or r ied abou t payin g h er ph on e bill as sh e im pu lsively t r eat ed h er self t o a Lou is Vu it t on bag t h at m on t h . I h ad t h is im pr ession t h at sh e w as su per w ealt h y. Wh en in r ealit y, sh e w as st r u gglin g t o pay h er m on t h ly bills. Social m edia w ill alw ays be t h e bet t er poker player , par t icu lar ly w it h blu f f in g. It ?s f u ll of glam , lu xu r y an d h ash t ags. Ir on ically en ou gh , it n ever sh ow s you t h e w h ole pict u r e. ?DO YOU, BOO? Fr om a you n g age w e?r e alw ays en cou r aged t o f it in or der t o m ake f r ien ds. Fr om n u r ser y u n t il Un iver sit y, if w e didn?t h ave f r ien ds w e w er e con sider ed as w eir d. Th is is w h en in secu r it y com es t o play. We?ve based ou r self -w or t h an d con f iden ce dow n t o w h at ot h er people t h in k of u s. In h in dsigh t , it ?s sad as it ?s an elem en t of lif e you can n ot con t r ol. Back in m y secon dar y sch ool days, I f or ced m yself t o lik e t h e ban d Br in g M e t h e Hor izon becau se m y f r ien ds lik ed t h em . CRINGE. Even t h ou gh w e pr ior it ise t h is less as w e gr ow older , it st ays w it h u s. We?r e easily in f lu en ced t o ju m p on t h e ban dw agon ju st becau se ever yon e else says it s good or h as it . Bu t t h at ?s w h en w e decide t o dr aw t h e lin e an d say t h ose t h r ee m agical w or ds, ?I DON?T NEED IT?. In t h e en d t h e on ly im por t an t t h in g is f in an cial secu r it y, w h ich is w ay bet t er t h an an y m at er ial possession . Not on ly does it pu t you r m in d at ease, bu t it also ben ef it s you in t h e lon g-r u n . Have you ever n ot iced h ow t h e people w h o h ave t h e least ar e t h e h appiest ? People in t h e Ph ilippin es don?t n eed m at er ialist ic possession s t o sm ile or lau gh . Ju st som e adobo an d good com pan y is en ou gh . M y cou sin s ar e st ill gladly r ock in g t h eir Nok ia ph on es an d m y au n t ies ar e pr os at get t in g a bar gain . Essen t ially, t h eir pr ior it ies ar e dif f er en t sin ce t h ey f ocu s t h eir f in an ces on t h eir daily n eeds r at h er t h an m at er ialist ic possession s. Th ey m ake t h e m ost of w h at t h ey h ave an d f in d h appin ess w it h in t h e lit t le t h in gs, w h ich I f ou n d in Tah o (sof t Tof u w it h sw eet en er / f lavou r in g). Th at ?s w h at it t r u ly m ean s t o be livin g you r best lif e.


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Pr esi d en t i a l Fa sh i o n Co n sul t a n t

M im i P ar r e l - P im e nt e l Look i ng bac k at her L o n d o n F a sh i o n W e e k E X P E R IE N C E by Ch ar lize M en dez Legaspi

?It is rare for a Filipino fashion talent to be invited to showcase and exhibit her works on such a global scale, alongside the best in the world. As such, it was a privilege for me to participate in that event.'


t is a sin gu lar h on or f or an y per son f r om a developin g cou n t r y like t h e Ph ilippin es t o sh ow h is or h er t alen t in a f ash ion capit al like Lon don .

In recent years, Filipino fashion creativity is slowly being recognized in the United Kingdom, after our musical talents have been hailed so resoundingly at West End. Lesley Mobo, who grew up in Aklan, honed his craft further when he was appointed head designer of Jasmine Di Milo at Harrod?s. In 2010, the multi-talented milliner Mich Dulce was awarded the prestigious British Council International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year (IYDEY) Award for Fashion at London Fashion Week. Last year, design wunderkind John Herrera won Britain?s Top Designer, a competition hosted by Fashion Finest, with his ?Agila? collection. At the House of iKons presentation at London Fashion Week at the Gloucester Millennium Hotel in February this year, three Filipinos were able to flaunt their artistry: Aandre David, Che Aranjuez and Mimi Parrel-Pimentel. ?It is rare for a Filipino fashion talent to be invited to showcase and exhibit her works on such a global scale, alongside the best in the world. As such, it was a privilege for me to participate in that event,? muses Parrel-Pimentel. House of iKons, under the Lady K Productions of the dynamic Savîta Kayê, scouts for emerging designers from around the world and gives them a platform to show in London, one of the Big Four fashion capitals along with New York, Milan and Paris. Filipino fashion designers Cary Santiago, Jaki Peñalosa, Happy Andrada and Rocky Gathercole previously joined House of iKons shows in the past years. In her ?Romantic Interlude? collection, Parrel-Pimentel?s sophisticated, classy and tasteful aesthetic was on full display. For the ladies, she used piña strips, cotton silk, Indian sari, Cerutti fabric and Mindanao Silk. Three of the models were Fil-Brit beauty queens such as Kiara Giel Gregorio, Miss Philippines Air 2016; Kimberly Escartin, Miss Philippines UK 2016 and Miss Great Britain

finalist 2017; and Christagale Borja, Miss Philippines UK 2015 and Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Top 15. Parrel-Pimentel?s ladylike confections attracted several women, receiving inquiries in the process. One of those drawn to her creations was the inspirational Cynthia Alcantara-Barker, the first Filipina councilor in the UK.

M im i Par r el-Pim en t el at t h e Hou se of ik on s Pr esen t at in of h er collect ion s

Male models, meanwhile, were transformed into dashing, distinguished gentlemen in her piña cocoon silk and Mindanao Silk barong Tagalog. Parrel-Pimentel created President Rodrigo Roa Duterte?s barong Tagalog during his inauguration. She is responsible for the statesman look of the President as his Presidential Fashion Consultant. In this capacity, she also dressed up the ASEAN Ministers and their spouses at ASEAN 2017, as well as top executives of the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, National Defense and Energy. She is currently practicing in Makati, with an offer to open a shop at the Clark Freeport Zone, but originally hails from Cagayan de Oro. As a native Mindanaoan, she fiercely promotes Mindanao Silk in all her shows and collections. This devotion to an indigenous product earned her the support of the Department of Tourism?s Tourism Promotions Board?s COO Cesar Montano, who believes in advocating for Pinoy-made products to be be showcased on the international stage. ?I felt overwhelmed and grateful because I was given the opportunity to show my collections at one of the world?s fashion capitals,? said Parrel-Pimentel. ?It is so fulfilling because it is my ultimate dream to have a show in London and to see my clothes worn by international models.?

M odellin g M im i's cr eat ion s in t h is year 's Lon don Fash ion Week w er e (f r om L t o R) Ch r ist agale Bor ja, Kim ber ly Escar t in an d Kiar a Giel Gr egor io Ru n w ay Ph ot ogr aph ed By Su r jit Par desi





H o w Pi n oy A r e Yo u?

10 Best Trai ts of a Stereotypi cal Pi noy



ILIPINOS h ave been descr ibed in m an y dif f er en t w ays an d w h ile each Filipin o is u n iqu e, t h e gr eat m ajor it y of t h e Ph ilippin e popu lat ion is bou n d t oget h er by a set of com m on valu es an d som e st er eot ypical t r ait s t h at m ak e t h e Pin oy r ace dist in ct f r om ot h er cu lt u r es.

Friendly? Check. Outgoing? Check. Clever? Check. Sure, Filipinos get a dose of compliments for being a happy, hospitable stock but there are a lot of things that makes one more Pinoy. So what makes you a great Filipino typecast? Here, we have listed the 10 best traits of a stereotypical Pinoy. Note: Get ready with your pen and paper and let?s see how you fare.

Th e Fam ou s Kin ilaw n a Tam ilok Ph ot o f r om Hom e Kit ch en om ics

4. You?ve tried and you love exotic dishes, for sure. From the chill ones like Isaw and Tapang Kabayo to the extreme types like Kinilaw na Tamilok from Palawan and Aklan (Shipworm or Woodworm dipped in Salt and Vinegar, Abuos (Ant Eggs) from Ilocos and Adobong Kamaru (Mole Cricket), from Pampanga, we?re pretty sure you?ve tried some of these ?out of this world? dishes and you enjoyed them, yes? Ph ot o f r om Th e Filipin o Tim es

1. You love Karaoke more than anything else. Whether you sing well or not (which we think is a rare case), karaoke is a huge part of your life. Have you tried that videoke for rent where you type in the number code of your all-time hit song? Or that one that requires you to drop some 5 peso coin to pay your favourite ?My Way?piece? Or maybe you have a magic sing at home? Whatever the occasion is, karaoke will always be a part of every celebration. This is because Pinoys have an immense love for music and the singing prowess runs in your blood. Right?

2. You offer everyone food. Filipinos live by the line ?kain tayo?or let?s eat. It can mean you offering food to a friend or relative or even to a stranger or passersby, even if your baon (packed lunch) is hardly enough for you. It may not be a real invitation to eat but more of a courteous way of telling people that you?re about to eat (or is currently munching on something) and you can share your food if they?d like to.

3. You can cook (well) and you find joy in eating. Now, this is something unquestionable. Wherever you come from or whatever locality you?re representing, you surely know how to cook one specialty or two. Are you a Kapampangan? You probably know all the existing sisig variants? BatangueĂąo? Ala eh! Let?s have some Bulalo! You love to cook because you also love to eat. No diet when it comes to Pinoy food because Pangga, who doesn?t find joy in eating?

5. You treat everyone as family. Everyone is ate, kuya, tita and tito! No one?s left out and your definition of friendship and kababayan is inclusive just like a real family. You share your food, your home, your things and even your clothes because that?s what kinship means to you. Continued to Page 26...







Kacey Colleen Li m 27 years old M ai da Vale, Westmi nster





Embassy News PH Am bassador Lagdam eo Pr esen t s Cr eden t ials t o Ir ish Pr esiden t Higgin s


UBLIN 24 Apr i l 2018 ? Ph i l i ppi n e Am bassador t o t h e Un i t ed Ki n gdom An t on i o M an u el R. Lagdam eo pr esen t ed h i s Let t er s of Cr eden ce t o Pr esi den t M i ch ael D. Hi ggi n s at Ár as an Uach t ar ái n , t h e of f i ci al r esi den ce of t h e Pr esi den t of Ir el an d i n Du bl i n on 19 Apr i l .

M ar pol An n ex VI on Pr even t ion of Air Pollu t ion f r om Sh ips t o Becom e Ef f ect ive f or t h e Ph ilippin es as Per m an en t Repr esen t at ive t o Im o Deposit s t o t h e Im o Secr et ar y Gen er al t h e In st r u m en t s of Accession t o 3 IM O Con ven t ion s

Ambassador Lagdameo has formally commenced his duties as non-resident Philippine Ambassador to Ireland by presenting to President Higgins the letter from President Rodrigo Duterte signifying the Ambassador ?s appointment. The presentation of credentials was followed by Ambassador Lagdameo?s inspection of the Irish Guard of Honor at the President?s official residence. He was accompanied at the credentials ceremony by his spouse Madam Linda Floirendo Lagdameo and Consul Rommel Romato. Some high-ranking Irish government representatives, including Brendan Griffin TD, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, were also in attendance. During the ceremony, Ambassador Lagdameo greeted President Higgins and conveyed President Duterte?s good wishes for the well-being and prosperity of the leader and the people of Ireland. President Higgins welcomed the new non-resident Philippine Ambassador to Ireland. He also expressed Ireland?s gratitude for the contributions of Filipino migrant workers to the development of his country. The Philippines and Ireland enjoy strong bilateral relations with dynamic people-to-people linkages starting with the flow of Irish Catholic missionaries to the Philippines in the late 19th century. The two island nations belong to the fastest-growing economies in Asia and Europe. Both countries have millions of people living overseas constituting the largest diasporas in the world today.

PR-IMO Asuque hands over to Dir. Kenny, IMO Legal Affairs and External Relations, the Instruments to 3 IMO Instruments on the safety of ships and prevention of air pollution. Joining him are LEG 105 Chair Schöfisch (right) and APR Sarne of London PE and Maritime Attaché. Lingad and Atty. Calag of MARINA (left). 24 Apr i l 2018 ? Th e Ph i l i ppi n es i s n ow com m i t t ed t o t h e gl obal ef f or t s t o r edu ce ai r pol l u t i on f r om sh i ps as i t deposi t ed t h e In st r u m en t of Accessi on t o t h e Pr ot ocol of 1997 t o Am en d t h e In t er n at i on al Con v en t i on f or t h e Pr ev en t i on of Pol l u t i on f r om Sh i ps,1973 as m odi f i ed by t h e Pr ot ocol of 1978 (M ARPOL An n ex VI). MARPOL Annex VI, first adopted in 1997, limits the main air pollutants contained in ships exhaust gas, including sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrous oxides (NOx), and prohibits deliberate emissions of ozone depleting substances (ODS). MARPOL Annex VI also regulates shipboard incineration, and the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from tankers. In addition, the Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Gilberto Asuque, deposited on 24 April 2018 to the IMO Secretary General the Instruments of Accession to: 1. the Protocol of 1978 Relating to the to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, (on measures to further improve the safety of ships, particularly tankers); and 2. the Protocol of 1988 Relating to the International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 (Load Line Protocol 88). The IMO Secretary General is the designated depository of all instruments of ratification or accession by Member States to IMO Conventions. In accordance with IMO regulations, these 3 IMO instruments will become effective for the Philippines three months from the date of deposit or on July 2018.

Ambassador Antonio Manuel R. Lagdameo presents his letters of credence to President Michael Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin, Ireland on 19 April 2018.

PermRep Asuque handed over to Director Frederick Kenney of the IMO Legal and External Affairs Division, representing Secretary General Kitack Lim, the Accession documents signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the Senate Resolutions concurring to the accession by the Philippines to the 3 IMO Instruments.: PermRep Asuque deposited the Instruments of Accession during the 105th Session of the IMO Legal Committee (LEG 105) which discussed under agenda item 10 the ?Review of the Status of Conventions and Other Treaty Instruments Emanating from the Legal Committee?. He was joined in this simple ceremony by Mr. Volker Schöfisch, LEG 105 Chair, and Ms. Emma Sarne, Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO, Mr. Arsenio Lingad, Maritime Attaché ? MARINA; and Atty. Virgilio B. Calag, Chief, Prosecution Division, Legal Services, MARINA, all delegates to LEG 105. In his statement, PermRep Asuque informed LEG 105 that the Philippine Senate has also concurred to two other IMO Conventions, namely, the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships 2001 and the Protocol of 1988 Relating to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, (on the harmonized system of ship survey and certification). He said the Instruments of Accession to these two IMO Conventions will soon be deposited with the IMO Secretary General.

From left: Minister Brendan Griffin TD, Ambassador Antonio Lagdameo, President Michael Higgins, Madam Linda Lagdameo and Consul Rommel Romato at Áras an Uachtaráin

PermRep Asuque thanked the Legal Committee and the Technical Cooperation Committee for the assistance extended to the Philippines to facilitate the ratification or accession to IMO Conventions or Treaties. During the Senate hearings for the concurrence to the accession of these IMO instruments held on 09 March 2018, PermRep. Asuque explained the importance of these IMO conventions for the safety of Filipino seafarers and in protecting the marine environment from the operation of ships.



CFO Lauds Landmark Hi gh Court Rul i ng on th e Recogni ti on of Forei gn Di v orce


h e Com m ission on Filipin os Over seas (CFO) lau ds t h e Apr il 24, 2018 Su pr em e Cou r t en ban c r u lin g r ecogn izin g t h e validit y of f or eign divor ce obt ain ed by a Filipin o again st a f or eign spou se. Th e lan dm ar k decision paves t h e w ay f or a Filipin o w h o obt ain s a divor ce f r om t h e f or eign spou se t o h ave t h e divor ce r ecogn ized by Ph ilippin e cou r t s. Th is r ecogn izes t h e Filipin o?s r igh t t o h ave t h e f or eign divor ce r ecogn ized an d t o be f r ee t o r em ar r y, r egar dless of w h o f iles f or an d obt ain s t h e divor ce. ?We commend this landmark SC ruling as a tool for women empowerment as majority of marriage migrants are Filipino women. It is also our way of safeguarding their rights,? stated Undersecretary Astravel Pimentel-Naik, the Executive Director of the CFO. She further added that the CFO has been consistently lobbying for the passage of similar legislative bills such as House Bill No. 6446 filed by Rep. Pia Cayetano that seeks to recognize the capacity of the Filipino spouse to remarry when the foreign spouse has obtained a foreign decree of divorce. Th e M an alo Case Voting 10-3-1, the SC en banc ruled "that a foreign divorce secured by a Filipino against a foreign spouse is also considered valid in the Philippines, even if it is the Filipino spouse who files for divorce abroad." The particular case was that of Marelyn Tanedo Manalo who was married to Japanese national Minoru Yoshino. Manalo filed for and was granted divorce in Japan in 2011. Manalo went to court in Dagupan, Pangasinan to have her divorce recognized in the country. The trial court in Dagupan denied her petition. She then went to the Court of Appeals (CA), where she scored a victory in 2014. The CA ruled that Manalo should have the right to remarry. It applied the amended Article 26(2) of the Family Code. Former president Corazon Aquino issued an executive order that amended the provision so that it included this: Where a marriage between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner is validly celebrated and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall likewise

have capacity to remarry under Philippine law. The Philippine government, through the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), went to the SC to try to reverse the CA's ruling. Manalo won at the SC level, hence this landmark ruling. Lan dm ar k Ru lin g With the amended Family Code, Filipinos who obtain divorce in the country of their foreign spouse get to remarry without fear of a bigamy suit. However, if the one who obtained the divorce was the Filipino spouse, the state still did not recognize it because of the absence of absolute divorce in the country. With this ruling, the state now recognizes the divorce obtained by the Filipino, and couples of the same circumstances of mixed-marriage will be considered not married to each other under Philippine law. The Supreme Court ruling is also consistent with the legislative intent of Article 26 of Executive Order No. 209 (July 6, 1987) otherwise known as The Family Code of the Philippines, as amended by Executive Order No. 227 (July 17, 1987), to rectify the absurd situation where the Filipino spouse who has been divorced from the foreign spouse remains married under Philippine laws even while the foreign spouse can exercise his or her right to remarry as cited in the Supreme Court First Division ruling G.R. No. 154380 (October 5, 2005). Saf egu ar din g M ar r iage M igr an t s The CFO, an agency of the Philippine government under the Office of the President established through Batas Pambansa Bilang 79 tasked to promote and uphold the interests, rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos, including marriage migrants, conducts the mandatory Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP) for spouses and other partners of foreign nationals. Records of the CFO show that from 1989 to 2016, majority of the more than half a million marriage migrants are female (91.38%). Out of the 522,002 marriage migrants registered with the CFO, 477,025 or 91.38% are female while 44,977 or 8.62% are male. The United States continues to be the top destination of spouses and partners accounting for 43.58%, followed by Japan (23.48%) and Australia (7.8%). More than half or 53.79% of the Filipino spouses or partners have limited knowledge about the country of their foreign spouses or partners; while 10.88% of them have no knowledge at all. Only 35.33% professed to have sufficient prior knowledge of their destination country. Most of spouses and partners are from the age bracket of 25-29 years old which is

30.61% of the total number, followed by 20-24 years old (23.50%) and 30-34 years old (19.86%). In Japan, nearly a third of marriages between Japanese nationals end up in divorce. For Japanese nationals married to foreign spouses, majority (2/3) of marriages end up in divorce. Majority of divorce is also by mutual agreement, meaning the divorce does not go through any judicial or court proceedings. The divorce by agreement only has to be registered at the municipal office provided that the registration documents have been properly signed and sealed beforehand by both parties. The GCP was institutionalized to address growing concerns on the mail-order spouse scheme and cases of human trafficking in the guise of marriage. The GCP was strengthened with the passage of the Republic Act No. 10364 or the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 and Republic Act 10906 or the Anti-Mail Order Spouse Law, which mandated CFO to conduct pre-departure counseling services for Filipinos in intermarriages. While the CFO does not have official data of divorced Filipinos in intermarriages, it has a database of foreign spouses / fiancĂŠes / partners who have sponsored Filipinos more than once for marriage or common-law partnership. CFO also receives reported cases of Filipinos divorced or abandoned by their foreign spouses. In some instances, Filipino spouses become victims of trafficking in the guise of marriage or mail-order spouse scheme. The landmark ruling by the Supreme Court is, thus, an affirmation of a Filipino?s right to remarry after obtaining a divorce from the foreign spouse. At the same time, the Supreme Court decision also provides relief for victims and survivors of trafficking in the guise of marriage or mail-order bride scheme as they may now obtain foreign divorce and have the divorce recognized in the Philippines as part of the process of rebuilding their lives.



Co mmu n i t y Ca l e n d a r M AY 27 What: Santacruzan, Flores De Mayo Where: St Agnes Catholic Church Cricklewood Lane Time/Day: 1:30 PM - 7 PM | Sunday

JUNE 9 What: The Filipino Women?s Association UK 30th Year Charity Fundraising Dinner and Dance Where: Royal Garden Hotel When: 6 PM - 1 AM | Saturday What: Rock on Yorkshire (Year 1) Where: Ripon Race course, Yorkshire Time/Day: 10 AM - 5 PM | Saturday

Ju n e 3 What: My Grace is Always More Than Enough Where: Baden-Powell House 65-67 Queen's Gate South Kensington London SW7 5JS Time/Day: 12:00-5:00PM | Sunday

JUNE 17 What: Philippine Festival of Food, Culture and Music Where: Hawkinge Community Centre, Heron Forstal Road, Hawkinge CT18 7FP Time/Day: 10 AM - 5 PM | Sunday

SEND US NEWS OF YOUR COM M UNI TY EV ENTS & A CTI V I TI ES Ju n e 23 What: My Grace is Always More Than Enough Where: Blaydon Rugby Club (car Boot Area) Hexham Road Swalwell Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 38N Time/Day: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Sunday

We w el come detai l s of your stori es, i ncl udi ng success, aw ards, appoi ntments and ev ents. Send your i tems by emai l to : i nf o@yesph i l new



Co mmu n i t y Ca l e n d a r JUNE 30 / JULY 1 What: Birmingham-Sandwell West Midlands Filipino Festival 2018 Where: Lightwoods Park and House Time/day: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Saturday/Sunday

Ju ly 7 & 8 What: Philippine Festival of Food, Music and Culture Where: Hawkinge Community Centre Heron Forstal Avenie Hawkinge, Folkestone, KENT Time/Day: 6:00 PM - 11 PM | Saturday

JULY 21 / JULY 22 What: The 34th Barrio Fiesta sa London 2018 - Day 1 Where: Apps Court Farm What: 2-Day League Volleyball Time/Day: 9AM - 7PM | Saturday & Sunday

Sept em ber 22 What: Aguman Kapampangan UK Where: Baden Powell House 65-67 Queen's Gate, South Kesington London SW7 5 JS Nearest Station: Gloucester Road, Buses: 70, 74, 345 Time/Day: 6:00 PM - 11 PM | Saturday




K U Su p e r T e k l a




Ph ot os by Des Wit h ey


UNDAY n igh t last Apr il 22, at t h e Lon don Ear ls Cou r t Hot el, did n ot discou r age people in t h e UK t o gat h er f or Su per Tek la in Lon don . Con sider in g t h at t h er e w ill be w or k t h e f ollow in g day, t h e oppor t u n it y t o be w it h Su per Tek la w as som et h in g t h ey did n ot w an t t o m iss.

The show of attendance almost covered the different cities in the UK, not to mention Europe, as there were people who came all the way from Belgium. UK was the final stop of their Europe Tour. Super Tekla and company were not disappointed, as London had the biggest crowd of all the tour dates. Martin D Icon joined Super Tekla on stage, iconic also with his towering hair-do as to complement the image of Super Tekla that's popular to the public. He introduced Tekla while doing his grand entrance adding excitement to finally having Tekla on the centre stage. His quips and jokes, never missed a single person in the crowd. Their usual segment of getting people from the audience branded as ?audience participation? was ALWAYS part of their repertoire. It was never a difficulty, as men willingly and selflessly volunteered themselves to be part of the game. The line up of men included Rodel Saycon from Dabawenyos UK and Regie Buelvo of Samahang Magdalo. The audience were delighted that the most requested song of Tekla was performed, Celine Dione?s ?My Heart Will Go On?. Roaring laughters reached their highest decibel, from the start until the end of the song. Almost all mobiles were up, just wanting to have their own keepsakes of the memories of the night. Fronting the show were the selected local talents with the title of their own musical achievements in the league of competitions. Jahna Lucero, the Pinoy Teen Pop Superstar, opened the show, followed by Marinel, The Teen Diva from EuroPinoy Talent Centre, Aldrin Dagui, the TFCKat UK Champion 2013 and Videoke Champion 2012 and the one who pumped-up the audience before the final act, Gaga Lord from the X-Factor UK 2017. To most attendees, the show was worth every penny they paid for, although for some they felt a bit short-change. But on the whole, it was an enjoyable and satisfying show. The event was roduced by SimplyC PR & Events and Fil-Brit Services Newcastle.

Fi l i pi na beauti es f rom L o n d o n to compete i n Tw o I nt'l Pageants by ROM ULO PALM A, RN


HE Royalt ys - M ak er of Kin gs an d Qu een side or gan ised a sen d of f par t y on 6 M ay 2018 at Par k Cit y Gr an d Plaza Ken sin gt on f or t h e lat est beau t y qu een s t o com pet e in in t er n at ion al beau t y pagean t .

Miss Kacey Coleen Lim, a law graduate and currently the 2nd-runner up Miss Swimsuit UK will be the official representative of the Philippines to the 3rd edition of Miss Summer World at Durress, Albania from the 15-20 May 2018. The pageant night will be on 19 May and will be broadcasted on Albanian National TV. Meanwhile Miss Christa Borja a fashion merchandiser and Binibining Pilipinas Top 10 finalist and Miss Manila Bulletin will be Miss United Kingdom for the Beauty & Talent International competition at Seoul ,Korea on 15-20 June. The said send off was attended by both of the candidates' family and friends in order to wish them well for their respective competitions.

Kacey Coleen Lim

Ch r ist a Bor ja





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H H oow w Pi Pinnoy oy A A rr ee Yo Yo u? u? 10 Best Trai ts of a Stereotypi cal Pi noy the most famous monickers and you?re always gunning for the sharp shooters!

7. You call on the Lord for everything, literally. ?Haru Diyos ko!?(Oh, my Lord), ?Susmariosep?(Jesus, Mary and Joseph) are just some of the words Filipinos use as part of the every day life ?subset?. Whether you?re intentionally calling the Lord or not, these expressions can somehow connote your inclination to the Catholic faith and Sus, you love these words very much!

8. Your resilience is tried and tested. Been through a disaster? Sure you?ll mourn about it but you?ll rise up in a few. Made a bad decision? You know you?ll get through everything like your favourite local hero. Pinoys are positive individuals whose resiliency is definitely immeasurable and this character is something this race is very proud of.

9. You?re humour is universal. You can make people laugh and you take Ph ot o cou r t esy of Dan byr d Ar ellan o

6. You?re into basketball. You don?t have to play good ball but you just love the idea of the game, period. You can play in the streets or in an actual court. You know Jawo not as a senator but as the playing coach and you give your all for that ?Never Say Die? chant! Whatever team you?re supporting, you surely know some of



JUNE 2018 M A LA PI T NA !

serious situations lightly. Your virtue is, let?s have some good time and let?s throw a joke or a pickup line (without offending others).

10. You know ?pakikisama? is the key to having a good relationship with people - and you know that bonds are built in trust and friendship. So now, how Pinoy are you?

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Fond Farew el l f or Deputy Consul General M YLA M A CA HI LI G by PEPS VILLANUEVA


FTER ser vin g t h e UK Filipin o com m u n it y f or m or e t h an 6 year s, Depu t y Con Gen M yla's t er m of of f ice h as f in ally en ded.

It was a very hectic 2 months for her before she flew back to the Philippines for her next journey in the world of foreign service. She had daily invitations from the different organisations for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner as everybody wanted to say their goodbyes personally to a diplomat who touched the lives of the FilCom. To her credit, Minister Myla tried her best to accommodate everyone. Even on the day of her departure, there were some members of the FilCom who joined the Embassy officers and staff in bidding her farewell. Minister Myla, Yes Philippines News Magazine together with the rest of the UK Filipino community would like to wish you all the best in your future assignment.



Career M i ni ster M YLA M ACAHILIG Deputy Consul General Phi li ppi ne Embassy London 2012- 2018



Kr i s Aq u i n o Wh y Sh e St i l l Rem ai n s t h e

Q u een o f A l l M ed i a by Sar ah M ae Tejar es


OVE h er or h at e h er , you can't den y it is dif f icu lt f or you t o pr et en d you don't car e abou t h er lif e an d issu es. Bu t st ill, you f in d you r self com m en t in g on h er t h r eads. In t h e en d, sh e w in s becau se it 's eit h er you agr ee w it h h er , or get pissed w it h h er an sw er s t o you r in su lt s. Th at 's Kr is Aqu in o.

In t h is age of t h e In t er n et , w h er e n u m ber s of likes an d sh ar es m at t er t o adver t iser s, it is ver y ch allen gin g t o pr of ession al m ar k et er s t o gain at t en t ion as t h eir com pet it or s in vest sizable bu dget s f or Facebook ads. Bu t if you h ave Kr is Aqu in o, you m ay n ot n eed a Facebook boost . No dou bt t h at Kr is is st ill t h e qu een of en dor sem en t s an d m edia af t er sh e sh ar es h er dr am a on social m edia. Wit h t h at , t h er e ar e a f ew t ak eaw ays t h at ever y digit al m ar ket in g pr of ession al sh ou ld lear n :

Sh e sh ar es h er lif e exper ien ces On ce du bbed as a Qu een of Talk , h er lif e is an open book . Appar en t ly, sh e's livin g in a lon g-r u n n in g r ealit y sh ow , w h er e h er ever y m ove is a big deal t o t h e pu blic. Wor k in g in m edia f or m an y year s, sh e h as est ablish ed a gif t of r appor t w it h t h e pu blic. Apar t f r om t h at , sh e k n ow s all sor t s of "ch ik as" f r om sh ow biz an d polit ics. Sin ce m ost Filipin os ar e f am iliar an d even u pdat ed of h er per son al lif e, t h ey eit h er disdain h er or em pat h ise w it h h er .

Sh e's t act less Kr is is k n ow n f or bein g t act less, an d sh e qu ick ly says w h at 's on h er m in d. Not ever yon e is a f an of h er at t it u de, especially h er det r act or s. How ever , you can't den y t h at h er som et im es t h ou gh t less u t t er an ce is on e h er en dear in g t r ait s.

Sh e r espon ds t o t r olls f or a pu r pose It 's easy t o m ak e m u lt iple accou n t s on social m edia. Cu r r en t ly, t h e m edia an d t h e pu blic ar e f acin g a ch allen ge of delin eat in g f ake n ew s t o t h e r eal on es becau se of t h e t r olls. Apar t f r om spr eadin g f ake n ew s, t h ey exist t o in su lt you if you don't agr ee w it h t h eir view s. Usu ally, people ch oose n ot t o f igh t w it h t h e t r olls. Bu t Kr is f igh t s t h e t r olls f or a pu r pose. Sh e is r eady t o f igh t t h em t o pr ot ect h er f am ily especially h er son s, an d w on't t oler at e bu llyin g.

Sh e h as t im e t o pr om ot e t h e br an ds am idst h er f eu d w it h h er f r en em ies Ju st r ecen t ly, t h e qu een of all m edia t h r ew sh ade at ex-h u sban d Jam es Yap an d f or m er co-h ost Kor in a San ch ez in h er m u ch pu blicised r an t s. Bu t despit e w ash in g h er dir t y lau n dr y in pu blic in h er In st agr am post s, sh e w ou ld u n abash edly asser t h er bein g an en dor sem en t qu een by in ser t in g h er br an ds in h er post s.

Sh e w ou ld n ot r egr et h er act ion s Sh e is k n ow n f or adm it t in g h er m ist ak es. Bu t af t er adm it t in g som e m ist ak es, sh e adds t h at sh e n ever r egr et t ed h er act ion s. Sh e pr om ot es love af t er r an t in g. Am idst con t r over sies, sh e n ever f or get s t o t h an k God an d pr om ot e love. Sh e t h an k s God f or t h e blessin gs sh e r eceives ever y day. So it is n ot easy t o h at e Kr is f or so lon g.

In st agr am ph ot o of Kr is Aqu in o





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