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Ye Sl  Wang     1. Why  do  you  think  this  issue  is  relevant  to  this  topic,  customs  and   tradition?   2. What  does  it  imply  about  William’s  experiences?   3. What  do  we  learn  about  life  in  Malawi/Africa  from  this  issue?   4. What  implications  does  this  issue  have  on  the  way  we  view  cultures  other   than  our  own?     First  of  all,  there  is  a  major  difference  between  custom  and  tradition.  The   difference  is  that  custom  is  a  type of behavior that you do regularly, but tradition is all about words that you speak or pass on. The issue that this essay is going to discuss about is the oral story telling. Oral story telling is the story that has been passed down from the previous generation to the next generation. The oral story telling may affect many people’s viewpoints by shaping a strong belief about the cultures or tradition, and this issue is relevant to customs and tradition because custom and tradition are usually created through many people talking. This issue implies that William’s ways of thinking or perspective has been affected by whatever father has been telling him about or whatever adults around him have been talking about. His perspectives are shaped by other adults’ viewpoints. Through exploring the issue, we may get some ideas about Malawi or Africa that the new generation is widely affected by the oral story telling from previous generation. Through what other people say, I know what kind of culture this country, Thailand, has. For example, before I come to Thailand, many people in Korea and Singapore used to tell me that in Thailand, King is highly respected, so I was very touched by the patriotism. Before hearing about the cultures, I had a wrong belief about Thailand that many people are rude to others and have no solicitude. However, after hearing about Thai cultures from other’s oral story telling, I learned that my belief was wrong. In another word, whatever other people talked about shaped my perspectives.

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