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I fyou ar e on t he f ence abouthavi ng an engagmenet s es s i on.Ouradvi cei st odoi t !I twi l lmakeaHUGEi mpact on how yourweddi ng phot ogr aphy flows and bei ng comf or t abl ewi t hyourphot ogr apherdayof . . We’ l l ar r i veon yourweddi ngdayal r eadyknowi nghow youi nt er act , what yourbes tpos es ar e and how t o phot ogr aph you i na genui neway!Whatwewi l ll ear naboutyou dur i ng your engagement s es s i on i s i nval uabl e f or bot h of us !

MI NIESESSI ON Get t i ngt oknow yourphot ogr apherbef or et heweddi ngi s s oi mpor t antt hatweoerourcl i ent swhochoos eei ghtor mor ehour sofcover ageacompl i ment ar ymi nies es s i on. Ther ei senought i mef oronel ocat i onandoneout ďŹ t . I ncl udes : 3045Mi nut esofphot ot i me Wi t hi n1 5mi l esofLakeGeor ge 2030edi t edi magesvi adowl oad

FULLSESSI ON Ourf ul lengagements es s i oni sf orcoupl eswhowantmor et i me,out ďŹ t sor mul t i pl el ocat i ons .Coupl eswi t hs hor t ercover agewhowantt odocument t hi ss peci alt i mei nt hei rl i vesar eal waysabl et oaddaf ul ls es s i on! I ncl udes :6090Mi nut esofphot ot i me, Ext endeds er vi cear ea, Ti mef ort wol ocat i onsandt woout ďŹ t s , 4050edi t edi magesvi adownl oad Ses s i onPr i ce: $350, Mi ni es es s i onsmaybeupgr adedf or$200


SESSI ONTI PS Don' tt r yMATCH. . .t r yt opi ckout fit sandacces s or i es t hatcoor di nat ei ns t ead.Us i ngacces s or i est ot i eyour out fit st oget heri sagr eatwayt oexpr es swhoyouar e and make your l ooks cohes i ve t o each ot her . Don' tbe af r ai dt o acces s or i z e!Show yourper s onal s t yl ebyaddi ng as car f ,bol d neckl aceand amaz i ng s hoes t o yourout fitand a gr eatt i e orhatt o hi s . Don' taut omat i cal l yt hr ow outpat t er nsasanopt i on. Mos tar ej us tfine.Remembert omakes ur et heyar e nott ooover whel mi ngordi s t r act i ng.Wewantyout o be t he f ocalpoi ntofyouri mages ,notyourout fit ! Dos etupyourmakeupt r i alf oryoures hoot . Youwi l l notonl ygett os eeyourmakeupdone, butyouwi l l get t os ee how i tl ooksi n phot os .I fyou do yourown makeup,we al wayss ugges tgoi ng as hade ort wo dar kerast hecamer at endst ol i ght enmakeup( HI NT: f ake eye l as hes wi l lr eal l y make youreyes pop! . ) Doei t herpai ntyournai l sormakes ur et heyar ecl ean, cutand pol i s hf r ee.Nochi pped nai l sorwor ki ngon gr eas y engi nes r i ght bef or et he s es s i on pl eas e! Gent s :Dobepi ckywi t hyours hoes . Di r t ys neaker sor anyt hi ngel s e,you( oryourf ut ur es pous e)mayr egr et s eei ng l at eron s houl d defini t el y be l ef tathome. Do make s ur e you' r e comf or t abl ei n whatyou' r e wear i ng.Thi si skeyt o get t i ng r el axed i mages .And l adi es ,i fyourt opi ss uperl ow cut ,t hatwi l ldefini t el y l i mi tt hedi ffer entangl eswewi l l beabl et os hootf r om. Dooptf ordr es s yovercas ual . I fyouar et r yi ngt ofigur e outwhats t yl eofs es s i onyous houl dhave,Optf ora dr es s i eropt i on.Thes ear eoncei nal i f et i mephot os and t her ei s no r eas on you s houl dn’ tgo al lout ! . Doas kaboutt r avel .Wel ovet ot r avelt oours hoot s , however , s omes es s i onl ocat i onswi l l i ncurat r avel f ee.

ESESSI ONSCHEDULI NG&LOGI STI CSF AQs Whens houl dwes chedul eours es s i on?Mos tofourcoupl ess chedul et hei rs es s i on1 01 2mont hsahead s ot heycans ends avet hedat esbuti fyouhaveas pr i ngweddi ngandyourr eal l ywantf al l phot os . . . gof or i t ! I t ’ scompl et el yupt oyou! Agoodr ul eoft humbi st os chedul e68mont hsoutatt hel at es t . What ’ st hel at es tdat ewecans chedul eas es s i on?Oures es s i onsmaybes chedul edupt ot womont hs pr eweddi ng. Wefindanyl es st i memeanst hati t ’ sar us ht oedi t , del i verandpr i nti ncas eyouwanti mages t odi s pl ayonyourweddi ngday . Can we s chedul e aweekend s es s i on?Due t o ourbus yweddi ng s chedul e,May t hr ough Oct ober , es es s i onsar eonl ys chedul edonweekdayeveni ngs . Weknow t hi scanbei nconveni entt os omebutour mai ngoal i st ober es t edandpr epar edf orourcl i ent ’ sweddi ngday . Whatar eyourt r avel r es t r i ct i ons ?Wear ehappyt ot r avel !Ses s i onsout s i deof1 5mi l esf r om LakeGeor ge vi l l agewi l l i ncura$50perhourt r avel f ee( onehourmi ni mum char ge) . How dowes chedul eours es s i on?Youmays chedul eyours es s i onatanyt i mebyus i ngt heavai l abi l i t y cal endarundert hecont actt abonourwebs i t e.Summers es s i onsar eonl ys chedul edonet ot wohour s bef or es uns et( bet ween78pm)f ort hebes tl i ght . Anyear l i erandyouri magesmaynotbecons i s t entwi t h whatyous eei nourpor t f ol i o.

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i fyou' r eabr i det hati sal i t t l eanxi ousabouthowyourgr oom i sgoi ngt or eactt ot hi swhol e“ pi ct ur e” t hi ng,you' r enotal one!Wer ecei ves omanyemai l sf r om br i deswhoar ewor r i edt hatt hei rgr oom won' tbei nt oi tandwehavegr eatnewsf oryou. . . youbot har emor ephot ogeni ct hanyout hi nk! We ar e cons t ant l ys ur pr i s i ng coupl esdur i ng t hei rengagements es s i on bydi s cover i ng t hei rhi dden model i ngs ki l l s . Pl us , t hemos tcommont hi ngwehearf r om gr oomsatt heendoft hes es s i oni s“ That was n' tasbadasIt hought ! I ’ m gl adwedi dt hi s ! ” Boom! Mi s s i onaccompl i s hed! When t he gr oom s ayst hatt aki ng pi ct ur eswasf un oreas y,we have done ourj ob wel l !Your engagements es s i on i snots uppos ed t of eelf or ced orawkwar d.To hel p wi t ht hi s ,we hi ghl y r ecommends i t t i ngdownwi t hyourguyands howi nghi m yourf avor i t eengagements es s i ons . Spend s omet i met oget hers cr ol l i ngt hr oughaf ew ofourbl ogpos t soryourf avor i t epi nt er es tboar ds . Thi s wi l l al l ow hi mt ogaugewhathi sexpect at i onss houl dbe. Al s o, al l ow f orpl ent yoft i met ogett oyour s es s i on!I t ’ shar dt ogetr omant i c,l ovi ngphot osi fyou’ vebeenar gui ngi nt hecaront heway .And final l y, r emembert ohavepat i encewi t hhi m. Don' tas s umet hathe' snotgoi ngt ohaveagoodt i me. . Wet hi nkyou' l lbes ur pr i s edabouthow muchyouwi l lbot henj oyyours es s i onwi t husandt het i me yout wos pentcuddl i ng. Al i t t l es ecr et-i t ’ sus ual l yourgr oomst hatar ecuddl er si nt her el at i ons hi p!

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SAMPLETI MELI NES Bui l di ngyourweddi ngdayt i mel i neorfigur i ngouthow mucht i meyouneedonyourweddi ng daycanbedaunt i ngs owewant edt ogi veyouani deaofwhatdi ffer entcover aget i mesl ook l i ke. Thi sgi vesyouanoppor t uni t yt oadj us tyours chedul eandhel psusmanageexpect at i ons . Fi r s t , we' l l s t ar twi t hadet ai l eddes cr i pt i onofaf ul l daywi t hfir s tl ook, ourmos tpopul aropt i on, t oexpl ai nt hedes i r edt i mewe’ dl i kef oreachevent . Thenwe’ vei ncl udeds ampl et i mel i nesf or t hemos tas kedf orcover aget i mes . Eachweddi ngi sdi ffer entandweunder s t andt hi s . Wewor kcl os el ywi t hyout obui l dat i mel i ne about30dayspr i ort oyourweddi ngday .Wedocons i dert hi sawor ki ngdocumentasl i ve event sar e compl et el y unpr edi ct abl e.No need t o wor r y!We ar e ver y exper i enced wi t h handl i ngt i mi ngi s s uest hatcanoccuronweddi ngdays( weact ual l ypl anf ori t ! ) . Pl us ,dayof , we' r eonwhatwecal l“ br i det i me”becaus et heweddi ngdoes n' ts t ar twi t houtt hebr i de.By bui l di ngagr eatt i mel i neaheadofyourweddi ngday, ourgoali st omakeonemor eas pectof yourbi gdays t r es sf r ee!

Br i dalDet ai l s Br i desl ovehavi ngt hosebeaut i f ulshot soft hei rdet ai l s.I t ' sani mpor t antpar toft hest or y. especi al l yi fyouar epr i nt i nganal bum.Whi l et hemai nphot ogr apheri sphot ogr aphi ngt he br i de,t hesecondshoot erwi l lphot ogr apht hef el l asandal lt hei rdet ai l s.Whi l eshoot i ng det ai l s, we’ r eal socapt ur i ngsomecandi dpr eweddi ngandget t i ngr eadyshot s. Aver aget i mef orbr i daldet ai l s:4560mi ns Aver aget i mef orgr oom det ai l s:30mi ns

Get t i ngReady Af t ert hedet ai l shavebeenphot ogr aphed,we’ l lcapt ur eanyl astmi nut eget t i ngr eady i magesandt heni t ’ st i me t ogett hebr i de i nt oherdr ess!Weusual l yaskt hemot heroft he br i deandal loft hebr i desmai dst obedr essedbyt hi st i met oensur eever yonel ookst hei r best . Af t ert hebr i dei si nhergown,shecanputonherj ewel r y, vei l ,shoes,et c. Aver aget i mef orget t i ngr eady:20mi ns

Fi r s tLook Thi si soneofourf avor i t epar t soft heweddi ngday!Wewi l lfindt heper f ectl ocat i onf or yourfir stl ookuponourar r i val . Whi l eyoucangi veusi deasf ort hel ocat i onbasedonyour si t evi si t s, i t ' sbestt owai tunt i lt hedayoft oseehowt hel i ght i ngeffect st hear ea. Wepr ef er al ocat i ont hati spr i vat eandsecl uded.Thi si syourspeci almoment !Weal sowi l lbui l di n 51 0mi nut esf ort het woofyout oj ustbet oget heral onewi t houtcamer asorf ami l yand f r i ends. Aver aget i mef orfir stl ook:20mi ns

Br i dalPor t r ai t s You' vespentcount l esshour sfindi ngt heper f ectdr ess,shoes,makeupandhai rst yl e,so whynotdedi cat eapor t i onofyourdayt oj usti magesofyou!Thi si spr obabl yt hefir stevent onat i mel i net ogetcut .However ,webel i evet hatt hesear esomeoft hemosti mpor t ant phot osoft hedaywheni tcomest ot el lyourst or yt hr oughphot os. Aver aget i mef orBr i dalPor t r ai t s:30mi ns

Br i de&Gr oom Por t r ai t s Af t ert hecoupl et akest hei rt i mewi t ht heFi r stLook,t hemai nphot ogr apherwi l lbegi n t aki ngaf ewr omant i cpor t r ai t soft het wooft hem whi l et hei ni t i alexci t menti sst i l lpr esent ! Ast hemai nphot ogr aphershoot st hesepor t r ai t s, t heweddi ngpar t ywi l lgett hei ri ndi vi dual i magesdonebyt hesecondshoot er . Aver aget i mef orBr i de&Gr oom Por t r ai t s:3045mi ns

Weddi ngPar t y Nowi t ' st i mef orWeddi ngPar t y! Webufferi next r at i met hr oughoutt hedayj usti ncasewe havesomeunexpect edt hi ngst hathol dusup!Onewayt omakesur ewest ayonschedul e f ort hesepor t r ai t si st ohavesomeoneputt hebout onni er esont heguysandt hatt hegal s havet hei rbouquet swi t ht hem sowedon’ thavet owai tdur i ngpor t r ai tt i mef ort hi s. Aver aget i mef orweddi ngpar t ypor t r ai t s:30mi nut es

Cer emony/Recept i onDet ai l s Whi l et hecoupl ei si nhi di ng30mi nut espr i ort ot hecer emonyst ar t , wewi l luset hi st i met o shoott her ecept i ondecorandcer emonyar eaunt ouched.I ft hecer emonyandr ecept i on ar ei n di ffer entl ocat i ons,we r ecommend havi ng acockt ai lhourout si de oft he mai n r ecept i onar eai fpossi bl esot hatwecangr absomegr eatshot sofyourr ecept i onbef or e t heni ghtbegi nsandguest sst ar tl ayi ngdownpur sesandcoat sont hei rseat s! Aver aget i mef orcer emonydet ai l s:51 0mi ns Aver aget i mef orr ecept i ondet ai l s:30mi ns( spl i tbef or eandaf t ercer emony)

Cer emony I t ' st i met ogetmar r i ed! ! !Mostcer emoni esar e1 520mi nut esl ongbutt hi si sapoi ntwher e weaddal i t t l eext r at i meandal waysput30mi nut esnomat t erhow shor tyourcer emony wi l lbe. I fyourcer emonyi sl ongert han30mi ns,l etusknowandwewi l lmakeadj ust ment s t ot het i mel i ne.Cher i sht hesemoment s!Yourcer emonywi l lpassbysoqui ckl ysodon' t r ushi t . Taket het i met or eal l yl i vet hefir stki ssmomentandenj oyt her ecessi onal . Aver aget i mef orcer emony:30mi nut es

F ami l yPor t r ai t s Fami l yf or mal snor mal l yt akepl acei mmedi at el yf ol l owi ngt hecer emony.I t ' sbestt osave al loft hef ami l yf or mal sunt i lt hi st i mebecauseALLf ami l ymember swi l lbepr esentt hen. Wepr ovi deaf ami l yf or mal swor ksheetaheadofyourweddi ngday. Youcanfil li toutatany t i me,gi vei tt oa“ f ami l ywr angl er ”whoknowst hef ami l yandcanensur et heygett ot he por t r ai tl ocat i onaf t ert hecer emonyi sover . Aver aget i me:1 520mi ns

Cockt ai lHour /Suns etPor t r ai t s Of t ent i meswi t hafir stl ookwecancompl et eal lpor t r ai t spr i ort ot hecer emonybutwe al waysr eser vesomet i medur i ngt hecockt ai lhourasamakeupt i mei ncasewewer e r unni ngl at epr i ort ot hecer emony.I naddi t i on,somecoupl esoptt odoapor t i onoft hei r r omant i cpor t r ai t sl at eri nt heeveni ngsot heycancat cht hatcr eamygol denhoursunl i ght . Aver aget i me:1 530mi ns

Recept i onAct i vi t i es I t ' st i met ocel ebr at e!Thegr andent r ance,fir stdanceandt wopar entdanceswi l lt ake about5mi nut eseach.Toast scan t ake f r om 1 030 mi nut esdependi ng on how many speaker syouhave.Oncedi nneri sser ved,wet akeourunpai d30mi nut emealbr eak.( no phot ogr aphywi l lbeavai l abl eatt hi st i me) .Thecakecut t i ng shoul d bedoneaf t ert he coupl ei sfini shedandwi l lt akeappr oxi mat el y1 0mi nut es.Ther estofr ecept i oni sopen danci ng. I fyouar ewor r i edaboutt i mi ng, anhouri spl ent yoft i met ocapt ur et hi s( butmake sur eyougetupanddancet ogetyourguest sgoi ng! )

TheExi t I fyou' r ei nt er est edi nhavi ngyourexi tphot ogr aphedbutei t herdon' thavecover agef ort he endofyourday,t her ear esever alopt i onsf ort hi s!Youcanei t heraddaddi t i onalcover age orpl anaf auxexi tear l i eri nyoureveni ng!WehavehadGREATsuccesswi t hcont r ol l ed exi t sandt hepar t yneverst ops!

Hal fDay-Pr eWeddi ng TI MELI NE Br i dal Det ai l s1 2: 301 : 00PM Br i deGet t i ngReady&Candi ds1 : 001 : 30PM Gr oom Get t i ngReady1 : 402: 1 0PM Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s( w/outbr i de&gr oom)2: 1 02: 40PM Cer emonyDet ai l s&Gues tCandi ds2: 453: 00PM Cer emony 3: 003: 3: 0PM l yPor t r ai t s 3: 303: 45PM Fami Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s( w/br i de&gr oom)3: 454: 00PM Coupl e' sPor t r ai t s4: 004: 30PM

Hal fDay-Recept i on TI MELI NE Cer emony 3: 003: 20PM Fami l yPor t r ai t s 3: 203: 35PM Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s3: 353: 55PM Br i de&Gr oom Por t r ai t s3: 554: 25PM Gr andEnt r ance&Fi r s tDance 4: 254: 45PM Par entDances4: 455: 00PM Toas t s&Di nnerSer vi ce5: 005: 45PM OpenDanci ng5: 457: 00PM

Si xHourCover age TI MELI NE Br i dal Det ai l s1 2: 301 : 00PM Br i deGet t i ngReady&Candi ds1 : 001 : 30PM Gr oom Get t i ngReady1 : 402: 1 0PM Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s( w/outbr i de&gr oom)2: 1 02: 40PM Cer emonyDet ai l s&Gues tCandi ds2: 453: 00PM Cer emony 3: 003: 3: 0PM l yPor t r ai t s 3: 303: 45PM Fami Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s( w/br i de&gr oom)3: 454: 00PM Coupl e' sPor t r ai t s4: 004: 30PM Gr andEnt r ance&Fi r s tDance 4: 354: 45PM Par entDances4: 454: 55PM Di nnerSer vi ceBegi ns5: 00PM Toas t s5: 1 55: 30PM t i ng5: 456: 00PM CakeCut OpenDanci ng6: 006: 30PM Phot ogr apher sDepar t : 6: 30PM

Ei ghtHourCover age( Fi r s tLook) TI MELI NE Br i dal Det ai l s1 2: 001 2: 30PM Br i deGet t i ngReady&Candi ds1 2: 301 : 00PM SecondShoot er : Gr oom Get t i ngReady1 2: 1 51 : 00PM Fi r s tLook1 : 1 01 : 30PM Br i de&Gr oom Por t r ai t s1 : 302: 00PM Br i dal Par t yPot r ai t s2: 002: 30PM Br i deHi dden| Recept i onDet ai l s2: 303: 00PM Cer emonyDet ai l s&Gues tCandi ds2: 503: 00PM Cer emony 3: 003: 3: 0PM Fami l yPor t r ai t s3: 454: 00PM Cockt ai l Hour4: 004: 30PM Gr andEnt r ance&Fi r s tDance 4: 354: 45PM Par entDances4: 455: 00PM t s5: 00-5: 20PM Toas Suns etPhot oswi t hCoupl e5: 456: 00PM Di nner| Phot ogr apherBr eak6: 006: 30PM CakeCut t i ng6: 406: 55PM OpenDanci ng&Gues tCandi ds7: 008: 00PM St agedEx i t8: 1 58: 30PM Phot ogr apher sDepar t8: 30PM

Ei ghtHourCover age( NoFi r s tLook) TI MELI NE Br i dal Det ai l s1 2: 301 : 1 5PM Br i deGet t i ngReady&Candi ds1 : 1 51 : 45PM Br i de&Br i des mai ds1 : 452: 30PM SecondShoot er : Gr oom Get t i ngReady1 : 1 51 : 50PM SecondShoot er : Gr oom &Gr ooms menPor t r ai t s2: 002: 30PM Br i deHi dden| Recept i onDet ai l s2: 302: 50PM Cer emonyDet ai l s&Gues tCandi ds2: 503: 00PM Cer emony 3: 003: 3: 0PM Fami l yPor t r ai t s 3: 303: 45PM Br i dal Par t yPor t r ai t s( w/br i de&gr oom)3: 454: 00PM Coupl e' sPor t r ai t s4: 004: 30PM Gr andEnt r ance&Fi r s tDance 4: 354: 45PM Par entDances4: 454: 55PM t s5: 00-5: 20PM Toas Suns etPhot oswi t hCoupl e5: 456: 00PM Di nner| Phot ogr apherBr eak6: 006: 30PM CakeCut t i ng6: 457: 00PM OpenDanci ng7: 007: 45PM Pl annedRecept i onAct i vi t y: 7: 45-8: 1 0PM OpenDanci ng&Gues tCandi ds8: 1 58: 45PM Ex i t8: 459: 00PM Phot ogr apher sDepar t9: 00PM

WHYTI MI NGI SSOI MPORTANT Whenpl anni ngyourweddi ngdayt i mel i ne, t hebes tadvi cewecangi veyoui st oADD CUSHI ON TI ME!Somet i mest hes i mpl es toft hi ngscant akeanext r a20mi nut esand t henal l oft hes udden, t heent i r emor ni ngi soff.Wehaves een“ get t i ngt hebr i dei nher dr es s ”t akeal mos t40mi nut esbecaus eofabut t onmal f unct i on. Thi si swhyweadd1 0 mi nut esher eort her et hr oughoutyourt i meanddi s cour ageyouf r om packi ngyour t i mel i newi t honeeventaf t eranot herwi t hnobr eaks . Thi sway,i fonepar toft heday get st hr ownoffby20mi nut es , wecanhel pyoucompens at et hatt i mei not herar eas . henextpage,we’ l ls har et het opf ourevent swes eeonar egul arbas i st hatcan Ont caus et i mi ng i s s ues .Butr es tas s ur ed t hatmos tl i t t l ebumpst hatdooccuri nyour t i mel i newi l l notevenbenot i cedbyyouoryourgues t s . Whenal l i ss ai danddone. . . Yourdaywi l l beper f ect !

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DON' TFORGETF ALL&WI NTERFORMAL i des PORTRAI TSWI LLBE COLD Many br wantbeaut i f ulf al lc ol or s ,orev en a wi nt er s et t i ngbuts omet i mesf or getpor t r ai t swi l l s t i l l

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DOLETUSKNOW WHATYOUWANTWe c anonl yk now whati si mpor t antt oyoui fyou


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Oneoft hemos tf r equent l yas kedques t i onst hatwer ecei vedur i ngweddi ngs eas oni s“ Ahhhhhwhat doyoudoi fi tRAI NS? ! ” . I wantt or eas s ur eyout hateveni fi tr ai ns , youwi l l s t i l l havebeaut i f ul por t r ai t s ! Over cas ts ki esmeanvi br antcol or sandevenl i ght i ng. Weknowt hatr ai ni s n' ti deal andnobr i dewoul d wi s hf orr ai nont hei rbi gdaybuti fi thappens , i thappens . . . andi t ' sgoi ngt obeJ USTfine! ! Someofour f avor i t eweddi ngshavebeenonr ai nyweddi ngdays . Her ear eaf ew t hi ngst or emember : 1 .Takei tones t epatat i mebuthaveapl anbef or ehand.Tal kwi t hyourvenuebef or eyourbi gdayf or t hei rr ai npl an.Theyt ypi cal l yal wayshaveabackuppl anf orout doorcer emoni es .Dayof ,don' tt hi nk aboutyourent i r edayasi tmayover whel m you.J us tt aket hi ngsones t epatat i meandt r us ti nt he vendor syous ocar ef ul l ys el ect edt ohandl et hedet ai l s . 2.Letuswor r yaboutt hepi ct ur es .Youhaveenought ot hi nkabout .I ft her ei sachanceofr ai n,we' l l bes ur et odos omeext r as cout i ngt ofindacover edl ocat i onort wot ous ef oryourfir s tl ook,r omant i c por t r ai t sandbr i dal par t ypor t r ai t s . Pl usweal wayshaveumbr el l aswi t husf oryouandyourl ovet ous e t ogets omegr eatr ai ndr opi mages .

Thi si smyFAVORI TEr ai nydayweddi ngphot o! Thepor t r ai t sgotr ai nedoutandt her ecept i onvenuewast oo s mal l f ori ndoorphot oss owewentt oal ocal phot os t udi oi ndownt ownAl bany . Thi scoupl ewass oupt ol et ushandl et hepor t r ai tpor t i onoft hedayandt heendr es ul twasamaz i ng! Al mos tasamaz i ngast hegr oom' s s ur pi s edi pi nt hemi ddl eofweddi ngpar t ypor t r ai t s !


Atouri ni t i alc ons ul t at i on,we’ l ls pends omet i meget t i ngt oknow eac hot her . We candi s cus syourpl ans ,yourweddi ngdat e,andyourvi s i onf oryourper f ect phot ogr aphs .We’ l lgui deyout hr ought hepr oc es sofs el ect i ngapac kaget hati s r i ghtf oryou.Onc eyouhaves i gnedac ont r actandpai dar et ai nerf ee,youc an c hec k“ bookphot ogr apher ”offyourt odol i s t ! •Att het i meofbooki ng:Anonr ef undabl er et ai nerf eeof $1000i sdueatt het i meofbooki ng.Thi sgaur ant eest he t i meanddat eal l ot t edf ory ou. •6+WeeksBef or eYourWeddi ng:Iwi l ls endaweddi ng s c hedul eandc hec kl i s t , s oIc ans t ar tpl anni ngyours hoot . •4WeeksBef or eYourWeddi ng:Y our nalpaymenti sdue. •2WeeksBef or eYourWeddi ng:Wec on r mt hedet ai l s ofyourweddi ng s c hedul e and c hec kl i s tand addr es s c hangesorques t i ons . •Y ourWeddi ngDay:If ol l owyourweddi ngs c hedul eas yourdayunf ol ds . •12WeekAf t erYourWeddi ng:Sneakpeeki magesmay bepos t edt oF ac ebookand/ ormybl ogf oryourf ami l y andf r i endst ovi ew. •34WeeksAf t erYourWeddi ng: Atyourvi ewi ngs es s i on,edi t edi magesar er eveal edandwepl ac eor der sf or pr i nt s ,al bums ,c anvas esandot heri t ems .

TheW e i ngD a y

•46DaysAf t erYourWeddi ng:Yourweddi ngCDand addoni t emsar r i ve.

PREWEDDI NGCANDI DS Thi spor t i onofyourweddi ngexper i encer eal l ys et st hes t agef ort heent i r e weddi ngdayasf arast het i mel i negoes . I t ’ si mpor t antt ohaveagr eatpl an i npl ace. Andweknow t hatbeaut ypr epcanbeexhaus t i ngwi t hear l ys t ar t t i mesandweddi ngdayj i t t er s . However ,i fyous t ar tt of eelover whel med you s houl d know t hatt hi si swhenwewi l lt ake s ome ofyourf avor i t e i magesofyourbes t i esandyou, t hej i t t er scanbechannel edi nt obeaut i f ul hear t f el ti magest hatwi l l hel pyour emembert heexci t ementoft hedayf or year st ocome Sos i tback,opent hebubbl yandenj oyi tknowi ngever yt hi ngwi l lbej us t ďŹ ne! Today, youar eabr i de! !

GETTI NGREADY I t ' st hemor ni ngofyourweddi ng!Hopef ul l yal loft hel i t t l e det ai l sar et akencar eofandyou' r er el axi ngwi t hyourbr i de t r i bewhi l eyourhai ri sbei ngdone. I fcer t ai ni t emshaven' t beencheckedofft het odol i s t , i t ' st i met ohandt hem over t os omeoneel s e.Del egat i oni sakeypar tofas t r es s f r ee weddi ngday .Iknow i t shar dt ohandoveral loft hel as t mi nut et hi ngst hatneedt obedonebuti tr eal l yi si mpor t ant t or el axt hemor ni ngofyourweddi ng. Ther es toft hedayi s goi ngt obef as tpacedandfil l edwi t hal otofemot i ons ! Takeadvant ageoft hi sdownt i me! Af ew t hi ngst ocons i deraboutt he“ get t i ngr eady”por t i on oft heday . Doyouwantt os har ea“ fir s tl ook”wi t hyourdad oranyot herper s onwhopl aysahuger ol ei nyourl i f e?Wi l l you and yourgr oom be exhangi ngi ng gi f t sdur i ng t hi s t i me?I fs o, whowoul dyoul i ket odel i vert hem?Ar et her e cer t ai nwomeni nyourl i f ewhowoul dappr eci at es eei ng you geti nt o yourgown? Some br i des wantver yf ew peopl ear oundf ort hi smoment .Ot herbr i desl ovehavi ng aunt sandgr andmot her spr es ent .Thebot t om l i nei s . . .I t ' s t ot al l yupt oyou! Af ewot hert hi ngst ocons i der , asyougetr eadyt oputyour dr es son: Fi r s t , r ef r ai nf r om put t i nganyj ewel r yon. Wel ove s hoot i ng al lt hes e finals t epsonceyou' r ei nyourgown! Speaki ngoft hedr es s ,i fyourgowni sonapl as t i changer , t r yt omakeanot et obr i ng awoodenhangeral ong f or pi ct ur ess ake.I fyouf or get ,nobi gdeal !Weal wayshave pl ai nwoodenhanger swi t husbutwedol oveacus t om name“ Mr s ”hanger ! Onefinalt hought .Defini t el ycons i derabeaut i f uli vor yor whi t er obef oryouorcoor di nat i ngr obesf oryouandyour br i dalpar t y .Thes e add s o much t ot he get t ng r eady phot ost hatt heys houl dbeamus thave. Keepr eadi ngal ongf ormor et i pst ohel pyoupr epar e!

TheD e ta i l s

W eal waysst ar tyourdaywi t hdet ai lphot os.Youspentagr eatdealoft i mesel ect i ngyour shoes,choosi ngyourbouquetanddr eami ngaboutt he r i ngs.These ar et he det ai l st hat hel p make yourweddi ng day speci al .Theyar e expr essi onsofyou asa br i de orasa coupl esowepayspeci alat t ent i ont ot hedet ai l sf ort hi sr eason. Bel ow you wi l lfind a l i stoft he mostcommon weddi ng det ai l st hatwe phot ogr aph dur i ng t he pr ecer emony por t i on ofyourday ( and you can find a mor e ext ensi ve checkl i sti nyourcl i entpor t al ) .Pl ease gat hert hese i t emsbef or ewe ar r i ve so t her ei s pl ent y of t i me t o phot ogr aph t hem.I tt akes us appr oxi mat el y 3045 mi nut es t o phot ogr aphf ul ldet ai l sor2030f orbr i deswi t hmi ni maldet ai l s. Andi twor ksbesti fwear e i nasepar at espaceawayf r om t hehust l eandbust l eofget t i ngr eady. W eal sol ovet oi ncor por at i ngl i t t l edet ai l sf r om ot herpar t sofyourday.W el ovei twhen yousaveanyflower st hatf al lf r om yourbouquet ,ext r ar i bbonyouhavef r om t hedecor orl i t t l e kni ck knackst hatcoor di nat e wi t h yourr ecept i on orcer emony det ai l s.These addever yt hi ngt ost yl eddet ai lphot osanhel pt hephot osflow i nyourweddi ngal bum.

Dr ess

Somet hi ngBor r owed

Vei l /Hai rpi ece

Somet hi ngBl ue

Jewel r y

Somet hi ngOl d

Al lt her i ngs

Somet hi ngNew

Per f ume

Lef t overRi bbon

Bouquet sand bout s

St r ayFl ower s

Vows( i fappl i cabl e)

Monogr ammed I t ems

W eddi ngi nvi t esui t e

Smal li t emsf r om r ecept i on

FLORALS Ther ear es omanyexpens eswheni tcomest oweddi ng pl anni ng.Manybr i deshavet o pr i or i t i z ewhatt heywantt oi nves ti n. Wej us twantt ogi veyous omet i pst hatcans avemoney and/ormakeahugei mpactont hewayyouri magest ur nout . I fyou' r ehavi ngt r oubl emaki ng adeci s i onaboutyourflor al s , her ei swhatwes ugges t : : makeyourbr i dalbouquetandt abl e flor al sabi gpr i or i t y! Whenwear ephot ogr aphi ngaweddi ng, i ft hebr i dehasagor geousbouquet , wecanmake t heent i r edayl ookl i ket her ewer ebeaut i f ulflor al sever ywher e. Wecanus et hebouquett o s pr uceupbr i dal det ai l s , r ecept i ondet ai l sANDevenbr i deandgr oom por t r ai t saswel l . Thebr i dalbouqueti saf ocalpoi ntf oruswheni tcomest oyourphot ogr aphys owehi ghl y r ecommendget t i ngyourDREAM bouquetandi nves t i ngl es sont hebr i des mai dsbouquet s s i ncet heywi l l notbephot ogr aphedasmuch. Youcans aveoncent er pi ececos t sbyaddi ng mor egr eener ygi vi ngt het abl esal us hl avi s hl ookwi t hmi ni malflor al s . I naddi t i on, youcan al s os avemoneybys ki ppi ngormi ni mi z i ngt heheadt abl eflor al s . I nves ti ns omegr eener yf or t hecent eroft het abl eandaddvas est ohol dyourbouquet s . J us tr emembernott opl anany cent er pi ecest hatwi l lbl ockyourvi ew oft her ecept i onar eaandourvi ew ofyouandyour l ovewhi l ephot ogr aphi ngdur i ngt her ecept i on.Put t i ngcent er pi ecesofft oones i der at her t hant hecent eroft heheadors weet hear tt abl eens ur eswehaveacl earvi ew ofyou!

VEI LOPTI ONS Anot herofourmos tf r equent l yas kedques t i onsi s“ Whens houl dI wearmyvei l ? ”oranot her var i at i onof“ WhencanIt akeofft hi svei l ? ! ” . Wer ecommendt hatt hebr i deonl ywearhervei l whens hecomesdownt heai s l e( nofir s tl ook)orputi tonmi dr omant i cpor t r ai t s( wi t hfir s t l ook) . Wer ecommendt hi sf ort hr eedi ffer entr eas ons . 1 . Thi si ss omet hi ngnew f oryourgr oom t os eewhenyou' r ewal ki ndownt heai s l ei fyou’ ve hadafir s tl ook. I t ' ss obeaut i f ul anddr amat i cwhenas weepi ngvei l flowsbehi ndabr i de. 2.A l otoft i me,dur i ng t he Fi r s tLook,a gr oom i ss o exci t ed t os ee hi sbr i de t hathe acci dent al l ypul l st hevei loutwhenhet hr owshi sar msar oundher .Orwi t hal lt hener vous movi ngar oundpr i ort ot hecer emonyandhugsf r om par ent s ,et c,t hevei lcancomel oos e andbr i desfindi tt r oubl es omet ohavet okeepadj us t i ngi t . 3.Savi ngt hevei lf ort hecer emonyormi dr omant i cpor t r ai t sens ur est hatt her ei smor e var i et yi nt hei mageswet akeoft het woofyou.Pl usever ybr i deneedst ohavea“ vei l bl owi ngi nt hewi nd”s hotoft hei rown! Thi si s n' tar ul et hatweas kal lbr i dest of ol l ow, i t ' ss i mpl yas ugges t i on. Mor et hananyt hi ng wewantyourweddi ngdayt obeaboutYOU!

B ri da lP

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THEGROOM PREW EDDI NG Let ' snotf or getaboutt hegr oom!W hi l emostofourgui dei sf ocused ont hebr i de,t he gr oom i sj ustasi mpor t ant !W ewantourgr oomst of eelcomf or t abl eandateasedur i ng ever yst ep oft heweddi ng phot ogr aphypr ocess. . .i t ' shi sdayt oo!Mostoft het i met he gr oom i sn' tasup f orphot osast he br i de and t hat ' sokay!Fort hi sr eason,we l i mi tt he amountofphot oswedo pr eweddi ng ( pl usi tt akeshi m and hi sf el l asl esst i met o get r eady)sowecankeephi mf r eshandr eadyf ort heďŹ r stl ookandr omant i cpor t r ai t s. Mostofourpr eweddi ngt i mewi t ht hegr oom i sspentdoi ngcandi dshot swi t hmi ni mal posi ng.W e' l lf ocus on hi s det ai l s and r eal l y st r i ve t oj ustcapt ur e hi m l aughi ng and enj oyi ngt hi st i mewi t hhi sgr oomsmen.I fhi spar ent sar en’ tel sewher e,havi ngt hem on hand t ohel p hi m getr eadyi sal ovel yt oucht hathel pst hem f eeli ncl uded i nt hedays event swher emostoft hef ocusi sont hebr i deandherf ami l y. Thesecondshoot erwi l lar r i veathi sl ocat i onabout4560mi nut espr i ort ohi sdepar t ur e f ort hechur cht ocapt ur et hesei mages.

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Afir s tl ooki sanamaz i ngpar tofyourweddi ngday!I fyouar en' ts ur eaboutt hi st r adi t i on,t henextf ew pageswi l lexpl ai nwhyi tcoul dbear omant i caddi t i ont oyourweddi ngdaycel ebr at i on. Pl eas eknow t hatwewoul dneverwantanyofourcoupl est of eelpr es s ur edt ogowi t ht hi sopt i on. However , wedowantt omakes ur et hatwes har eal l t hebenefit sofafir s tl ookbecaus et her ei sar eas on 80%ofourcoupl esdoi tandLOVEi t ! Whet heryoudeci det ohaveafir s tl ookort aket hemor et r adi t i onal appr oach, i t ’ sr eal l yupt oyou. Yourweddi ngdayi sal l aboutyouandyourl ove. . . i t ’ syours t or yt ot el l and s houl dbeex act l yasyoual waysenvi s i onedi t ! Atcer t ai nt i mesofyearorwi t hs omet i mel i nes , weof t enr ecommendt odoafir s tl ookt ocat cht hebes t l i ghtoft hedayf orpor t r ai t sort omaxi mi z ecover aget i me. Keepi nmi ndt hati ns ummer , t hebes tl i ght f orr omant i c,beaut i f ulpor t r ai t si sr i ghtbef or es uns et .Dependi ngont het i meofyourweddi ng,you mi ghtwantt owai tt ot akeyourr omant i cpor t r ai t sunt i laf t ert hecer emonyevenwi t hafir s tl ook. Eveni fyouchoos enott os eeeachot herbef or ehand,wecans t i l lgetal otofgr eats hot sbef or et he cer emony. Yes eni awi l l phot ogr apht hebr i deandbr i des mai dsaboutt wohour sbef or et hecer emonyi s s chedul edt obegi n. Meanwhi l e, t hes econds hoot erwi l l bephot ogr aphi ngt hemenatt hes amet i meat adi ffer entl ocat i on. We’ l lbes ur et ofini s hi nt i mef orever yonet ogett ot hecer emonyont i me.

WHYI T’ SWORTHI T Mor ePor t r ai t s .You' r ei nves t i ngal oti nt oyourweddi ngphot ogr aphy . Wi t hafir s tl ook, you' l l havet i mef orMOREpor t r ai t soft het woofyou. . . andt hos ear et hei magesyouwi l l decor at eyourfir s thomewi t horus eonyourt hank youcar ds . Enj oyTheSur pr i s eFr eel y. Mos tbr i desdon' tr eal i z et hatwhenyoucomedownt heai s l e andt ot al l yamaz ehi m wi t hyourgor geous nes s . . .hecan' tt el lyouhow amaz i ngyou l ook.Hecan' tt ouchyou,embr aceyouorevenSPEAK t oyou.Youhavet owai t30 mi nut esormor eunt i lt hecer emonyi soverf orhi mt or eactandt el lyouhow amaz i ng youl ookandj us thow muchhel ovesyou. SomeAl oneTi me. Fi r s tLooksal l ow yout obeTOGETHERandal oneonyourweddi ng day . Whenyous eeeachot her ,notonl yi si ti nt i mat e,i t ' soneoft her ar et i mesyouwi l l gett obeal oneal lday . Weal waysbui l dt i mei nt oourt i mel i nef orourcoupl est ot ake fivemi nut esawayf r om camer as ,f ami l yandgues t st oj us tBEt oget herr i ghtaf t ert he Fi r s tLook. Thi sput syoui nt hePERFECTmoodf oryourr omant i cpor t r ai t s . Ext endsYourDay.Fi r s tLooksal l ow yout oext endyourweddi ngday .Nor mal l yt he weddi ngdaywoul ds t ar twhenyoucomedownt heai s l e,t hent hecer emonywoul d end, youwoul dr us ht hr oughpor t r ai t ss ot hatyou' r enotl at ef ort hei nt r oduct i onsand t heni t ' sr ecept i ont i me. Wi t hafir s tl ook,yourweddi ngdayi sext endedby23hour s ! I ns t eadofbei ngr us hedf oryourbr i dalpar t ypor t r ai t s . . . youact ual l ygett oenj oyt hem andhavef unhangi ngoutwi t hyourBESTf r i ends . Di mi ni s hesNer ves . Yougetr i dofyourner ves !Forabouthal fofmycoupl eswhohave deci dedt odoafir s tl ook,t hegr oomswer enotor i gi nal l yaf anoft hei dea.However , becaus et heyhaveneverexper i encedt hei rweddi ngdaybef or e, t heydi dn' tknow how ner ve r acki ng i tcoul d be.Manygr oomswho i ni t i al l ywer en' taf anoft he fir s tl ook af t er war dsadmi t t edt obei ngSOmuchmor er el axedandr eadyf ort hecer emony! Even t hought heymaynots how i t , t heyl ovet het i met heygetwi t ht hei rl ove.


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Her ei ti s ! Themomentever yonehasbeenwai t i ngf or ! Themus i ci spl ayi ngandgues t shavebeens eat ed. Us her s maket hei rwayt ot hebackoft hechur chandt hecoor di nat ori sl i ni ngupt hebr i des mai ds . Thebr i dei saboutt owal k downt haai s l et ot hel oveofherl i f e. . . andi fs he' sl i kemos twomen, s he' sdr eamedaboutt hi smomentf oral ong t i me! Vowswi l l bes har edandpr omi s eswi l l bemade. . . t hi si swhati t ' sal l about ! ! I nawor l df ul lofweddi ng bl ogs ,Pi nt er es tboar dsand br i dalmagaz i nes ,i t ’ ss oeas yt obeover whel med and cons umedbyt he“ pr et t i nes s ”oft heevent .Whi l edet ai l sdomat t erandpl anni ngi sneces s ar y,i t ' si mpor t antt o neverl os es i ghtoft her ealpur pos eoft hi samaz i ngday! Yourl oveandcommi t mentt oeachot her . That ’ swhyt he cer emonyi soneofourf avor i t eevent soft heday!




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CHURCHEXI TS I fyouar en’ tpl anni nganendofdayexi toryouhaven’ t booked f ul lr ecpet i on cover age,you maywantt o cons i derapl annedchur chexi t .I t ’ sal waysext r emel y beaut i f ul ( andagr eataddi t i ont oyourweddi ngal bum) whenbubbl es , r os epet al s , s t r eamer sorbut t er fli ess ai l t hr ought heai rasyouexi tt hechur ch. Weal waysget exci t ed when ourcoupl es l etus know t hatt hi si s s ome hi ngt heyhavepl annedon. m t Anddefini t el yl etusknow s owecanbes ur et ohave s omeonewai t i ngasyouexi ts ot her ei snodel ayand wegetyourfir s tt r uer eact i onasi thappens .

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F ami l yFor mal s Weabs ol ut el yl ovemeet i ngourcoupl e' sf ami l i esont heweddi ngday! Fami l yf or mal sar enor mal l yourfir s ti nt er act i onwi t h t hem s oi t ’ si mpor t antt ohaveapl an. Wes ugges tdes i gnat i nga“ f ami l ywr angl er ” . Someoneyout r us twhoknowsbot hs i des oft hef ami l yandcanmakes ur et heyar epr es entwhent heyneedt obe. Wepr ovi deaf ami l yf or mal wor ks heets ot hatyou canmaket hem al i s toft hei magesyouwant . Thi sens ur eswegetever yphot oyouwant .aswear enotr es pons i bl ef or mi s s i ngr el at i ves . Wefindt hi st obet hebes twayt ohandl et hi ngss i ncewewon’ tknow i fAuntJ udyi smi s s i ngandwecan' t phot os hopheri nl at er .

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Ent i r eFami l y( br i deandgr oom) B&Gwi t hbr i de' sext endedf ami l y( t hengr oom wi l l s t epoutf oraphot o) B&Gwi t hbr i de' si mmedi at ef ami l y( t hengr oom wi l l s t epoutf oraphot o) B&Gwi t hbr i de' sgr andpar ent s( t hengr oom wi l l s t epoutf oraphot o) B&Gwi t hbr i de' spar ent s( t hengr oom wi l l s t epoutf oraphot o) Br i dewi t hhermom al one Br i dewi t hherdadal one B&Gwi t hbr i de' ss i bl i ngs( t hengr oom wi l l s t epoutf oraphot o) B&Gwi t hbot hs et sofgr andpar ent s B&Gwi t hbot hs et sofpar ent s B&Gwi t hpar ent sands i bl i ngs * Repeatf orGr oom' ss i de

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BRI DALPARTYPORTRAI TS Let ’ schataboutyourbr i dalpar t y!Weknow f r om ex per i ence t hatal lcoupl eswantt hei rcl os es tf r i endst ohaveanamaz i ng t i medur i ngt hei rbi gday, andwewi l l makes ur et hathappens ! I fyoudoaFi r s tLook,we’ l lbeabl et odoal lt hebr i dalpar t y por t r ai t sbef or et hecer emony . Thi smeansyourguysandgal s wi l lbeabl et oj oi nt hecokct ai lhour( andmos ts endupal i t t l e cheerwhenwet el l t hem t hi s ) . ft her ei snoFi r s tLook, t hemai nphot ogr apherwi l lphot ogr aph I t he br i de wi t h herbr i des mai ds and t he br i des mai ds al one dur i ngt heget t i ngr eadypor t i onoft hedaywhi l et hes econd s hoot erdoest hes amewi t ht hegr oom andgr ooms men.Thi s wi l lj us tl eaveaf ew gr ouppor t r ai t st obedoneaf t ert hef ami l y f or mal sf ol l owi ngt hecer emony . fyouhaveaf r i endorf ami l ymemberoffici at i ngorpl ayi nga I s peci al r ol ei nyourday, wear eal wayshappyt oi ncl udet hem i n s omeoft heweddi ngpar t ypor t r ai t s .


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Wantt oi ncl ude yourf ourl egged babe i n yourweddi ng day oryour engagementphot os ?Wes aygof ori t !Wear eabs ol ut el yapetf r i endl y weddi ngvendor . Engagements es s i ons , weddi ngs , oranyot herevent , pet s ar eal wayswel come! Wehaveexper i encewi t hal l s or t sofpet sf r om cat st o hor s es . Wej us tas kt hatyoul eaveanys l i t her i ngf r i endsathome. Af ew t i psf ors ucces s f ul petphot os : 1 . I fyourpeti ss ki t t i s h, choos eaqui et , s ecl udedl ocat i onf orpor t r ai t s . 2.Haveabel ovedbyyour petf ami l ymemberorf r i endavai l abl et ot ake yourpetawaywhenpor t r ai t sar edone. 3. Br i ngt r eat s ! Somet i meswehavet oent i cepupst ol ookatt hecamer aand at r eati st hebes twayt odoi t !

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BRI DEANDGROOM ROMANTI CPORTRAI TS Weunder s t andt hatal l weddi ngi magesar ei mpor t ant , butourr eal f avor i t esar ef r om ourt i me wi t ht hebr i deandgr oom. Thes er omant i cpor t r ai t sofj us tt het woofyouwi l lbet hei mages t hatyoupr i nt ,f r ameandputbes i deyourbedoraboveyourmant l e.Theywi l lal s obet he i magest hatfil l youral bum f orgener at i onst ocome. Fort hi sbr i efmomenti nt i me, youwi l l beal onewi t hyourgr oom onyourweddi ngday . Youwi l l haveachancet obas ki nyourl oveandr eal l yconnect .Andwefindani ns aneamountof beaut yi nt hat . Amaj or i t yoft hes ei mageswi l l bet akenpr i ort ot hecer emonywi t haFi r s tLookordi r ect l yaf t er t hecer emonywi t houtone. Ther ei sj us ts omet hi ngaboutt hej oyandgi ddi nes sr i ghtaf t era coupl es ays“ Ido”ors eeseachot herf ort hefir s tt i met hataddss omet hi ngs peci alt ot hes e phot os .I naddi t i on, weal wayss ugges tt aki ngaf ew mi nut esoutoft her ecept i onf ors uns et phot os . Thel i ghti sl ow, gol den, dr eamy . andj us tper f ectf orr omant i cpor t r ai t s !

TRUSTI NGLOCATI ON&POSI NGCHOI CES Oneoft hebes tpar t sofbei ng aweddi ng phot ogr apheri st aki ng s omet hi ng or di nar yand maki ng i tl ookabs ol ut el y amaz i ng! Thi shappensmos tof t enwheni tcomest opi cki ngoutpor t r ai tl ocat i onsanddur i ngpos i ng. Somet i meswes el ect por t r ai tl ocat i onst hatmos tpeopl emaynotcons i derat t r act i ve, s ot r us tuswhenwes ayt hatl i ght i ngt r umpsl ocat i onany day . Gi veuss omegor geousl i ghtandwecanmakeanyl ocat i onl ooks t unni ng! We’ vephot ogr aphedi nal l eywaysnextt o dumps t er sduet ol i mi t eds paceandt hatt her ewasabeaut i f ul br i cki vycover edwal l . . . . you’ dneverknow! Thi si swher eour exper t i s ecomesi n! Li kewi s e,t r us tust opos eyoui nt hemos tflat t er i ngwayf oryou,f ort hemomentand f oryourchos envenue.Whi l e s ear chi ngt hr oughal l t heamaz i ngphot ogr apher soutt her e, youchos eYM Phot ogr aphybecaus eyoul ovedwhatyous aw i nourpor t f ol i o. Ourmos ts ucces s f uli magesar emadewhenwear eal l owedt odowhatwedobes t . . . capt ur et hebeaut y t hatwes ee!I fwear el i mi t edt oal i s tofpi nt er es ti magesor( ahem)aweddi ngpar t ymemberwhot hi nkst heyknow bes t , wemaynotpr oduceourbes twor k.Thedi ffer encebet weengr eatweddi ngphot ogr aphyandAHMAZI NG weddi ng phot ogr aphyi sal l owi ngust ot api nt oourcr eat i ves i deandcapt ur eyourdayi nt hemos tbeaut i f ul waypos s i bl e. Tr us tourl ocat i onsandpos i ngandwepr omi s eyouwi l l LOVEt her es ul t s ! ANOTEABOUTJ OKEPOSES Wel ovet ohavef unandwel ovet ocapt ur eyourbr i dal par t yhavi ngf unbutwear eal s oweddi ngphot ogr apher swhol ove t hebeaut yandr omanceofaweddi ngdaymor e.Youhi r edusbecaus eyoul ovedourpor t f ol i oort hegal l er i eswes har ed wi t hyou.Ourphot ogr aphydoes n’ tpor t r aybr i des mai dss howi ngt hei runder wearorgr ooms mens pel l i ngoutLOVE YMCAs t yl e.Whi l ewear eal wayshappyt oaccommodat es omej okepos esdur i ngyourf omal s( af t eral lpor t r ai t sar e done) , ourmai nf ocusi sont hemor er omant i c, moder nandel egantpos eswes howi nourpor t f ol i o. I fyouar eacoupl ewho want snot hi ngbutt hes et ypesofpos es , pl eas el etusknows owecandi s cus sopt i ons . Mos tofal l wewantyout obehappy eveni fwear en’ tt hephot ogr apherf oryou! THEWEATHER Asmuchaswewi s hi twer es o, wecannotnotcont r ol t heweat her . Wewi l l doourbes tt omi t i gat et heweat her ’ saffecton youri magesbutourgoal i st odocumentyourweddi ngdayasi thappens . I fi ti sawi ndyday, flyawayhai randwi ndbl own dr es s eswi l lbevi s i bl eori fi t ’ sr ai ni ng, t her emayber ai ndr opl et sont hegr oom’ sj acket . Wedonotedi tt hes eoutofyour i magesunl es st heedi t sar er eques t ed. Anhour l yedi t i ngchar gei sappl i cabl eandaquot ewi l l bepr ovi dedf orappr oval .


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YM PHOTOGRAPHY www. ymphot ogr aphy. com 51 8. 232. 1 61 2

2018 YM Photography Wedding Guide  

2018 Wedding Guide for YM Photography wedding clients.

2018 YM Photography Wedding Guide  

2018 Wedding Guide for YM Photography wedding clients.