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Editorial “Never look down on small beginnings” It was December 2009, on the second day of the 2009 SABAOTH NORTH FEST, we had just had a marvelous lunch made by Pastoress Marineide (Mamy) in her canteen, and we decided to show our brethren from the other states some videos of the work of the Base which were (and are) our history. As we were talking and watching, we noticed some funny situations. I myself, for one started making fun. There we were before some images from the first festivals, all of us were very young, some were still teenagers, and of course it would be normal to look back and notice certain naive attitudes, if not childish ones, after all a lot of us were youths taking the first steps in this work. I have two wonderful children, and due to their age it is a norm to expect childish attitudes from them, after all they are children living in their time of innocence, and it is up to me to teach them their first steps. So while we were laughing and making fun of some of the situations, Pastoress Marineide, as observant as always, was a small distance away, analyzing every word, and every attitude. Then in the midst of all that chatter and laughter we heard a phrase that silenced everyone: “WE MUST NEVER LOOK DOWN ON SMALL BEGINNINGS”. It only took 15 seconds, but they seemed to be the longest 15 seconds of my life (lol). Everyone stood in silence. I personally became completely embarrassed when I realized what I was doing, but then I realized that everyone was embarrassed by the situation. I do not know what went through the mind of every one present there, but I noticed something that made me feel very embarrassed, I was making fun of my own story, the story which the Lord was writing through my life. Maybe you are reading this and thinking: “I think this guy is exaggerating”, but I can assure you that I’m not exaggerating. All of us in this journey through life have our small beginnings, in all areas of our lives, and these show or better yet reveal what we are today, and what we can be tomorrow. Look back, what do you see? Are you a miracle of God? Do not look down on small beginnings, a time of innocence, as is said “nobody is born knowing”. Every day is a great discovery for those who are searching. In ten years’ time I’ll show my kids some footage that I had saved of them, we will sit in front of the television and go back in time to when they were children (this is if the Lord Jesus does not come back by then), I know that we will laugh at a few of those situations, but the laughter from this will not be a question of mocking in this case, but of happiness, after all, it’s the history of my family, the first steps of my children. Ten years from now there will be many things recorded of our work in the SABAOTH MISSIONARY BASE, these images will reveal the great miracle of God in our lives in the days that we were living. NEVER LOOK DOWN ON SMALL BEGINNINGS! Janderson Moreira de Souza

When we shine in all areas of our lives, our thoughts overflow with extreme lucidity, but do the same things happen when chaos invades our lives, our daily lives? The maturity that the man Jesus showed in the midst of troubling situations which he went through, reveals to us a man with an extraordinary mind, a perfect model, or for that matter, perfect living. The maturity of a human being is tested and revealed in moments of chaos, and never when success shines in all areas of his existence. Jesus Christ was fully aware of human limitations, him himself as a human being faced all the struggles and difficulties that a human being goes through here on earth, but how could this extraordinary being live in a perfect and peaceful way in a world so troubled and unjust? In the previous edition it was said that it would be virtually impossible for the human mind to create a character as perfect as Jesus Christ, for if we look at all the great heroes of history created by man, and have their minds analyzed by professionals in the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry, all of them would be found to be fragile men that were not able to seamlessly manage their minds at chaotic times. In Matthew 6:12 Jesus taught us to pray like this: “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those we have offended”. What did Jesus teach us when he presented us this model prayer? When we keep a grudge against someone, we nurture a feeling of evil that is like a cancer within us, a worm that remains in our psychological system and the longer it stays the more it gives other worms chances to settle in our psychic system. The result of all of this is that one becomes resentful, unable to forgive oneself and others, having stormy temperament, a case of anger, depression, among other things. But when we analyze the model prayer that Jesus has taught us, we learn that when we forgive someone, we cast this feeling away and close the door of entry for all the others that are encountered when there is a lack of forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has caused us great evil is very difficult, how many of us have been faced with this dilemma, forgive or not forgive, but this enigmatic and extraordinary man named Jesus left behind teachings centuries ago that in spite of so much time are alive and has transformed the lives of millions of people all over the world, principles that are beyond politics, science, and even religion. Forgiving for many is an almost impossible task, but the Master of life comes to us with a wonderful invitation: “Hold on to my hands, let me show you through the storms of life, that the great achievements of man are found in the verses of a beautiful song”. It seems impossible to hear a beautiful song in the middle of storms, but let’s think of those words inspired by the Holy Spirit, and so we hold on to his hands, and let him take us to the valleys of our redemption. God bless us all!

Janderson Moreira de Souza

(by Marcos Veríssimo) A Metal event and a chance to help others: uniting the good with charity. This was the objective of the first UNDERGROUND INTERVENTION event in 2012 on the night of February 11 at the SABAOTH MISSIONARY BASE. Voluntary entry at the event was through a donation of personal hygiene products for the Haitians who were being housed at the base.

SHINE IN THE DARKNESS opened the night with some news as two of its original members, Lucio Santana (vocals) and Timmu Steves (guitar and backing vocals) were back in the group. Marlon Moraes (bass) and special guest Danilo Castro (SCARLET WAR) on drums rounded off the lineup. The band also played a style different to the previous lineups, dropping the Gothic Rock a bit (I guess) and taking on a faster almost dancelike pace (lol). They started off their set with “Minha Criança”, followed by my favorite “Socorro”, “I Am” was up next and I even thought it was a cover, but it is not. Their first cover was Legion from SAVIOUR MACHINE: a classic! Then they did two more originals namely “Além da Morte” and “Cálidas Visões”, the latter I had never heard before (or do not remember). They finished in style with a cover of One More Crucifixion from THE AWAKENING. I’m looking forward to their next presentation, can we have a cover of VIRGIN BLACK, please?!?! (lol). The only thing I missed from their sound was the keyboards, but I think that at the right time someone will appear.

Then there was also more news on the stage from NOFACE with the introduction of Chrystian, the new second guitarist and the return of Milton Frank on vocals! For me it was quite unexpected when I discovered this on the Internet, I believe that many including me were hoping for his return. They started their sonic assault with “Poder Gritar”, which I believe is their most well-known song as the crowd moved around a lot to it! “Disfarce” followed, continuing with “Minha Dor”, and “Don’t Fear” and the well-received closer “Atalaia”. During the set the crowd did not stop, either they were headbanging or moshing. Guitarist Fábio Marques even gave a testimony of how his brother came to know Christ in one of the breaks between songs and he also said they could not rehearse properly for the show. Well, if with not practicing enough right then they already perform that way, I can only imagine what their next show will be like!

The event closed with UMBRA OMNIPOTENTIS, I could not stay until the end, but they only played their own songs (Minus Abangelis, Exodus, Funeral nas Sombras, Negar a Fé, Criação, Um Adeus sob o Luar and Rosa Negra) and a cover of VAAKEVANDRING’s Fader Vaar. As much as this song is a classic and I like it, it would be nice if they could do more covers, maybe something from ANTESTOR or CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, the options are endless... So everyone had fun, but we need to remember that the mission of Sabaoth in addition to preaching the message of God, is to help those in need in some way, therefore contribute in any way that you can.


More than a band, a missionary family (by Marcos Veríssimo) YESHUA - WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE NAME NABHI? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ACTIVE? Raifran - It’s Hebrew for “the eternal spokesman or prophet”, this name was actually suggested by Naldo (lead vocalist of CEIFADORES band - the Reapers) in 2003, when we got into this battle. YESHUA - THERE HAVE BEEN MANY LINEUP CHANGES. WHAT IS THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS? Raifran - The lack of commitment to the Lord was the main factor, I believe that the music had taken over our hearts to the point where we were more concerned with playing than evangelizing which should be the main focus in this battle. YESHUA - A BAND MADE UP OF PEOPLE FROM ONLY ONE FAMILY ISN’T VERY COMMON, DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE DIFFICULTIES THAT YOU’VE FACED EVENTUALLY LED TO THIS LINEUP BEING PUT TOGETHER? CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE LIFE OF THE MEMBERS AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE MUSIC? Raifran - It’s a really cool question because we’re a family. I’m the drummer’s father and the bassist’s husband (lol)! NABHI started when I was a boy with many dreams and expectations and as time went on and I grew up, I forgot the Lord’s plans for my life. When Zaccai Hazael was born my dream was that he would have had his band and I would have had mine. But the people kept saying and prophesizing things like “Look! Here’s the future of Nabhi” but I didn’t agree with that because my own brother Jonas Souza was the drummer at the time, and I thought I would have gotten old playing with him, but changes came and the Lord showed me that His purpose was entirely different from mine. Zaccai’s been manifesting gifts since he was only months old. He would play with barbecue skewers, so it was something from the Lord because I didn’t use to encourage him to be a drummer. At the same time I didn’t like the idea of women playing in metal bands (lol), but the Lord’s delivered me from such useless chauvinism. Then the other members decided to leave the band and the Lord established the purpose of this ministry being a family that’s united wherever it goes. We all like a lot of different kinds of music and our lives are based on this, when my wife started playing in NABHI she didn’t even know how to play bass, and I didn’t have any time to teach her so she learnt the songs as I wrote them and the Lord taught her to how to play, it was only the two of them - her and Him.

YESHUA - WHAT ABOUT CRITICISM OR COMPLAINTS FROM FANS ABOUT THE CHANGE IN MUSICAL STYLE FROM HARSH AND FAST BLACK METAL TO CALMER AND MORE RHYTHMIC DEATH METAL? HOW HAVE YOU DEALT WITH IT? Raifran - I had been waiting to make style changes, but it wasn’t done before due to resistance from ex-members. When my son Zaccai (drums) and my wife Dayandra Souza (bass) joined, everything got easier because she loves Thrash Metal and Zaccai loves Thrash / Death and a bit of Core sounds, things fell into place in a cool way, even as I had grown tired of the extremism of the Black Metal thing, that whole thing about being extremist and so on, today we are simply Christians and not Black, Thrash or Death and etc... We’re not too worried about public reaction, because what really matters in our lives today is the word of the Lord, our intention is to spread the Gospel, in our opinion the sound’s very good and we like what we do. Zaccai’s grown up a lot, for anyone who doesn’t know he’s only six years old and is a bit far from being seven (laughs), he’s a normal child, but he’s taken it seriously, first his commitment with the Lord and then the ministry. Today NABHI has a slogan that we think is wonderful: “More than just a band, we’re a family”, this is a blessing for us because we’ve fought to get to this point. YESHUA - BEFORE BECOMING CHRISTIAN, WHAT WERE YOUR OPINIONS WITH RESPECT TO CHRISTIAN MUSIC WHETHER EXTREME OR EVEN TRADITIONAL PRAISE AND WORSHIP? Raifran - I think that everyone who doesn’t have Jesus as Lord has the same opinion practically: “we don’t like it so much, it’s a Christian thing, it’s White Metal... why talk about that?”. It’s different today. YESHUA - WHAT ARE THE BAND MEMBERS’ MAIN INFLUENCES SOUNDWISE? IS THERE A PATTERN USED FOR COMPOSING AND SONGWRITING? Raifran - We don’t only listen to Metal, we also listen to worship ministries and singers on the Christian scene like JESUS CULTURE, HELOÍSA ROSA, ROBERTA DI ANGELIS, MUCH FIRE, SANTA GERAÇÃO and others. As for Metal we’re listening to our brothers DIVINE SYMPHONY, VIOLENT INVASION and IMMORTAL FAITH (that if any of them were to make a surprise visit at our home, they would find Zaccai listening to what he most listens to and likes), PROTESTANTES HC (who sound great, a very nervous HC), also has AS I LAY DYING, EIS O ARQUITETO, ANTIDEMON and etc... Our songs are based on spiritual warfare and fostering awareness in those who follow Christianity on the coming of the King of Glory, Yeshua Hamashia, our Lord. YESHUA - IS THERE ANY MATERIAL THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED OR IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RECORDED? HOW DO YOU PUBLICIZE YOUR WORK? Raifran - Well, 2011 was dedicated to rehearsing for the SABAOTH NORTH FEST in Manaus and preparing for any other presentations that could arise, because Zaccai was learning the songs. We hope to record an EP in 2012, we’ve recorded something with Jonathas from DIVINE SYMPHONY on drums, but we thought it was best not to release it because we’ve altered the music to more of a Death / Thrash style without direct hits since then. We want to record something of our own with Zaccai, maybe we’ll do so at one of the events. We’ll publicize the ministry some more through videos, music, and interviews like this one, especially because of Zaccai, I’ve never heard of any bands that have had drummers as young as he is, especially for the style we play. YESHUA - THE BAND’S LIVED IN PORTO VELHO (RO) SINCE LAST YEAR; DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE OF LEAVING FAMILY, FRIENDS AND WORK IN MANAUS TO CARRY OUT AN URBAN MISSION IN ANOTHER STATE? (Interviewer’s note – Porto Velho is the capital of another state in North Brazil called Rondonia) Raifran - It was a great honor for this family to be called by our Lord to work in Porto Velho, because we’re serving the King of Glory, so whoever he calls, he also enables. I adapted immediately and got a job in Advertising, I have a home and the Lord’s restored everything I had left behind. Today our lives are stable; we’re honored to serve in this horde.

YESHUA - WHAT HAS BEEN DONE AT THE SABAOTH MISSIONARY BASE IN PORTO VELHO SO FAR? HAS THERE BEEN ANY OPPOSITION FROM TRADITIONAL CHURCHES OR THE SECULAR SCENE AT EVENTS? Raifran - Currently my wife and I are missionaries and pastors at the Base in Porto Velho and it’s been a blessing, because our coming here was in order to implement the SABAOTH PROJECT in the city, and that’s what we’re doing with our brethren here. The resistance that we’ve found is due unfortunately to the movement being trivialized as a result of drinking parties, secular music and other customs found in the Christian underground. We were even confronted by pastors who wanted to know what our intentions were, if they were to preach the Gospel or preach drunkenness, fornication and other things. We explained that our doctrine at Sabaoth is the doctrine of the Word and we would do all of what is done in Manaus. YESHUA - WHAT ACTIVITIES DID THE BAND FULFILL IN 2011? ARE THERE ANY GOALS FOR 2012? Raifran - In 2011 we rehearsed a lot, we were dedicated to improving the songs and working for God. In 2012 we intend to go to Acre (and other states) to participate in events there, we’re also preparing for SABAOTH NORTH FEST 2012. We’d also like to release our new EP and print t-shirts. YESHUA - CAN YOU GIVE A FINAL WORD TO OUR READERS AND THE BAND’S CONTACT INFORMATION: THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, ETC... Raifran - To everyone who is reading this message, we hope that you’ll be greatly blessed and you’ll hear the voice of the Lord! He has great plans for your life, it only depends on you, it’s like when Abraham was called out of his tent and God told him that he would father a great nation, but it depended on him and only him! Even today this is how it is my brothers because Abba our Father never changes. We love you all and think of all of you without exception, that’s all folks... God bless! CONTACT INFORMATION: Facebook:

1000 words on... STRONGER (Originally published on Hopecore Magazine #20, January 2011 - Brian “Head” Welch was kind enough to share an excerpt with us from his new book Stronger. The devotional is now available anywhere books are sold. Day 1. (Matthew 16:26 - NLT) “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”. In the year 2000 back when I was still with Korn, I was given some news that completely rocked my world. My manager called and told me that Korn was going on tour with Metallica, Kid Rock and System of a Down. That was a dream come true tour. For me. Everyone in the metal community respected Metallica as pioneers with inventing dark, melodic metal. They influenced so many bands over the years. I never got into Kid Rock, but I thought he had some cool songs and I had heard nothing but great things about him. His reputation was that he loved to party (as much as ten rock stars) and had no “I’m better than you” attitude at all. System of a Down was pretty new to the scene back then, but they had a great buzz and everyone was into their style. During the tour, everybody got along great. There was a lot of partying on that tour, and as usual, I had plenty of drama going on at home. Metallica had their own private jet, so they were able to fly to every concert. They would play until around midnight, shower up and take off to the airport every night. One night, I was hanging out with Kid Rock and he mentioned that he was going on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I came up with the bright idea to put a little wager on something. I told him if he did a big cocaine reference into the camera for me when he played his song, then I would give him a thousand bucks next time I saw him. It was a bet. If he didn’t do it, he was gonna pay me a grand and I really thought he wasn’t gonna do it. With all the lights and cameras at The Tonight Show studio, I thought for sure he would get scared or at least forget about it.

He didn’t. I lost a thousand bucks. Anyway, when we were talking about the bet that night, Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s drummer, came into the dressing room and jumped into conversation with us. He said Metallica was getting ready to take off on their private jet and he invited me and Kid Rock to come with them. Ride on Metallica’s private jet? Mmmm… Let me think about that. Before I could ponder, I had my bags in my hand and a little something I picked up after KoRn’s set; an eight ball of cocaine. I felt like a fan that won a contest, it was crazy. Sitting on that private plane with Kid Rock and Metallica was just surreal. I was having a good time laughing and totally forgetting about the drama at home. But the laughter didn’t last long. During the flight, I went into the bathroom and helped myself to my cocaine a couple times – that wiped the smile off of my face like it always did; cocaine was always a good time killer. Three other guys (I’m not mentioning names) joined in with me after a while and the cocaine slowly took the fun out of their night, too. Well, one of them was having a pretty good time, but everybody else lost their smiles. Cocaine would always do that. I never understood why we did it so much. I guess it was just the rock star thing to do. The private jet ended up in Dallas, Texas and we met up with the guys in Pantera at their night club. We kept snorting lines and lines of cocaine all night secretly in the club’s back room. We didn’t want anyone else around because we were all paranoid. We started talking in real mono-toned voices and our faces looked all white and scared; like a deer in the headlights. At around 4 am, something extremely weird happened. We were all locked up in the room wrapped up in this ridiculously serious, meaningless cocaine conversation about music. All of a sudden, completely out of the blue, one of the guys tried to throw in his 2 cents, but the cocaine took his ability to talk away! He became almost mute! I could barely keep myself together! Here I was, with this famous guy in a huger than life band, and his speech almost completely stopped. He couldn’t talk other than to slowly moan one word at a time. No joke, I got so scared because I gave him the coke! News headlines flashed in my mind, “Head gives fellow rock star cocaine and causes him to lose his ability to talk!”. That night had started out like a surreal dream coming true, but it turned into a dark, gloomy dungeon. As I looked around the room at some of the top players in metal music, I started to think about where I was in life. I was thinking to myself, “look at all of us. We are all on top of the music business, riding around in the best tour buses and flying in private jets. But here we are huddled in the back room of a night club hiding from everyone. Our faces are shining from cocaine sweat, we’re talking about nonsense and one of us lost the ability to speak a complete sentence!”. I had gained the whole world, but I was losing my soul. It was slipping away from me incredibly fast. Thankfully that rock star was able to speak normally again the next day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. What was it benefiting me to “gain the whole world?” I gained fame, but I lost the person that I was. I gained money, but I lost my satisfaction and contentment in life. I gained fans, but I was always away from the people that I loved the most.

Colossians 1:13-14 “God rescued us from dead-end alleys and dark dungeons. He’s set us up in the kingdom of the Son he loves so much, the Son who got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating” (MSG). Whether it was beer, cocaine, speed or pills, I kept on repeating the same stupid mistakes year after year like it says in Colossians. Every drug I mentioned above brought me complete misery after the short high wore off. After the thousands of beers I drank, mixed with the thousands of lines and pills I took, I could have easily died. I could have lost my soul forever… But the Person who loved me the most rescued me before it was too late. Now I am His forever. Who do you belong to?

(Por Marcos Aspira) (by Marcos Veríssimo) YESHUA - A DEFINIÇÃO DE SEPSIA PODE SER UM TECIDO OU ÓRGÃO INFECCIONADO / CONTAMINADO. QUAL O SIGNIFICADO OFICIAL DO NOME TORMENT OF THE SEPSIA OU A MENSAGEM VOCÊSASQUEREM PASSAR/ COM ELE? YESHUA - SEPSIA CAN BEQUE DEFINED AN INFECTED CONTAMINATED ORGAN OR TISSUE. WHAT IS THE OFFICIAL MEANING OF THE NAME TORMENT OF THE TORMENTAND - ATHE palavra de Deus nós somos corpo,WITH quando SEPSIA MESSAGE YOUfala AREque LOOKING TO GETum ACROSS IT? falamos em uma parte contaminada no sentido de sepsia, retratamos do pecado. Sabemos origem do pecado vemwe’re do inimigo, elewhen levouwe o pecado o homem, contaminou o mundo com suas e o transformou quesiné TORMENT -que Theaword of God says that one body, speak ofatéa contaminated part in terms of sepsis we’rementiras talking about sin. We knownothat hoje: um verdadeiro caos. Tormento ao inimigo seria a colocação mais correta para o nome da banda. comes from the enemy, he passed sin onto man, and defiled the world with his lies turning it into what it is today: a real chaos. Tormenting the enemy would be a more fitting name for the band. YESHUA – O VOCALISTA E GUITARRISTA COCCA É CONHECIDO POR BANDAS EXTINTAS COMO A OZZA7 E OUTRAS. DESTA VEZ COMO FOI O PROCESSO DE ENCONTRAR INTEGRANTES DISPOSTOS A LEVAR UM PROJETO ADIANTE? YESHUA – SINGER AND GUITARIST COCCA IS KNOWN FOR BEING IN DEFUNCT BANDS LIKE OZZA7 AMONG OTHERS. HOW WERE MEMBERS WILLING TO FURTHER TORMENT - A OZZA7 foi uma banda muito boa, tinha sua ideologia, abriu muitas portas e conheci muitas pessoas, toquei com muitos caras que se torTHIS PROJECT FOUND? naram verdadeiros o Will its (ex-DIVINE o Neto (IMMORTAL faltou pouco na época para saber TORMENT - OZZA7 wasirmãos a verycomo good band, ideology SYMPHONY) had opened aelot of doors as I metFAITH), a lot of mas people, andum played withdea maturidade lot of guys who have become true lidar com problemas que todos nós sabemos que todas as bandas tem. Com a TORMENT é diferente, todos tínhamos um ideal o desejo de tocar o som brothers like Will (ex-DIVINE SYMPHONY) and Neto (IMMORTAL FAITH), but at that time we didn’t have enough maturity in order to deal with the problems que levamos dia. have. With TORMENT it’s different; we all had an ideal and a desire for the sound that we have today. that we knowhoje that em all bands

YESHUA - QUEM COMPÕE A BANDA ATUALMENTE? FALE DAS PRINCIPAIS INFLUÊNCIAS MUSICAIS DOS MEMBROS. TORMENT- -WHO A formação composta por Gebson (bateria, YESHUA IS IN THE éCURRENT LINEUP? WHO ARE YOUR ex-REFORMA MAIN MUSICALPROTESTANTE), INFLUENCES? Wallyson (baixo, ex-ROMANOS 12), Júlio (guitarra, ex-PENIEL) e Cocca (vocal guitarra, ex-OZZA7). as influências musicais Wallyson são bem simples, quase tudo que for Death, Thrash metal and cristão. Não(vocals possoand negar que TORMENT - Weehave Gebson (drums, Bom ex-REFORMA PROTESTANTE), (bass, ex-ROMANOS 12), Julio (guitar, ex-PENIEL) Cocca guitar, o HardcoreOur faz musical parte dainfluences minha vida,areelequite foi osimple, primeiro ouvi e levou-me a conhecer o meu irmão Wallyson. ex-OZZA7). it’sgênero almostque everything that is Christian Death and Thrash Metal. I can’t deny my Hardcore roots, as it was the genre that I first listened to and through it I met my brother Wallyson. YESHUA - ALGUMAS PESSOAS ASSOCIAM O SOM COM O VISUAL DE FORMA QUE ALGUNS MAIS REBELDES NÃO ACEITAM MÚSICOS FORA DO PADRÃO QUE ESTABELECEM. PRECONCEITO NA FAMÍLIA OUTHE TRABALHO PORTHE SEREM CRISTÃOS E TEREM VISUALMUSICIANS NÃO ACEITOOUTSIDE PELA SOCIEDADE E IGREJA YESHUA - SOMEVOCÊS PEOPLESOFREM ASSOCIATE SOUND WITH A LOOK TO POINT THAT MORE REBELLIOUS DON’TUMACCEPT OF THE STANDARDS TRADICIONAL? THEY SET. HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM ANY PREJUDICE COMING FROM FAMILY OR WORK FOR BEING CHRISTIANS AND HAVING A LOOK THAT SOCIETY AND TORMENT - Sim, a sociedade estabelece TRADITIONAL CHURCHES DO NOT ACCEPT?um padrão e a igreja também, nós vivemos fora desse padrão com um visual não muito aceito por nenhum dos dois. A sociedade fala sobre questandard ser certo, colocar possamos igual ao líder com as mesmasbyroupas, TORMENT - Yes, society setsothe ande asoigreja doesque the nos church and numa we livemáquina outsideonde of this standardser with a look that local, isn’t very accepted either. sapatos,says modowhat’s de falar de orar. sempre so nosthat apoia, sabem oequal verdadeiro de tudo isso, nos acostumamos Society righte até andmesmo the church putsAusfamília in a machine we eles can become to the motivo local leader, with themas samejá clothes, shoes, wayeofo Senhor conhece corações, nós éOur issofamilies que importa. speaking and evennossos the same way ofpra praying. have always supported us, they know the real reason for all of this, but we’re now used to it all and the Lord knows our hearts, for us that’s what really matters.

YESHUA - A LOT OF BANDS CHOOSE NOT TO SPEAK DIRECTLY OF THEIR FAITH IN THEIR LYRICS, WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ON THE COMMENT MADE OF DEATH METAL BEING MISCHARACTERIZED FOR SPEAKING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY? TORMENT - If we didn’t speak of God in our lyrics we would be denying Christ, He’s the real reason for our existence and we want to tell the whole world about the miracle he worked for us, above all we’re simply missionaries obeying the Great Commission. Death Metal talks about death, terror, horror, violence and everything that keeps us far from God but because we’re knowledgeable of the Word we know there’s a power greater than metal, the devil or any demonic power. Talking about God in a style considered wicked and wretched as Death Metal shows that He can change everything, only He’s greater and more powerful. YESHUA - HAS THE BAND RECORDED YET? ARE THERE ANY STRATEGIES FOR PUBLICITY? TORMENT - Not yet, we’d like to release an indie, maybe record an EP by the second half of this year. We’ve begun to focus on that so as to get some good results. We’ll put it online, but we’ll probably have physical copies as well. YESHUA - WHERE HAVE YOU PLAYED? ARE THERE ANY DREAM VENUES YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY? TORMENT - At the beginning of last year we didn’t expect to play at the SABAOTH NORTH FEST so it was wonderful seeing the band’s name on the poster. I was very happy, almost blown away with joy because it’s the biggest Christian metal festival in North Brazil. But the fact is we go wherever God sends us; we hope to play a lot of places, but before anything we always wait on the Father’s yes. YESHUA – WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE CHRISTIAN SCENE IN MANAUS? HOW SHOULD THE BANDS APPROACH THE SECULAR SCENE? TORMENT - The Christian scene’s grown, people have learned to respect it, but it’s still developing. As for the secular scene, we have to preach to them and show them that we’re different and not the contrary, our witness speaks a lot louder than words. Being light is always about showing that there’s a power greater than everything (metal, ideas, ideologies and styles), and that God exists, especially in our lives. YESHUA – DEFINE THE YEAR 2011 FOR THE BAND. WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR 2012? TORMENT - 2011 was great, we set goals and achieved them, we played in good places, we met people, we took the Word wherever we went. We hope 2012 will be even better with a lot of shows in different places, a lot of fellowship and more of God in all of our lives. YESHUA - CAN YOU GIVE A FINAL WORD TO OUR READERS AND THE BAND’S CONTACT INFORMATION: THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, ETC... TORMENT - Well my dear friends, I’d like to remind you that there’s an Almighty God who is above everything and anything (ideology, ideas, religion, life styles and genres), always remember that God is one. He loves you, looks at you as his child and has plans for his life; he wants to show you that there’s unconditional and supernatural love. Jesus loves you, brother! Never forget that even if everyone else abandons you, he’ll always be with you. CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: / Facebook:

(by Marcos Veríssimo) The second edition of RED ROCK FESTIVAL was held on the evening of January 14, 2012 in the VIP lounge of the CANAÃ CONVENTION CENTER, located in Japiim, Manaus. It was to begin at 10:00 pm, where bands and ministries of varied styles would perform. Heavy metal band INCENSÁRIO, who are presently recording, kicked off the proceedings, this being their first show of the year. With the help of Jonathas Carlos (DIVINE SYMPHONY) on drums, this was also the premiere of Bruno (their new rhythm guitarist) in the official lineup. Self-penned songs such as “Ele Virá”, “Jeová Sabaoth” and “Calvário“ are already known to the public. The release of their studio material is awaited. Following up was the GERAÇÃO ATIVA MINISTRY who did a set list different to their usual. Soon after that, the band JUBILU’S continued with their lead singer being the highlight in my opinion due to his his vocal range. Then it was the turn of progressive metallers DENÁRIOS, who played songs from their debut CD Liberdade.

Punk Rockers PROTESTANTES HC took the stage afterwards, with a new drummer (in fact their former bassist) replacing the great Charlinho (no pun intended, please! lol). After an intro with parts of the hymn “Aonde está aquele povo barulhento?” the crowd in general started moshing and running in circles. They played their well-known songs which included “Raimundinho”, “Caia Fora!”, “Eu Digo Não!” (played for the first time at the SABAOTH NORTH FEST 2011), “O mundo ainda é do maligno” (played for the first time anywhere) and set closer by public demand “Cabeça de Vento” (lol). Keeping things heavy (to the delight of some and the murmuring of others), IMMORTAL FAITH got onstage. Their nervous as usual metalcore, incited vicious headbanging at the front of the stage, as they played songs from their demo CD “ Lembranças “ including the title track, as well as “Império”, “All The Pains”, “Redentor” and “A Cruz do Evangelho”. And for those who thought the “noise” was over... TORMENT OF THE SEPSIA followed, pouring out brutal Death Metal! A nation of the “God of War”, calling for “Genocide” to the sin and decay that prevails in this world, declaring continuous “Abstinence” from the domain of evil within us. Things calmed down a bit with the band SETE MILAGRES, who played several praise and worship songs, allowing those who do not enjoy the adrenaline rush of Metal to enjoy themselves too. I believe two other bands played whom I wasn’t able to watch.

The event was coming to its end, but there was still room for more. UMBRA OMNIPOTENTIS played their extreme metal to those who remained. They started off with a cover of VAAKEVANDRING’s “Fader Vaar”, then “Minus Abangelis”, “Exodus” and “Criação” followed. Reggae band HANGAR JC broke things up a bit with a new lineup, Thiago “Robinho” (guitar) being the sole member from the former. I’m not a Reggae fan, but I can say that they made a good presentation, not to mention that their new vocalist has a lot of stage presence, so the band is on track, a point for them! Concluding the event was the band AMEK who played their own songs, as well as classic METAL NOBRE covers. The song “Servo de Deus” is very Rock n’ Roll but I was too tired to react! In short, some may have complained about the metal bands that went on one after another, but as the band order was by lucky draw, all we can say is long live democracy (lol)!


The Elite Ghetto Metal Squad (by Márllon Matos - RJ)

Bringing together the very best of hardcore and thrash, the power trio from the state of Espirito Santo has been making a name for itself on the Brazilian scene, even though they’ve only been around for about three years. Their crowds participate intensely at their shows shouting out the lyrics to their songs and then there are the mosh pits generated by their “musical grenades”. We got together with Bruno Max (bass / vocals) and Fabio Kiefer (drums) to talk about this war tank on the Brazilian scene. HOW WAS 2011 FOR PURITAN AND WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR 2012? Bruno: Well, for PURITAN 2011 was a year about getting back to what we decided to invest in in late 2010. We set up our own recording studio (MORRÃO STUDIO), so that we could produce everything on our CD “Faixa de Gaza” ourselves. Upon finishing the recording studio, we decided to also set up a rehearsal studio. It was a lot of work and took up a lot of time. It was difficult to get everything done. Now speaking of 2012, we’d like to do what we didn’t do in 2011 in terms of shows. 2012 began well with us already having four shows booked and a lot of others to be considered. We don’t have a tour or anything like that in mind, but we’d like to do a lot of shows. Fábio: Due to other projects we moved at a slower pace in 2011. We travelled less and shows were done in places nearer to home, but we recorded Faixa de Gaza and finished building our studio. In 2012 we’ll get back to touring. 2011 WASN’T VERY BUSY IN TERMS OF TOURING. WHAT WERE THE FACTORS FOR THIS? WAS THIS DUE TO RECORDING YOUR LAST CD, OR WAS IT A JOINT DECISION OF THE BAND? Bruno: So, a little had been said above. Building “Morrão Studio” took us a long time. Recording the CD Faixa de Gaza was also a factor for not touring, but as a band we weighed all of our options and decided to focus on getting a good recording and a top studio! We fulfilled those objectives successfully! WHEN DID YOU START COMPOSING? WERE THERE ANY SONGS DONE IN PRE-RECORDING? Bruno: Well, composing began after we had finished the first album ‘O firme fundamento do desespero incessante - The firm foundation of unyielding despair’. We had three “leftover” songs from this first album and we worked on those. One of them was ‘A Tempestade de ódio The Storm of Hatred’ which has been lightly modified since Silas’s time with us. There was also ‘Indústria de Rancor – Industry of Rancor’, we changed its name and Fornalha – Furnace, that was the first song that was released with this new lineup. We wrote almost half of the

songs in the studio, and it was easier because we recorded everything ourselves staying up to 12 hours a day in the studio. The result is that we have songs that sound more consistent and have a great vibe. HAS PUBLIC REACTION BEEN POSITIVE? Bruno: It’s been very, very positive. Nobody can please everyone, but overall, reactions have been positive from fans and friends as well as the media. Fábio: In our city, Vitória, it’s been very positive. We’re still working on the other states. In Argentina it’s also gone over well. PURITAN STARTED OFF WITH A MORE DEATHCORE KIND OF SOUND, BUT NOW, AFTER A CHANGE IN THE LINEUP, THE MUSIC AND THE LYRICS HAVE BECOME MORE AGGRESSIVE AND THE OVERALL SOUND IS MORE UNIQUE. WAS THIS PLANNED BY THE BAND? Bruno: The initial proposal was to make something out of the ordinary. This was achieved on the first album with Silas’s vocals (truly out of the ordinary! lol) and Flavio’s guitars with a lot of the popular “skulls”, followed by fabulous moshes. After this we adopted the power trio format, and our philosophy became: PURITAN, STEAMROLLER. With three people, it’s a lot of work, because someone has to play and sing, and someone else has to help with the backing vocals. We decided on a raw no frills sound, combining Thrash / Hardcore with moshes that could destroy city blocks! We’ve noticed that we’ve succeeded with this philosophy (lol). Fábio: Actually PURITAN hasn’t changed its lineup. The band’s simply been reduced to a trio. Each one of us is different. The sound’s aggressive in nature. It’s the fusion of three minds and influences. HAS IT BEEN VERY DIFFICULT TO REPLACE SUCH A VERY TALENTED AND CHARISMATIC SINGER LIKE SILAS? Bruno: Yes, it is, he’s very talented and his vocals are monstrous! I had some difficulty at first because I was trying to do something close to what he did, but that isn’t my thing. From the moment I started to do it my way even on songs which were recorded with him in the studio, everything got easier, more natural and consistent with the sound that we currently do (that opinion comes from fans and people closest to the band). WHAT WAS YOUR PRE-PURITAN LIFE LIKE MUSICALLY? Bruno: Well, let’s see if I could do a quickie on this (or at least try) (lol). Well, I’ve played in almost 15 bands throughout my life, but just before PURITAN, I was playing lighter alternative music, and a little before that I was in metalcore bands. What’s funny is that I played drums for about six years (until I was about 21) and then I started playing bass. I’m 28 now so that means that I have 6-7 years as a bassist and PURITAN’s only my second band as bassist, or in other words I have more experience as a drummer than as bassist. This is my first time as a lead vocalist, although I’ve always done screams, but only as backing vocals.

FORNALHA (FURNACE) WAS THE FIRST SONG TO GET A MUSIC VIDEO CLIP. WHY THIS SONG AND WHAT WAS THE PROCESS OF RECORDING THIS VIDEO LIKE? Bruno: Furnace was the watershed for PURITAN. Nothing fairer than making a video for the song that made us become known as Ghetto Metal. It sums up what PURITAN’s about, both lyrically and musically. The recording process for the clip was great. The venue was very macabre, no one bothered us and the producer (Dudu Gill) worked hard to get the best out of us and the place. IN YOUR OPINION, WHICH SONG IS YOUR STRONGEST AND BEST REPRESENTS THE CD? Bruno: There are two sides to this coin. Taste is a very individual thing! Well, I really like Indústria de Rancor. It’s short, direct and has the most beautiful mosh on the album; it really does it for me live. There are guys that really enjoy the song “Possuídos pelo cão”. It’s been chosen for the next clip which we’ll do by the end of February. Fábio: I really like “Possuídos pelo cão”, but there are some other very good ones like Mercenário, Facção Assassina, etc. IT MAY BE TOO EARLY TO ASK BUT ARE THERE ANY NEW SONGS? Bruno: We haven’t finished any yet, but we’ve already got a lot of ideas! And that’s in terms of both the nature of the songs, as well as its production (which involves our own development in our studio, as things have improved a lot since finishing the album Faixa de Gaza).

WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO? Contact’s constant between us so I’m free to speak about what each of us listens to. Speaking for myself (Bruno Max), I spent my adolescence listening to Metallica, Pantera and Sepultura. Today, I listen to a lot of WHITECHAPEL, IMPENDING DOOM and THE ACACIA STRAIN as it’s pleased me. Speaking of Fabio, he enjoys thrash from SLAYER, KREATOR, SEPULTURA, and more recent HEAVEN SHALL BURN, NUEVA ETHICS, and HATEBREED. As for Flavio, he’s into to old KREATOR, but also now listens to SUICIDE SILENCE, DISFIGURED ELEGANCE, WHITECHAPEL, and BRING ME THE HORIZON.

ARE THERE ANY PLANS FOR A LIVE DVD OR CD RECORDING? I HAVE ALREADY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND FOUR SHOWS OF YOURS AND I THINK IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Bruno: We’ve talked about this several times, but there’s nothing concrete yet. But it’s something we would probably do on the spot as a lot of people have asked for this. Fábio: One day it’ll happen. THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF CRITICISM REGARDING THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS CD, ESPECIALLY FOR ITS INTRO, AS MANY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE PICTURE. CAN YOU EXPLAIN A BIT ABOUT THE LYRICAL SIDE OF FAIXA DE GAZA? WHAT OTHER THEMES WILL YOU DEAL WITH IN FUTURE PROJECTS? Bruno: We had expected some controversy about the “Intro” and the end of the song “Faixa de Gaza”. We talk about the day-to-day in the ghetto itself, and what style of music is most heard in these places? It’s Brazilian Funk, which talks about the same things we do, that would be the day-to-day living, the wars, drug trafficking, police actions, poverty and everything else related to the ghetto. We try to report such things in a personal way, according to what we know about the subject, after all we live there. And we intend to carry on doing this, stay tuned for more hot news coming up! (lol) Fábio: For the people who don’t like it, usually it’s because they don’t understand the purpose. Upon hearing the intro they think it’s a joke. But we simply did what came to our heads. We took the affairs of everyday life, the ghettos, and the violence, and transformed them into

music. These are issues which have always been part of our lives and will continue being so. Probably we won’t talk about any other things outside of this sphere. DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE CD HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED IN VIRTUAL AND PROMO FORM, THERE WILL BE A JEWEL BOX EDITION. WILL THERE BE ANY BONUS TRACKS? PERSONALLY I THINK THAT AT LEAST A RE-RECORDING OF REDENÇÃO WITH THE NEW SOUND WOULD HAVE AN IMPACT AND STRENGTHEN THE RE-RELEASE. Bruno: Yes, we have had it in mind to put at least one bonus track, but we’re still deciding on what to do. We have a lot of options and so far we have two changes to make that we won’t talk about right now, and still another two in mind! Fábio: There will be a bonus track. We’ll take out a song that I hate and put another in its place. HAS THERE BEEN A SHOW THAT HAS STOOD OUT? ARE THERE ANY THAT YOU’D RATHER FORGET? Bruno: Yes, but I can only speak for myself. That show would be the one at Acoustic Island that we did right here in Victoria, at the “Bode Preto Cagando Sangue Fest - Black Goat Shitting Blood Fest” (suggestive name). The fest featured PURITAN, RATOS DE PORÃO, VIOLATOR, CONFRONTO, MUKEKA DI RATO and three other local bands. That show was very angry. We even have footage from this show, available at As for shows I’d rather forget, I would say the last two that we did in Bahia Ilheus and Itabuna on the same weekend. Both were really poorly organized. HOW IS BOOKING PURITAN FOR ANY SHOWS DONE? Bruno: It’s simple, e-mail us at (personal contact Fabio Kiefer), or call us at our studio where Flavio and I are usually at from 09:00 to 19:00 (Brasilia time) at (27) 3236-7663. THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW. CAN YOU GIVE A FINAL WORD? Bruno: On behalf of PURITAN, I’d like to thank you for giving us this space. We’re very pleased with the positive impact the album has had on the media and fans. 2012 will be a year unlike 2011, so stay tuned! Fábio: You’re welcome. Thanks to all who enjoy our work, and to those who break themselves up during the moshes at our shows and still show up at the next show for some more (lol). You’re warriors! CONTACT INFORMATION: Myspace – Facebook – Puritan Mosh Twitter – PURITANmosh Orkut – Puritan perfil 1 / Puritan perfil 2

(Originally published on Hopecore Magazine #15, August 2010 - No one can say it like the mind that conceived it. The following is a “Track By Track Analysis” of Impending Doom’s July 20th release of There Will Be Violence by Brook Reeves: “There Will be Violence” - is a sort of pre-what-is-to-come song that I’m screaming to this generation. As Christians on this earth we should proclaim our faith boldly no matter what, and after we are either martyred or raptured we will come back and conquer what’s left. “Orphans” - this song goes out to the castaway children and to the ones that this world deems unworthy of love. God’s heart is for those who are broken and for those who want to be restored. “Orphans come home the kingdom is yours”. “The Peace Illusion” - is a song that claims true peace will never come from government, armies, religious views or any political system. Jesus Christ is peace and we won’t know what it truly is until we are fully in His presence. “The Great Fear” - death comes for us all. For unbelievers and believers, but as Christians we know that as soon as we “die” we are in the place of God. People who reject God their whole lives will be eternally separated from Him. “Walking Through Fire” - is basically me going through life, being tempted, going through trials, getting beaten down, all to allow God to mold me into the man who will fight for His kingdom. “We are the sound of Heaven, we are the voice of war”. “Love Has Risen” - is an instrumental. But I hope it gives you the sense that if you feel no one in this world loves you, Jesus Christ died to prove His love for you. “The Son is Mine” - is my confession that I am a screwed up man, but no matter how many times I fall down or how much I fail, God and His unconditional love is always holding out His hand to pick me up. “Children of Wrath” - is how believers and unbelievers set their standard to a group of rules and rely more on their own works than God’s mercy and grace. He’s the perfect dad. He knows you’re going to mess up. He wants you to depend on Him. Not yourself. Because “we were never meant to save ourselves”. “Sweating Blood” - Christians will be persecuted especially as we near the end. It is an encouragement to those getting beaten and mocked for their faith to remain faithful, for this is our time of glory.

Sabaoth Missionary Base presents

(by Marcos Veríssimo) After weeks of much anticipation, another Sabaoth ministry made its debut. After a rainy Saturday morning and afternoon on February 26th, the weather was favorable that night with the presence of people donating food to the Haitians hosted at the Base. Opening the event was the brutal Death Metal band THE TORMENT OF SEPSIA with their well-known repertoire and as usual, the audience went crazy. Even though the singer and guitarist Cocca had a fever and headache, that almost prevented them from playing, but then he explained that he decided to participate for two reasons: mainly for God and then for the public. Even with this problem, the performance was not compromised in my opinion. The only downside for me was that a small portion of the right side of the hall was kind of wet, and that means that falls are more likely to occur when the crowd forms moshpits (I’m usually not lucky with this but this time it did not happen, whew!).

The second veteran band onstage was PROTESTANTES HC, but debuting their new lineup with drummer Riso (ex-CEIFADORES). And oddly enough, he was nervous; it must have been the thrill of playing Punk instead of Black Metal (lol). But there were only two breaks, one of them was Riso taking the microphone to give a word to the public. Using a mask similar or even equal to the members of NO FACE, he shared an excerpt from the book of Revelation 22:11 - “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still”. He also said that the end times are near and Jesus is increasingly close to returning, and that we must be true Christians and not simply masked preachers that do not live whatever we speak, or live a vicious cycle of spending the week in sin and then asking God’s forgiveness on Sunday, before ending his word he removed the mask he was wearing (cool!), I think the

message edified many. Their show went as usual with them breaking up everything. Some songs were played differently from usual, for me this is part of their development. Marcos Efraim’s voice was more audible (in the sense of being understood), but no less angry. Several slides were used on the data show projector above the drummer, all working together perfectly with the theme and lyrics of the song in question, especially “Monsters” which talks about corruption in politics. During the song “Denuncie”, they called the women to the front of the room so that they could pogo among themselves, without getting hurt by the big guys (who were sent to the back); the scenario before the song was funny with a husband beating a wife (the lead singer with a wig on, laugh!). The surprise was a new song called “Disk 100”, done in Street Punk style, which talks about pedophilia. This was the highlight for me, as the chorus had backing vocals (Oioioi!) from guitarist Rafael and bassist Bruno (which was funny at the time) and the rhythm is infectious (I didn’t move around because I was afraid of falling down alone, which would only be epic embarrassment). The downside was the absence of “Cabeça de Vento” from the setlist and the fact that I busted my mug on someone’s back (I always hurt myself, lol) during the “Confrontation Moment” (some kind of Wall of Death) of the song “Placa de Igreja”.

Finally, the most awaited thing of the night! After several unforeseen difficulties and some “threats” from pastoress Marineide (the band members said that! lol): SCARLET WAR finally debuted with Will Guerreiro (vocals - ex-DIVINE SYMPHONY / IMMORTAL FAITH), Manfrini Rodrigues and Raul Magno (guitars), Fernando Monteiro (bass), Júlio César (keyboards) and Danilo Castro (drums). Members did not define the style in which the band fits into (leaving that to the crowd). Well, I could not either, after all there were many influences, part of it reminds me a bit of DIVINE SYMPHONY because Will is a former vocalist from DIVINE and due to the keyboards (very few bands at the Sabaoth Missionary Base use keys), but at the same time I could not categorize them as Symphonic Black Metal only because of this, there were also some traces of Metalcore and its derivatives, summing up... A real mix, but I think it is a sign of the band’s identity. However as poor as this may sound, I define it as Modern Extreme Metal.

Their repertoire is interesting and got me excited from the first listen, the keyboard does its part in setting up the peaceful atmosphere before the onslaught, Will’s vocals have gotten better than when he was in DIVINE, and the guitar and drums play their roles well, as for the bass... who heard it? (lol). Putting all kidding aside, all performed and the stage presence and the presentation slides during the set were great. Their setlist had their own original music including “Reforge Life With Flames And Grace”, “Chained By a Condemned Empire”, “Marching On The Front Lines” and “The Moment The Clouds Were Broken” (which closed the event). As for covers, drummer Danilo played Slechtvalk’s Thunder of War, as for MISERATION’s World Lethality and Man Made Disaster from BETRAYING THE MARTYRS were played by the guest drummer Jonathas Carlos (DIVINE SYMPHONY). The cover that I enjoyed most was the Thunder of War, as I’ve only heard the others a few times if ever. I got the names of the originals from Will after the event and found that the song The Hurt The Divine The Light (another BETRAYING cover) was not done, because it still is not 100% “playable” according to Will. The order of songs was not played in the order given above (but it doesn’t matter).

Anyway, it was an enjoyable evening and all the bands are to be congratulated. As for SCARLET WAR: now that they’ve already had their first baptism of fire, we hope they will keep getting better with every show that they do!

Yeshua Metalzine #2  
Yeshua Metalzine #2  

2nd edition: interviews with TORMENT OF THE SEPSIA, NABHI, PURITAN. Also concert coverage, articles and more!