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CIC Report 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019

An annual report detailing the activities of the Community Interest Company, YES Energy Solutions. YES Energy Solutions is the trading name of Yorkshire Energy Services CIC.


The last financial year saw significant changes in the energy efficiency industry with the introduction of the Government’s third phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. With a new focus on fuel poverty and local authority engagement, YES Energy Solutions has proactively flexed our approach to meet the needs of the change in policy. ECO remains the main funding stream for domestic energy efficiency in England and we have kept pace with the updates to ensure we remain a market leading ECO funding provider. By fulfilling 57 funding contracts, we exceeded last year’s installation results by 8% helping improve the energy efficiency of over 5,000 households across Great Britain. We have embraced ECO3 wholeheartedly, driven by our values and desire to alleviate fuel poverty and reduce CO2 through proactive partnerships with local authorities, housing associations and energy companies, whilst making a fundamental improvement to the lives of those we support in fuel poverty. We have also helped many councils play a much larger role in ECO than in previous phases of the scheme, helping them define their own eligibility criteria to ensure funding goes to the people who need it the most. In addition, we’ve helped a number of partners access other funding streams that work in conjunction with ECO, such as hardship grants and the Warm Homes Fund, enabling new schemes to progress to make a positive impact in some of the most deprived communities across the country. Not only have we refined our funding facilities, but we’ve grown our Delivery team, offering a wider variety of clients full project management services from energy advice to installations. During the financial year we delivered 33 projects on behalf of 31 local authorities. Quality contractors are vital to any fuel poverty scheme and with our dedicated Compliance team, we have continued to grow our installer network, funding a total of 71 SMEs throughout 2018-19. Moving forward, we plan to continue our collaborations with new and existing partners to fulfil effective schemes that benefit the fuel poor across Great Britain. However, we’re not resting on our laurels and will be looking beyond ECO, seeking out other fruitful opportunities to reduce the critical ‘heat or eat’ crisis effecting so many householders across the country. Our ethical approach is one of collaboration, experience and positivity – and we welcome likeminded organisations to join our fight in improving Britain’s failing housing stock and inspiring positive change which will benefit future generations.

Duncan McCombie Chief Executive of YES Energy Solutions


T: 01422 880100 www.yesenergysolutions.co.uk

Contents Part 1 - General description of the company’s activity and impact


Company background


Our values


Our year in numbers


A winning formula Leaders in ECO Funding & Compliance Ministry of Defence Wrexham ECO Compliance

6 7 8 8 8

LA Flex


New partnerships SSEN National Energy Foundation (NEF) Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire Warmer Homes NEA Connecting Homes for Health East Riding of Yorkshire partnership Teignbridge District Council - Pilot Park Homes Insulation Scheme

10-12 10 11 11 12 12 12

Providing access to a cost effective fuel High Aims - gas connections SGN - Help to Heat

13 13 13

Warm Homes Fund North Yorks WHF Reading WHF North & North East Lincolnshire WHF Basingstoke and Deane WHF

14-15 14 14 15 15

Ongoing schemes tackling fuel poverty Better Homes Yorkshire SHEEP Ryedale Energy Saver Warm and Well North Yorkshire West Sussex Affordable Warmth Doncaster Council Boilers on Prescription Scheme

16 16 16 16 17 17 17

Sharing expertise Presentations and events North Yorks research project Creating legacies to help vulnerable people

18 18 19 19

Charitable activity


Part 2 - Consultation with stakeholders


Part 3 - Directors’ remuneration


Part 4 - Transfers of assets other than for full consideration


Part 5 - Signatory


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Part 1 - General description of the company’s activity and impact

Company background YES Energy Solutions is a Community Interest Company on a mission to alleviate fuel poverty and reduce CO2 emissions. Helping people escape fuel poverty by enabling them to heat their home within their means goes hand in hand with reducing the impact of climate change. Through our extensive and innovative partnerships, funding facilities, and passion to make a change, we have helped thousands of vulnerable residents improve their overall quality of life. Kirklees Council formed YES Energy Solutions in 2000 to fulfil commitments to the environment. We later grew into an independent Community Interest Company in 2009, achieving extensive recognition through the delivery of a multitude of award winning energy saving initiatives across the country. We now deliver projects tackling fuel poverty in homes across Great Britain on behalf of local authorities, housing associations and energy companies. With expertise in project management, funding, energy advice and installations, we have become one of the leading energy efficiency companies in the country.

Our values Our work is centered on our strong social values which puts our customers at the heart of everything we do:


Be green

Be gracious

Be great

Always consider the environment, think sustainably and act sustainably.

Treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.

Act with honesty and integrity and always put the customer first.



saved on lifetime fuel bills


homes improved

400+ more than last year


measures installed


lifetime tonnes of CO₂ saved


‘YES En-

new staff employed worked with them

600+ more than last year

31 councils supported

SME installers funded



5 awards won


ergy Solutions are a proactive organisation with a passion for fighting fuel poverty. Having on a range of Technical Innovation Fund projects, we have been im-

energy saving schemes 24 5

A winning formula Successful schemes and continued focus on doing the right thing, has once again resulted in industry accolades for YES Energy Solutions. In September 2018 we won ‘Funding Provider of the Year’ for the second consecutive year, a first for any company at the National Energy Efficiency Awards. This title recognises our innovative work securing and distributing funding to support a national installer network and a multitude of council backed energy efficiency schemes. The ceremony also saw our Head of Operations, Katie Baker, highly commended in the ‘Best Business Development Manager’ category. Further success followed for Katie in January 2019 when she became one of National Energy Action’s (NEA) Heat Heroes at the House of Commons. The judges selected Katie due to her dedication in supporting the most vulnerable householders, as well as the scale of the positive impact she has made from securing funding from different sources to allow the delivery of multiple energy saving projects. YES Energy Solutions earned award success at a regional level, with our innovative Pilot Park Home Scheme in Teignbridge, funded by EDF, winning ‘Small Scale Project of the Year’ at the South West Energy Efficiency Awards. The innovative scheme helped 12 vulnerable residents renovate their Park Homes through external wall insulation, many of whom had been unable to afford the measures without funding. Our Funding and Compliance team also stood out this year, with their valuable work recognised at the 2018 Women in Housing Awards. Winning ‘Compliance Team of the Year’, they were commended for their vital role in the validation process and their strong governance. Another dedicated employee to receive recognition is a member of our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) team. Thomas Hoyle won ‘Green Champion of the Year’ at the Halifax Business Awards for his commitment to reducing our internal carbon footprint, ensuring we practice what we preach.

Leaders in ECO YES Energy Solutions is one of the country’s leading ECO funding providers. Our valuable partnerships with major energy companies have helped thousands of vulnerable residents to live in warmer, cosier and healthier homes. Over the 2018-19 financial year we up-scaled our ECO delivery and secured 57 funding contracts with six energy companies. This funding was channelled into a range of local authority schemes as well as our countrywide installer network, made up of SMEs, allowing us to boost local economies in the process. “It can be rare to find such providers in our industry who you feel work alongside you as an installer and not against, but YES do just so. It is a pleasure to deal with their staff, who you feel always commit as much resource in helping you as an installer get things ‘over the line.’ Our relationship is something which we value greatly as a business, and long may it continue.” Lee McNally, Director of Next Energy

What is ECO? The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a funding stream that major energy companies have to provide. The funds support the costs of domestic energy efficiency measures. ECO3, the current phase of ECO, came into effect in October 2018. Its main focus is to support residents on low incomes who struggle to afford their fuel bills, with the eligibility criteria allowing potential for an estimated 6.6 million vulnerable households to access funding for heating and insulation measures.

We funded 71 installers in 2018-19 which resulted in the installation of 5,692 energy saving measures in homes throughout Great Britain, helping thousands of vulnerable residents save £58,020,493 on fuel over the lifespan of the measures. Our funding service was recognised at the National Energy Efficiency Awards, winning ‘Funding Provider of the Year’ for the second year in a row.


Funding & Compliance In the 2018-19 financial year our Funding and Compliance team expanded, allowing us to provide ECO funding and compliance as a dedicated service to a variety of clients.

Ministry of Defence EWI scheme In November 2018 we secured ECO funding to support a major retrofit programme with Amey, insulating a range of domestic properties on behalf of the MOD across England. Our ECO funding supplemented the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s budget, injecting £355,347 to support the renovation of 438 properties. The project has delivered £2,413,235 lifetime bill savings for residents. Across the wider programme of works, service men and women from the Armed Forces had their homes improved with a variety of energy efficiency measures including; external wall insulation, loft insulation and replacement doors and windows. Our management of the compliance processes, as well as our expertise in technical monitoring, ensured that the scheme maintained a 100% pass rate - a huge achievement for a project of this scale.

Wrexham – ECO Compliance In June 2018 YES Energy Solutions worked closely with SBS Contractors and Rykneld Homes to fund and manage the ECO compliance process for an extensive insulation scheme in Wrexham. The four month programme saw the transformation of 157 hard to treat properties helping tenants slash fuel bills to keep warm for less.


LA Flex YES Energy Solutions has helped several councils access the Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) strand of ECO, helping them define their own qualifying criteria to close the fuel poverty gap in their respective areas. LA Flex is a fantastic opportunity for local authorities to broaden the scope of ECO and support vulnerable householders who otherwise would not meet the standard qualifying criteria. Throughout 2018-19 we helped a range of councils to write their Statement of Intent, as well as set up validation processes to ensure the right evidence is collected. As LA Flex has evolved and grown in importance, YES Energy Solutions has developed systems whereby we work as a central hub, streamlining the approach for councils to ensure they aren’t inundated with funding applications from installers. We manage the end to end process, on-boarding quality contractors and checking qualifying evidence to ensure funding applications progress whist safeguarding council reputations. Our validation process has been adopted by Scarborough Borough Council, Ryedale District Council and is currently being implemented into the Better Homes Yorkshire scheme.

“YES have helped many of our residents access ECO funding for insulation and heating measures, utilising their own contractors and making the process simple and straightforward for the client. The YES team are proactive and supportive, working with our Wellbeing and Energy Advice officers to ensure that as many residents as possible benefit from the various funding streams available through their services.” Lynn Williams, White Rose Home Improvement Agency Scarborough Borough Council

Pamela Cooley qualified for ECO funding through Scarborough’s LA Flex criteria. She went on to get a new energy efficient boiler installed through YES Energy Solutions. Lesley, Pamela’s daughter and full time carer, explained: “Before we had the central heating system installed, we relied on a pay-as-you-go back boiler which used to eat our money. Our energy bills were sky high as I always had to ensure that the temperature was comfortable for my mum who’s got really bad circulation and suffers with diabetes. It’s real peace of mind to know that my mum feels more comfortable now.”



New partnerships Over the course of the 2018-19 financial year, YES Energy Solutions have created and developed a wide range of proactive partnerships.

SSEN In September 2018 YES Energy Solutions partnered with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to provide their South East of England customers with advice on saving energy, smart meters and switching, mirroring the service their Scottish customers receive. In addition to free impartial energy advice, we are assisting customers who may be eligible for funding through ongoing projects and partnerships. The advice service aims to reduce the number of residents living in fuel poverty across SSEN's licence area by ensuring customers requiring extra support have access to tailored information to make informed decisions. YES Energy Solutions is providing advice on:       

Energy efficiency measures Thermostats and controls Heating and hot water use Energy efficient lighting and home appliances Smart meters Eligibility checks for funding and grants for energy saving installations Income maximisation

The scheme is progressing into the 2019-20 financial year.



National Energy Foundation (NEF) Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire In 2018 YES Energy Solutions developed a new partnership with independent charity, National Energy Foundation (NEF), to deliver energy efficiency improvements for eligible householders in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire from July 2018 to April 2019. NEF work in partnership with a number of local authorities in the area to deliver Affordable Warmth Network (AWN) services – an initiative offering energy advice and providing top-up funding for household efficiency measures. We have become one of NEF’s framework contractors to receive and process referrals from the area. As well as channelling ECO funding into the scheme, YES Energy Solutions is managing the whole customer journey, facilitating technical surveys, installations and after care inspections. The partnership has already led to new opportunities including installations on NEF’s Cosy Homes scheme in Milton Keynes in which vulnerable residents using food banks are targeted for energy saving support.

“It is essential for the National Energy Foundation to have an installer we can trust to respond quickly and efficiently with the knowledge, understanding and empathy to work with those in fuel poverty and in crisis situations. YES have exceeded our expectations over the past year; providing end to end support to both those we support and our own staff and offering innovation and solutions to increase the support we can offer. We look forward to growing this partnership over the coming years.” Matt Neal, NEF Project Development Manager

Hertfordshire Warmer Homes Led by Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team, the Hertfordshire Warmer Homes scheme spans 10 local authority areas and interlinks with the innovative ‘Herts Help’ service – a single point of contact into a triage service, committed to improving health and wellbeing across the county. With a strong focus on alleviating fuel poverty, the scheme combines different funding streams to make up the shortfall from a sole reliance on ECO. Each of the district and borough councils set an annual budget to compliment ECO, and through this blended approach, installations are fully funded in most cases. We were appointed as project managers in November 2018 and have since processed over 100 customer referrals across the county, overseeing the full customer journey, managing funding applications, and coordinating surveys and installations through our network of local SME contractors. From taking part in the Hertfordshire Warmer Homes scheme, eligible residents are benefitting from reduced fuel bills and enhanced thermal comfort through energy saving home improvements they would not have otherwise been able to afford.

10 11

NEA – connecting homes for health Fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action (NEA), appointed YES Energy Solutions to manage their 100 home gas connection project in County Durham from December 2018 to May 2019. Gas connections were funded by the Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme (FPNES), which aims to connect householders in fuel poverty to the gas network for them to access a cheaper fuel source. Furthermore, customers were also assisted by the Warm Home Discount Scheme, in which energy suppliers help fuel-poor customers through third parties. The funding was only ring-fenced until May, so a slick and efficient operation was required. We worked with established local contractors, Highly Efficient Heating Ltd and Aubrey Cornfoot Ltd, to install first time gas central heating systems in a range of properties in 10 defined areas in County Durham and Sunderland. The work was completed in May and has helped a series of vulnerable residents slash their fuel bills by accessing a more cost effective and accessible fuel source.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council partnership In March 2018 YES Energy Solutions secured a contract to work in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to deliver an extensive gas central heating scheme which intends to fit brand new systems to over 100 council owned properties. Homes with inefficient heating facilities are being transformed with A-rated boilers, radiators and thermostatic controls. A total of 41 installations took place during the financial year with work continuing into 2019-20.

Teignbridge District Council - Pilot Park Homes Insulation Scheme In 2018 YES Energy Solutions worked in partnership with SFP Contracts, EDF Energy and Teignbridge District Council to develop a pilot Park Home Insulation scheme aimed at tacking fuel poverty in rural communities. Park homes by their nature are some of the most inefficient housing stock, as their thin walls provide little resistance to escaping heat. To counteract this, 12 park homes across three sites in South Devon were renovated with external wall insulation, improving their visual appearance and thermal efficiency. Due to the innovative blend of funding, which included ECO secured by YES Energy Solutions with EDF Energy, the scheme won ‘Small Scale Project of the Year’ at the South West Energy Efficiency Awards. Having seen the impact the insulation has made; Teignbridge District Council is now considering developing a larger park homes scheme across the district.

11 12

Providing access to a cost effective fuel source YES Energy Solutions has continued to work with Gas Distribution Network Operators to help vulnerable residents revamp their home heating facilities.

High Aims – gas connections We are working in partnership with High Aims Ltd to deliver gas connection schemes throughout the country, helping eligible residents access grants through the Fuel Poverty Network Extension Scheme (FPNES). FPNES funding is an obligation placed on gas distributors to support the cost of connecting vulnerable households to the mains gas network. As part of the High Aims programme, we are working with Cadent, SGN, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities to secure and process the funding. The scheme operates through the distribution of fuel poverty vouchers. We are validating residents and applying for vouchers on their behalf, getting the new connections installed, as well as handling any queries and providing information on the benefits of a gas connection. Since the High Aims partnership was established, 493 households have been connected to the gas network, and over 700 connections are scheduled for the 2019-20 financial year.

SGN – Help to Heat The SGN Help to Heat scheme provides funding to help householders at risk of fuel poverty in Scotland and the South East of England connect to mains gas and receive subsidised central heating. YES Energy Solutions were appointed by SGN to validate residents for the scheme from 2012 to July 2018. During this time we have helped thousands of vulnerable residents access funding to join the mains gas network.

In July 2018 we helped single mum Lisa Hart, from Ashford in Kent, receive funding towards a gas connection and full central heating installation to replace her coal hungry heater. The gas work was fully funded and over £4,000 was granted towards the installation of a Worcester boiler and five radiators. Lisa explained: “I was absolutely gob smacked! I never really apply for things and I could not believe how much help was actually available for people. It was incredible, I was just so grateful.”


Warm Homes Fund YES Energy Solutions has helped five local authorities secure capital funding through the Warm Homes Fund and is currently supporting the roll out of targeted central heating schemes.

What is the WHF? Launched in 2017, the Warm Homes Fund is a £150 million programme developed by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions CIC. The fund is only available to local authorities and housing associations. By assisting councils to bid for funding, YES Energy Solutions has contributed to reducing fuel poverty across several regions.

North Yorks WHF Working alongside Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire, YES Energy Solutions helped North Yorkshire County Council win over £250,000 of funding to implement a large-scale heating initiative in Ryedale, Scarborough and Hambleton. Over 100 homeowners and private renters will benefit from fully funded first time gas central heating. We became the appointed project manager in November 2018 and are now working closely with district and borough councils in the area to recruit eligible residents that meet the WHF criteria. To support the cost of installations, Ryedale District Council, Scarborough Borough Council and Hambleton District Council are all providing match funding, and we are also adding our ECO facilities to the mix. The scheme has had an overwhelmingly positive response with 98 residents signed up since the project’s launch, with the scheme is continuing into the 2019-20 financial year.

Reading WHF In November 2018 we helped Reading Borough Council secure over £300,000 of Warm Homes Funding, providing 150 homes with energy efficient gas-powered central heating. Properties owned by Reading Borough Council, and those leased or privately owned, will benefit from the scheme if residents meet the eligibility criteria. The scheme is designed to reduce fuel poverty across the borough, with a focus on improving the energy efficiency standards of the council’s social housing. WHF is blended with council capital to fund the new heating systems. We have also helped secure additional funding through our relationship with SGN who have agreed to support installs in any property that receives a new gas connection. Installations will progress in the 2019-20 financial year.


North & North East Lincolnshire WHF During the 2018-19 financial year, YES Energy Solutions installed 91 first time central heating systems and 26 insulation measures through the North and North East Lincolnshire WHF scheme. We are now working with the councils to complete the final phase of the programme. Launched in November 2017, the scheme aims to support 145 vulnerable households. A consortium of organisations joined the programme including two local housing associations. Residents are already benefiting from warmer homes and reduced energy bills.

Elaine Brophy from Immingham has lived in her property for 35 years and relied on a single gas fire as her only heating source. Elaine explained: “Before the installation, the main problem I had was with my health. It really worried me that my cold home was effecting me in that way. I suffer from asthma, and the chill in my home made it a lot worse, but I’ve already felt a massive difference, and my asthma attacks have reduced significantly.”

Basingstoke and Deane WHF In November 2018 we completed Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Warm Homes Fund programme helping residents from rural communities access renewable heat technology. All the properties were too far from the gas network to warrant an economical connection, so alternative technology was recommended including air source heat pumps. We helped five householders who were using inefficient and expensive room heaters, access whole house central heating for the first time. Although the Basingstoke scheme only supported a handful of residents, we have made positive links with the heat pump manufacturer Daikin and are now in the process of developing similar schemes in rural areas throughout the country.


Ongoing schemes tackling fuel poverty YES Energy Solutions has continued to develop several schemes which were secured in the 2017-18 financial year.

Better Homes Yorkshire YES Energy Solutions is one of the framework contractors for Better Homes Yorkshire, a multi council initiative helping thousands of householders keep warm for less. The project is managed by Engie on behalf of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA). Since our inclusion to the framework we have insulated 213 homes, helping residents across the region benefit from subsidised loft, cavity and external wall insulation.

Melvyn & Margaret Bowman from Skipton had their Park Home insulated through the scheme. Winter 2017-18 saw temperatures of -11 degrees; with this in mind, the Bowmans spoke about the difference they’ve felt already: “The difference is not only visual, we can really feel it – it’s a ‘cosy’ warm now. The noise has also reduced drastically, we treated ourselves to a meal to celebrate! We’re absolutely thrilled.”

SHEEP Our ongoing involvement in the South Humber Energy Efficiency Partnership (SHEEP) is helping hundreds of residents across North and North East Lincolnshire rise out of fuel poverty. Working with both North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council, we are processing resident referrals, helping vulnerable householders access ECO funded heating and insulation measures.

Ryedale Energy Saver Since January 2017 we have worked with Ryedale District Council, managing their energy efficiency grant and loan programme. To date 38 householders have benefited from insulation improvements, boiler upgrades and central heating installations. Mr and Mrs Hazel from Malton received a fully funded combi-boiler through the scheme. They explained: “We’ve noticed a big difference, it’s just lovely to have hot water and heat there all the time. We were very pleased when we found out it was fully funded because we wouldn’t have been able to pay for it without a grant.”


Warm & Well North Yorkshire YES Energy Solutions became a Warm & Well partner in 2017, working with a network of organisations to support vulnerable residents across North Yorkshire with a wide range of wellbeing services. The scheme is managed through Mid-North Yorkshire Citizens Advice who source the most appropriate support to meet the needs of different householders. YES Energy Solutions is now part of the referral network, offering ECO funding and quality installations.

West Sussex Affordable Warmth YES Energy Solutions completed West Sussex County Council’s Affordable Warmth scheme in October 2018, helping local residents access a range of energy saving home improvements. The scheme span across seven local authority areas and utilised ECO2T funding for boiler upgrades and insulation improvements. The county council decided to close the scheme following the launch on ECO3 and are now in the process of refining their affordable warmth strategy.

Doncaster Council Boilers on Prescription YES Energy Solutions has continued to support Doncaster Council’s innovative Boilers on Prescription Scheme, where vulnerable residents with cold related illnesses are referred for energy efficiency measures by health professionals. Launched in 2015, the scheme has helped over 100 householders improve their health and wellbeing through improved heating facilities.


Sharing expertise We’ve shared our experience and the lessons we’ve learnt from delivering a wide variety of energy efficiency projects through various channels to help the collective work towards alleviating fuel poverty.

Presentations and events Throughout the 2018-19 financial year we presented at numerous industry events to spread the word on the latest policy developments and opportunities. We spoke at several APSE seminars throughout the year in Edinburgh, South Lanarkshire and Oxford. Additionally, in March 2019 we presented at the APSE Big Energy Summit in Warwick. With a captivated audience made up of local authority officers and councillors, we looked at the challenges the UK faces to improve energy efficiency in homes, and the steps local authorities can take to influence positive change. In addition, we attended the NEA annual conference to discuss how area based initiatives are the key to targeting fuel poverty hotspots, and at the Chartered Institute of Housing we spoke about how ECO can be tapped into to improve the energy efficiency of social housing. Our energy saving message could be heard on Yorkshire’s Pulse 1 radio in October, and we appeared in numerous industry and local publications throughout the year with journalists seeking out our industry expertise.

North York’s research project YES Energy Solutions conducted an in-depth study to identify householders most likely to be living in fuel poverty in North Yorkshire. The research was commissioned by Northern Gas Networks on behalf of Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire to identify fuel poor households with no central heating facilities in seven local authority areas - Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby. We used our experience, amassed from managing countless energy efficiency schemes, to help partner councils gain a better understanding of fuel poverty levels in their areas. The study aids understanding of where central heating measures could be implemented and how these could be funded via various national fuel poverty alleviation funds. Potential for gas connections funded through the Fuel Poverty Network Extension Scheme (FPNES) was identified, as well as the likelihood of central heating systems being granted funding through ECO or the Warm Homes Fund (WHF). Publicly available data sets were utilised, including Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and gas pipeline maps. The study found potential for funded gas connections and central heating installs across all areas, however there was variance in the amount of opportunities identified. The detailed report breaks down the findings by district, and further divides this into urban and rural areas.

Creating legacies to help vulnerable people YES Energy Solutions fulfilled a multi-site solar PV programme with Anchor England’s largest provider of housing, care and support for elderly people. The work was completed in 2011 and as a result of the Feed in Tariff, funds are generated from the extra electricity generated by the panels, allowing the housing association to benefit financially year on year to helping support budgets for the care of vulnerable residents. The first installation was carried out at Tolson Grange, a large care home in Huddersfield. 163 solar panels were installed on the roof with a potential to generate up to 30kWp of electricity at full capacity. The electricity generated allows the housing association to invest money into other facilities that help elderly people live more comfortably.


Charitable activity As an ethical Community Interest Company, YES Energy Solutions has continued to raise funds for local and national charities that support vulnerable people in different ways. During the 2018-19 financial year we raised over £5,000 in charitable donations.

YES Open Day In August 2018 we hosted our very own open day raising around £5,000 for the children's charity, Tommy's, who research miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Training workshops gave our clients the opportunity to learn about our processes and the projects we are currently working on. A further donation of food to Christian’s Together Calderdale food bank followed the event.

Pedal power .

We sponsored Lee Fox from Home Insulation group (one of our SME contractors) on a gruelling 173 mile bike ride from Whitley Bay to Whitehaven. Through our support, Lee donated all his sponsorship money to the Tommy’s charity.

Fundraising throughout the seasons We celebrated Halloween in fancy dress to raise funds to contribute further to the Tommy’s charity. Staff also took part in Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children UK and held a bake sale on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day raising over £100 to National Energy Action.

Part 2 - Consultation with stakeholders

Our Partners Often bridging the gap between the public and private sector, YES Energy Solutions work with a wide range of organisations. To achieve our core mission - alleviating fuel poverty and reducing CO2 emissions, we have teamed up with local authorities, housing associations, major energy companies, gas network operators, and a network of SME installers. Our relationships are at the forefront of everything we do, and by maintaining open channels of communication, we work to keep these running efficiently for the good of all partners. Listed are the organisations that we have worked in partnership with over the 2018-19 financial year:

Local Authorities

Other Partner Organisations

Adur District Council Arun District Council Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Chichester District Council

All Party Parliamentary Fuel Poverty & Energy Efficiency Group Association of Public Service Excellence (APSE) Energy

Craven District Council Crawley Borough Council Derbyshire County Council Doncaster Council Durham, County Of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Department for Work and Pensions Easy Green Deal Energy Saving Trust

Hambleton District Council Harrogate Borough Council Hertfordshire County Council Horsham District Council Leeds City Council

ENIA Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Mid-North Yorkshire Citizens Advice

Mid Sussex District Council North Lincolnshire Council North East Lincolnshire Council Reading Borough Council Redditch Borough Council

Ministry of Defence National Energy Action (NEA) National Energy Foundation (NEF) Ofgem Warm & Well – North Yorkshire

Richmondshire District Council Ryedale District Council Scarborough Borough Council Selby District Council Teignbridge District Council Wakefield Council Wrexham County Borough Council West Sussex County Council Worthing Borough Council York, City of Council

Housing Associations Housing & Care 21 Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing L&H Homes Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd Ongo Homes Limited Riverside Housing/The Riverside Group Saxon Weald Homes Ltd South Yorkshire Housing Association Ltd Sutton Housing Vivid Housing Ltd Walsall Housing Association

Commercial Partners AF Construction Services Arktek Group Ltd B-ECO-Smart Ltd Blue Sky Energy Group Ltd British Gas CarillionAmey Comcat Daikin DK Hughes Plumbing & Heating Ltd Dual Fuel Solutions Ltd Eaves Energy Solutions Ecogee Ltd EcoSave Installations Ltd EDF Energy EnergySuite E.ON Gas Compliance Ltd Green Deal Centre Green Key Installations Greenvision Energy Haigh Energy Services Han Green Solutions Ltd IB Howarth Associates Ltd

Ideal Boilers IG-Nite Power Ltd Impact Energy Ltd Insulation Direct Ltd JUB Systems UK Ltd Keepwarm Ltd LMF Services Miller Pattison Mitsubishi Electric MPC Energy Ltd National Surveys Nationwide ECO Heating Services Next Energy Solutions Ltd North West Energy Ltd Northern Exports Ltd Northern Gas Networks NPower One Stop Facilities OVO Energy Pink Innovations Ltd RamEco Ltd Riding Gas Services RMS Energy Solutions Select Boilers SFP Contracts Ltd SGN SHemf Lt Skylava Solutions Ltd Smart Energy Insulations NW Ltd Smart Energy West Midlands Ltd SPS Envirowall SSE plc Stroma Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd The Green Deal Factory Ltd Thermal Homes Ltd Upgrade and Save Ltd Urban Renewable Power Ltd Wales & West Utilities Wallcoatings Ltd Warm Services NW Ltd West Yorkshire Gas Solutions Ltd Worcester Bosch


Part 3 - Directors’ remuneration This information is disclosed in the detailed profit and loss account. There were no other transactions or arrangements in connection with the remuneration of directors, or compensation for director’s loss of office, which require to be disclosed.

Part 4 - Transfers of assets other than for full consideration None

Part 5 - Signatory Signed:

Date: 29/08/2019 Duncan McCombie Chief Executive T: 07494 892 835 E: duncan.mccombie@yesenergysolutions.co.uk Yorkshire Energy Services CIC T/A YES Energy Solutions Unit 1, Brookwoods Industrial Est. Burrwood Way, Holywell Green Halifax, HX4 9BH

T: 01422 880100 www.yesenergysolutions.co.uk 22



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YES Energy Solutions CIC Report 2018-19  

YES Energy Solutions' CIC Report outlines all our activities during the 2018-19 financial year.

YES Energy Solutions CIC Report 2018-19  

YES Energy Solutions' CIC Report outlines all our activities during the 2018-19 financial year.