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Agrifood Marketing Rolan Micallef Attard University of Malta Course: BSc (Hons.) Mediterranean Agro-Ecosystems Management On-line Marketing 2009

eMarketing/Online Marketing “The application of the Internet and related digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives� - Chaffey et al., 2000

eMarketing strategy process


Website marketing online types No web presence Domain & email no site - ( Static website - brochureware Interactive site – Search, queries, product availability, prices Interactive site with transaction processing Fully interactive site with relationship marketing

Online initiatives Product trading - shops Auctions - flowers Product tracking – movement of product at any time Networking – voice-over-IP Electronic data interchange – EDI orders/invoices forms Payment processing gateways – 24 x 7 business Data collection and storage On-line training

On-line auction

Product selling



Web metrics & analytics Its all about customer-centric measurement

Web Metrics are measurement techniques utilised to track and identify what is happening on the Internet and on your website Web Analytics is a discipline aimed at understanding your website visitor’s on-line experience, seeking methods that meet your user’s requirements, and optimising your organisation’s ultimate goals

Customer tracking Tracking trolleys vs. tracking clicks

eMarketing objectives Its all about‌

Increasing sales Reducing costs Improving return on investment (ROI) Fine tuning online marketing strategies Outperforming your competition Knowing who’s behind the browser

Measurement Do you measure ? Online website traffic How traffic arrives to your website Where visitors come from What users do on your website Your online advertising campaigns Technology users use How well your site is performing technically User visits Website paths Website visits Complete browsing history by unique visitor analysis

e-Metric generations e-Metrics customer-centric sophistication 1st Generation e-Metrics

2nd Generation e-metrics

3rd Generation e-metrics

Website Statistics

e-Business intelligence

e-Customer intelligence

Hits Visits Sessions Page Views Accessed pages Site referrals Unique visitors etc. etc. etc.

RFM Acquisition costs Conversion rates Sales trends Average basket size Click-through rates Repeat visits etc. etc. etc.

Segmentation Path analysis Loyalty/churn Propensity 1 to 1 relationship ROI per customer Custom metrics etc. etc. etc

Customer-centricity Customer-centric web metrics evolution

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation e-metrics e-metrics e-metrics (Website (e-Business (e-Customer Statistics) intelligence) intelligence) Persistent user Anonymous user Discreet user Identifier Profile Identity

User Cat. 1

User Cat. 2

User Cat. 3

User Cat. 4

Loyalty funnel Its all about customer loyalty & reducing dropouts

Online Customer Life Cycle framework





Convert Attrition

Website users dropout patterns

Retain Churn

Loyal customers

Optimisation of Reach through web analytics Reach is an activity aimed at attracting the attention of your target audience to your website through a specific activity

Measuring the ROI of Reach techniques through: Pay-per-click Analysis Advertising Revenue Analysis Self-Service Analysis

Pay-per-click analysis – Search engine campaign Web metrics revealed that website visitors, having typed general phrases in a pay-per-click search engine, browsed only for a short time and contributed to no significant revenue, while visitors who typed specific words browsed longer, viewed more pages and shopped online. Kalmbach reduced $4,000 per month promotional partner’s costs

Advertising revenue analysis – Banner ads

Web metric results from banner ad clickthroughs for easyJet 40% booked 1st visit 17% booked same day 20% took over 2 weeks Marketing ROI increased by 86% in one month by refining banner ad media strategy, by analysing performance, creativity and timing

Optimisation of Acquisition through web analytics

Acquisition is the stage when your target audience has been successfully reached and persuaded to visit your website Measuring the ROI of Acquisition techniques through: Affiliate Marketing Analysis Landing Page Analysis Email Marketing Analysis Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Landing page analysis – leading visitors to your goal

Web metrics revealed that visitors were landing on pages considered ‘less important’. Inserting the necessary leads on these pages increased conversion by 33% through newsletter signups and form-filling

Email marketing analysis – Follow-up emails Web metric results revealed that emails sent immediately after registration generated 9.4% click-throughs, while 3 timed (4 days – 1 week – 1 week) follow-up emails generated 5.4% clickthroughs from the unconverted. Knowing how frequently to deliver follow-up emails to entice prospective clients to engage in online activities, improved ROI by 125%.

Search engine analysis – Search engine indexing Investigating search behaviour and linguistic patterns Facilitating the indexing of each page by search engines Modifying its single dynamic site to a multipage static site. managed to increase its search engine rankings and its search engine referrals by 940% and 4,838% equivalent to 73,000 visitors per month.

Optimisation of Conversion through web analytics

Conversion is the stage of leading potential customers to your website’s predetermined goal Measuring the ROI of Conversion techniques through: On-Line Analysis Lead Generation Analysis

On-Line Analysis – ‘The Moment of Truth’

Lead generation analysis – Activity schemes

On-line registration is essential for marketing purposes. Black & Decker increased leads by 40% by changing the position of the registration icon.

Optimisation of Retention through web analytics Retention is the stage of turning your website users into loyal customers making them return over and over again, preventing their migration to competition Measuring the ROI of Retention techniques through: Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value Analysis

Path Analysis Content Analysis

Content analysis – Segmentation

Web metrics revealed that visitors interested in skiing, browsed the ski gear pages, while retained visitors who had previously purchased ski gear were more interested in purchasing expensive skis. Delivering selected content to repeat customers increases repeat purchases

Web analytics that contribute to Revenue

Number of user visits

Conversion Rate

Number of Clients

Average cart value

Website turnover

Point of departure










↑ Reach techniques ↑ Acquisition techniques ↑ Retention techniques










↓ Dropouts rates ↓ Trolley abandonment ↑ Personalisation ↑ Website Usability










Up-sell Cross-sell










MBA (eBusiness) Dissertation - survey findings (1)

Popularity Tourism Telecom, media, publishing Government organisations

MBA (eBusiness) Dissertation - survey findings (2)

42% take a reactive approach to changing on-line strategies based on Web Analytics for the purposes of ROI, yet the level of sophistication of web analytic applications is low.

MBA (eBusiness) Dissertation - survey findings (3)

MBA (eBusiness) Dissertation - survey findings (4)

71% of organisations with access to Web tracking applications have identified the following factors to be a limiting factor in maximising their Web analytics potential Lack of Time Budget Limitations Lack of specialised personnel

The way forward …………..

Invest in the right web analytic solution that suits your needs and budget, and that will allow you to achieve your goals Invest in staff training, or outsource interpretation of web metrics to web analysts that understand your business Focus on business critical aspects of your website to improve its overall performance and prevent the migration of your customers to your competitors

Case study: Dashboard Put all the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can email to others. Keyword and Campaign Comparison Track and compare all your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, and keywords on Google and other search engines. AdWords Integration Buy keywords on Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business

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Agricultural eMarketing 2009 Course: BSc (Hons.) Mediterranean Agro-Ecosystems Management Rolan Micallef Attard Univers...