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Yesica Xiomara Figueroa

Alfredo: Hello. My name is Alfredo. George: Hello Alfredo, I'm George. George: How can I help you? Alfredo: Can you tell me where Shinra Factory is? George: I'm sorry. I have no idea. You're not from here right? Alfredo: I've just arrived. I'm from Spain. George: I see. What brings you here to London? Alfredo: Business. George: Well, I'm sorry I can't help you with that. Maybe that cop can help you. Alfredo: I'll go ask him. Thank you. George: No problem. If you need any help, I'm here every day. Alfredo: It was nice to meet you. Catch you later George: See you, and good luck.

Carla :Hi how are you? Daniel Daniel : Yes, Hello if I'm OK here doing homework History Maria : Ay, if I miss a lot right? I have not finished Carla :Well, I already finished for about 20 minutes Daniel : That accident that we find in the stationery Maria : Yes, for what cial stationery were you doing? Carla :ahh is that my sister order a monograph that he had forgotten compar Daniel : oh entindo whether usually happens Daniel : good I'm going and I took the copies, we Carla :Goodbye, see you tomorrow at school Maria : Yeah, do not forget the picture Daniel : True I do not forget, thanks for reminding Maria : OK, and also because I have to go, will accompany you to your house Carla? Carla :This well and from there I'll tell you something ...

You're from Costa Rica. You're not from El Salvador. You aren't from El Salvador.

It's from Costa Rica. It's not from El Salvador. It isn't from El Salvador.

He's from Costa Rica. He's not from El Salvador. He isn't from El Salvador.

We're from Costa Rica. We're not from El Salvador. We aren't from El Salvador.

She's from Costa Rica. She's not from El Salvador. She isn't from El Salvador.

They're from Costa Rica. They're not from El Salvador. They aren't from El Salvador.

Is Mary from New Zealand? Yes, she is. No, she's not. = No, she isn't.

Are you from Canada? Yes, I am. No, I'm not.

Is this handbag from Korea? Yes, it is. No, it's not. = No, it isn't.

Are you and Lisa Chinese? Yes, we are. No, we're not. = No, we aren't.

Are they from Japan? Yes, they are. No, they're not. = No, they aren't.

John: Hello Amy! Where are you going? Amy: I'm going to go to buy a new CD John: Cool! Which one are you going to buy? Amy-: I don't know yet, but i got tired of my music so i want to get new cd's John: Ok, see you later



Good night

Good afternoon



See you soon!

Best wishes

Have a nice day

Robots When will we have robots? We already have many kinds of robots! Industries use a variety of robots and now robots are becoming more common in the home. The Husqvarna company makes the Auto Mower, a lawn mowing robot. The robot has sensors which detect where objects are in the yard and it maneuvers around them. The robot can cut the grass while you relax on the patio with a glass of lemonade! Also, Eureka now makes a robotic vacuum cleaner. Like the robot lawn mower, the vacuum cleaner automatically detects where the furniture is and vacuums around it. Cars are becoming robots now that many cars have GPS (Global Positioning Systems) on them. A car with a GPS system can give you directions on how to go somewhere, tell you where the closest gas station is, and, some day in the future, will drive itself. You will take a nap or read while the car drives itself to your destination. We even have robotic pets now. The Sony company makes a robotic dog named Aibo that can sit, stand, and walk like a regular dog but can also communicate and take pictures! Aibo understands certain commands, like a dog does, such as "Sit down", "Stand up", "Turn right", etc. If you ask Aibo a question such as "How old are you?", its eyes will flash the number of years old it is. Aibo is also a great guard dog. He can patrol the yard and take pictures with a built in camera of anything suspicious.