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Buy a 2 liter Y ES! Cooldrink and Stand a chance to WIN a pair of Puma Evospeed trainers in your Local Store!!

Competetition Terms and Conditions: By entering into the YES! Competition, entrants agree to the rules set our below. This competition is exclusive to YES! in RSA Only. The competition is open to everyone except the following people: a. directors, members, partners, agents, employees, or consultants of YES! Beverages (South Africa) (Pty) Limited and employees of Limelightsa; b. people who are not legal residents and legal citizens of the Republic of South Africa; c. spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner or associate or any persons specified in above. This competition is being managed by YES! (South Africa) (Pty) Limited. The Competition commences on 27th July 2012 and closes on 30th September 2012. To enter the competition, each participant must: 1. Purchase any YES! 2L bottle 2. Write details on the till slip and place in the entry box found in each participating store. 3 No other YES! products are eligible for this promotion. All participants are to keep their YES! proof of purchase until the draw is complete and you receive your prize. Winners will be determined through random daily draws that will be held at the office of YES!. YES! will draw the numbers of the daily winners randomly on a daily basis. The YES! team will verify that the names drawn. The prize winner will be notified telephonically thereafter. Upon receipt of the call, the potential prize winner may be required to provide his/her email address(if available), work telephone number (if available) and a copy of his/her ID book and drivers license to a representative from YES!. At the time of the telephone call, the potential prize winner may be required to answer several questions about his/her eligibility. If a potential prize winner does not meet the requirements, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the Runner-Up Finalist. Potential prize winner is not an actual winner until his/her submission is validated and his/her documents are completed and submitted to YES! (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. In the event of non-compliance with these terms and conditions by the potential prize winner, the prize will be forfeited and the runner-up finalist will be deemed the potential prize winner subject to all conditions herein. The prize is not transferable. The EVOSPEED trainer is subjected to availability, should the Evospeed trainer not be available for whatever reason no substitution or assignment of prize is permitted, but the organisers of the Competition reserve the right to substitute the prize with a pair of PUMA trainers of comparable value. Winners may be required to appear on television or radio, in print publications, or online sites to endorse, promote or advertise the goods or services of YES! (South Africa) (Pty) Limited. However winners of the Competition shall at all times be entitled to decline the above request. By entering this competition you authorise YES! (South Africa) (Pty) Limited to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of entrants for communication or statistical purposes. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.




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Grace M. Mcmahon “In my local park. To me there’s is little that rivals the splendor, peace and creativity that nature brings. And of course the opportunity to frolic around with native dogs and squirrels is always an added bonus. Bring on spring!” Trend Report Contact: @trendytitbits

“same thing i do every spring, try to take over cape town!” Health: 360 fitness; Your Guide: Maintaing tattoos Contact: @onlyjacqui; www.

Seamus Allardice “I’m going to be sitting in a dark room trying to kill off my thesis, possibly by actually working on it. Sport: Olympics; Letter: Paperback Cliches and Inspirations Contact:

Aaron Fuchs “I will hopefully be spending the first weeks of spring on a surfing trip to Jeffreys Bay and then will potentially be working remotely from NYC for 3 weeks, when I get back hopefully the sun will be shining in Cape Town, where you will find me searching for the quaint outdoor cafes that offer delicious food and cold beers.” Finance: Investing Contact:

Ntokozo Coka

Angelique Redmond

“I’m a spring baby. This is my favourite season of the year so you’ll definitely see this unicorn at almost every outdoor event one can find:)” Fashion; Street Style Contact: @Ms_NtokozoCoka; www.theemancipationofntokozo.

“Anywhere in the outdoors where I can be barefoot and saturated in sunshine. I’m super excited for upcoming outdoor music festivals in Spring and Summer, so I can get my dancing-feet on!” Letter: Brass Bell; Music: Dead Alphabet; All around the World Contact: angelique.

Nadine R. Arendse

Nadine Van Eeden “I’m going to have to split the majority of my time between sitting behind my desk (studying) and music festivals this spring.” Review: Glaskas; One night in Cape Town; Lark. Spring/Summer Music Festivals Contact: @naztwi

Dee Theart “Hopefully frolicking in fields of daisies with friends, sipping on ice-cold lemonade.” Feature: Nelly Furtado; Music: Glaskas; Entrepreneur of the month; Review: Chiano Sky; Review: Oppikoppi; Online Job hunting Contact: @deetheart; 4

Jackie Cockshott

Melissa Kelly

Jordan Scott

Jeanine Van Der Vyver “Anywhere in the outdoors where I can be barefoot and saturated in sunshine. I’m super excited for upcoming outdoor music festivals in Spring and Summer, so I can get my dancingfeet on!” Technnology Report; Review: Switchfoot; Gossip Contact:

“You’ll either find me in the gym, huddled under a duvet with this weather or in Durban!” Health: 360 fitness; Your Guide: Maintaing tattoos Contact: @iammelkel; www.

Kimberleigh Muller “Spring is synonymous with bright colours and new beginnings so I’ll be spending extra time in my gumboots, jumping in the last of the rain puddles. And when the sun comes out, there’ll be more than enough flowers to smell! Looking forward to fresh, exciting experiences so give me a ring if you have something up your sleeve!” How To: Survive a Music Festival; Review: Anthony Hamilton Contact: @kimbelin87; www.

“This spring I will be working grafting at college and working on my tan (being British I have to start early)” Music: Al Bairre Contact: @wheresjordsat;

1. Jordan Scott, 2. Jeanine Van Der Vyver, 3. Ntokozo Coka, 4. Grace M. Mcmahon 5. Kimberleigh Muller, 6. Christopher Clark, 7. Angelique Redmond, 8. Dee Theart 9. Nadine R. Arendse, 10. Nadine Van Eeden, 11. Melissa Kelly, 12. Jackie Cockshott 13. Seamus Allardice, 14. Aaron Fuchs, 15. Blink Ngabene

“When the opportunity allows, spring will mostly find me at the recently reserved table under my name, in the open-air with good company, sipping a cosmo, blowing big bubbles through my bubble ring in between giggles, while the slow warmth of Cape Town caresses my skin. And not forgeting, doing my springcelebratory dance at the International Kite Festival happening the 3rd and 4th November in Muizenberg.” Tech Review: Acer; Game Review Contact: @beingnadine

Christopher Clark “”This spring you’ll find me on the beach in Muizenberg pretending it’s already summer”. Sports: Wacky Sports


HOT GOSSIP LAND SPEED RECORD HITS NORTHERN CAPE A few months back we reported on the world famous speed freaks The Bloodhound Project gunning for a new landspeed record, and using the Northern Cape Province of South Africa to do it. We can now confirm that the summer of 2013 looks like the time frame in which the daredevils will attempt to travel at over 1600km/h to set the benchmark of pure madness. BLOODHOUND SSC (the name of the car) is the result of remarkable engineering that allows the ultimate racing car to accelerate from 0 – 1609 km/h and back to zero in just 120 seconds, while sagely

handling the phenomenal forces and loads acting upon it such as 47000 pounds thrust (equivalent to 180 F1 cars) generated by its jet and rocket engines; 30 tonne suspension loadings; air pressures on the bodywork of up to 10 tonne per square metre and

solid aluminium wheels, each weighing 105 kg spinning at 10,200 rpm and generating an extraordinary 50000 G at the rim.

Check out more at

WOOLWORTHS TASTE BURSARY by Jeanine van der Vyver

MR PRICE HOT FASHION DELIVERED by Jeanine van der Vyver Avoid the masses this Spring and shop from the comfort of your bunny pjs and couch, because Mr Price has gone online! You will now be able to access the full range of Mr Price merchandise on the vibrant and easy to navigate online store. Pay for purchases with credit card‚ debit card‚ COD with store collections‚ EFT‚ gift vouchers and your Mr Price money account and have it delivered for a R35 delivery fee. Start shopping now at 6

Ever dreamed of being South Africa’s very own Gordon Ramsay? Or Nigella Lawson? Apply for the Woolworths TASTE Bursary, and make that dream a reality. Woolworths TASTE magazine is awarding one young South African a culinary bursary for 2013. The prize : Woolworths TASTE bursary in partnership with Silwood Cookery School are offering: One year’s study at Silwood Cookery School, sponsored by Woolworths TASTE Magazine; A second year’s study at Silwood School, sponsored by Silwood Cookery School. To enter : complete the application form at


TRENDS @trendytitbit’s by Grace M. Mcmahon

Gamification Gamification is the new ‘wunder kind’ of the tech-industry and its influence is popping up everywhere. Applying game dynamics to a process or task, it works on basic human behaviour fundamentals and turns chores into triumphs. It rewards users with badges, leaderboard status and dopamine, one click at a time. And now it’s establishing itself as the connector to Gen Y, mostly thanks to its Facebook success. So look out because life is about to get much more rewarding.

Say hello to the future of Friday nights. Online ‘club’ your nights away As we make way for the world speed internet, arriving next year, an explosion of online streaming is set for total SA domination. So, get ready to welcome your favorite artists into your home, for a more intimate, interaction-based and virtual ‘club’ experience. Facebook already has the ‘Shaker App’, big in EU It allows you to mix music, share and interact with your mates in one space. Say hello to the future of Friday nights.

Experiential Marketing the future has arrived. It’s all the rage in Europe and now thanks to the latest local creative, Stretch experiential marketing, it has hit our shores in a hot new form. They are mixing-up the brand-marketing game all over the country. Hosting breath taking 5-sense stimulating and truly unique brand experiential experiences and events. Creating a blend of creative concept, digital interaction and multimedia design, paired with consumer vbehaviour. It’s the future of advertising. And it’s here!

MZANSI MID-YEAR TREND FORECAST Grab your umbrella, cos’ its raining awesomeness. Trending last month in Mzansi: • London Olympics 2012 : #SSOlympics • Mandela 67 minutes • Cape Town International Mercedes Benz fashion week : #CTMBFW

Touch-screen tablet madness There’s no denying it, we’ve all gone touch-screen tablet mad. From toppies to the family cat, there’s an app for anyone and everything. So who’s the latest mobile manufacturer to catch on, Blackberry of course. The ‘Playbook’ has awesome apps, games and features. From advertising to everyday uses, touch-screen tablets continue to change the way we remotely interact with objects and made the online-offline reality divide that less clearer… and a bit more interesting.

No clear skies ahead. Cloud technology rising from the ground-up Cloud technology is changing the way we all access, store and share information, making it that much more swift and effective. Basically it’s a hybrid environment and online server. And it’s making its way into our work places, creative spaces and even film industry, with Apple’s newest offering a cloud network and Adobe also clouding-it-up. It seems that soon all storage will be online, and there’s no better place to store and share it all, if you ask me.

• Local Hip-Hop scene 7


OF THE MONTH At age twenty-one most young people are still figuring out who they are and what they want out of life. Imagine how efficient a country like South Africa would have been if more youngsters took their dreams and gave it their best shot to make them reality. Chelsey Wilson is a Cape Town based fashion designer, fresh out of fashion school, who is pursuing her dream of becoming a successful creative in the local fashion scene. Taking a look at all her achievements, she is exceptionally well on her way. Last year Chelsey entered her graduate range in the AFI/Foschini Fastrack competition, which is an amazing platform for young designers to get a foot in the industry. As a result of the competition she got to showcase her range alongside nineteen other fantastic young designers at the Cape Town Fashion Week. She became one of the three winners of the competition and subsequently received an internship at Foschini where they created four pieces to sell in Foschini stores. She is working on a range for Spring/Summer 2012/13 at the moment. We simply couldn’t resist the temptation to give Chelsey a little pat on the back by naming her Yes! Lifestyle Mag’s Entrepreneur of the Month. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved designing clothes and putting together outfits. In my Grade 11 year I decided that I wanted to study fashion designing after matric. It was only in my third and final year at my fashion academy, however, when we were given the freedom to design a range inspired by whatever we liked, that I decided that it was totally where I was meant to be. I walked into the fabric store knowing I could pick whatever I wanted and do whatever I liked with it and I was filled with such joy and delight. When I saw my range walk down the runway at our final show, that feeling was elevated even further and I haven’t looked back since then. There are many things about the fashion industry that can be quite daunting. It is an industry that is classed as superficial and cut-throat, which isn’t me at all. 8

While this may be true in some ways, all the people I have come into contact with have been so warm and helpful, and so keen to help promote and grow young designers. This, along with the passion and joy found in creativity are the things that grab me the most and keep me motivated. My dad always told me that you have to spend money to make money. Dropping a new sample off at a client’s house as a gift is a great way to ‘wow’ them and I can promise you they will be talking about you to all of their friends and contacts! Always be willing to go the extra mile. It might be a hassle, but people notice those things. The best marketing advice I’ve learnt is to make friends and keep them. Wherever I go, whether it be a fashion event or just going to a friend’s get together, I make it my aim to be warm and get into conversation about what other people do and what I do. It’s the best way to promote yourself. If you project confidence and sincerity that they are drawn to, they will want to support you. There’s a line from a movie that I love: “If you look people in the eye, they won’t notice what you’re wearing.” With regards to actual fashion career advice for fashion freaks such as myself: always stick to creating what you love and find beautiful. We live in a ‘crowdpleasing’ world and it is so tempting to follow the herd. However, if something isn’t your thing, it will be very difficult to pull it off anyway. If you create what you love, you will find your niche of people that love it too and want to support you.

I am finding the SA fashion industry so exciting at the moment! It is definitely on the move and there is a definite pull towards supporting young designers and nurturing talent. It will always be a difficult industry to step into and it will always take years to get to the point where you have built your brand sufficiently and have a name for yourself in the industry. However, there are so many exciting opportunities and competitions available to promote yourself. Coupled with determination and purpose, one can go very far in this country. There have been times when I have considered pursuing a career overseas, but when I look at how the industry is growing here in SA, and I think about how much I love this country – it’s people, diversity, natural beauty and positivity - this is where I want to be. The hardest part of starting out in the fashion industry is that it’s non-stop. Once you start, you can’t stop. Once the exciting creative work is done, the rest can be tough, never-ending, and sometimes tedious – but seeing the final product and how happy it makes people definitely makes it worth it!

FIVE QUESTIONS: 1. Celeb you would love to dress one day: Emma Stone 2. Favourite type of material: Chiffon 3. Favourite fashion era: The 1930’s 4. Worst fashion faux pas in your eyes: Crocs!!! 5 Favourite fashion designer: Alexander Wang

Find Chelsea here:; FB: ‘Chelsey Wilson Apparel’; @chel_wil;



SURVIVE A MUSIC FESTIVAL by Kimberleigh Muller

GLAMCAMPING Fun, friends and fabulous trends are some of the top reasons for making it to any music festival. But the horror stories that arise from just a few short days of partying in the fields are enough to make your hair stand on end. Cancelled shows, bad weather, port-a-loos, and tent malfunctions are some of the more frustrating issues any festival goer’s faced with. Further along the line are accounts of crowd stampedes, rape and drug overdoses. But don’t let that scare you! You’re guaranteed to have a rocking time if you keep to basic camp rules – with style! Here are a few tips to help your festival experience along... 1. Wear whatever you want, as long as i t’s comfortable. You’re not at a fashion show, so pack durable clothes and plenty of spares in case the weather changes! Don’t forget your rubber boots and your toothbrush – and keep the latter with you at all times. Loosefitting, indie-inspired clothing goes a long way when it comes to comfortable style, so hurry over to your second hand store and pick up that retro jersey you’ve been eyeing! 2. Pitch your tent downwind from the dreaded port-a-loos. You may be tempted to camp conveniently close by, but don’t give in. The toilets will reek in just a few hours, and you don’t want to be stuck with those, errr, delicious smells for four days straight. 3. “Get some sleep in,” says musician and seasoned festival goer, Reuben Crowie. “Plan the hours you’re going to sleep, and stick to them.” You’ll have loads of events you want to catch and friends who will pull you in all directions, but be firm because you want to feel fresh when your hear your favourite band. 10

4. Know which shows you want to see, and don’t give in to group peer pressure. “If there’s a band you want to hear, you should go!” says Zeke Le Grange, tenor saxophonist in the National Youth Jazz Band. We all know about safety in numbers, but don’t let the group dictate your movements. Just make sure your phone’s charged and you have someone you can call in an emergency. 5. Finally, glam camping wouldn’t be the same without unlimited access to illegal substances. This is a music festival, after all, and many come to make the most of lax security. Not doing drugs is always the best decision – especially since you may not know what you’re taking – but if you must, be safe! Stay with friends and near to your tent where you can relax. Having a bad trip in the middle of a crowd of thousands is not a wise idea, and officials will be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour.

“Have loads of fun, go absolutely mad as crackers, and take as many pictures as possible. Memories like these only come around once in a lifetime!” Mostly A’s: You’re a relaxed person who likes to enjoy life with as little hassle as possible. You hate it when your peace is disturbed, but anything could happen and you have an open mind and heart. You’re best suited for the Cape Town Jazz Fesival, or Swellendam’s Up The Creek fest where you can sit on the grass, have a beer, and while the afternoon away listening to some good music. Mostly B’s: You’re a nut job, you’re zany, with character to spare. You’re the life of the party, a party animal, and can’t stand someone boring who just won’t have fun. You’re Ke$ha’s homie, Katie’s love interest, and MC Hammer’s 80s attitude all rolled into one. Music festivals like the Southern Cross or the Awesome Africa Festival get you excited. You’re ready to dance both day and night and have the time of your life. Mostly C’s: You’re the first to admit you’re a b****, but you don’t care. You’re loyal, protective and love your friends like your own family. The phrase ‘bros before hos’ definitely applies! Anyone who stands in your way will turn you into a raging bull,

SIDE COLUMN: QUIZZ Which festival is best suited for you?

1. I am... a. Cooler than a cucumber b. Wild, wild, sunflower child c. High maintenance d. Romantic at heart e. Not in the mood to talk 2. I prefer listening to... a. Jazz, funk and reggae b. Pop, house, or dubstep c. Hip hop and R&B d. Love songs and classics e. Heavy metal and hard rock 3. My favourite thing to do is... a. Relax at home or with friends b. Party, party, party! c. Have a night out with my girls/boys d. Going on a date with my man/lady e. Get raucous in the woods! 4. The worst thing that could happen to me is... a. Someone ruining the vibes b. Running out of alcohol c. Breaking a nail d. Being dumped e. Losing my Swiss Army Knife

but that rarely happens because you’re such a force already! Festivals like Makufe in Bloemfontein and Pink Loerie Mardi Gras in Knysna get you excited. You just love bumping and grinding to the music. Mostly D’s: You’re a complete romantic, and you don’t care who knows it. You’re head over heels in love with love – from flowers to presents, wedding bells and babies. Anyone who breaks your heart is ruthless, and deserves any vindictive behaviour that follows. You love mellow, caring environments and Oppikoppi Easter Festival or Standard Bank’s Joy of Jazz is great for raising your lighter and swaying to the music. Mostly E’s: You’re an all rounder. You’re fit, healthy, love anything fun or outgoing – especially if it saves the planet. Your idea of a perfect world is one where everyone does whatever they want without harming their planet. You admire festivals like AfrikaBurn and Rocking the Daisies, who do their best to keep their carbon footprint low. You love going crazy in the mosh pit, and the more the merrier – especially at Rustler’s Valley New Year’s Gathering!






A drug dealer by the age of 14, T.I. was always going to make this list. In between making records and movies T.I. has been arrested on countless occasions, one of them for assaulting a female security guard in a university mall. Perhaps his biggest arrest was 2007 for possession of 3 unauthorised machine guns and 2 silencers. For this offence T.I. spent 1 year in prison. The controversial rapper has since served an 11 month prison sentence for drug possession, but is looking to stay out of the can for good this time. What does a famous rapper need with 3 machine guns and 2 silencers?

04. Chris Brown

In February, 2009 police reported that Brown had been taken into custody for beating up a woman. The press soon confirmed the lady to be his girlfriend and RnB singer Rihanna. Images then leaked of a severely beaten ‘RiRi’ receiving hospital attention from the night in question. The saga resulted in Brown having songs pulled from radio and TV, sponsors dropping him without question and narrowly avoiding jail time with community service. Today he’s back plying his trade with hit singles and making appearances at awards shows, but how close he came to losing it all.

03. Michael Jackson

He was perhaps at his most dominant in 1993 when a couple accused him of sexually assaulting their 13-yearold son. The boy’s descriptions of Jackson’s


private parts were incorrect resulting in a lack of evidence, and he came back bigger than ever. Things started to crumble for Jackson in the early 2000’s. First was the ‘balcony babydangling’ incident, closely followed by a documentary which showed Jackson holding a little boys hand in his Neverland Ranch. This bought more allegations of sexual molestation on children and a drawn out criminal trial in which MJ was eventually found innocent. Financial problems and ill health came soon after, until 2009 when he died of cardiac arrest just 3 weeks before a comeback tour titled This Is It.

02. Lindsay Lohan

6 trips to rehab and 5 to jail! The troubles began while filming the 2007 movie Georgia Rule, with reports suggesting that Lindsey failed numerous times to show up on set complaining of exhaustion, but insiders claim it was from non-stop boozing. Soon after the wrap Lohan was in rehab for her alcohol abuse, but was out in 30 days and immediately landed a role in a movie, which was delayed due to Lohan being arrested for DUI after crashing her car into a pavement and police finding cocaine. After another rehab stint Lindsey was arrested for DUI again, this time cops finding a bigger stash of cocaine. A comeback could be compared to pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

01. Britney Spears Oh baby, baby. Spears married dancer Kevin Federline in 2004, and took time out of her glittering career to start a family. 2 years (and 2 kids) later Britney filed for divorce. Around this time a close aunt of Spears died, which resulted in her spending half a day in rehab, getting a tattoo and shaving her head in a span of 36 hours. This episode sat badly with the custody court which awarded sole custody of the kids to Federline, causing Britney to smash up a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella and lock herself in her room with one of her sons so officials couldn’t take him away. The Womanizer singer has since made a successful comeback, but it will be hard to forget how this angel fell so hard from her good girl perch.


Y L L ETADO N FUR le b a t c u r t s e d n I t i r i p S eart e h T by Dee Th

ecome an gs. It has b r mark in n lu r u o y f t the top o making he e a Bird’ a elly Furtado is still ntitled ‘The Spirit ik L m ’ ‘I to um e o. long ess N ver sung a rs later the songstr fifth full-length alb eautiful Miss Furtad e n e v a h u r a b o e e y h y e t e e th a s lv a h th e you said almost tw again. Ready to rele time to catch up wit rldbe lying if ism. Now, waves wo s. e g in k a m , s You would beration and escap erself time and tim ag deemed it high r hit atnes M h r li re with he as destined for gre such n e g lk o anthem fo dustry, re-inventing ctible’, Yes! Lifestyle -f w in in the pop struments that Nelly Indestru the music hold name from a young age d began learning in lashes at guys, e s u o h a s n r e took e of four a h herself a batting ey it was clea to establis ortuguese parents, ortuguese at the ag enager girls were d. Her career really n’s d e d e e c c te n u P P s a tio Nelly has orn in Columbia to ing and singing in e nine. While other uguese marching b p, Plains of Fascina elly g B u a rm rt . , wide for us N in a Po d perfo hop gro uitar at She starte e trombone and g ngs and performed vocals on the hip duo, Nelstar. Luckily ability in a so d to as th ocal hop Nelly wrote when she contribute r also for the trip to showcase her v e solo route. te le e la b e p k a a d sh to ta th m an s not 1996 albu alised that she wa group and decided re


MUSIC Fate took its toll and in 1999 she landed a recording deal with DreamWorks Records. Her debut album, ‘Whoa, Nelly!’, was released in October 2000 and became an instant international success, receiving four Grammy nominations and winning the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Award. Her second album, ‘Folklore’, followed in November 2003, with singles such as ‘Força’, ‘Powerless (Say What You Want)’ and ‘Try’. The album was critically described as “less poppy” and evidently not as successful as her debut offering. With the release of her third album in 2006 named ‘Loose’, Nelly made the whole world sit upright with her definite musical shift to a more R&B, hip hop and punk influenced sound. Not even motherhood stood in her way to redeem her place on music charts worldwide. The album gained positive reviews from critics, many giving the main producer, Timbaland the credit as reason behind the album’s success. Some people however, called Nelly a “sellout” for moving away from her folk roots. But Nelly has never really cared what the masses thought of her as the stats spoke for themselves. ‘Loose’ became the most successful album of Furtado’s career so far, reaching number one in Canada, the United States as well as several other countries worldwide. Singles such as ‘Maneater’, ‘Promiscuous’ and ‘Say It Right’ showed off her new, sexier image. After embarking on the ‘Get Loose Tour’ in 2007, Nelly released her debut Spanish album, ‘Mi Plan’ under her own record label, Nelstar in conjunction with Canadian independent label group, Last Gang Labels. After releasing a greatest hits album titled ‘The Best of Nelly Furtado’ in 2010, she was tired and over the hype of the music industry. “I was seriously considering retiring from my career as a pop musician and pursuing other music-related and creative endeavours.” Just finished touring her Spanish album, she was tentative about singing in English again. Slowly but surely the music bug bit again and she began recording again and eventually found a new freedom and an overwhelming sense of excitement about making pop music. “That is the excitement you hear on the new album, ‘The Spirit Indestructible’.”


Nelly says that nostalgia is a huge theme on the new album. “All my old memories suddenly became crystal clear to me, and I found myself re-visiting my past in a fresh and colourful way.” She starts chatting enthusiastically about these different memories explored in the song lyrics. “The song ‘Parking Lot’ produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, details good times in my hometown - sort of like my own take on ‘Summer of ’69’.” Rodney, the album’s producer, is clearly a big part of the new album’s formation and sound. “When Rodney and I work together, I feel like a child in a playground, uninhibited and happy. We have a great time.” Nelly continues to talk about another track called ‘Waiting For The Night’, inspired by a diary she kept as a smitten sixteen-yearold on a summer vacation in the exotic S. Miguel, Portugal, her parent’s birthplace.

“‘Spirit Indestructible’ is an ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything. It is inspired by people I have met, and special moments in history that I have read about. Spirituality is one of the underlying themes on the album.”

Talking about the album title, it’s obvious that Nelly had a very definite message in mind making the album. “‘Spirit Indestructible’ is an ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything. It is inspired by people I have met, and special moments in history that I have read about. Spirituality is one of the underlying themes on the album.” Nelly says that all the new songs have incredible meaning to her as they were written in moments of intense personal growth. “Overall, I would describe this album as raw and honest – a friendly punch in the face.” The tracks combine hard beats with strong, dynamic vocals. “It’s overall quite a simple album that was very liberating to create and gave me immense joy.” Other interesting elements on the album include production work by the acclaimed hip hop producer, Salaam Remi and the classic hip hop presence by Nas. There’s also a reggae track produced by a Jamaican producer, as well as a collab with The Kenyan Boys Choir in both English and Swahili. On the remix of “Thoughts”, Nelly’s favourite electronic producer/DJ, Tiësto, shows his mellow side, brewing the perfect laidback track. On the track “Be Ok”, the recording artist Dylan Murray lends his unforgettable voice in a charming, simple duet that he penned. The track on everyone’s lips at the moment is the first single, ‘Big Hoops (The Bigger the Better)’, which was released digitally

in April this year. “This was one of the first songs I did with Rodney. When I was writing it, I kind of came into this mindset of myself at about age fourteen growing up in my small town, but living this life that was full of this wonderful R&B and hip hop music that I listened to. It sort of became the soundtrack of that time in my life.” In the song Nelly refers to her favourite R&B and hip hop groups. “The essence of my life as a teenager is portrayed in the song. I think there’s a certain unique swagger you have at that young age which the music gives you.” Nelly tells about the times she used to grab the mic at parties jamming freestyle. “It was all very innocent and fun. I mean it’s this sort of nostalgia the song really takes me to that zone again and I’m really feeling that swagger when I listen to it.” She says that she loves to perform the song live as it’s really a lot of fun. “It’s about making music that’s fun. I think music can take you all kinds of places. It’s magical.” Well, clearly the world agrees. ‘Big Hoop (The Bigger the Better)’ reached number 14 on the UK Singles Chart, as well as charting in several other countries. Music reviews from critics is mostly favourable so far, many calling her vocals “solid and sexy”. Some even compared her to Rihanna, saying Nelly’s take at island chant party music has much more swagger than Rihanna will ever have. Hearing Nelly talk about creating music, it’s clear that music is like breathing to this 33-year-old. “For me, it’s almost like when Alice falls down the rabbit hole and is in a new world. That’s what music does to me. Sometimes it can transport me – not only when I make music, but also when I listen to something I really love. You can take on a role when you hear something. It can be your soundtrack to mischief and it can also be your soundtrack to sadness.” ‘

The Spirit Indestructible’ will be released by Universal Music South Africa on 28 September. Get it!


All in all, they are Rudeboyz – and a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with. The Rudis are made up of extremely talented professional musicians from all over South Africa and Zimbabwe. They have a unique sound with Reggae, Ska, Rock and Jazz influences (and more). The band has played and headlined at almost every festival in South Africa and have toured with UB40 and played alongside the legendary Wailers and the English Beat. Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG caught up with them to find out more about their sound, their thoughts on the SA Music Scene and their plans for the future.

1. The Rudimentals in 3 words are fun, exciting, musical 2. We are: Ross MacDonald on Trombone, backing vocals, Simon Bates on Saxophone, flute, Jody Engelbrecht on Flugel, trumpet, Michael Levy as Lead guitar, Kyle Gray on Drums, percussion, Clem Carr on Keyboards and Errol ‘Bong’ Strachan on Bass guitar. We also have two backup vocalists: Alicia, Bongi and Whosain who Raps.

“PLAYING WITH THE WAILERS WAS AMAZING” 3. The sounds that we try to stick with most as a band are Ska,reggae and funk. 4. There have been a few favourite live gigs, we love playing at Kirstenbosch, Splashy Fen, and Synergy Live. It was also great to play at the Cape Farm house and the old Zula Sound Bar. The gig is only as good as the audience enjoys it. 5. We just wanted to play music as a band and have fun, we never thought we would succeed as we have. 6. Playing with The Wailers was amazing! A lot of those guys were our heroes when we were growing up. 7. We haven’t toured internationally yet because we all have day jobs but we would like to. We think the UK and Germany would suit us the best.


8. The South African Music Industry is maturing tremendously and becoming world class. Venues are a problem and legislation doesn’t help venues grow. 9. Our advice for striving musicians is practice, practice, practice and stay together.

QUIRKY QUESTIONS 1. Do you have any rituals you do before playing live? Teboho THE LEAD VOCALIST does a quick Yoga session. 2. What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done or said to the band? We had a stage invasion with over 200 people on stage at Kirstenbosch. 3. What’s your favourite venue to play at? The Cape

Farm house and Brass Bell, before it was shut down by the authorities and the old Zula sound Bar. 4. What other bands/ artists do you enjoy listening to? Cat Empire Find The Rudimentals on

Facebook (our page: The Rudimentals, Our group: Rudimentals) and twitter @rudimentals.

MUSIC Glaskas – taking popcorn rock to the next level by Dee Theart

It’s hard to think that Glaskas have been around for more or less eight years. Especially seeing that the three-piece are all still in their early to mid twenties. Listening to Glaskas, it has always been clear that Deon Meiring (vocals, guitar), Lolke-Louis “Buddah” Claassen (drums, backing vocals) and Francois Kleynhans (bass guitar, backing vocals) are much wiser than their actual years. South Africa first took note of this quirky three-piece in 2004 as a finalist in the Jip Rockspaaider band contest. The group managed to win the Eastern Cape leg of the contest. Nobody remembers the other finalists, but Glaskas have proven to be anything but fly by nights. The guys aren’t teenagers anymore and life has handed them a few curveballs. That initial spark in their eyes has however remained well intact. Glaskas has recently released their fourth album called ‘Verganklik en Afhanklik’. Working with producers Ewald Jansen van Rensburg and Francois de Klerk from Lightstain Studios for the first time, it’s inevitable that the Glaskas sound has evolved quite a bit. “The tracks are faster and more guitar driven”, the band explains. “The album is a new beginning for Glaskas. We approached the album with a fresh interpretation and understanding of making music. We challenged ourselves with it and believe it was a challenge which others will enjoy.” Die-hard Glaskas fans will know that their lyrics have always had a raw, unpretentious quality and luckily this quality is still evident all these years down the line. After eight years in the industry the band tries to sum up the typical Glaskas fan. “We find our fans to be very outgoing and average to excellent in dancing. We aren’t sure how they feel about walking on the beach.” Hilarious maybe, but Glaskas knows how to work hard. “We’ve realised that one has to be patient to make your dreams reality and we occasionally struggle to remain patient.” Dreamers with their feet solid on the ground. That’s Glaskas. Read more at www.yeslifestylemag.


Follow Glaskas here: www.facebook. com/glaskas,, @glaskas

Al Bairre by Jordan Scott Pronounced Al (as in Uncle Al) Bairre (as in Yogi Bear) or you can simply call them the next big thing. The band consists of 5 members, but unfortunately I only got to interview 3 of them because Tessa was off planting trees in Zambia and Tom…well Tom was in detention. Al Bairre started with Kyle Davis (22) on lead guitar, Nicholas Preen (19) who is the lead singer and plays guitar (he will argue that he is the lead guitarist) way back when they would mess around in the garage and make some noise. They then met the twins at Plett rage, Tessa and Julia Johnson who are recently 20. Julia plays the violin and Tessa the Cello – they add the symphony to the Indie. 6 Months in and many drummers down they finally found Tom Kotze who is, surprisingly, only 16 and they have been making magic ever since. Their inspirations come from various genres, anything that makes them sit up and think – That’s f@#$ing cool! They want to have the same effect on other bands one day and hope that they will have the type of songs that will have people putting them on repeat.

They all knew that one day they would be in a band, I don’t think they really knew that they would be in a band this amazing. This is their life’s ambition and as Nick would say, he is a fan of his band members, which I think is a lovely way to sum up just how close these five really are. So where to from here? Well yes they want to go overseas, but not for good – this is home. They want to play all the major festivals in Cape Town and simply allow people to enjoy the music that they love to make.

Interesting facts and quotes: • The band has a fight before every show (although Nick says that it’s actually every time they’re together). • Nick writes the song lyrics in pictures. • Julia has to tune Nick’s guitar for him because he doesn’t know how to. • Tessa once wrote a letter to the queen… and got a reply. • Tom practices facing the wall. • The band has shared a bath tub. “Bros before hos…except after shows.”

All of their songs are downloadable for free on their soundcloud: Or find them here: @AlBairre; 17


The latest season of Idols is underway? Do you always take a keen interest in the contestants?

L’loyd Cele reaching for the stars!

Yeeep…have to be honest though, I never used to before I entered. I thought the show promised false dreams until it helped me reach for mine and opened so many doors. I am forever grateful for the exposure and the support this show has given me.

The latest season of South African Idols is underway, so we caught up with one of the past Idols to see just how much the show can bring. L’loyd Cele, who finished as runner-up to Elvis Blue in season 6, is busy living his dream as a musician who is followed by thousands in South Africa and is now aiming for higher levels.

by Blink Ngabene How would you describe the style of your new album #NoLimits? The style in my opinion is very international pop with a fusion of African style. There are two sides to this album; there is the English pop which is very trendy, catchy, dance electro and current pop. The Afro pop is very modern as well, a fusion of electro and African rhythms with catchy strong isiZulu melodies that make you fall in love again and again, and more stronger vocal dynamics. The approach of this album is simply to showcase the amazing talent that we have here in umzansi and showcase it to the world. Has there been a bit of travelling to promote #NoLimits? Perhaps outside of SA borders? Yeep, I spent 3weeks in the States,

5 MINUTES WITH: DJ LOYD Loyiso Mdebuka a.k.a DJ Loyd, is one of the most diverse and talented young entertainers South Africa has to offer. With work spanning across the board from DJing, Live TV and Radio presenting, MCing and Voice over work, DJ Loyd pushes the envelope as a multitalented South African DJ. What music projects have you been working on lately? Well currently musically, as a DJ, I do not produce music. But I currently am a mix DJ for my own show “The Freakin Weekend” on Goodhope FM. I also guest mix on Trufm and Euphonik’s MY House on 5fm. I do hope to work on another album soon though. Are you always trying to do your bit to increase the airflow of house music in SA? 18

We know you can draw a crowd, but what’s your biggest gig to date since hitting the big time? working with different producers in New York. I worked with Curtis Richardson who is a multi-platinum producer, written songs for JLO, Rihanna, Craig David to name a few. We co-wrote ‘Hero’ together which is currently no1 on the local pop charts!

I sang for the opening of SA VS England Rugby game two months ago. I first performed a few of my songs on the Kings Park Stadium filled with +-90 000 people and it was televised to millions of people. Then I had to sing the national anthem. This was the proudest moment I have ever felt, to sing my countries anthem in front of millions.

You always seem like someone who was born for music. What’s the biggest kick you get out of music?

Plans for the near future?

Fans!!!! They inspire me every day and they keep me going stronger and stronger. Even when I don’t believe in myself my fans have continued to believe in me and my music. They give me hope and confidence to keep pushing. Other then my fans, my family also plays a very significant part in my life. I am a proud family man and family means everything to me. My family has stood by me through thick and thin, through every storm and they have prayed and believed in my calling at all times. Well house music in South Africa is HUGE. We are one of the biggest consumers of house music in the world. So I am definitely doing my bit yeah. There’s been times were people have been saying that House is on the decline as a result of hip hop – but when you look globally, the top 10 DJs in the world all play dance music. What genre of music do you wish would just piss off? LOL, there isn’t a genre of music that doesn’t make sense to me. All of it at the end of the day has a beat. But if you held a gun to my head. I would probably say lang-arm… LOL Where’s your favourite place to play a gig in SA? Cape Town definitely. Port Elizabeth takes a close second for me. Its one of the places in the country you can rock a deep house set without worrying about someone asking you for a hip hop track.

I have just released my second album called NoLimits, I am currently finishing off my book called The Dream of an Idol which will be in stores this month. I plan to open a foundation next year which will focus on inspiring underprivileged kids to reach for their dreams and teach skills in Arts and music.

Find L’loyd here:;’loydcele; @lloydcele

Who would you say is the pinnacle of electronic music right now? Swedish House Mafia for me. But everyone in that top ten is KILLING it! Is there anywhere the good people of the Western Cape can catch you live in the near future? Yeah, I list all my gigs on my website www. so check that out.

Follow DJ Loyd @djloyd


REVIEWS GLASKAS ‘Verganklik en

Chiano Sky – Hungry Album Review by Dee Theart In pop music it is usually sex that sells. Take Cheryl Cole or Paris Hilton for example. Hollywood usually objectifies pop females for men to fantasise about. Unfortunately their singing ability mostly leaves nothing at all to fantasise about. How refreshing when a pop artists makes her mark in the industry because of her sexy image, as well as her remarkable singing ability. This is the case with Chiano Sky – a 19-year-old who writes her own seductive jazzy pop songs and sings with the passion and charisma of a veteran in the industry. Chiano Sky has taken the local music scene by storm and her sultry voice is making waves on music charts pretty much everywhere in South Africa. Her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Hungry’, shows off her immense song writing and singing talent. This talented lady undoubtedly has the full package required to make a success. The songs on the album are from the heart, possessing a raw emotion that one rarely finds these days. The tracks explore themes that are almost too mature for her nineteen years. Chiano’s debut single, ‘Sick Sick’ first caught the nation’s attention, and now there are twelve more tracks to indulge in. With influences ranging from Nina Simone and Etta James to more modern artists, such as Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue, the album has something for everyone’s taste. I can imagine a club jamming to a more dancey number, whilst an older crowd appreciating one of her jazzy songs in a 1920s type cigar lounge. ‘Hungry’ is a fresh breeze that will leave you yearning for more. Tracks to listen out for include: ‘Walking Away’, ‘I Must Let Go’, ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Act Like A Man’. One thing’s for sure: It won’t be long until she gets swooped up by the international market. Go Chiano!



The Wrong Kid Died

by Nadine Van Eeden

Over the past few years Haezer has established himself as one of the top electro DJ’s around. Many will agree that there aren’t many disk jocks who can match his ability to hype a crowd and make the best of an evening. This is the Haezer we know as a live DJ, but how does he rate as a producer? One thing that must be said is that every genre of music requires some soul to satisfy the appetite, and this seems a tough equation for the majority of DJ’s-turned-producers to understand. Electro is by no means the easiest genre to inject soul into, as its core purpose is to uplift in a party environment, but Haezer is well on his way to doing just that. He currently carries the marks of a producer that is finding his feet in the production of his new EP “The Wrong Kid Died”. The sound is somewhat raw and has a hint of darkness to it, but has evident signs of talent that proves South Africa has another Dj-turned-producer of great potential on its hands. The underground tone of the EP will ensure that it is most likely Electro junkies who will appreciate it more than others, as it doesn’t make for light, background listening. But if you’re looking for something to turn some heads at a party then pick up Haezer’s new EP “The Wrong Kid Died”.

Glaskas’s new album, ‘Verganklik en Afhanklik’, starts off on a strong note with the upbeat punk track ‘Wegbreek’, which appropriately asks the listener to “wegbreek saam met my” and the journey into the album begins. This track in particular refers to our past and future as South African’s with a positive outlook as guest rapper HemelBesem raps “So staan tou laat ons tree vir tree klim oor geboue wat verlede meebring.” The political commentary continues with their cover of Johannes Kerkorrel’s ‘Revolusie’ (The original was released 20 years ago!). It is common knowledge that Glaskas, although not strictly speaking a Christian band, make music that is very much influenced by their faith. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off the album because the idea of having something to believe in is universal. The upbeat ‘Menslik’ is the first single off the album and you can catch the video for it on MK. Its catchy chorus will definitely have you singing along. Overall this album is enjoyable and for many it will come down to whether you’re a fan of lead singer Deon Meiring’s vocals or not. It’s nothing new, but this album grew on me (save for one or two tracks) and I advise you to give it a chance to grow on you too!

DEAD ALPHABET ON TOUR by Angelique Redmond The first half of the tour saw Dead Alphabet cover six cities in six days in sunny California. We played our way up the coast starting in San Diego, before hitting stages in Anaheim, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Ventura and Santa Barbara, Cleveland and Brooklyn. We made the tour van our home, covering over 2000 miles (3,200 km) and complained about it most of the way. It was a window-tinted den of beer cans, mix tapes and parking tickets. We were glad to get rid of it in New York. And considered burning it more than once. The shows paid for petrol and the bar tabs kept us oiled. In Reno we left the venue long after the sun had risen. It’s not only the casinos that stay open all night and keep the drinks coming. In Cleveland we visited the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

and hated it. In Ventura we were warned about the girls in Santa Barbara. In Santa Barbara we were warned by the cops to stay out of trouble. In New York things got ugly in a coyote bar. We couldn’t get a bed in Williamsburg, we couldn’t get any sleep in Chinatown. People cheered, danced up storms, we angered boyfriends, played to empty bar stools, drank too much and promised we would come back soon. We came back broken and confused, desperate for a decent night’s sleep and counting down the days ‘til we can go back. 19


Oppikoppi 2012 – A very sweet thing indeed by Dee Theart

Described as the biggest music festival in South Africa as well as being highly competitive on an international level, Oppikoppi returned for its eighteenth year early in August – its legal celebratory year called Sweet\Thing. Year after year thousands of enthusiastic festival junkies descend to a farm in Northam, Limpopo for a weekend of dust, friends, and most importantly, first-class music. This year was no exception – only bigger and better organised than ever before.

Although the festival only kicked off on the Thursday, masses of eager beavers made their way to the Oppikoppi farm on the Wednesday already to set up a semi-liveable camping site in the red, dry, dusty terrain. By Thursday the crowd grew to a massive 20 000 people, approximately 3 000 more than last year, definitely making this an experience for the non-faint at heart. At Oppikoppi everybody is escaping from their own realities in a way and everybody is automatically friends with everybody. Apart from the festive spirit that roamed everywhere, the music lineup was more diverse than ever before. With over 140 acts to choose from, no one could possibly complain that the organisers slacked to bring the best local and international acts to the fest. The newbies created quite a hype this year. Toya Delazy’s energetic performance with back-up dancers was a keen favourite. With an acoustic rendition of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ she stole the crowd’s hearts. Tailor is a new artist who exempts raw emotion with her self-written tracks. She had the crowd on the top of the Oppikoppi hill at the edge of their seats. The four Kongos brothers have gained a massive following during their short career and put up a brilliant show. Jack Parow joined for a collab – a very clever move. A special mention should also be made of new kids on the block The 20

before the start of their set. There wasn’t a song where every single person wasn’t chanting along at the top of their lungs. Seether’s front man, Shaun Morgan joined Francois and the rest of the clan for an epic Oppi moment singing along to ‘Ek skyn (heilig)’. The international acts were brilliantly selected this year. Babylon Circus, Eagles of Death Metal, Enter Shikari, Bombay Show Pig and Bullet for my Valentine put up excellent shows for their SA fans and were evidently playing on a big SA stage such as Oppikoppi. An epic dome of electro magic awaited all the Oppi night owls on the top of the hill. Haezer, PH Fat, Diplo, Pascal & Pearce and Das Kapital were keen favourites this year, with masses of people head banging until the wee hours of the morning. At Oppikoppi sleep is deemed a luxury and day and night overlaps inevitably becoming one. There’s always music to discover, new friends to make and a campfire to sit around.

Sunday Punchers, Freddie Van’Dango and Spoegwolf, who wowed the crowd with their unique, fresh sound. One of the ultimate Oppikoppi highlights has to be Fokofpolisiekar’s performance. The masses started bundling in front of the stage long

Oppikoppi Sweet\Thing had no boundaries and re-affirmed itself as the ultimate festival experience in the country. If you’ve missed out this year, start saving up now already for next year’s fest. Oppikoppi should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Read the original review at


When asked to cover the Switchfoot concert, I didn’t quite know who they were, so I downloaded a few songs to prepare for their Cape Town show at Grandwest Arena. Their mellow rock sound and uplifting lyrics sparked excitement and since live music is usually entertaining, I braved the Cape Town cold for an evening that turned out to be a warm and fuzzy treat. The Kuyasa Kids were on first - the children’s choir from Stellenbosch who tour the States to gather sponsors for AIDS orphans, were fun and full of energy. Followed by Capetonian band, The Rescu, who were an excellent warm-up, especially when they did a cover of Jet’s - Are you gonna be my girl, which really got the crowd going. By now Golden Circle was buzzing and out came the much-anticipated Grammy-winning main act, who delivered a moving performance. The band has often been labelled a Christian rock group, but philanthropic lead vocalist, Jon Foreman says “the songs are for everyone and calling them ‘Christian rock’ tends to be a box that closes some people out”. Their songs are both spiritual and inspirational - influenced by the likes of TS Eliot and Descartes, and left me with a feeling of connectedness to everyone There were a few surprises during the show – the crowd and Kuyasa Kids sang Happy Birthday to bassist Tim Foreman, who was presented with a birthday cake and candles; and everyone went wild when Jon dispersed into the crowd and started giving out high 5s and then crowd surfed back to the stage. Throughout the show, cameras were filming - which added an extra element of enthusiasm to the dancing and singing. And for those wondering what their band name means; switchfooting in surfer lingo, means “to take a new stance facing the opposite direction”, chosen to express the band’s philosphy about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music which is a philosphy we can all live by.

See more pics at

ONE NIGHT IN CAPE TOWN by Nadine Van Eeden One Night in Cape Town, informally known as the ‘international acts of Oppikoppi show’, was the consolation prize for Capetonians who could not make it to Oppikoppi. Reasonable ticket prices made it an affordable way to get at least a taste of what the festival goers would experience. The line-up consisted of locals - Van Coke Kartel, semi-locals - KONGOS and the four internationals – Eagles of Death Metal, Enter Shikari, Seether and Bullet For My Valentine. I was lucky enough to do interviews with some of the bands and discovered some strange facts about them. Jesse ‘the devil’ Hughes, notorious ladies man and lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal, owns a “medium bristle… baby blue” Care Bears toothbrush and Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas, drummer for BFMV, has a strange fascination with touching cold taps. According to Jason ‘Jay’ James, Bassist for BFMV, ‘Moose’ has to touch every cold tap in the building before playing a show. The golden circle area filled up quickly but the general standing and seated areas were not as well attended. Van

Coke Kartel represented South Africa well by owning the big stage effortlessly, making it hard to believe that they could ever be confined to the small stages they regularly perform on. The band of brothers, KONGOS, further warmed the crowd up with a set list full of favourites including “I’m Only Joking” and “Escape”. It seems like KONGOS can’t get enough of SA and the feeling is most certainly mutual. The Eagles of Death Metal’s feel good music and Jesse’s slick back hair and ‘Southern preacher man’ style had the audience going insane. He even managed to pull off some outdated but entertaining dance moves on “I want you so hard (Boy’s Bad News)”. It was fascinating to see how Enter Shikari could be four laid back, relaxed British guys in a room one minute and then pull off one of the best, most energetic live performances I’ve ever seen. Their set, which included amazing songs like “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide” and “Meltdown”, reminded me of the band battle scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World because of the way they create a wall sound that almost hits you and demands your attention. Seether, being one of the most successful bands to come out of South Africa, was welcomed with open arms and the crowd sang along to “Fake It” and “Tonight”, amongst other hits, fervently. When Bullet For My Valentine were up next to play it was clear who the majority of the crowd came to see as the venue was the fullest it had been all night. There must have been at least 3 mosh pits during “Scream Aim Fire” and “Hand of Blood” and the crowd couldn’t get enough. I think that anyone there that was disappointed when BFMV pulled out of Coke Fest a few years ago was fully satisfied after they finished off with an encore performance of “Tears Don’t Fall”. One Night in Cape Town was well organised and executed and I hope that the Oppi organizers will decide to treat Cape Town with its international acts again next year.

See more pics at www. vetmandesignandphotography.


EVENTS Anthony Hamilton – Back To Love Tour at CTICC by Kimberleigh Muller

La Dolce Vita at Chez Ntemba by Kelly Thuynsma After being invited to numerous events at Chez Ntemba, I decided to attend my first one being, La Dolce Vita, held on Friday, August 3. On arrival, I was greeted with much courtesy by staff and management and taken to the VIP area where I was explained the proceeds of the evening. The club, much to my surprise, was very larny with flat screen TVs, a very accessible bar, sufficient dance space and an easy mingling crowd. At midnight, a fashion showcase was held where designer, Elisa Goncalves, had some gorgeous girls strutting the brand’s lingerie down the runway. Naturally, the boys went wild, but I have to admit though, the pieces modeled were absolutely stunning! We danced the rest of the evening away to the great sounds of DJ Leo and left the club very pleased and satisfied. A very well done to Afrik’1 for organizing this amazing event! Afrik’1 is an event brand that was created in Cape Town from the partnership of two young and talented men, Suzan Pounah from Gabon and Virgile Govoei from Cote d’Ivoire. The brand has built its reputation by organizing various themed events in which African Beauty and Elegance are always strongly promoted. The success of these events and their passion for beauty and style inspired these creative businessmen to diversify their activities and get into the Fashion world. And that is how Afrik’1-Fashion is born.


Hamilton’s Southern soul vibes couldn’t have been better at his Back to Love concert. He wowed the crowd with his rich, gospel voice – not to mention his dance moves – at the CTICC on Friday the 17th August. Although Anthony is best known in South Africa for deep, heart-wrenching songs like ‘Charlene’ and ‘Pray for Me’, this show was more upbeat and light-hearted. Opening with a fast number, he immediately involved both the crowd and his backup singers in the show. Hamilton used the stage well, making eye contact with individuals frequently. This just enriched the atmosphere, and songs like ‘Best of Me’ were received with weak knees and wild screams. After an intense soul session, he took a short break, leaving his three singers and the rest of the band to keep the audience busy. The bassist, guitarist, keyboards and backups took them on a moving journey, complete with tambourines. And with the crowd so engrossed in the song, Hamilton made a

seamless return to stage, joining the band in their antics. He then walked through the throngs of adoring fans while his singers took centre stage. The group was incredibly tight, every band member performing with gusto. That they travel and have fun together – on and off the road – was evident in the way they played off of each other. Each individual did well, supporting their main man effortlessly. Overall Hamilton’s performance was fantastic, as is his powerful voice and vocal range. He has some impressive gospel chops, which is to be expected considering his church choir background. He did very well feeding off of the crowd’s attention and owning the show. By the end, there was a good, wholesome vibe in the building, so much so that even Hamilton didn’t want to leave! He returned to the stage thrice for ‘just one more song’, and weren’t we all glad he did that, ladies?!

LARK ‘Gong is Struck’ Album Launch by Nadine Van Eeden Lark launched their much anticipated album, Gong Is Struck, at Klein Libertas on the 3rd of August. With the Future Primitives and Taxi Violence opening up for Lark an entertaining night was guaranteed. Although not personally a big fan of the 60s inspired Future Primitives, the crowd seemed intrigued by the garage rock trio. Taxi Violence is one of the few bands that I can truly watch over and over without getting bored of the songs or performance. George’s energetic pacing and crowd interaction was, as always, captivating. From the sound of their new tracks, including ‘Love Sick Rock ‘n Roll’, chances are that Taxi Violence fans have a remarkable album to look forward to. As the music started playing the crowd became restless and excitement levels were high as Lark took to the stage. Centre stage was Inge Beckmann clad in a black SheilaMadge Bakker creation with a baboon skull attached to each shoulder. The influence of African traditional music comes through clearly on a few of the new tracks especially because of the focus placed on the drumming. During their cover of “We are Growing” Paul Ressel and Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe even ditched their regular instruments in favour of joining Mr Sakitumi for some tribal drumming. “Two Wolves” then displayed a return to the Native American style that Lark explored previously on their track “Brave”. Mr Sakitumi truly proved his worth with some mind blowing drumming on “Heroin Mary” and “Fuzzy” on the double bass is always something special to see. Inge Beckmann hypnotized the audience in a way that few vocalists can and many of those who attended could not wait to get their hands on the album after Lark finished their set (after an encore of course) and her spell had been cast.


“Rockville 2069 is a futuristic rock musical that is at the heart a love story set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world steeped in the philosophies that characterise the rebellion of the sixties, the seventies and those that are currently shaping our world.” - Johnny Ray I was pleasantly impressed by the sheer originality of Rockville 2069 and its byproducts. Ultimately a story of the power of music, the idea of Rockville 2069 was born a good few years ago and has taken all this time to develop – and it doesn’t even end here! A continuing project of writers Johnny Ray and Bruno Paiola, it’s hard to label the concept of Rockville 2069 as one component. When I take a step back I can see the various elements of this concept: a musical; an album; a graphic novel; and all-in-all pure entertainment. I attended the launch on 18 August 2012, and experienced 11 of the 22 songs on the album performed between excerpts of the musical as a graphic novel on screen – a very interesting experience! The 5 singers performed their pieces with absolute excellence; Bronwyn Reddy and Joseph Clark thoroughly impressed with their musical range. They were accompanied by renowned musician Tony Crox and budding newcomer Kyle Peterson. It was a great introduction to the graphic novel and accompanied the album well – enticing the audience with catchy rock excerpts. I definitely encourage you to go out and buy the album (distributed this month through EMI) and get in touch about the graphic novel, which is stunningly illustrated by Leandro van der Westhuizen. We’re really looking forward to see the musical come to life in the next phase of this inspiring project.

Find more info here:; @Rockville2069; rockville2069arockmusical

MARK HAZE + FRANK FREEMAN by Marele Schultz at Last month, Mercury Live in Cape Town hosted one rocking event to promote musician Mark Haze’s new album. The show opened with a set from the talented Frank Freeman, followed by half an hour of DownontheFirst. An anxious and excited crowd grew stronger as Haze got ready to perform some golden tracks like “The Rabbit Hole”, “Alone” and “Love can change the world”. After experiencing such an outstanding performance from an idol to many of his biggest fans, it’s hard to believe that it was merely a year ago that Haze actually had to battle it out on stage for the title of South Africa’s next Idol –which inspired him to write the title song for the album “Where Angels Fear to Fly”. “It’s a strange kind of thing, as no one I know had been in a position like that before, and no one could tell you how to handle things. It was so scary.” he says. “[After Idols] I kept asking myself if I was going to crash and burn or if I was going to fly.” Even though it’s taken him “forever” to get where he wanted to be in music, “I finally got what I’ve always dreamed of – and I never gave up [despite] most people telling me “you’re done,

you should probably give this Rock ‘n Roll thing a rest”. With a thunderous voice that could easily be placed in the company of legends like Steven Tyler and Chris Cornell , Haze has truly made a name amongst most seasoned South African rockers, having done exceptional on the charts and proving sceptics to be wrong. You’d think that after having two number one hits and seven top 10’s his head would be up in the clouds, but the way that he speaks of his band (12th Avenue) and managing team really gives a sense of what this man is all about: a truly grounded individual who dreamed it big, and made it even bigger. “You know when you’ve got a couple of good guys around you, good things are bound to happen,” he says. All in all, Mark Haze flies where most fear to, and for now he says, “I’m just enjoying the moment...” Grab your copy of “Where Angels Fear to Fly” in stores, nationwide and be sure to catch the music video for Haze’s single “Alone” hitting MK this coming week. For more information on Mark Haze, visit You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates. ( markhaze12, @MarkHaze12 not www.

For more pics of the gig visit: 23

GAME REVIEW is great to boot. Sleeping Dogs is well worth your time, like the other sandbox games, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Saints Row the Third, it’s a welcomed addition to my collection even if it’s for the occasional visit to Hong Kong and to experience the kung-fu fight scenes.

SLEEPING DOGS By Hylton Arendse Edited by Nadine R. Arendse Courtesy of: Megarom Games Welcome, your journey begins in a Hong Kong style action film where I know you are going to enjoy your stay. Your character is Wei Shen, an undercover cop, running from a troubled past tasked with infiltrating the Chinese Triad Empire and collapsing it from within. You are a low-level enforcer working your way up the ranks while keeping your cover intact and navigating the fine line between your honour to the Triads and duty as a cop. Sleeping Dogs is an open world sand box game that started as True Crime: Hong Kong dropped by developer Activision after investing a large amount, however Square Enix saw its potential and acquired publishing rights; and thankfully so. Each progression is fresh, with a dark and serious storyline. Officer Wei Shen is intense as he struggles to keep his cover intact and navigate the emotions and stresses incurred – you know his cover may be blown at any moment! The game authentically gives a sense of a living replica of Hong Kong complete with street vendors, crowded markets and busy streets. The action: over the top kung-fu movie-type scenes and chase sequences is an absolute highlight. The voice acting is top-notch and immerses you further in the story with convincing lines and characters. Sleeping Dogs doesn’t disappoint -- whether you are competing in an 24

illegal drag race, driving a busted car into the river to claim from insurance, or my personal favourite -- the fight club where you test your kung fu skills; and complete with karaoke and cockfight mini-games.v The core of the Sleeping Dogs’ title game-play revolves around hand-tohand combat, epic chase sequences and fighting styles using improvised weapons at hand – fans, doors or telephone booths when you grapple a foe. The combat system is loosely based on Batman Arkham City as you deal with enemies forcing you to strategise your techniques with grappling or armed foes. I found the chase sequences repetitive, but fun and the addition of a slow motion bullet time gives an action movie feel. Like sandbox games you have the option of changing your character’s attire and I enjoy the RPG element where certain articles of clothing carry buffs or perks that increase your character’s stats. The addition of a social hub puts your player’s statistics against your friends adding a competitive element. I am a biiiig fan of kung-fu movies and in Sleeping Dogs, I have the opportunity to take control of a character becoming the personality, and fighting is an awesome experience! The developers make it believable and entertaining with keen attention to detail, certainly a great feat. The delayed release in development does show, but doesn’t diminish the fact that this is an exciting and fun game to play and the story

Rating: PG 18 Gameplay 8/10 Graphics 8/10 Story 9/10 Sound 9/10 Overall 8/10

About the reviewer: WHO? Dashing Creative Group Head with unfathomable super powers, trawling the streets on his twowheeler Honda VFR. KNOWN FOR: A True Gamer and the co-founder of 2upGamers. Movie buff. Apple devotee. Christian. HYLTON SAYS: “SuperC sustains me and yes! Play-doh is my scent.” Xbox Live Gamer Tag: DrtV8derZA Tweet:@Hylton_Arendse


process can take a couple of weeks depending on the intricacy of the design and actually nailing what the client wants.

4. Tattooing

GETTING A TATTOO There’s a lot more to the process of getting a tattoo. A lot of preparation and post-care goes into the act. Whether you’ve had one before; would like to get one soon; or would never think of it, it always helps to be prepared. This is Your Guide To Getting a Tattoo… by Melissa Kelly and Jackie Cockshott

1. Design Design starts with a simple idea and layers build on this original idea. This, of course, all depends on what you are drawing and what the client wants.

The setup involves sterilizing the workstation with a anti-bacterial cleaner, then laying down some clean and sterilized cling film. Most artists only use disposable needles, tips and grips, so there is no need for sterilized instruments apart from the actual tattoo machines. Plain rubbing alcohol is used for that as its safe on electronics and kills 100% of bacteria. Cleanliness and hygiene is the most important aspect before you tattoo, while you tattoo and after you tattoo. All of the above is done using sterile gloves. Usually I work with 2 different machines, a liner and a shade. I also check my needles to make sure they are not bent or warped in any way. Needles must be opened in front of

2. Stenciling The tattoo artist draws out the final design and then stencils it out using carbon transfer paper.

3. Prep Tattoo Area Using a transfer solution (eg. Dettol), the stencil is place on the area to see how it works with the body. The actual design

the customer and must always come out of pre sterilized packaging.

5. Aftercare Bepanthen cream is applied directly to the tattoo and then the tattoo is wrapped in cling film (which should stay on for 4-5 hours). Wash the tattoo in lukewarm water and normal white soap. Also daily intake of vitamin E also helps the healing from the inside out. After you have washed the tattoo let it air dry for 15-20 mins then apply your bepanthen cream liberally over the tattooed area, and you’re good to go. While the tattoo is healing for 2 weeks, you can’t soak it in water, have prolonged exposure to the sun or scratch it when it gets itchy. For itchiness the best thing to do is tap it, as weird as that sounds. Repeat the cleaning process of washing, drying and creaming twice a day, everyday for 2 weeks, always make sure the tattoo is moisturized. After that you should have a perfectly healed, amazing looking tattoo.




On Saturday 1st September 2012 Sowing the Seeds will be back once again, to kick off spring and give you a little taste of what to expect at Rocking the Daisies 2012. This year, Rocking the Daisies and Sowing the Seeds are lucky enough to have the national initiative 49M on board as their Title Sponsor. The 49M initiative aims to inspire and rally all South Africans behind a common

A 49M Rocking the Daisies experience! goal - save electricity and create a better economic, social and environmental future for all. This much-loved prequel to 49M Rocking the Daisies will be held at Zula Sound Bar in Long Street. 3 stages will be hosting the best upcoming and established bands, DJ’s and radically funny MC’s. One jam-packed line up, leading to one explosive night. Expect 49M Rocking the Daisies ticket giveaways and a host of other exciting additions. Tickets cost R100 through webtickets or R120 at the door. Get those dancing shoes warmed up for October and join us at 49M Sowing the Seeds!

Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG is giving away 2 full weekend passes to 49M Rocking the Daisies, arguably the most eco-friendly music festival of 2012! Happening from 4-7 October, you can experience amazing international and local acts such as: Bloc Party, Kongos, Isochronous, and Shadowclub. There’s plenty to keep you busy at this year’s festival including The Red Bull Electro Stage, Lemon Tree Theatre, Trader’s Market, Shnit Cinema and the Mainstay Beach Bar.

To enter, visit giveaways 25








Send your gigs to





Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG Street Style monitors trends on the streets of Cape Town. We’ll visit your college, varsity or latest hangout and make notes of what the latest fashion trends are. You’ll never be safe – we patrol anywhere and everywhere. This is your chance to make an impression and land in the pages of Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG.

You can call it a little hippy, or dress it up to be classy but round sunglasses are heating up this Spring! Match it with a stylish hat or bright colour lips to create the trendiest look for Spring!

Our hottest fashion trend spotted for September – Round Sunglasses.

Send us all your fashion trends for spring to info@



South Africa’s leading womens only model management agency




Max Models is doing a nationwide model search, to find 10 – 20 of the country’s most exciting new faces to be developed into top international models. We are South Africa’s most established model agency, specialising in the development and management of women only. We are a small exclusive boutique agency, that is very selective in order to give special care and personalised attention to the development and management of our models. We are looking for beautiful, unique and different gorgeous female faces aged 14 – 21 years. The ideal height for a model is 1.75 – 1.80m, for the younger models we cannot look at girls under 1.70 as models need to have the potential to grow to the minimum height requirement of 1.75 to realise their dreams. We require 2 photos of yourself with very little make-up and natural clean hair as we need to see what you look like, one head & shoulders the other a full length picture in a swimsuit. Please email these with your name, age, height and telephone number to

WWW.MAXMODELS.CO.ZA to find out more about us please like us on facebook




360 Specialized Training With the age old tradition of panic setting in as winter ends and everyone is scrambling for the gym, we decided to ask a top fitness professional, Chris Walsh, for some fitness tips. 360 Specialized Training Gym has been causing a buzz on social networks lately and we’re going behind the scenes…

By Melissa Kelly and Jackie Cockshott What makes 360 Specialized Training Gym different to the more commercial run of the mill gyms these days? We focus on the client and tailor their gym experience around what they want. I’ve found in the commercial gyms, members are treated like statistics and left to their own accord. That’s the next difference; every client has a personal trainer, this way we can ensure they are getting the motivation and best guidance in achieving their goals. This allows us to develop relationships with our clients and always know their concerns, so we can keep improving our product. As a fitness professional whose worked with so many big sportsmen and top notch clients over the years, what has made you a better trainer? I’ve always looked for qualities in others that I have aspired to and integrated them into myself. It’s important to be knowledgeable in your field, confident in your ability, humble in your actions and appealing in your appearance. Obviously these need to be built on a foundation of core principles: professionalism, honesty, selflessness and hard work. I challenge myself every day to progress and this allows me not only to grow as a trainer, but also as a person.


What are your tips for spring fitness? Do’s


Invest in a Personal Trainer: training has evolved a lot from the do it yourself, robotic-like mundane machine days. Choose a trainer who has your best interests at heart.


Be specific with your goal and have a timeline to achieve it in. “Failing to plan is planning to fail!” Always think what you would be doing if your body was a 100% of what you wanted, this will usually give you an outside hobby i.e. surfing, trail running, mountain biking. So when you do achieve your initial goals, you have something else to focus on and most importantly enjoy.



As scary as it may seem, surround yourself with fit & healthy people as you will immediately be thrown into a more active lifestyle and they will provide great support and know-how when you step out of your comfort zone.


I find training a very personal thing, but if you need a shock to get going, join a challenge or document your lifestyle change on a blog. This way you can be a motivator too.



Don’t stick to the same program, it might have caused a stimulus when you first started it, but every training program has a lifeline and a plateau will be reached.


Don’t go kamikaze into a routine, overtraining can occur and demotivation will set in. Look to incorporate consistent training into your new found lifestyle.


Don’t view training as an aesthetic enhancer for summer or a holiday only. Invest time into your body all year round and have peace of mind that you are addressing the much more important, often overlooked, internal factors.


Don’t just work on your strong points, often greater accomplishments will be reached when you eliminate your weaknesses. All training programs should include a mixture of resistance and cardio training.


Stay away from radical diets and steroids. These may seem appealing, but the long lasting negative effects are definitely not worth it. Working for it will also assist in developing you the psychological profile of a champion.

Find out more about 360 Specialized training here: @360trainingcoza, Facebook: 360 Specialized Training.


BEAUTY 2. Get those amazing full lashes with


Maybelline’s XXX Volume Mascara and why not go with waterproof?

3. Get lovely rosy sun kissed

cheeks with a cream blush. Test Inglot’s amazing range to find your perfect shade for only R129 each.

By Tickle Pink Styling @TicklePinkMU

1. To create that beautiful navy

Smokey eye look try OFRA’s navy eye shadow at R168.43. To intensify this use Fix line Gel Eye Liner in navy at R186.22.

Make Up: Tickle Pink Styling; Photography:Fern Evans Photography; Model: Dominique Anne Cross

4. OFRA has a large range of lipstick colours to choose from so you will definitely find your perfect shade. OFRA’s single lipsticks are R149.67 each or you could opt for a lipstick wheel with a variety of colours for different occasions at R222.90. Don’t forget to add a lip liner to avoid the colour bleeding out your lip line. OFRA’s lip liners are R97.66 each




Fresh, clean, natural looking skin is best for the upcoming warm weather and sun kissed cheeks is the key to creating a fresh and healthy glow. To perfect this look apply a rosy pink to the apples of your cheek blend to avoid any solid lines.

There are two very opposite trends coming through for lips this season. The first is bright matt colour especially pink; play around to find the colour that suits you. The other is a rosy stain, soft and natural.


Do away with the straighteners this season and give your hair a break. We are going natural. Play

Keep it natural during the day and do an intense navy Smokey eye at night. Full thick eyelashes are a big trend this season.

HAIR around with loose side plaits and messy high buns.




RZA: A man for the movies? Real name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, RZA is most well-known to the public as the man who took the Wu-Tang Clan to the heights of the music industry with his production and entertainment abilities, as well as having a successful career as a solo artist. Having won a Grammy Award for his work as a producer and often considered one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers of all time, RZA has turned his attention to acting, like so many fellow peers in his music genre. The question we need to be asking ourselves: is this attempt different, or is RZA just another rapper turned actor? If you are familiar with the Brooklyn native then you might have noticed him in a few supporting roles in recent movies, such as Funny People, Derailed and American Gangster opposite 42

Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Although it was not until recently that he landed a role where he could really deliver some lines and show the world what acting capabilities he has, playing famous music producer Samurai Apocalypse in the hit TV series Californication. The character decides it is time to go into movies, producing and acting in his own project. Later this year comes the release of a martial arts picture The Man With The Iron Fists, a movie written and directed by RZA, while also starring as the main antagonist. This is all fine and dandy, but he has also managed to bring on board some heavyweight actors in the shape of Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. The trailer for the film has been circulating on Youtube for some time now and it is hard to understand why the likes of Crowe and Liu would risk jeopardising their hard earned reputations on the experiment of a music producer in a transitional phase of his professional career. The answer could lie in who is secretly behind the reigns. RZA is known to have a close reputation with directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth who are rumoured to have guided him through this filmmaking process, and with Tarantino’s advice and close mentorship this project could turn out to be a surprise hit.

Various Hip Hop musicians have tried the art of acting, some finding acclaim and others a failed experiment. Names that come to mind are LL Cool J and Ludacris. Both made the step into acting with music careers seemingly slowing and have made a strong case to be considered musicians turned actors. 50 Cent is another rapper trying his utmost to break into acting. His latest movie project, entitled Freelancers, is to be released later this year in which he acts and produces, and has managed to get Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker to co-star. Therefore the trend for Hip Hop artist turned actor is nothing new. RZA will follow up The Man With The Iron Fists with a role in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel to 2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, and is also in talks to co-produce a film project titled The Last Dragon with Samuel L. Jackson in which he will also act. RZA seems like a man on a mission, and obviously has close friends well positioned in the film industry to help him take the steps that could see him replicate his music industry success in the film sector. He might be another rapper turned actor, but one must say he’s going about it in a well strategized manner.

Which actor would you like to see here? Email us at info@ or tweet us @Yes_Lifestyle!

FILMS IN PRE PRODUCITON Carrie Speaking of Chloe Moretz, one feature she has been confirmed for is an adaptation of Stephan King’s horror novel Carrie. The story centers around a high school girl who discovers telekinetic powers, and uses them to exact revenge on fellow pupils who have bullied her throughout the years. The book has frequently been banned in American high schools for its disturbing content which features underage sex and mass violence, so this could make for quite a controversial modern day interpretation. Julianne Moore will co-star as Carrie’s mother and Kimberly Peirce will direct.

RoboCop We really are living in the age of the reboot. All the golden oldies are making their way back to the screen, and RoboCop is no exception. The relatively unknown Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman is set to star as Alex Murphy, a police officer who is murdered by criminals, then brought back to life in an attempt to create the first robotic policeman. Brazilian director José Padilha is attached to the project, while heavyweight actors Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and Hugh Laurie are set to co-star. The original is very much stuck in the 80’s, so it will be interesting to see if a modernised touch can be put on this franchise and perhaps make it a little less corny.

Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall Kick-Ass was a surprise hit in March 2010, consisting of unknown lead actors, but strong supporting actors such as Nicolas Cage and Mark Strong. It was recently confirmed that a sequel has been given the green light. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played the title character Kick-Ass in the first movie, confirmed he will return. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, famous for playing McLovin’ in 2007’s Superbad, is also connected to the sequel. We are most anticipating the return of Hit Girl. The character, played by Chloe Moretz who was 11 at the time, caused much controversy among audiences as she was involved in a string of violent scenes and used strong language throughout the course of the film.


How I spent my summer vacation/ Get the gringo Mel Gibson continues his acting resurrection with a starring role in this crime picture. The movie has already screened in the US and has received favourable reviews. Gibson stars as ‘Driver’, a new convict to a Mexican prison where inmates have the run of the house. The only person who lends a hand to Driver in his new surroundings is a 10-year-old boy, who is definitely more than he appears. Mel still lack popularity among certain circles for the shenanigans he pulled a while back, but his acting always seems to captivate the audience. We all liked him at his best, in our opinion the Lethal Weapon films, and this looks somewhat similar, so perhaps check it out when it hits theatres in mid September.

The Bourne Legacy The Bourne movies are like James Bond movies, we wish they would just keep coming. Others agreed, and that’s why The Bourne Legacy is on the way to cinemas, albeit without Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) leads this big cast as

Aaron Cross/Kenneth Gibson, an agent on the run from Operation Outcome, lead by Eric Byer (Edward Norton) who appears to be up to no good. The new hero is described as “Jason Bourne without the inconsistencies”, so gear up for a movie of epic action scenes and brilliant fight choreography. The Bourne Legacy is out in late September, and this is definitely a must see.

Moonrise Kingdom Written and directed by Wes Anderson, the brains behind movies such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom is highly anticipated by those who enjoy their dark comedy and original filmmaking. The story centres on a young orphan boy and a young girl who fall in love and run away together, resulting in various parties searching in their own wacky way for the young couple. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray are among the A-listers in this eccentric picture that has received amazing reviews from critics who were allowed a screening at the Cannes Film Festival. It has a release date for late October, and this is one we’d definitely spend money to go and watch. 43


5. Eliminate Toxic Chemicals With The VitalGrill Enjoy an eco-friendly braai with the VitalGrill. This wood-burning stove features an integrated battery-powered fan that can burn any dry organic material as fuel. The grill will automatically fan its own flames to create a consistent fire without the need for toxic chemicals or gas.

New Inventions & Innovations By Jeanine van de Vyver 3. Send Virtual Kisses with Kissenger

1. Paper Writer Tablet Can Read Your Handwriting Casio have brought out the remarkable Paper Writer, with the amazing ability to capture words and images written on the attached paper notepad. The device works through a 5-megapixiel camera inside of the case. After the user makes their notes on the notepad, the camera takes a photograph and saves it in a digital format.

2. Electricity-free Home Hydroponic System Impress everyone and grow your own herbs and veggies this Spring with the compact Auxano Vegetable and Herb grower. This ingenious device needs no soil or electricity, just glorious sunlight.


Another step in the field of lovotics (the study of the relationship between humans and robots), designed by Hooman Samani, a Singapore robotics professor, the Kissenger robot sends virtual kisses to your distant lover. The robot features motion-sensitive electronic lips made of silicon, chosen for giving the best smooching sensation. Devices are connected to computers via USB cables and once linked online are triggered to virtually make-out.

4. Pro Chair encourages movement Tired of a numb posterior? The Pro Chair is designed to encourage movement by offering an array of seating options. The chair is made of lightweight polypropylene - which is flexible and recyclable. The chair is available in three sizes and six colours, and features a round seat and curved backrest with a lip, allowing you to sit in a variety of positions including sideways, leaning back or forward.


New App enables users to sell their local smartphone pictures on a digital market place!

ACER ASPIRE ONE D270 LIMITED EDITION THE BALLOON CARNIVAL By Nadine R Arendse “Now. The all new Acer Aspire One D270 limited edition... l i m i t e d ! THE BALLOON CARNIVAL!” has arrived as Oprah would announce in her amplified voice. The netbook’s patently pure white colour is illuminated by almost half of the exposed exterior in striking kaleidoscope-droplets filtering through. This Balloon Carnival motif also populates the vibrant touchpad while surrendering every other surface to the crisp white colour. The design has the “Jess” upbeat feel of the Fox New Girl TV series sort of way. The Acer features a 10.1” inch glossy display, the standard connectivity consisting of VGA, Wi-Fi/LAN, USB, multi-card reader, but also an HDMI® connectivity lets you use this little netbook to watch high-definition movies on a big-screen TV. It has a fairly reasonable 500GB HDD and also features a 6-cell Lithium Ion battery claiming a battery life of +/-8hours. I was fortunate to utilise the earlier Acer Aspire One, three years ago, through a college incentive. This was the first device I owned in the patently white colour that was unavoidably noticeable, considering white was novel then. It served its purpose – assignments could be completed in class without the laptop fuss, presentations displayed on

my netbook to a smaller audience and what I appreciated most was its discreet portability from handbag to table top, without the bulk. The Aspire One D270 still offers this with a comfortable keyboard. The keys are fairly large for a netbook, however every button feels soft and noise-free, making it quite comfortable to use. Having owned an Acer Aspire One, I struggle to see the improvements of this limited device. In the market where smart phones and tablet PCs like the iPad 3 feature similar functionality and better portability, one would expect Acer to improve on a product that would compete in this market. Apple MacBook Air, for example, features a flash memory and a solid state drive, which significantly improves its performance and portability. Yes, it has a new Atom N2800 processor, but to the regular person the main point of difference would be its day-to-day performance. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition and after working on it for about a day, I was annoyed at having to boot and wait 40 seconds for start up mode. In a market where products are constantly being upgraded and replaced, one could rather look for a 15” notebook with more capacity and performance at the same price. If you have a tablet like I have, the iPad 2, but you need a computing platform which is portable and lightweight, then this is great value at the price of R3 999, available from CNA. It’s not fast, but it’s fast enough and using streamlined browsers and applications like Google

Pictorama is a new app aiming to conquer the market of microstock photography. It enables users to sell their smartphone pictures on a digital market place ( and to earn up to 50%of the selling price per sold picture license. Pictorama only sells time-and GPS-tagged pictures-a feature that helps buyers to look for local and seasonal pictures. “What really differentiates us from microstock agencies like Fotolia, Shutterstock or istockphotos is that we will offer millions of regional and seasonal photos. I am convinced that there is a huge demand for those kind of photos on the internet that has not been met yet”, said Christopher Becker, CEO of Pictorama. Our rating system

So head on over to the app store and download Pictorama – it’s free!

Chrome as your default browser helps. If my iPad 2 broke, the Acer Aspire One D270 limited edition, The Balloon Carnival, would happily be my substitute rather than opting to repair my iPad 2 in a hurry.

Courtesy of: Gregg Forbes and Janine Finnemore at Craving Novity 45

TRAVEL 5 Working Holidays Gap holidays aren’t only for after high school – a quick travel and work program abroad can do any student a great break from the books or pressure of a new career. Your first step is researching what you want to do, where you want to go and for how long. After that it will all fall into place. Usually there are a few requirements, such as initial application costs, student or recent graduate status, and a motivational letter. We’ve got the first step all figured out for you below:

1. Working the yachts 10 years ago the average South African would have chosen London as a destination to make some money and travel Europe. Today the trend seems to be working on private yachts. There are various reasons for this. The usual starting block for this work is the Mediterranean, either by the south of France or a Spanish island, which will always come with good weather in the yachting season. The money earned is also usually phenomenal provided a job is secured, which leads to high amounts of personal travel and great life experiences. If you have a solid job then chances are your yacht will migrate to the Caribbean for their season, and this is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiast looking for a working holiday.

2. Teaching English If you’re up for new experiences and moving out of what comfort zone you have for a complete culture shock then this could be for you. The 2 most popular destinations are South Korea and Thailand, and the money is second to none for an overseas working experience. There are 2 ways 46

to go, through an agency, or privately (Hagwon). The agency route is apparently by far the best, as the hours of work are less and vacation time is more for the exact same money as the private option. Travel in South East Asia is also incredibly cheap, and some of the attractions in that area are unparalleled. The requirements are fairly intense though, as a university degree is a must and a minimum contract of a year must be signed.

3. Aupair Aupairing is generally more appealing to the female population, mainly because families prefer females looking after their children. This line of work is an option for overseas working holidays with an option to travel afterward. Holland, Germany and USA are all nations that offer Aupairing opportunities. Obviously there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for these positions of responsibility, but it is relatively easy. The one down side is the amount of hours you are on duty, which might limit the amount of traveling time you have.

4. Ski Slopes We highly recommend working at a ski resort. You can find a reasonable program that will place you in a village

where you work for a mountain through a ski season. The most popular resorts to work at are Whistler, Canada and Vail, USA. Most resorts will house you and provide you with employment. The biggest bonus is the unlimited amount of time you may ski or snowboard. The work hours are never too hectic, so you always have spare time to explore or be active on the mountain. Keep in mind that this will be your travel, as mountains usually don’t pay too well, so there won’t be large savings to take trips around the country you’re placed in. An exciting adventure for outdoor lovers.

5. Study/Work overseas Various countries provide opportunities for students to study and work abroad. England and Ireland are 2 such countries we recommend you explore. This also opens up opportunities for you to get in close proximity to popular back-packer spots in Europe, which any keen traveler needs to discover at some point in their lives.

Visit www.awesometravel.; or to find out more.

SPORT OLYMPIC FEVER The Olympic Wrap-Up By Seamus Allardice by beating Michael Phelps to the gold with a nail biting surge to the finish. In the 100m meanwhile, Phelps made history by becoming the first athlete to defend an Olympic title twice, our boy Chad came home second and was the first to congratulate the American.

For just over 3 weeks many of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women have been gathered in London for the quadrennial sporting event which almost brought the world to a halt. London’s Olympic fever was highly contagious and getting anything productive done became progressively more difficult. With the lure of the television and the seemingly endless array of athletic endeavours to choose from as the event wound down the public interest continued to swell. I’m not one for pageantry; big ceremonial openings and such are not for me, I like to get stuck straight into the races, fights and matches. And it was so easy, as a South African sports fan, to do just that at London 2012. Riding on the wave of enthusiasm generated by Cameron and Chad’s performances in the pool, Team South Africa looked set for their best post isolation medal haul. And with the host nation’s Team GB also flying high the broadcaster’s fervour raised notch after notch with each medal their athletes garnered. The South African Olympic effort got off to the best possible start when Cameron van der Burgh smashed the 100m breaststroke world record on his way to winning the gold medal on the first Sunday of the games. Following his teammate’s success Chad le Clos took on arguably the greatest modern Olympian, in a match-up of epic proportions. In the 200m butterfly le Clos stunned the world

Still in the water, but this time above it, our rowing – lightweight four of Matthew Brittain, Lawrence Ndlovu, John Smith and James Thompson, did a Chad le Clos and surged past the more fancied Danish and British crews to claim gold on the finish line. That wasn’t the last South African medal to be won at Eton Dorney. In the Women’s K1canoe sprint Bridgitte Hartley won a hard fought bronze to push Team SA’s medal tally up to 5. In the fantastic Olympic stadium, the talk never strayed far from Usain Bolt. The Jamaican justified his reputation as the fastest man in the world by defeating the young pretender, Yohan Blake, to take the 100 and 200 meter titles. The two then combined with Nesta Carter and Michael Frater to win the 4 by 400m relay title, in the process breaking the 37 second barrier and the world record. The Jamaican team’s performance would have been the most spectacular feat on the athletic track of the games were it not for David Rudisha. The Kenyan lead from start to finish in the 800m, destroying his own World Record and setting a new mark of 1:40.91. A time which he looks set to improve upon in the coming seasons. South Africa’s great athletics medal hope, Caster Semenya, could unfortunately not match her fellow African’s effort. Despite posting the fastest qualifying time en route to the final, Semenya showed a little tactical naivety when she failed to track the winner and pre-race favourite, Mariya Savinova when the Russian made her

move with 200 meters to go. A silver medal can be considered a good return however, for the lady who has never quite managed to recapture her 2009 World Championship winning form. It seems that the world’s attention is now finally turned to her performances on the track and hopefully that will allow Caster to focus on what she does best, as she can surely set her sights on dominating the 800m event in the build-up to Rio 2016. The final day in the stadium saw a wonderful moment between Usain Bolt and Mo Farah. The Jamaican and Briton mimicked each other’s signature moves for the assembled media in a show of true Olympic comradely, spanning the distance between the sprint king’s 100m and the new British middle distance hero. But my favourite Olympic moment was when World Champion and (then soon to be Olympic Champion) Kirani James, swapped numbers with Oscar Pistorius following the South African’s elimination at the semi-final stage of the 400m competition. With 3 gold, 2 silver and a bronze medals coming home the 2012 Olympics are our most successful games since readmission. Not since Atlanta in ’96 have we won as many gold medals and only at Stockholm 100 years before have we boasted more Olympic Champions than at London 2012. London 2012 can be considered a success for Team South Africa, but on the balance of it the real winner was once again the Olympic movement. I know that I won’t be the only one nursing a hole in my life for the next few days, fighting to overcome Olympic withdrawals. 47



Dwarf Throwing

Sport unites and binds people across borders, race, religion. Sport is human drama in its rawest, purest form. Sport is the ultimate theatre, a stage where dreams are made and shattered in front of the eyes of hundreds, thousands, millions . . .

By Chris Clarke Then sometimes, sport is just plain bizarre. But can’t that be just as beautiful and poetic? The weird need love too. That’s why we are here – to shine a light on the oft-neglected corners of our world. In honour of this, Christopher Clark looks at five of the weirdest sports from around the world.

Extreme Ironing If you are one of those naysayers who thinks that nothing in the world is less extreme than ironing, then it’s time you got out more . . . and don’t forget to take the ironing board with. As the commendably official Extreme Ironing Bureau so brilliantly puts it, extreme ironing is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt”. I’m in.

As self-explanatory as wife carrying really. Dwarves (or little people?) are dressed in protective padded clothing and are then tossed. Diverse styles of tossing are welcome, all that matters is that the man who throws the dwarf the furthest wins. Dwarf throwing is a bit like the darts of weird sports. As it’s essentially a pub game, there is debate (maybe somewhere) over whether it is a real sport or not. And not surprisingly, the controversy also extends into the moral realms. As a result, dwarf throwing has been officially banned in Ontario Canada, according to the 2003 Dwarf Tossing Ban Act, and there have also been related lawsuits in the US and France.

Do you know of any wacky sports? Email us at info@yeslifestylemag. com or tweet us @Yes_Lifestyle!

city bowl

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by Aaron Fuchs Last time we discussed the basics of investing, I left a couple of questions for homework at the end of the article and I hope you all took the time to go through them. Answering those questions will help you prepare for some of the principles we are going to work through throughout this series. The next step to building a successful portfolio of stocks is understanding in the cornerstone of investing, fundamental analysis! There are multiple investment strategies but fundamental analysis is the most widely used. This article is aimed at people who do not know the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet. To a fundamentalist, the market price of a stock tends to move towards its “real value”. If the “real value” of a stock is deemed by the investor to be above the market price, the investor would purchase the stock because he knows the stock would rise to that price. This seems like simple logic, but, how do you find out what the “real value” of a company is? The first step is to analyze the factors that give the company in question its competitive advantage is to ask a few questions: Understanding the financial statements

1) Is the company’s revenue growing? 2) Ok so its revenue is growing, how much of that revenue is profit, and is that growing? 3) Is this company able to repay its debts? 4) How trustworthy is the management team? 5) What advantage do they have over their competing firms?

By Dee Theart

of a company is the key to uncovering the “real value”. The three major statements are; The Balance Sheet, The Income statement and the Statement of Cash Flows. The balance sheet represents a record of the company’s assets (physical goods that have value), liabilities (the company’s debts) and equity (total value of money owners contributed to the business). The income statement measures a company’s performance over a certain period of time, this includes information about revenues, expenses, and profit over that time period. Generally speaking, companies should be making more money that they are spending or they won’t be staying in business for very long. The statement of cash flows represents a record of the cash that flows in and out of the business. Where can you go about finding these financial statements, well its actually quite easy, all companies are required to file them. They can be found in the business annual 10-K and the quarterly 10-K filings, which are published and available on the internet. Reading through a couple of these reports will help you to get a better understanding of the whole view of the company and to be able to compare various companies in a sector and therefore make much more informed investment decisions.

Next time we will be looking at how we can use an online platform to manage our investments as well as get easy access to information regarding those investments. There are multiple platforms out that you can use, but one that I can recommend is, if you are able to, then open account and try to get hold of 10-K and 10Q reports for Shoprite and Pick ‘n Pay. Have a look at the differences and decide which one you would rather bet your bucks on. As usual shoot any questions over to

BSc Mechanical Engineering Yale University 2010 203-747-9716

The days of looking for a job in the local newspaper are almost long gone. Just like with everything else, the Internet has taken complete control. Although there are so many local and international job finding sites on offer, not all are worth the click of your computer mouse. Distinguishing between a bad or average job finding site and an excellent one, it is essential to consider numerous factors. •

Firstly it is vital that the site categorises different job sectors. There are a few specialised job sites available, but for an overall view on what’s on offer, these won’t make the cut. Popular categories include ‘Accounting & Finance’, ‘Arts, Design & Media’, ‘Marketing & Sales’ and ‘Engineering & Technical’.

Secondly, the site needs to have the option for job seekers to upload their CV. By doing this, employers can view your CV online and in some cases contact you directly if you fit the job profile. It also allows the site to mail you job alerts if there are incoming jobs that fit your profile.

Thirdly, the site should narrow down your job search with pivotal questions/ issues, such as the area you are looking to work in. You don’t want to waste your time sifting through the whole country’s available jobs, if you are adamant to stay in a certain province.

Fourthly, the job description of available posts has to be very detailed in order for you to make an informative decision as to whether you are a suitable candidate for the job. These details include the remuneration on offer, the required educational level, the job level and the duties of the job.

Lastly, the job site has to be user- friendly and systematically laid out. Looking for a job is already stressful enough as it is and complicated sites will only shatter the nerves unnecessarily.

After much consideration, opinion polls and evaluations, here are the top sites that fulfill all the above-mentioned factors: o o o o o o o 49



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