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Yesh Tikvah, POB 18959, Cleveland OH 44118 216.403.2726 // F 216.763.0539 //



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ENDORSE Left to Right Mr. Fred Bolotin Esq., Rabbi AL Joseph Mr. William Denihan, & Dr. Mendel Singer 2012 West  25th  Street,  Suite  600   Cleveland,  OH  44113   Info  &  Referral:  (216)875-­‐7776   Business  line:  (216)875-­‐0266   Fax:  (216)861-­‐2574  

Executive Director     Michael  B askin,  LISW,  CEAP     President     Christine  Young,  MSSA,  LSW   Vice  President   Mark  Weintraub,  Esq.     Treasurer   Dianna  Bell   Secretary     Christine  Stadler     Parliamentarian   Mary  Spada     Board  of  Directors   John  Cipolla,  Esq.     Tyffani  M.  Dent,  PsyD   Sakeenah  Francis   Faye  G ary,  EdD,  MS  RN   Ben  Miladin,  MSW   Elliot  Myers   Esther  Pla,  R N,  BC   R.  Jeffrey  Pollock,  Esq.   Jodie  M.  Ross   Jeffrey  M.  Staats,  M.B.A.   James  Vernon,  MPA,  PCC-­‐S     Board  Emeritus   Lovell  John  Custard   Alan  Riga,  Ph.D     Medical  Advisors   Kathleen  A.  Clegg,  M.D.   Lori  D’Angelo,  Ph.D.   Philipp  Dines,  M.D.   J.  Jin  El-­‐  Mallawany,  M.D.   Norah  Feeney,  Ph.D.   Tom  Ference,  Ph.D.   Bill  Fikter,  M.D.   Mary  Gabriel,  M.D.   Keming  Gao,  M.D.     Richard  R.  Hill  M.D.,  Ph.D.   Ewald  Horwath,  M.D.   George  E.  Jaskiw,  M.D.     Evanne  Juratovac,  Ph.D.  RN   P.  Eric  Konicki,  M.D.     Joseph  A.  Locala,  M.D.   Gary  T.  Pagano,  M.D.   Kathleen  M.  Quinn,  M.D.     Luis  F.  Ramirez,  M.D.   Rakesh  Ranjan,  M.D.   Robert  J.  Ronis,  M.D.,  M.P.H.   Patrick  R unnels,  M.D.   Martha  Sajatovic,  M.D.   John  Sanitato,  M.D.     Robert  T.  Seagraves,  MD,  Ph.D.   Doug  Smith,  M.D.   Thomas  P.  Swales,  Ph.  D.   George  Tesar,  M.D.     Megan  Testa,  M.D.     Cynthia  S.  Vrabel,  M.D.    

November 21,  2016     Rabbi  Alan  Joseph,  Director   Yesh  Tikvah  

P.O. Box 18959 Cleveland Ohio 44118

Dear Rabbi  Joseph,     I  am  pleased  to  write  this  letter  of  support  for  Y esh  Tikvah,  an  organization  vital  to   our  community  and  a  partner  with  The  National   Alliance  on  Mental  Illness  Greater   Cleveland  (NAMI  GC).    As  we  see  in  the  work  we   do  with  our  clients,  so  many  are   without  the  means  to  afford  counseling.  Part  of   our  vision  at  NAMI  is  that  all  people   have  a  right  to  be  able  to  access  professional  m ental  health  services.  Yesh  Tikvah   allows  that!!!    Since  2012,  Yesh  Tikvah  has  been   providing  the  means,  so  that   individuals  and  families  can  access  psychotherapeutic   services  that  could  change  the   course  of  lives.  

Yesh  Tikvah’s  work  is  professional  and  discreet,   protecting  the  integrity  and  privacy   of  clients.  They’ve  developed  an  effective  application  process  for  individuals  in  need,   and  provide  a  supplement  to  pay  for  counseling   to  ensure  clients  participate  and   take  financial  responsibility  for  their  part,  which   ensures  better  outcomes  for  all.         Rabbi  Joseph  and  his  staff,  along  with  a  dedicated   board  of  directors  have  filled  a   huge  gap  in  a  system  that  is  inaccessible  for  many.   There  is  nothing  else  like  this   offered  anywhere  in  our  community.         Yesh  Tikvah  provides  an  essential  link  in  our  community  that  changes  the  lives  of   individuals  and  families.  We  will  proudly  continue   to  cross  refer,  work  together  and   develop  an  effective  working  relationship  with  t hem  so  that  people  who  might  not   otherwise,  can  access  mental  health  services.    W e  look  forward  to  working  with   Rabbi  Alan  and  this  wonderful  organization,  Yesh   Tikvah!   Sincerely,         Michael  Baskin   Executive  Director    

                                         The  community’s  voice  on  mental   illness.                                                  Outstanding  NAMI  Affiliate  in  2014  

Left to Right


Mr. Michael Baskin, Rabbi AL Joseph & Dr. Mendel Singer



FOUNDER DIRECTOR Rabbi Aryeh Leib Joseph

Rabbi Joseph is a well k ­ nown community activist in the Cleveland community. He was motivated to found Yesh Tikvah when he saw firsthand how the prohibitive costs of therapy prevented many from getting crucial help they needed. Rabbi Joseph is imbued with a strong sense of mission and is passionate about achieving his goal: to promote emotional stability and health for individuals and families facing mental health challenges. Rabbi Joseph is also trained in and very knowledgeable of the parameters, eligibility criteria, and availability of social service programs and government funding. He actively assists eligible candidates in obtaining Medicaid coverage.




Dr. Meir Pollack Chair Mrs. Chaya Gitty Kohn Treasurer Mrs. Jessica (Chavi) Cohen Secretary Mr. Avi Meystel Rabbi Eli Dessler Mrs. Suri Goldman Mrs. Marylin S. Berger

ome(Michael) Pollack lcMeir weDr. Dr. Meir Pollack resides in Beachwood Ohio with his wife and family and has lived there for the past 15 years. He is a clinical gastroenterologist, currently at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Pollack understands how vital an organization like Yesh Tikvah is to the community, especially in regards to raising a family in today’s society. We are happy he has agreed to serve as Yesh Tikvah’s chair. With his leadership of Yesh Tikvah we are certain that we will assist even more people to afford mental health services.

l ewelBarry farRabbi Kislowicz, Ed.D We were honored to have Rabbi Barry Kislowicz, Ed.D, Principal of Fuchs Mizrachi on our board. We wish him and his family much success in his future endeavors in Israel.



Rabbi Naftali Burnstein Rabbi Burnstein serves as Rabbi of the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, located in Beachwood. He is on the Rabbinic Board of Cleveland Kosher and is a member of the Vaad HaChinuch of the Hebrew Academy. He is held in high regard in the community, and his sagacious counsel is sought by a broad spectrum of individuals and institutions alike. Rabbi Burnstein is particularly attuned to the challenges in marital harmony faced by many in the community.

Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld Rabbi Hirschfeld is the Dean of Torah Life Institute and serves as Rabbi of the Ahavas Yisrael Shul in Cleveland Heights. His guidance is sought on virtually every halachic and communal issue within the Cleveland community and he has gained national acclaim and recognition for the clarity and depth of his halachic rulings. Rabbi Hirshfeld is actively involved in assisting couples with resolving conflict and maintaining healthy and productive marriages.

Mrs. Marilyn S. Berger Ed.M., M.A. Marilyn S. Berger is a Psychology Assistant who has worked in private practice in clinical psychology for the last twenty five years. She does individual therapeutic work with children, divorce mediation and psycho­ educational evaluations. Mrs. Berger holds degrees from Princeton, Rutgers and Cleveland State Universities. Under the auspices of the Orthodox Mental Health Professionals of Cleveland, Mrs. Berger recently organized a five session training seminar for the Orthodox Rabbinate on issues related to mental health. Marilyn is highly respected in the community for her professionalism and devotion to the welfare of her clients and their families. She has played a pivotal role in the founding and development of Yesh Tikvah. 8

Susan O. Scheutzow Esq. Partner, Kohrman Jackson & Krantz


Susan has practiced health care law for thirty years, and has a wide range of experience with nonprofits and health care. She has authored numerous law review articles and monographs and her published works include “Ohio Health Care Provider Law,” which is used by health law attorneys across the state. Susan is a fellow of the American Health Lawyers Association, and has received numerous recognitions and awards. Susan is very sensitive to the needs of individuals suffering from mental illness, and is a Member of the Board of Hugs 4 Families.


Dr. Mendel E. Singer Ph.D., M.P.H. Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University & Vice Chair of Education Dr. Singer is Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education in the department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, and has served on the faculty since 1995. He is a well published researcher with over 50 publications in peerreviewed journals, and has been funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and other federal and national funders. He is an internationally reputed expert with many publications in comparative and cost effectiveness research. Dr. Singer serves on the advisory board for Jewish Family Services’ Families­ at­Risk division, and has been active in their Know Abuse program which educates teens about healthy relationships. Dr. Singer also began the Jewish Community Health Initiative at CWRU to help Jews lead healthier lives. He has been honored by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health for his work with the Jewish community. 9



Yesh Tikvah is committed to subsidizing mental health counseling for individuals who are unable to pay for these services. Yesh Tikvah provides funding to individuals in the community with discretion, dignity, and fiduciary responsibility.




Reviews are taken from website, which rated Yesh Tikvah as one of their "great" non-profits for 2016.



RACHEL’S I remember the days of my life being a long, dark tunnel, with its walls closing in on me. With the passageway getting narrower and narrower, the light at the end was that much harder to see. It appeared to be shrinking, and I just felt like screaming on a daily basis. I just couldn’t breathe anymore… I was bleeding with raw inner pain, so hurt and so bitter and so alone. A married woman without a husband. Or rather, a widow with a live husband.

I was in a tremendously troubled relationship, where every penny I spent was examined and dissected. Thanks to the funding from Yesh Tivkah, I was able to see a competent, genuinely caring therapist. My therapist helped me understand the extent of my own suffering. No, she did not convince me to get divorced. She let me talk. She gave me permission to think of divorce as an option. She empowered me to assert myself in a healthy way with After the fact, my husband, and to not allow myself to be stepped it seems almost upon anymore. She spoke to my Rabbi, explaining the ludicrous, this magnitude of my suffering caused by my husband’s seesaw of emotional mental illness. She allowed me to make my own decisions, while supporting me emotionally. existence that was

my life for over seven long years. But thanks to Yesh Tivkah, I have emerged from that tunnel.

I remember the even longer nights. So many nights of endless quarreling, and so, so very many tears. So many arguments lasting hours and hours, while being cursed and yelled at, stepped on, manipulated, and threatened. Of him at midnight during an argument, physically blocking the doorway and not letting me in until I apologized. After the fact, it seems almost ludicrous, this seesaw of emotional existence that was my life for so many years. But thanks to Yesh Tivkah, I have

The life of a single mother, recovering from years of abuse and manipulation, is no picnic. The hushed criticism, the insensitive comments, the offers for help from others that never came through… The grieving, the pressures, the children’s questions and worries, and most of all – the loneliness. Some days the long, uphill struggle seemed insurmountable, that I couldn’t take another painful step. But my therapist was continuously there for me, validating my struggles and helping me gather my strength, time and time again.

I can picture those long days of tiptoeing around his fragile ego, of trying to micromanage every situation to make his life perfect and prevent the inevitable storms. Of trying to keep the house perfectly clean, to keep the kids acting like angels, or better yet, in bed before he came home, lest they annoy him and provoke his anger. I remember my constantly clenched stomach, always thinking up white lies to avoid disagreement. Of the times that I wanted to hug my daughter and hide her as he raged at her for typical toddler behavior. Of trying to be that perfect eishes chayil, (a women of valor) and create a beautiful home of peace and shechina (glory) – and yet somehow never succeeding. My continued efforts to be a perfect wife only served to perpetuate his power and control.

emerged from that tunnel.

I have now come to a better place, where I am not only able to survive – but to thrive. Thanks to a wonderful organization that helped me benefit from a wonderful therapist. ‫( תלכו מחיל אל חיל‬may you go from strength to strength) 15



TENT Purim 5776

Our first “Tent Event�, held on Purim, was a huge success. One of our goals was to generate greater awareness of Yesh Tikvah for both prospective clients and donors. We accomplished this through large event attendance, distribution of informative flyers at the tent, and publicity before and after Purim. It proved to be an effective fundraiser with volunteers on hand to answer questions and take donations from attendees. Yesh Tikvah gained much exposure through articles on the event in the Hamodia and Cleveland Jewish News.


Earlier this year, Yesh Tikvah launched a pilot program to fund therapy for teens. Until now, Yesh Tikvah served clients 18 years of age or older, but the need to serve teenagers was becoming more and more apparent. The program was very successful and we are excited to share with the community that through the generosity of the CareSource Foundation we have been able to expand the initial pilot program. To qualify, applicants must have explored free or cheaper options (additional rules can be found on the website and in the guidelines). For applications, please email Rabbi Joseph at or call 216-403-2726. All information is kept strictly confidential.



Yesh Tivkah is succeeding in our mission to make sure no one in the community lacks access to counseling due to lack of funds. We’re looking forward to growing and reaching an even larger demographic. Our goals for the next year start with the administrative aspect. As we grow, we would like to put solid infrastructure into place. To this end, we are working on a database to streamline our procedures for a quicker turnaround that will also allow us to use our resources more efficiently. In addition the database will track our programs, to show areas of success, and where we can improve.

Thank you for growing with us!

thank you to all our donors for their generous support.


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Yesh Tikvah, POB 18959, Cleveland OH 44118 // 216.403.2726 // F 216.763.0539 //

Yesh Tikvah 2016 Annual Report  
Yesh Tikvah 2016 Annual Report