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Volume I, Edition i September 2012

Thoughts on Diet, Digs & Downward Dog

September is National Yoga Month!

Pose of The Month

Fall in Michigan is a time when nature

whispers to us as she slowly reveals new shades of crimsons hues. As leaves softly land, covering our fading lawns and the crops are harvested, we stand witness to Mother Nature’s slow wave goodbye to the blue skies and sun of that adorned her summer days. As a yogi, fall symbolizes the gathering, centering and unifying of our energy. Crisp, cool breezes turning to frost covered mornings remind me that there are no endings in life. Fall is a unifier, summer’s seqway towards her deep, centering winter rest. Fall shows us that as a people we are being called to gather our own energies to create change in our own personal journeys. So, during this month of September, fall is an inspiration and another opportunity to appropriately observe National Yoga Month. We are offering a “Yoga Month Free Day of Yoga” with free yoga classes and events to educate and celebrate the benefits of yoga open to the public.

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Dishin’ on Chocolate


Our NEW Pilates



Happy Birthday2US! - Sept.11

The Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists: Downward-Facing Dog Long hauls in the saddle got you sore? These four yoga poses will stretch your trouble spots. THE MOVES: 1. Start in a high pushup position with the hands directly under the shoulders. 2. Lift the hips up and back and drop the heels toward the floor to come into an inverted “V” shape. 3. Walk the hands back in toward the feet a couple of inches and drop the heels back even further. 4. Spread the fingers wide apart. 5. Press through the palms to lift the hips even higher up and back. 6. Relax the neck and let the head hang. 7. Hold the position and breathe evenly and deeply for one minute.

THE REASON: Downward dog will not only open the lower back, it will also strengthen it, giving you structural support when you’re on the bike.

Make Today The Greatest Day of Your Life!

STUDIO NEWS!Birthday Pilates & Dessert


Happy Birthday2US! - Sept.11

cle contractions. This is when a muscle lengthens as it resists a force. The reformer is a setup for eccentric contraction. This is the key to achieving the long, strong muscles without bulk that Pilates is known for. Add this to your training and you’ll be hooked for life!


We Turn THREE Years old September 11, 2012!

Celebrate with us by Sharing our THREE For FREE Promotion. Simply Share Our Facebook page with Three Friends and We’ll Give you 3 Additional exercise classes ---FREE! Oh, and come in early for your classes on Tuesday, September 11 - we’ll be eating cake all day long...


Our new Pilates Reformer machines are the sleekest most versatile pieces of equipment you’ll ever experience. The practice of Pilates is known for building long, sleek muscles. For those of you that haven’t graced one of these amazing machines with your bodies yet, please know that training on this piece of equipment will impact your muscles, your core and your overall

spirit in a most dynamic way. The idea behind the reformer is to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. The way to achieve this is by pushing, pulling and holding steady on the carriage of the reformer. What you’ll experience will be the one unique effect of the Pilates Reformer: eccentric mus-

German-born fitness innovator Joseph H. Pilates (18811967) developed the Pilates exercise system in the 1920s. His interest in physical fitness stemmed from a determination to strengthen his own body and improve his health after a sickly childhood. With a background in yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts and other ancient fitness techniques plus some success as a gymnast, diver and boxer, Joseph Pilates devised a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony. He fine-tuned his wellness regimen while working in a hospital in England during the First World War. While working as an orderly at an infirmary, he engineered a way to rig springs on hospital beds to offer light resistance exercises to bedridden patients, and thus the seed for Pilates equipment was planted. He claimed his exercise regime helped him and his fellow workers avoid contracting influenza during a flu epidemic. After the war, Joseph Pilates moved to New York and with his wife, Clara, opened up a studio near the New York City Ballet in 1926. It wasn’t long before he drew a following with dancers who took to Pilates for its ability to create long, lean muscles and a strong, streamlined physique. Legends Martha Graham and George Balanchine were

among his clientele. In 1945, Joseph Pilates published Return to Life Through Contrology, which described his philosophical approach to exercise. Soon, some of his students began opening studios of their own - some making subtle adaptations to the method - and word of Pilates slowly spread.


Chocolate Avocado Pudding for Non-

Avocado & Avocado

Lovers (YUMMY I LOVE THIS ONE!!!) Ingredients 1 avocado, soft and ripe 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 cup grade b maple syrup

6 tablespoons milk (coconut, cow or any type of milk you prefer) Instructions Cut avocado in half and remove pit. Scoop out flesh and put in in the blender along with remaining ingredients. Process until smooth, occasionally scraping down sides. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you’re ready to serve.


Personal Interview with Becky --------and Darlene Daniels by Joan King of YesDetroit Magazine.


door is open to an exercise class at the Studio Mind Body Fitness center behind me as I sit on a stool next to the lobby desk. A strong female voice is calling out “9-8-7-6-54- three more-2 -1”. I turn on my chair and observe a cute, sandy blonde gal, marching in place, wearing a bright pink exercise halter and black yoga pants. She’s leading what appears to be a combination cardio and strength training class. Long black bands, similar to harnesses are suspended from the ceiling with pulleys in front of each class member. They are all now lying on the hardwood floor, each raising one leg into the bands. The band has elevated the instructor’s bum slightly off the floor, giving her a sort of leverage on what I know as the traditional butt crunch.

I’d been seated in the lobby of the studio, talking with the studio’s founder & owner, Darlene Daniels. We’d been discussing her studio’s evolution. Her clients’ needs have changed over the years. The most recent renovation and expansion of the X,XXX square foot facility are testament to these demands. I swivel back around on my stool and half joking (half serious) say, “Now that’s what my butt needs!” “Oh, her butt has changed so much over this past year.” murmurs Daniels as she sits behind

the lobby desk, facing the open doorway, her two hands clasped around a cup of tea. “Really?” I ask, “How do you mean?” Thinking to myself how desperately my own butt needs a change. She sighs, and says “Well, Becky used to be one of my clients. She was 65 pounds overweight when she came to me. She had no confidence. It’s been amazing to watch this woman go from “Can you do anything with this?” as she talks Daniels makes a grabbing motion toward imagined flab hanging from under her arms, “Or this? as she imitates squishing her hand around non-existent belly fat.” “So, what do you do when a person like Becky comes into your studio?” I ask , ”How do you begin to train someone that is so heavy?” Daniels is quick to respond. “You just take it day by day”, she pauses “Encouraging each success, staying focused, just putting one foot in front of the other.” Daniels gushes as she again lights up, leans forward and says, “Really, you need to hear from her what an incredible journey she has been on for the past two years.” The class ends. Becky and class members are easy in conversation. All the ladies are beaming - shiny looking. “They’re wearing endorphin blush” I think. It’s that pink, glowy look you get after a good workout. Daniels calls Becky over to us. She walks over, sipping ice water through a straw out of a giant water bottle. We’re introduced and Becky agrees to talk openly about how she lost the sixty five pounds. At first she walks around as she talks then she She starts by sharing that she was reclaiming her life and her body after having been involved in a bad marriage relationship for over fifteen years. “I was always athletic, played sports in high school and I never had a weight problem. “I got married in my mid-twenties to the wrong person.” she says as she sips her water. “It’s that same old story. I ate because

I was unhappy. The weight just kept creeping on through my late twenties because I was so unhappy in my relationship.”

Becky’s looks at me through her dark rimmed glasses, her soft blue eyes alert, focused as she talks. “It sure doesn’t help when you’re with a person that’s sedentary and tells you how good you look when you’re afraid to look in any mirror you pass because your reflection scares you.” She takes another long drink of water. Other ladies in the room agree with her. I suggest “It seems to be a thing where some men want their women to be heavy. To shroud them in weight so no one will take them or steal them away.” Becky bounces a bit as she nods her head in big, long motions. “Oh yeah, insecure, totally insecure. He wanted me heavy because he had no confidence.” She sighs as she explains that she finally got out of this bad relationship. She said she lost a little bit of weight during this transition period but really nothing significant. “It wasn’t until after I married my second husband that I decided to get my weight under control.” I found this fascinating. “You mean, your husband not only dated you when you were big but married you! That’s pretty cool.” “Yeah, he was a guy that I was friends with in high school.” Becky’s eyes light up as she tells us all how she always adored him and when they connected later in life, he was still the same great guy. “He didn’t care that I was heavier. He truly loved being with me. And we had great chemistry. Plus I was so attracted to him physically. With my first husband, I didn’t have that kind of attraction. You need that in a relationship!” Becky smiles again, crossing her ankle over her knee, pulling on her gym shoe, stretching her foot. “So then what made you want to come here?” I ask. “One day we were talking and

he said something that really hurt my feelings and I knew he wasn’t trying to be mean. He’s just not that way. He said, Becky haven’t you noticed that you’re getting even bigger?” I was so crushed inside. We talked a bit about it and then I just went into the bathroom to take a shower. He came in, still talking while I was showering and then heard me crying. He was really feeling bad that he even brought it up to me. He assured me that it didn’t matter to him. But, it was then that I thought, I’m not going to let my weight get in the middle of this relationship. I love him too much. So, I found this place and I walked in.” “And the rest is history!” Darlene chimes in, beaming in a most maternal way. Becky laughs as she recalls the look on Darlene’s face. “Oh, she had that wide eyed crazy stare she gets and she just said, “Suuure , we can try!” in her shaky, I’m trying to sound confident and upbeat kind of voice.” They both laugh. “What’s the first thing you did together?” (This is the question that originally spurred this interview.) Daniels and Becky say the same thing, nearly at the same time. “We took it step by step. Tons and tons of steps! “I ask, “What, marching in place? Stepping on one of those exercise platforms?” “Yeah, literally, stepping up and down off an exercise platform for an hour at a time.” Becky takes a big breath, falls silent and I see her eyes gloss over as she recalls this memory. Daniels takes advantage of the lull in conversation “Until she puked. She’d step until she vomited.” I ask if that’s unusual and Daniels shares how it’s very common for very heavy or out of form people to get physically ill when beginning an exercise program. (Continued





“Most ladies will throw up and they’ll say I’m done. That’d be the end of a workout ses sion. Not Becky. She’d go into the bathroom, clean up and say we’re finishing this thing.” - Continued from pg 3

Becky’s again nodding and shaking her head at the same time. “It was crazy but it was really my mind over my body. I was determined to get the weight off me.” How long did it take to lose the weight? I ask. “Five and a half months.” I’m shocked. “How long has it been since you lost the weight?” Becky shares that it was two and a half years ago when she first came into the studio. I am amazed. “In two and a half years, you have lost sixty five pounds and become an instructor. That’s incredible!” “Well, this place became my lifestyle. This is who I am now.” Becky stretches her arms out in a sweeping motion, palms up motioning to the room and the people in it. Darlene shares how Becky was so committed to her program, she was coming to the studio every day and that it became a natural progression that as the studio was expanding and needing instructors, Becky seemed like an obvious choice to lead others in reaching their fitness goals. “She’s just such a warm person. She motivates people and inspires them just by being who she is. Most members have no idea how hard she’s worked and how far she’s come in her fitness journey.” Daniels says Becky got certified over a weekend by taking a road trip to Ohio in what

she calls “Wanda’s Love Van!” She’s giggling as she recounts her friend Wanda pulling up in her janketty van, on the Saturday morning they’d agreed to meet at the studio to take them to Ohio. “You’d have to see this van to appreciate what I’m saying. But, I was like, okay, point A to point B. Wanda’s love van got us where we needed to be!”

“So, one girls’ weekend in an old van and you’re an instructor…BAM,” I say “ That’s a blast!” “Oh, it was fun! Becky says. I am so thankful for Darlene and the Studio. That road trip changed my life. Being an instructor gives me a new perspective on staying fit. And it’s amazing to own and realize how losing five pounds is so much harder than losing sixty five pounds!” Becky shares her present five pound weight loss battle. “It’s all about where your head is at when you’re really overweight. Committing mentally to a program will get the weight off because it’s just not natural for a person to be so huge. It’s when you’re feeling good about yourself and you’re active and happy, that’s when your body wants to fight your mind to stay at a particular “comfort” weight. Getting five pounds off and keeping it off is a far trickier battle.”

Rules For Happiness:

1)Free your heart from hatred. 2)Free your mind from worries. 3)Live Simply 4) Give More 5)Expect less


The six ladies that have been listening to us talk (and are obviously regular class members) agree with her. Moving the needle by five pounds is nearly every woman’s biggest weight loss battle. Still, Becky’s sixty five pound loss is quite obviously a huge gain for the members and staff of The Studio Mind & Body Fitness Center.

Let Others Be Guides

Not Goals You Are Your Own Unique Person!

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Studio Mind Body Fitness September Newsletter  
Studio Mind Body Fitness September Newsletter  

September 2012 Studio Mind Body Fitness Newsletter. We're celebrating our 3rd Birthday & National Yoga Month... plus announcing our Pilate...