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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."” - Henry Ford

1. Tracy Swain, 2. Dee Theart, 3. Grace M. Mcmahon, 4. Jordan Scott, 5. Kimberleigh Muller, 6. Ntokoza Coka, 7. Nadine Van Eeden, 8. Nadine R. Arendse, 9. Jeanine van der Vyver, 10. Dulcie Baleni,

What’s your number 1 travel destination?Tracy Swain Hands down it’s India - with Mumbai and New Delhi being my best-loved cities. The country’s sheathed in vibrancy; from the saris and rotis friend in underground fires to street urchins reciting poetry - simply a must-see Entrepreneur: Innovative @ work Beauty: Getting the right tan, Beauty Lust-haves Contact:

Grace M. Mcmahon Trend Report Contact: @trendytitbits



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Dee Theart I haven’t really travelled yet, but if I had to choose only one place to visit, it would have to be Paris - the city of love and lights. From what I’ve heard and seen, Paris is brimming with historic awesomeness in terms of culture, art, fashion, food and design. And, cliché as it may sound, I wouldn’t mind to share a kiss from the top of the Eiffel Tower one day ... maybe even with a French hottie! ;) Feature: DJ Fresh; Music: Ballistic Blues Entrepreneur of the month; Review: Chiano Sky; Review: Oppikoppi; Online Job hunting Contact: @deetheart; deetheart@gmail. com

Jordan Scott My ultimate travel destination would be Paris, no Italy, no Greece, maybe Thailand....just send me around the world. Health: FitnessSolutions Contact: @wheresjordsat;

Kimberleigh Muller

Ntokozo Coka

Bolivia! Because you can walk a jaguar on a leash in the national park there. Totally legit! How To: Survive a Music Festival; Review: Anthony Hamilton Contact: @kimbelin87; www.

“My number 1 destination for travel would definitely be Disney Land Florida :) I am still a child at heart,I love having fun and I want to meet all the disney stars*embarrassed* I know I’m a bit old for this but I’m a child at heart and it’s the biggest one,why wouldn’t anyone want to go??lol” Fashion; Top Blogs Contact: @Ms_NtokozoCoka;

Nadine Van Eeden ”I can’t wait to go to England to attend Glastonbury music festival. Hopefully my dream will come true next year...” Album Review: Zebra and Giraffe Contact: @naztwi

Jeanine Van Der Vyver “My number one travel destination has got to be the beautiful country of Spain! My greatgrandmother is Spanish and I have always felt connected to this vibrant country. The landscape, food, weather, traditions, unique festivals, beaches and people are all fantástico!” Technnology Report; Review: Red Tape Riot Contact:

Nadine R. Arendse “Granada, Spain where it’s customary to indulge in churros, the Spanish doughnut and dip in hot chocolate for breakfast! Where Fanta is made from real oranges. A good friend who recently travelled to Granada describes it as “going on a vacation to Cape Town, but without the rough edging.” Tech Review: Acer; Game Review Contact: @beingnadine

Dulcie Baleni I would really love to go to Japan and be exposed to the weird and wonderful culture! Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG Intern Contact:

LETTERS My spear’s bigger than yours. I win. by Kimberleigh Muller With all the fuss surrounding Brett Murray’s infamous Spear painting, I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a legitimate cry for freedom of expression, or just an elaborate publicity stunt. I mean, think about it. In May, South Africa became indignant, debates and arguments surfaced, and Late Nite News had a wonderful time shredding the situation to pieces. Even the apathetic voiced their opinions. ‘We should be allowed to paint whatever we want,’ some said. ‘You’re disrespecting the leader of our country and the world is laughing,’ others retorted. But the fact remains that despite the vandalism and the artwork’s ultimate removal, we’ve settled into an uneasy silence.


your story is a hot breakfast topic the next morning, it’s not interesting enough. And all poor Ayanda’s doing is riding the Spear’s fast-diminishing wave.”

The end of August saw another naked Zuma exposing himself to the wary public. This time, the artist was Ayanda Mabulu and the painting, Umshini Wam, shows the president in all his Zulu garb and morning glory. But Cape Town’s AVA Gallery hasn’t received a single angry response. Why? Mabulu was questioned by the media and defended his piece, saying that the only reason he doesn’t get hate mail is because his painting’s more politically correct, asking Zuma questions like why he’s letting his children, the people of South Africa, starve. I say that’s utter rubbish. Murray could just as easily have given a heartfelt explanation for his pointed Spear. That’s the funny thing with art. When one person does something amazing – or awful – it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. My lecturer once told me that unless your story is a hot breakfast topic the next morning, it’s not interesting enough. And all poor Ayanda’s doing is riding the Spear’s fast-diminishing wave.

I enjoy going to the cinema from time to time, especially to watch big budget action movies that just wouldn’t be the same on your home theatre system. Part of the cinema experience for me is the popcorn and Coke that you graze and down throughout the movie. But lately I’ve gotten to the point where I’m thinking of making my own popcorn at home, buying a 500ml Coke at Pick ‘n Pay and sneaking it in to avoid the unbelievable cost that movie chains slap on their snack bars. Just to put it into perspective, a large popcorn and Coke combo at cinemas will cost more than a large Big Mac Meal from McDonalds. If you go to your local super market you’ll notice that the average price for a bag of Imbo popcorn seeds costs around R8. One bag of seeds should easily make 4 boxes of popcorn. So at cost price each box should cost around R2, and maybe R2 for the actual cardboard box. But take into account that cinemas probably get their popcorn at a lower price from buying in bulk. If I really wanted to be understanding I could take labour, electricity and rental costs into account, but the snack bar isn’t the sole source of income, so why the hell do we pay near R25 for a large box of popcorn? The prices of movie tickets are also unbelievably high these days, so why do they really need to rub it in by blasting the snack prices through the roof?

Got something to say? Send your rants and raves to or tweet @Yes_Lifestyle


This still leaves me wondering why in the world that dastardly Spear became such an issue. I can’t see the appeal in Damian Hirst’s bedazzled skull, but it’s a form of modern art. Banksy’s politically-fuelled graffiti has always turned heads, and to some, this constitutes art. Whether you’re sketching a picture of Berlusconi with his head between a call girl’s legs or if you’re creating a watercolour of Michael Jackson and all his little lost boys, it’s still art. Zapiro gets away with his cheeky showerhead cartoons, and Michael Angelo is revered today for painting some of history’s biggest celebrities – including Adam – naked in a church. And they are exquisite. At the end of the day, even if it’s something disturbing like our leader’s great, err, spear, we should be allowed to express ourselves creatively. A nation is only as good as its arts and culture department, and we clearly have a long way to go.

Popcorn? Are you joking?



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The Dead Parrot Society – What’s the big idea? byDeeTheart

“A society built around ideas. An idea has the power to evoke, to move, to inspire. An idea has the power to unite, to destroy, to resolve. An idea can change the world.”


Cliché? Boring? Anything but! The Dead Parrot Society (a play on the Dead Poets Society) is evoking, intriguing and compelling. The society basically supports the notion of not acting like a parrot; entailing that everyone should be able to think for themselves, question norms and have no respect for the status quo.


The Dead Parrot Society was founded over a decade ago by a bunch of residents from the Wilgenhof men’s res at the University of Stellenbosch. The current members realised that there was a campus-wide need for such a forum for discussion on a regular basis.

through ANT+ is launching soon with the aim of creating a place for fans to support their favourite musicians without having to dip into their own wallets, but still generating income for them via their social actions. It’s widely accepted that our new attention economy is the result of being bombarded by countless propositions and the ‘share to download’ mechanic is not a new one amongst them., however, is a fresh take on sharing music by making the reason to engage a far more meaningful one, with pure and measurable real world benefits for musicians. It’s a platform that will differentiate itself by offering 100% selfless support to local musicians and providing a platform for brands to let fans know they are willing to make a real difference by supporting local musicians directly.

“A society built around ideas. An idea has the power to evoke, to move, to inspire. An idea has the power to unite, to destroy, to resolve. An idea can change the world.”

They started to work on a master plan to attract attention with two matching arrows as their symbol, signifying fastforward thinking. The society members made sure that these arrow stickers were visible everywhere on campus without giving away what the society was all about. All of these efforts were targeted at directing people’s interest to the website, displaying the same arrows and arousing further interest with open ended questions, clues, themes, puzzles, as well as a simple invitation at a certain date and time on campus. Sixty curious students pitched for that very first

meeting and the idea was launched: to reach every single student on campus. It wasn’t long until the arrows became a popular point of discussion and the rest of campus also joined in on the fun. Some of the coolest arrow sights were an A2 cardboard contraption mounted on the top of the tallest tree at Merriman Circle and a small arrow cut out, put in the corner of the photocopiers so that every page came out with a small arrow in the bottom corner. Find more info here: or @_deadparrots


TRENDS @Trendytitbits

Trends Blooming in SA this Spring

AVA schools cropping up everywhere I think its fair to say the stereotypical jobs of our parent’s days have been replaced with an array of modern creative career choices and the demand is on the rise. It’s being said that Design school is the new business school, so no surprise that everyone from internationally inspired films schools, like the Cape Town based Cutting Edge Cloud Film and Producer Academy along with most varsities even offering up a refreshed creative curriculum. Locals are finally getting a chance to explore creative careers and rival the international market. And raise the bar and profile on our industry.

by Grace M. Mcmahon

Fitnessista workouts, Holywood style baby! Cycle your troubles away at Moonlight Mass When the moon is bright in the midnight sky no longer is it the sound of dogs you hear, but rather the gentle sound of hundreds of bicycle spokes in the cool city night. Moonlight Mass, a collective inniative is taking our cities and the globe the by storm. Likeminded city dwellers are gathering once a month to cycle in support of their cities and in support of greener inner city transportation and, of course in true hipster style. Check out or at #moonlightmass.

“These new-age sports are definitely the fresh keepfit trend for this season.” We are seeing more and more Hollywood inspired fitness regimes hitting our shores to keep locals fit and fierce. Incorporating a hardpunching concoction of holistic fitness, these electric full-cardio sports like pole dance fitness and hot yoga, are establishing their prominence. And even have the Olympics set firmly in their sights.

Trending in Mzansi this Spring . Outdoor festival season kicks off! . International acts hit our shores;Diplo,Switchfoot, Little Dragon and Talib KwalieblowSAfansaway. We’re looking forward to LinkinPark,LadyGaga,and RedHotChilliPeppersand hearing rumours about JustinBieberandLanaDel Ray . Miners’ and their rights in the spotlight

Everyone from the infamous local celebs like ‘Club 808’s Dineao ’ to ‘Blame it on Fame’ starlet twins, homegrown celebs are seriously snapping up screen time. For the first time we’re a getting a glimpse of our local celebrities and it’s proving too entertaining to pass. Apart from bringing our country’s modern-cultural trials and tribulations into the mind-set of millions, it solidifies our creative exports place in the global market .It’s also giving us all a chance to live the life of our favorite local celebs, one episode at a time.


Homegrown reality shows hittin’ up our screens




UBUNTU BIKES With initiatives like Moonlight Mass, Sunday Shootout, Cycle Links and Drinks and The Spring Haas Run, Cape Town is fast becoming a mecca of all things cycle cool. And one new start up is taking a unique angle of providing the most stylish and cycle chic bikes and accessories the town has ever seen. Ubuntu Bikes is a social enterprise, which produces bikes as works of art. Every single Ubuntu Bike is a unique and original design either commissioned to the client’s specification or drawn from the artist’s own creativity. Along with bikes they also produce a range of stunning handmade leather bicycle bags & baskets, hand-painted helmets and hand-printed tshirts.


Partnering with a selection of some of Cape Town’s most creative charities they aim to take Cape Town’s arts and crafts to the cycle chic riders of the World. Aiming high perhaps, but with the right talent and an amazing team already coming together we think they’ve got something really special going on.


If you want to take your art and creativity to a whole new audience on a unique canvas then contact Jamie to find out more –

innovations @ work by Tracy Swain

Amidst technological advancements and ground-breaking thought platforms, a new breed of thinkers and innovators are being born. We take a look at some of the hottest innovations at work. It would be on-par to note that entrepreneurs are like the engine room of South Africa’s economic growth; hence the reason government has stated on numerous occasions of its intention to boost entrepreneurial activity. Part of being an entrepreneur does require insight into operations and management; especially if you lacking in the areas of time-management. The University of Cape Town started the Genesis Project that sees groups of six to eight students provided with a start-up loan of R50 from which they have to generate enough of a return to fund the production process of their products. This year’s theme was ‘Sustainable Storage’.

Zacca – recycled plastic wallets Comprising of a group of seven students, this team has manufactured, marketed and sold functional wallets made from 100% recyclable plastic packets. Reflecting superb innovation and sustainability, the wallet boasts aesthetics and practicality. Each wallet uses just three plastic packets to be manufactured and offers a brilliant opportunity to eradicate pollution our country is faced with.

Acacia™ – eco hangers Inspired to drive the use of ecofriendly products throughout the country, AcaciaTM manufactures eco hangers that not only snub the use of unsustainable materials, but that offer fashion-forward companies a ‘green’ opportunity for branding and marketing with the ability to individually brand each hanger, while doing your bit for the planet. Aside from hanging your clothes eco-style, you get to meet trendy, eco-conscience consumers for idea exchanges.

Bamboo Revolution – watches

Münch – coffee cozies

The time has come to make a change! And, we’re not kidding when we tell you that a group of creative talent have found a way to watch the minutes pass by, while feeling good about it. Bamboo Revolution manufactures watches out of natural materials and is not only an advocate for life in the green lane, but also donates proceeds to Project Rhino, with every watch sold. These trendy wristwatches are a cool addition to the usual humdrum of watches currently on the market. The face of the watch is made of grass that grows naturally in the ‘wild’ and is also water resistant and resistant to warping. The leather strap is made by local producers in Cape Town.

As the first of its kind in the country, the münch cosy cup is a fashionable musthave for every cup of takeaway coffee or soup purchased. Made of cotton material with a layer of insulation and other enhancing features, the cup sleeve prevents the cup from slipping, protects your hands from burning, and keeps your cuppa warmer for longer — perfect for colleagues who cannot leave you to enjoy your java in peace. The cup sleeves are manufactured in Cape Town by members of a social community outreach programme, Umoja, and get our nod for being environmentally and socially conscious.

Sweet Potato – laptop and tablet sleeves

The Genesis Project is aimed at raising awareness amongst your entrepreneurs about the many ways in which they can support and uplift social and environmental goals within South Africa; whilst learning how to start-up a sustainable business.

Piece Industries Entry Level Skim Board is a high quality product aimed at beginner riders. It also introduces beginners to the sport and develops their skim boarding skills. The main idea for this was to provide a board that was easier to ride and making it a less intimidating for inexperienced riders. The brains behind the idea of Piece Industries consist of four Industrial Designers from CPUT. The boards are constructed of three layers conducive for the abrasive nature of Skim Boarding. The decks for the boards are produced by local designers and artists, using South African words as inspiration for the artwork. There are two types of boards available. They are: the O board, which is lighter and easier to use for younger and smaller riders and it costs R950.00; and the XO board, which provides structural strength for larger, heavier riders and this costs R1050.00. This product is great for a fun day at the beach and in buying one, you also get to support Proudly South African products.

Find Piece Industries: @PieceIndustries


For those of you who got excited at the thought of tablet sleeves doubling up as your lunchtime meal, think again. But, you would be right to consider these funky and ultra-cool laptop and tablet sleeves a good use of natural materials. Made from vibrant fabric hessian coffee bag off-cuts, that would otherwise be discarded, each sleeve is designed and made by local hands embued with a sense of passion. Certainly a better use of hessian bags than potato and sack races!




16 and Pregnant:


What could be more amazing than watching little girls falling pregnant and embracing the fact that they are mothers to be? 16 and Pregnant is a show that follows teenage girls who discover they are pregnant. It is a big hit in America and these girls become famous for that. What kind of message does that put out there? “Hey, look at us! We fell pregnant and now we’re famous for it!” In fairness, it does act as an educational show for mothers showing their daughters the responsibilities and setbacks of early pregnancy, but for the rest of us watching Cool Catz on etv is more entertaining than 16 and Pregnant.


Guilliana and Bill:

The E! Entertainment channel is always introducing reality shows that are not that entertaining. One of those shows is Guilliana and Bill. Guilliana was an E! News host and she met Bill Rancic and they had a fairytale wedding. The show, much like the pioneer show Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, follows what they get up to in their daily lives. To be honest you might as well be watching a reality show about your next door neighbors, such is the pointlessness of this show.


The Real housewives of…: Gossip, cat fights and backstabbing. It’s all the same for all the Real Housewives, just a different place. They have Real Housewives for New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Orange County, just to name a few. Oh, and there’s one with Mob Wives. The Housewives franchise is just a bunch of bored, rich women who have nothing to do but meet up for drinks and talk smack about their “friends”. It all started with the Orange County housewives and from there, other city housewives wanted a piece of the fame. The series was inspired by the hit drama series Desperate Housewives, and personally we prefer the fictional series.




Clifton/ Jersey Shore: Clifton Shores and Jersey Shore might not be the same thing, but they might as well be. Both are shows about people who get jobs at holiday destinations but they don’t really do much work, instead there’s plenty of melodrama and non-stop partying. Jersey Shore follows six people, Snooki and The Situation being the most famous, who head on over to the Jersey Shore for the summer and cement our stereotype of the American working class. Clifton Shores, on the other hand, sees four American girls making their way to South Africa to show off their “great hosting skills”. Again, if you enjoy watching pretty girls look pretty and flirting with all the men at their events, then this is the show for you.

#Dissapointingrealityshows @Aaliyah_Russon: “@Yes_Lifestyle CLIFTON SHORES!! So typical and predictable #overrated!!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

The Kardashians are pretty famous but for what exactly? Kim Kardashian, like Paris Hilton, erupted into the celebrity scene after a scandalous sex tape was leaked onto the internet. Soon after, it was the invasion of the Kardashian clan with their first reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. In the show, you get to watch controlling “momager” (mom and manager) Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and the rest of the family living their overly dramatic lives in front of the cameras. The reality show was so successful, with 8 seasons, that it spawned breakaway shows like Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Khloe and Lamar.



“Rent may be getting you down, cocktails have been reduced to Klippies and Coke, and your train ticket may feel like it’s costing the earth. But that’s no excuse to let your debt get the better of you.”

HOW TO LIVE ON A BUDGET By Kimberleigh Muller Yes, the economy’s scraping the toilet bowl like the germs in those all too familiar Duck and Mr Muscle adverts. But that’s no reason to grumble about how expensive life has become! Rent may be getting you down, cocktails have been reduced to Klippies and Coke, and your train ticket may feel like it’s costing the earth. But that’s no excuse to let your debt get the better of you. Now before you start thinking this is a marketing ploy, take a breath. There is a solution. You can live for free. Or at least very cheaply for a few months!


Budget, budget, budget That’s quite a scary word to put out there, but it’s important to know exactly what you need and what you don’t. So evaluate your hard-earned cash and see what’s slipping through the cracks before you go any further.




Samples, anyone? Food markets, uptown malls and swanky areas are a freeloader’s heaven. They’re filled with delicious food samples and are great for a quick snack (or two, or three) so frequent these places whenever you’re out of spare change. A good place to start is the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturday mornings. Woolies, Pick n Pay, BP and other food outlets get rid of anything that passes the sell-by date (even if it’s still good) so ask around and see whether they can help you out. Food Lover’s Market also offers a ‘Just Friends’ card. Simply fill in your details and you’re entitled to a free drink every day – whether you buy something or not!


Clothing Swaps and Bartering

This isn’t exactly ‘free’ in every sense of the word, but if you’re low on cash, rummage through those drawers and see if your friends and colleagues would be interested in some of your old things (and you theirs). It’s a great was to find vintage items and get rid of excess stuff. One man’s trash, a wise man once said...


Brush that dirt off your shoulder

I once spent an entire summer partying almost every night and going straight into work the next day. My hygiene secret? Showering at work. That same summer, I spent most of my time with friends (even though I had my own place) so managed to use their toothpaste, soap and toilet paper. Never take these things for granted. Hotels are also a good place to get free shampoo, conditioner and other samples so if you’re in the vicinity, grab all you can!


Roughing it

The hardest part of living for free is finding a place you can call your own – one that isn’t a street corner. There are precious few options for this, but there are options. You could move back in with your folks. Yes, they’re annoying, they rub you up the wrong way, but they also give you somewhere to sleep whether you’re earning or not! Beggars can’t be choosers. Another solution is offering your house sitting, baby sitting, or gardening skills to someone who needs live-in help. Alternatively, pack up your bags and sign up to an exchange program. Couch surfing is a popular sport for anyone with a budget tinier than their pinkie finger, plus you get to travel the world!


But I need interwebs!

In this day and age, no one can go without the world wide web. Free wifi and internet connections are everywhere nowadays, from Kauai to McDonalds, and all you have to do is buy a coffee. If that doesn’t work, just park outside the shop. The signal’s still there! Your local library’s also a good place for free internet service. Practically anything’s there for the taking if you use your wits and aren’t afraid to ask. People are often shocked by the question ‘Can I have it?’ and are quite willing to help if you simply give them the chance. And if all else fails...what are friends for?!


H S E R F DJ r Nap e w o P e h T f O King by Dee Theart Images by Big


Dawg Productio


You spilt coffee on apparent reason. no r fo s ue ag lle of your co ady relationship lled at you in front has been in a ste ye rk ss wo bo at ur y Yo gu e. w fic last bit e cute ne y at the of you drive off, the found out that th It’s was a long da a heavy heart. As d to top it all, you th An wi . r se ca ou ur bl ar him yo ite he in u t wh eery as yo ents, you ge your favourite, t feel a bit more ch th life’s predicam wi bu d lp te he tra ot us nn Fr ca w. u er found m riness. talking. Yo for eight years no d DJ Fresh starts ffic dents this newan tra g ds in en ov ng m so wck slo y ro t even the ntagiously you of the latest catch t of a laugh and co llow presenters. No bi fe s a hi th of wi e at on ch th s Fresh ds off hi ersing wi ow on 5FM with DJ t and witty. He en energetically conv her Fresh Drive sh says – to the poin ot he an at st fix. wh Ju ily n. to te da ly ot nt eir rg Africans th are long fo You listen inte e, your problems for loads of South m t ho Bu e er. riv ste ar e u th yo behind chuckle along. As I took notice of a ink the first time th “I e. ag er nd te h – from a d WBLS. When r known as DJ Fres in New York calle n tte be tio – sta e o an di ra kw a Si Thato ic, he ette from The radio bug bit ding behind the m of mine had a cass one day.” Before lan s old and a friend is ar th ye do n to ter a ee af irt ed d th nt se s e that I wa ck’. He reali radio show, I wa as such as ‘Matlo o show I had a clu di am ra dr e th om of tro g ur in s co rd watching d bounds. Hi law I heard the reco massive leaps an he was fascinated in as , g in law g ow in gr dy sy stu bu started I don’t still DJ’ing was “It’s not to say that ion for radio and er. ss re pa s ca hi o di at ra th a e ile wh to pursu off the efore put to a halt go back and finish studies were ther I’ll probably still ty, ni rtu po op plains. e ex th ven y fascinates me,” he want to do law. Gi degree, as it reall




“...the station has always been true to its market. It’s always been a radio station that is about popular youth culture. If you’re young at heart then we’re talking to you, and the station has never strayed away from that. That’s what continues to endear so many listeners.”


Fresh was given his nickname in primary school already, as he was a self-proclaimed chubby kid. “They said I looked fresh like meat. Initially I thought it was a taunt, but I kind of added the lemons and made tequila with it,” he laughs. He started out his radio broadcasting career in Botswana and joined YFM in 1997. By 2003 he moved up the ranks and presented the breakfast show. Fresh then joined 5FM in 2006 and has since become one of the country’s most popular presenters.

DJ Fresh still has big dreams and goals, even though it’s looks like he has accomplished pretty much everything there is to accomplish. “In terms of radio, radio ownership is always first prize. It would be nice to own, co-own or run a radio station with other people that are passionate about radio.” He goes on talking about the current situation in the business of radio where radio ownership is currently mostly privately owned. “You’ll find that the majority of the consortium in charge actually has no clue about radio. All they want is profit and return.” Listeners of 5FM can rest assured that DJ Fresh has no plans to leave the station soon and loving every second of being behind the mic. Our conversation moves towards the power of 5FM as a brand and how they have managed to stay so consistent in their popularity. “I think it is because the station has always been true to its market. It’s always been a radio station that is about popular youth culture. If you’re young at heart then we’re talking to you, and the station has never strayed away from that. That’s what continues to endear so many listeners.” He also mentions the fact that 5FM DJ’s actually live the lifestyle they put out there on air. “We’re not only saying the venue is cool, you might actually see us at that venue. We don’t talk about things that we don’t do and don’t talk about things that we don’t actually aspire to. It’s just that realness about it,” he explains.

Many young radio personalities are quoted as saying that DJ Fresh is a true inspiration in their careers. The man himself, however, has never aspired to be like anyone else. “There might be people whose work I admire, but I’ve always been goal driven, more than I’m trying to be like so-and-so or trying to attain the same success as so-and-so.” He says he finds it becomes more realistic when you live your life according to your own goals, because you know your own limitations and capabilities. “I’ve always set goals and made a plan to follow and stick to those goals.” When he is not busy reaching those goals, he likes watching movies and boasts with a massive DVD collection at home. Watches, fragrances and shades are three other big loves in his life. He will always look and smell super hot with over one hundred and twenty fragrances in his personal collection, forty watches and twenty pairs of shades. DJ Fresh also likes to practise his secret talent. “I think my hidden talent is to take a nap whenever, wherever. I can, literally, in the middle of the dance floor or standing up, take a five minute power nap and be refreshed. Given my schedule and sometimes sleepless days, they come in handy. I’m literally the king of the power nap, I believe.” The Power Nap is definitely not the only region this talented man is reigning. How about the title of SA’s Radio King? Without a doubt.

Follow DJ Fresh @DJFRESHSA Held up to a Mirror Ball at Birth! * DJ-ing since 1986. * Radio since 1992. * I have only just begun! * I’LL HOUSE U! * ps. i DO Sleep


Similarly successful as his on-air radio presence, is his club DJ career in cities all across SA and abroad, including Moscow, Dubai and Ibiza. Interestingly enough, DJ Fresh prefers the local club scene. “For me, it’s still your smaller towns and cities right here in South Africa that always throw surprisingly hot parties. I mean, look at a place like Klerksdorp. Some of my most memorable parties I’ve played at were in Klerksdorp, for instance. Also in Bloemfontein you’ll find party animals and a half. Bulawayo is the only place I’ll play for six hours, simply because they party so hard.” Although always on the move, he is always ready to share information about the industry with those who want to learn. For that reason he is part of an initiative called ‘DJU’ – a team of leading South African DJ’s, musicians, producers and media personalities. “Basically the main aim is to share knowledge with people that want to get into the industry. It was actually inspired by the Winter Music Conference in Miami that we have been attending since 2001 and still attend up until today. So, it’s just a smaller version of that,” he says enthusiastically. DJ Fresh is also said to be a pioneer in the house genre in SA, as he made house commercially mainstream with his over twenty released house albums. On top of his already busy schedule, he also runs an Event Management & Solutions company called Big Dawg Productions, offering services such as MC’ing, voice overs and sound hire.

“They said I looked fresh like meat. Initially I thought it was a taunt, but I kind of added the lemons and made tequila with it,”


You’ve shared the stage with amazing international acts like Two Door Cinema Club, played at just about every major South African music festival and performed as a supporting act in huge stadiums in Germany amongst many other achievements. What is the one moment in your career as a band that stands out the most for you?

ISO by Nadine Van Eeden Images by Sean Brand ISO, formerly Isochronous, are on the tip of everyone’s tongue with their recent name change, the launch of their new album ‘Piece by Piece’ and their album launch tour. Yes! Lifestyle Mag caught up with them to hear the reasons behind the name change, some comments on the new album and what to expect from ISO in the near future. To start off with the question bugging all your fans… What is behind the name change from Isochronous to ISO?

It seems as though the launch of your new album, ‘Piece by Piece’ is going very well in SA with the first single, ‘No Fire’, already being frequently played on radio stations including 5fm. What is the vision you have for this album and are you planning on releasing it anywhere other than SA? The vision for this record, as with all of our records, is to have the largest appeal across the widest range of listeners. There’s not much more you can ask for as a band. Looking at the recent release of amazing albums such as Lark’s ‘Gong Is Struck’ and Zebra and Giraffe’s ‘The Wisest Ones’ what do you foresee for the South African music industry in the near future?

The album is available in stores countrywide including Look & Listen and Musica.


. .

Their dream bands to open for are Nine

Inch Nails, Queen, The Beatle and Pink Floyd. According to their keyboardist, Alex

Parker, the member of ISO that would make the best girl would be Richard since


“he already sings like one!” Although ISO are a Pretoria based

band their drummer, Marco Benini, has a slightly more interesting history than the rest seeing as he was born in Belgrade,


Serbia. Tshwane University of Technology is

not unfamiliar to the band with Alex, Franco and Richard all choosing to


further their musical training there. They performed their amazing cover of

the Skrillex remix of Benni Benassi’s track ‘Cinema’ on MK Electro and you can find it on youtube

I think that competition is good for the industry and that the industry is certainly growing, but we are still a long way behind what’s going on overseas and the advantage we have of playing English music is that we compete with international artists at a local level and so are forced to improve.


It became most obvious to us that our name was possibly detrimental to our progress when we were touring a place like Germany. They thought it was a disease! Many of our fans abbreviate the name to ISO in any case, so we thought to avoid all the confusion and just shorten it ourselves. It makes life a helluva lot easier when it comes to radio dj’s!

Our show opening for Marius MullerWesternhagen in the O2 World Berlin. We played to 12 000 people and it was very surreal experience.

How can fans get hold ‘Piece by Piece’ besides at your live shows?

Image by Jacques Coetzer 16

Image by Alberto Pepler


HEMELBESEM The ‘it’ name in the local hip hop scene right now! by Dee Theart

“HemelBesem is not a person, it’s a movement,”... well the movement has definitely caught fire...

HemelBesem is not a person, it’s a movement,” the man himself explains. Well, the movement has definitely caught fire, because this talented guy has a finger in almost every pie in the industry. His most recent album, ‘Double Story’, is a collaboration effort with the renowned rapper, Isaac Mutant. “It’s not difficult to be a fan of Isaac’s ability as a hip hop artist. It was important to exhibit different views on the tracks, as well as different ways of expression and flows.” More commercially popular bands, Glaskas and Bittereinder realised HemelBesem’s untapped potential and asked him to collaborate on their respective tracks. “I met Deon (Glaskas front man) at last year’s KKNK and after we’ve exchanged music, we became good friends and appreciators of each other’s work, whether behind the mic or elsewhere.

The same can be said of Jaco from Bittereinder. We share a similar ethos.” He says that his lips are zipped for now regarding upcoming collaborations, but that we can expect a good dose of shock and surprise. After being so used to working on his own for such a long time, the wellknown Bevan Moleveld (also known as Dokte from the group Kallitz) has become the driving force behind HemelBesem’s career moving forward. “I like having creative license and control over my work and overall brand, but it is a very limited approach. I’ve hit the ceiling with that approach and I’m humble enough to understand to let go where it’s not my primary expertise, talent and focus. It’s a pleasure working with Dokte and came at the right time,” HemelBesem explains. Dokte’s company, BLM Music, will be responsible for HemelBesem’s next album. “Dokte and I feed off each other and I’m sure that by next year the general listener will understand why this partnership was so important for Afrikaans hip hop.” It’s obvious that HemelBesem is a name to remember and look out for. “Dreams keep us alive, and big dreams make being alive important. I’m all about being revolutionary, and would like to see Afrikaans hip hop respected as an important part in the music industry of South Africa. And I’d like to play some part in that. This is my calling not a career.”

Follow HemelBesem:; @HEMEL_BESEM;


HemelBesem directly interpreted in Afrikaans, means a very tall or big person. “Although I might not seem to fit that description, if you look with the right eyes, you’ll see it.

Image by Alberto Pepler

In the USA, hip hop artists such as Kanye West, Usher and have become household names worldwide. In SA, Die Antwoord and Jack Parow have also ventured all across the globe with their unique style of the hip hop genre. Apart from them though, hip hop has never really been a commercially successful genre to embark on in the local industry. However, that does not mean that the genre is dead in SA. Anything but. Local hip hop artists have always been active, with patches of avid supporters across the country. One of these hip hop masterminds is HemelBesem, who has self-produced and independently released a whooping six Afrikaans hip hop albums in the last six years. People have slowly but surely started to join the HemelBesem bandwagon and Yes! Lifestyle Mag couldn’t dare not to follow the growing trend.



Getting to know

HAEZER Haezer is one talented guy! As one of the top exports of the SA electronic dance scene, Haezer has established himself as a leader in the bass heavy electro genre which has gained wide spread popularity in dance clubs around the world. His latest release is a 6 track EP titled, ‘The Wrong Kid Died’ out on Steve Aoki’s label, DIM MAK Records. The EP features iconic South African vocalists Tumi (Tumi and the Volume), Circe, Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy of Fokofpolisiekar, Mike Zietsman of PH FAT and Evil Boy most noted for his collaborations with Die Antwoord.


How did you get into the music industry?


It was only in my second year at AFDA that I became interested in djing... I started my own party called T.I.T.E.S (This is that electro shit). I only threw three of them, but it was enough for my present manager to notice me and two cape town promoters. That kickstarted my dj career. I made a track named ‘WTFIH’ and emailed the italian duo Cyberpunkers and the french producer Toxic Avenger. They both liked the track and were keen to remix it. There was a lot of hype around the Cyberpunkers remix and that put me on the international map. After that release it was my tracks, Anarchy,Here Come the Punks and a whole bunch of remixes that caught international attention. At this stage I was working at the film post production company, Priest. I had received an email from an Australian promoter asking whether I’d like to tour Australia. The next thing I knew I was double headlining with Gtronic in Australia as a full time Dj/Producer and haven’t looked back since.

How are you finding the producing side of the music industry? For me personally it’s a way of expression, an outlet for emotion. Whether it’s anger, excitement, adrenaline,etc. I’m not very good at painting or poetry, my outlet is music. I am not that involved with other producers. I like to just hang out with my peers and not get caught up doing nerd tech talk the whole night, so I kinda just do my own thing.


. . .

THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT HAEZER He started producing electronic music at 8 years old. He’s currently listening to Modek, Trumpdisco, F.O.O.L, Gtronic and Knife Party He was first noticed when he hosted a party in Hout Bay. He invited all the djs and their close friends for an evening of fish braai and beats.


Groove Afrika is a duo from UCT made up of two inspiring, ambitions, talented DJs that share the same love for music. The cape town party scene will never be the same again thanks to the amazing events such as MIA Fridays, artists including the likes of Aka, Khuli Chana and of course DJs they have worked with to bring us these events. What are your thoughts about the music industry?( You guys must be concerned about such because you’re DJs)

Who is Groove Afrika and what are you about? Groove Afrika is a DJ Duo made up of Don Pedro (Kagiso Kalane) and Afrique (Kgabo Senyatsi). In Short we are all about representing the new-age identity of the young urban African through playing and creating good quality music for the soul.

We have a concern that artists are not taking ownership of their music. There seems to be a big trend (especially amongst house artists) where artists sell their music off to other established icons. We think that these artists who sell their music must take it upon themselves to showcase their talent and be the new stars of tomorrow. The SA music industry is in lack of artists who truly take ownership of their craft. Besides that, we love the music industry here, and believe it still has plenty space to grow.


REVIEWS 5 minutes with:


Ballistic Blues started where almost every band does – in a garage. Luckily for us they relocated to big stages across the Western Cape since those early days. They will hopefully bless the rest of the country’s ears as well very soon. The band proudly announces that they all fell in love with the blues and therefore decided to make the genre accessible to a younger audience by mixing it up with good ol’ rock ’n roll. The band comprises of Nick Forbes (lead vocals and guitar), Tyan Odendal (guitar and backing vocals), JP le Roux (bass) and Francois Keyser (drums). The guys have evidently come a long way since their formation in 2009 while still in high schools in Bellville and Kuilsriver. Yes! Lifestyle Mag was honoured to have a quick chat to these talented blues boys.

image by Ezelle Louw

image by Grethe Rosseaux - Lady Fenyx Design and Photography

Well, talking about gigs … what has been your top gig highlights thus far?

What big things can we still expect from Ballistic Blues in the future?

We have had so many great opportunities to play awesome gigs and we are very grateful for all of them. If we had to name a few highlights, it would have to be playing at the Kleinmond Big Blues Festival and sharing the stage with big names such as Bouwer Bosch, December Streets, Natasha Meister, Moses Metro Man and Pretty Blues Guns.

Playing big stages and touring the world, but for now we are excited to launch our debut EP, as well as film a music video and record a full length album in the nearby future.

So rumour has it that your debut EP will be launched very soon. What can people expect? You can expect good, groovy music that will leave you wanting more.

Read more at www.yeslifestylemag. com

ZEBRA & GIRAFFE ‘The Wisest Ones’ by Nadine Van Eeden

Hahaha. Well, people who believe that has obviously never been to a Ballistic Blues gig before… Blues is music with raw emotion and feeling, whether it is portrayed as happy or sad. So we would encourage people to come to one of our gigs before making a final decision about the blues. Zebra & Giraffe’s latest album, ‘The Wisest Ones’, seems like it’s going to be a classic break-up album with titles like ‘I’ll Blame You’, ‘Whores, Liars’ and ‘You’re Nothing To Me’. I’ve avoided such albums since Noah and the Whale’s mopey break-up album, ‘The First Days of Spring’ but after listening

to it I realise it’s so much more than that. It’s dark, gritty and dripping with resentment in the best kind of way. They still retain their upbeat vibe that will keep the crowds entertained at shows but lyrics like “We wait for the day to come hoping that we’d feel the sun. Hold you tight in my arms we wait until the moment dies” on ‘Fire’ holds much more for the listener than pure entertainment. Immediate favourites on the album are ‘All I Gave’, the first single off the album ‘I’ll Blame You’ which is currently number 1 on the MK Top 10 and ‘Whores, Liars’. I honestly don’t seem to be able to fault this album. SA is luck to have a local artist like Zebra & Giraffe with an album that is screaming out to be noticed by the rest of the world.


Energetic and engaging. We really love playing live shows. There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage, so we always play our hearts out. As the music is written by us, we are able to put extra emotion and feel into each song.

Find more info about them here:


What is your response to people that believe that blues is an old and boring genre?

For someone who has never experienced you in action, how would you describe the Ballistic Blues on stage vibe?

Do not miss the next time Ballistic Blues plays in your valley!


ALBUMS EVENTS TREY SONGZ ‘Chapter V’ by Neilan Adams from

Trey is straddling the line between R&B and electro/dance, and while Usher and Chris Brown have spiced up and modernized the R&B genre, Trey looks to R. Kelly and turns back the clock to deliver plenty of steamy, slow jams. His body aches to please on the imaginatively titled Panty Wetter, but not before he channels as much sexual mojo as possible on Dive In. 2 Reasons features T.I. and is the party starter on the record. Trey declares boldly, that he is at the party for two important elements, ‘the b**ches and the drinks’, things the universe and humanity are dependent on.

The Ne-Yo sounding Pretty Girls Lie offers enlightenment to naive players out there who might be fooled by pretty girls. Simply Amazing delivers a bit of fresh air by concocting a mix of r&b, rock and pop. The same can be said of Never Again which has more of a dance quality but has the same superior musical delivery as Simply Amazing. If only the record had more of these types of songs then Trey would be in business. For most of its one-hundred and eleven minutes, ‘Chapter V’ offers nothing of substance or value. It is a synthetic throwaway that will be consumed and forgotten faster than you can say, ‘panty wetter’.

LINKIN PARK ‘Living Things’ by Jarrod Saunders from

Although various members of the band have stated that the album is “back to roots”, there is nothing conventional about the twelve track record. Nu-metal clashes with hip-hop and electronic elements in gorgeous production to create the evolutionary identifiable sound that is common to the band’s previous works. Bennington and Shinoda prove to be an interesting vocal team once again – one focused on singing and screaming melodies, the other on delivering dynamic rap flows with hard-hitting lyrics.

“Nu-metal clashes with hip-hop and electronic elements in gorgeous production...” In My Remains and Burn It Down, the lead single off the album, continue to successfully fuse and balance electronic synths with classic old school. The songs go from the dark guitar and drum heavy anthem Lies Greed Misery to the folk and country inspired Castle of Glass and Roads Untraveled, to the metal inspired Victimized, to the pop friendly Skin To Bone and finally ends on the piano-ballad Powerless. Living Things is truly a great album which puts them back into their own skin. It’s a good summary of what Linkin Park is capable of. How I wish I had booked for the Cape Town concert! Read more at


SIBOT ‘Throwaway’


SIBOT is no stranger to the SA music scene, and is considered somewhat of an icon these days. Long gone are the days of the underground hip hop sound from the days with Max Normal and The Real Estate Agents, as is displayed in his new EP ‘Throw Away’. SIBOT is moving with the times and has put out something a lot more electronic sounding as the evolution of electronic music continues to make its presence felt in almost all genres of music these days. Bass drops hound this EP like a pack of wild dogs, and only a top of the range sound system with some epic subwoofers are enough to take the many manic sounds which play host to each song. Songs like Magnet Jam and Bitches Get Done represent a style that will serve as chilled, but also raise the endorphins of the listener. There’s no doubt that the level of production on this EP took serious skill, but at times the audio feels a little too much coming from the speakers at once. We get the feeling that one of SIBOT’s idols might be DJ QBert, who always said he felt his music was him communicating with aliens.


LITTLE DRAGON ‘Little Dragon, Big Explosions’

When I first heard that Adidas and were bringing out Little Dragon for their second Adidas Originals Campaign I thought two things: ‘who’s Little Dragon’ and ‘wow, this is going to be big’. Some outstanding reviews from their first Adidas Originals with American indie-rock group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah earlier this year, did a great job in securing the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock as the venue for this second campaign. Unfortunately rain became a bit of an issue, but they made do with stretch canvases and other covered areas.

Red Tape Riot by Jeanine van der Vyver Red Tape Riot are a four piece indiedance band from Cape Town, who officially launched in July 2012. I was lucky enough to see these guys perform at Zula Sound Bar and boy was I blown away!

“Red tape stands in the way of

These four rocking guys have an everything we do and makes exciting on-stage presence and their us follow guidelines to life we music is fresh, a pleasure for both the never subscribed to....” ears and limbs. Citing their musical influences from the likes of Bloc Party and Muse to Niskerone and Unit R, they produce their own stimulating indie-rockelectro sound that creates a delicious bouncing buzz, making it impossible to stand still. When he isn’t quoting Almost Famous, John Battersby is the soothingly gritty lead vocalist and guitar-strummer, while fellow-founder Rubin van der Rheede kills on bass. Former Beams member Bosko Popovac delivers superbly as the lead guitarist as well as vocals while Mark Klein, previously from Feedback is the drum beat master. The band’s name, Red Tape Riot, falls into the “oldest punk belief in the book - a riot against red tape”, says Battersby. “Red tape stands in the way of everything we do and makes us follow guidelines to life we never subscribed to, making you feel policed; but the ultimate goal for our band and our fans is just to have fun!”


Little Dragon’s inclusion of a plethora of interesting instruments inspired the crowd to continue light head banging and after their first few songs the crowd turned into a bit of a mosh pit. Their setlist, mostly songs from their third album Ritual Reunion, was seamless as each song flowed into the other – almost so that you didn’t realise they were performing a new song. Unfortunately they started sounding a little monotonous until they broke into their much anticipated ‘Little Man’, I’d say the liveliest and most vocal song on offer. Re-energizing the crowd with this popular electro tale, the group was utterly exhausted.

An utterly entertaining evening, we cannot wait to see what Adidas Originals brings us in the next few months for their third installment!

Image by Nik Basting

Describing their sound as ‘dreamy, rhythmical, shifting, moody rainbow sounds’, Little Dragon is a Swedish Electronic four piece with amazing original and inspiring Japanese lead singer and percussionist Yumkimi Nagano who is simply too cool. From the clothes she wore, to the ease with which she sang, to the way she moved on stage – all I wanted out of life in those few moments was to know her.

They had put everything into this hour-long performance and as they made their bows and slugged off stage, they knew this Cape Town audience was not going to have any of that. They mustered the last of their energy and came back on stage after an encore and continued to perform another four songs. Their endurance was very impressive!


Sowing The Seeds by Kristi Edwards

September rang off to a good start with Sowing The Seeds at Zula Sound Bar on Long Street. Clouds with their crystal raindrops, birds taking flight and the big Sowing the Seeds banner decorated the venue, as the crowd mulled around waiting for the headline acts in this teaser to Rocking The Daisies.

Andre Piener (Moving House) Image by Jonx Pillemer


The first band, BeachParty, is a 5 piece surf rock band with 4 boys dressed in unusual floral themed shirts and a pretty brunette with a guitar. Their sound was average but the voices of the male and female vocalists work very well together. The music made me feel like I had been taken from this cold and rainy night at Zula to a late Sunday afternoon in mid-summer, drinking a cocktail at TrenchTown.


Next up was the three piece Moving House. Considering it was only their second show, they weren’t half bad. With a very 80’s electro-pop feel and vocals reminiscent of Snow Patrol, they drew a fair amount of fans. Rumspringer’s 20’s inspired dance music attracted a big crowd and had everyone dancing. The band has an enormous amount of energy and the brass instruments work very well together.

“Iso has always been that band that all South African musicians have been scared to play after. They are just too good.” -

Image by Jonx Pillemer


Image by Jonx Pillemer


The lead singer somehow managed to break the stage and fall through, though even after her leg went through the stage she valiantly continued to whip the crowd into a frenzy. They ended on a very high note and were given a huge cheer by the assembled throng. Normally after a set the crowd thins as people drift to the bar, bathroom, and maybe for a smoke. During the build up to ISO this did not happen. In fact, the crowd became even denser and people were pushing and shoving to get even closer to the stage. The room was packed to the rafters and the crowd was responding well to the flamboyant lead singer. They played some old crowd favourites as well as some new tracks from their fourth album ‘Piece by Piece’. The band interacted well with each other and with the crowd. By the end of their set the lead singer was pouring with sweat but still had a broad smile on his face. They put on an awesome show which proves that they are one of the best bands in the country at the moment. The biggest crowd pleaser of the night was when ISO finished off their set with their hit “Destiny”. The crowd went crazy and sang their hearts out.

“They put on an awesome show which proves that they are one of the best bands in the country at the moment.” After ISO left the stage the crowd dispersed rapidly and Goodnight Wembley took the stage. An amalgamation of some of Cape Town’s most successful bands, namely, Taxi Violence, 7th Son, Dead Lucky and Yes Sir! Mr Machine, Goodnight Wembley’s set was very loud and quite distorted. We’re looking forward to seeing more of their live performances in the coming music festival season. All in all, it was a great night out and a fantastic teaser to Rocking the Daisies.




GAME REVIEW there’s a lot more room for character customisation. Battles are fun and the story of Death’s journey is an entertaining and captivating one. On a whole, Darksiders II brings nothing new to the table, and still borrows many of its ideas from other popular games, but it pieces these ideas together very well to create an epic gaming experience.

DARKSIDERS II By The_Rowan8torZA Edited by Nadine R.Arendse Courtesy of Gregg Forbes of Craving Novity


The adventure of Darksiders II runs concurrently with the events of the first game, in which War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is charged for bringing about the end of days on earth and disrupting the balance between good and evil. Its sequel, Darksiders II, follows the story of Death (your character and War’s brother), who sets out on a mission to prove his brother’s innocence and resurrect humanity in the process.


Darksiders II in contrast to its predecessor, which saw War battle on a post-apocalyptic earth, sees Death journey to other worlds and even dimensions. Stunning visual design is on par for both offerings carrying over much of the comic book illustrative style, for which the first game is synonymous with. Visuals feature huge panoramic landscapes and monuments that tower above you with an epic sense of scale painted in vivid coloured hues creating a beautiful stage where your epic battles unfold. Another aspect that impressed me is the image of Death wielding his giant axes and hammers, twin scythes and Wolverine-

like armblades oozing all kinds of awesomeness as he plunges them into hapless foes who have the misfortune of being in his way. The hack-and-slash combat style of the first game remains using combinations of the square and triangle buttons along with the analog stick to perform different combat manoeuvres. The first game had you consuming souls of the enemies you struck down, Darksiders II’s enemies drop equipment such as boots, armour and weapons, to potentially use to increase Death’s attack and/or defence attributes as well as elemental effects. This feature gives a tactical approach when confronted with a looming boss fight, where gamers familiar with Role Playing Games like Kingdoms or Amalur or Skyrim will feel right at home. The enemies also drop coins on a regular basis, which can be used to buy new combat moves and weapons. The puzzle sections of Darksiders II are a fair challenge and never feel impossible to complete. The rest of the game you’ll be running along walls, jumping over chasms and climbing along rock faces to get to treasure chests which contain more items to help Death along. If you were a fan of the first game, you should definitely give Darksiders II a try, nearly every aspect of the first game has been improved upon -- the combat system has more depth and

Rating: Graphics: 9/10

Sound: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overall rating: 9/10

About the reviewer: WHO? Liverpool Football Club supporter, Graphic Artist and Illustrator. Gaming addict! KNOWN FOR: I roam the halls of PlayStation Network and have now also gained the power of Xbox Live. ROWAN SAYS: “Hit me up if you wanna jam...Just be ready for a fight!” Xbox Live Gamertag: RowanatorZA PlayStation Network Gamertag: Rowanator_CT Tweet: @The_Rowan8torZA

YOUR GUIDE TO SHOPPING ONLINE By Dulcie Baleni Online shopping is quickly becoming popular and a lot of people are finding the convenience of this shopping method. Like with many things there are the ups and the downs and we’ve got all the pro’s and con’s you need to know before shopping online:

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” ~Bo Derek

Pro’s • You can do it 24/7 – If you feel there is a need to purchase something at 3am, you don’t need to worry about the store being closed, you can place your order at any time of the day. • You can shop from the comfort of your home – When you’re having one of those lazy days where you just don’t feel like leaving your house, you can just plant yourself in front of your computer and get started on your shopping. • Comparison shopping is simplified – You can compare prices from different stores with just a click of a button unlike having to walk around from store to store.

• Saves time – If you know what you are looking for, it is easier to search for it and just add it to your shopping cart.

• Credit card security – This is a major issue with a lot of people. Posting your credit card details onto the internet is risky and many people are weary of that. • You can’t touch the item or try it on – Sometimes what you buy does not fit the way that you wanted it to and it does not look as good as it did on the site. • Shipping costs - Some online shops may offer free shipment but sometimes it depends on the size and the weight of the item that you’ve bought. The added shipping costs may put you off buying online. • Lack of instant gratification – With online shopping, you have to be patient and wait a while for your item to arrive unlike when you go shopping in a shop and you get your little item and you get to enjoy it immediately. • Dangerous for shopaholics – If your weakness is shopping, online shopping is the absolute worst for you. It’s crazy that you can buy anything you want without limitations and then you find yourself with so many things that you don’t really need nor have use for. • 36 Boutiques offers door-to-door courier delivery • Free delivery and free returns for all packages • Delivery takes 3 – 7 working days • They also offer a 7 day return policy on all goods • They offer safe and secure shopping • Free and fast shipping • Returns are also free • Their products might take up to 15 days to be delivered due to some of them being shipped from overseas • They offer a door-to-door courier service • Prices may vary depending on the delivery destinations • They also charge according to the weight of the package • Their delivery is fast depending on where the items are being delivered to and from where

Tell us what your favourite site to shop on is! Tweet @Yes_Lifestyle


• No lines to wait in or unpleasant people to deal with – Online shopping is also great for when you don’t have time to be standing in long lines and receiving poor service from unhelpful staff. You can just make your purchase and move on.


Check out these online shops particularly for South Africans. If you are into clothing and accessories you can look at 36 Boutiques and Zando and for other miscellaneous items, you can look at sites like Kalahari. It won’t be long before online shopping becomes the first port of call.



Equinox Wednesdays. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD SYNW. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Karaoke Night: Long Street Cafe, 259 Long Street CBD Open Mic Night. The Melting Pot, 15 Church Street Muizenberg

Wednesday 3 October

Student night. Springbok Pub, Newlands. Acoustic Tuesdays. Obviouzly Armchair 135 Lower Main Road Observatory F#ck the Recession. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory

Tuesday 2 October

Manic Mondays. Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Acoustic Sessions. Purple Turtle. 31 Shortmarket Street CBD 2 for 1 night. Springbok Pub Newlands

Monday 1 October


Manic Mondays. Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Acoustic Sessions. Purple Turtle. 31 Shortmarket Street

Monday 8 October

Jon Shaban & BrandNewColony, Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road

Sunday 7 October

Cosmic Connection, Cape Town Ostrich Ranch N7 Freeman Live In Cape Town Back By Public Demand, Zula Sound Bar, 98 Long Street CBD Pandora’s Box feat. Lady Lea, P.H.Fat, Protoculture, Grimehouse @ The Side Show, 11 Mechau Street Jack Gunn and Neil Smith, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

Saturday 6 October

MIA Friday, The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD Long Time Citizen, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

Discotheque. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem The Sure Thing. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Mungus Fungus. Purple Turtle, 31 Shortmarket Street CBD Faking It. Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint The Side Show. The Fez, 11 Mechau Street Foreshore Southern Gypsy Queen, Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Road MIA Friday, The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD Tatum, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

Friday 12 October

Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD Free Thursday. Dorp Straat Teater, 59 Dorp Street Stellenbosch Habit To, Die Balke, Worcestor Ballistic Blues & No One’s Ark. Bohemia, Stellenbosch Philip Malan and Dave Knowles, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory


Ladies Night. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Jug Night. Springbok Pub Newlands It came from the Jungle. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD Free Thursday. Dorp Straat Teater, 59 Dorp Street Stellenbosch Niskerone, Fiction, 226 Long Street CBD Tim Hutchinson and Blackwood Rabit,

Thursday 18 October

Equinox Wednesdays. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD SYNW. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Karaoke Night: Long Street Cafe, 259 Long Street CBD Open Mic Night. The Melting Pot, 15 Church Street Muizenberg Student Night. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Southern Gypsy Queen, Manna Epicure D.T.P Wednesdays. The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD

Wednesday 17 October

2 for 1 night. Springbok Pub Newlands Student night. Springbok Pub, Newlands. Acoustic Tuesdays. Obviouzly Armchair 135 Lower Main Road

Tuesday 23 October

Touchwood, Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road Manic Mondays. Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Acoustic Sessions. Purple Turtle. 31 Shortmarket Street CBD

Monday 22 October

Napalma (Brazil), Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road Headroom, The Great Outdoors

Sunday 21 October

Plain Niskerone, CTICC Afterlife 2012, CTICC Dave Ferguson and Ann Jangle, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

Sunday 28 October

Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory Heroes and Villains Halloween Party, Zula Sound Bar, 98 Long Street CBD Halloween Jam 2012 BMX Dirt Competition, Sneeuberg Road Durbanville Bands From The Crypt, Hectic On Hope, Hope Street Gardens

Saturday 27 October

Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory Discotheque, Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem The Sure Thing. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Mungus Fungus. Purple Turtle, 31 Shortmarket Street CBD Faking It. Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint The Side Show. The Fez, 11 Mechau Street Foreshore Strage, Wildernessking, Past Haunts, ROAR, 299 Lower Main road, Observatory MIA Friday, The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD Manny Walters, Obviouzly

Discotheque. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem The Sure Thing. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Mungus Fungus. Purple Turtle, 31 Shortmarket Street CBD Faking It. Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint The Side Show. The Fez, 11 Mechau Street Foreshore Roger Shah Tour, Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint

Friday 5 October

Ladies Night. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Jug Night. Springbok Pub Newlands It came from the Jungle. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD Free Thursday. Dorp Straat Teater, 59 Dorp Street Stellenbosch Example & DJ Wire Live Summer Tour, Grand West Arena 49M Rocking The Daisies, Kloof Wine Estate, Darling Josh Roxton, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

Thursday 4 October

Student Night. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem D.T.P Wednesdays. The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD



Ladies Night. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Jug Night. Springbok Pub Newlands It came from the Jungle.

Thursday 11 October

Equinox Wednesdays. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD SYNW. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Karaoke Night: Long Street Cafe, 259 Long Street CBD Open Mic Night. The Melting Pot, 15 Church Street Muizenberg Student Night. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem D.T.P Wednesdays. The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD

Wednesday 10 October

Student night. Springbok Pub, Newlands. Acoustic Tuesdays. Obviouzly Armchair 135 Lower Main Road Observatory F#ck the Recession. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Habit To, Die Boer, 6 Chenoweth Durbanville

Tuesday 9 October

2 for 1 night. Springbok Pub Newlands Habit To, Barleycorn, 11 Lansdowne Road Claremont

Student night. Springbok Pub, Newlands. Acoustic Tuesdays. Obviouzly Armchair 135 Lower Main Road Observatory F#ck the Recession. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory

Tuesday16 October

Manic Mondays. Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Acoustic Sessions. Purple Turtle. 31 Shortmarket Street CBD 2 for 1 night. Springbok Pub Newlands

Monday 15 October

Southern Gypsy Queen “10 Year Anniversary” Tour, The Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road

Sunday 14 October

The Village presents The Gathering, Flenterskloof Farm, Franschoek FAM Feuds 6. Kenwyn Community Hall, Range Road Lekker Local Beerfest, Van Der Stel Sportsground, Stellenbosch Paige Mac, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road Observatory Gareth James & Friends, Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road

Saturday 13 October

Road Observatory Club Vibes presents “Once Upon A Time” In Association With Good Hope FM & Trace Urban, CTICC Organik – Gaian Dream 2012 see Facebook page for details Mitchell’s Plain Street Jam, Lenteguer, Mitchell’s

Saturday 20 October

Observatory Discotheque. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem The Sure Thing. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Mungus Fungus. Purple Turtle, 31 Shortmarket Street CBD Faking It. Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint The Side Show. The Fez, 11 Mechau Street Foreshore Southern Gypsy Queen, Berties Mooring, Gordon’s Bay Niskerone, The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street Zonnebloem MIA Friday, The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD Tombstone Pete and Us & The Flies, Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main

Friday 19 October

Obviouzly Armchair, 135 Lower Main Road

Friday 26 October

D.T.P Wednesdays. The Loop, 161 Loop Street CBD Ladies Night. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Jug Night. Springbok Pub Newlands It came from the Jungle. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD Free Thursday. Dorp Straat Teater, 59 Dorp Street Stellenbosch Miles Sievwright and Taleswapper, Obviouzly

Thursday 25 October

Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Equinox Wednesdays. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD SYNW. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Karaoke Night: Long Street Cafe, 259 Long Street CBD Open Mic Night. The Melting Pot, 15 Church Street Muizenberg Student Night. The Dragon Room, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Alex M.O.R.P.H Prime Mover World Tour, Trinity, 15 Bennett Street Greenpoint

Wednesday 24 October

Observatory F#ck the Recession.

Send your gigs to

F#ck the Recession. Gandalfs, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Equinox Wednesdays. Fiction, 277 Long Street CBD SYNW. The Assembly, Harrington Street Zonnebloem Karaoke Night: Long Street Cafe, 259 Long Street CBD

Wednesday 31 October

Student night. Springbok Pub, Newlands. Acoustic Tuesdays. Obviouzly Armchair 135 Lower Main Road Observatory

2 for 1 night. Springbok Pub Newlands

Tuesday 30 October

Knowles and Black Market Riots, Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road Manic Mondays. Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Acoustic Sessions. Purple Turtle. 31 Shortmarket Street CBD

Monday 29 October

No One’s Arc and Sannie Fox, Brass Bell, 4 Steenberg Road Shortstraw (JHB) , Dave


One of South Africa’s biggest music festivals is back again this year for another rocking event. 49M Rocking The Daisies is back and it is even bigger than before with big names on the music line up including Bloc Party, who will be headlining the event and other big names in South African music. The event is not only known for its amazing music lineup but also for pushing eco-friendly initiatives for a greener nation. The festival will also be featuring comedy performances, art exhibitions, wine tasting, and film festivals. Held at the Cloof Wine Estate in Darling from Thursday 4 October until Sunday 7 October, The 49M Rocking The Daisies is bound to be a success for yet another year and it is something one should have the chance to experience at least once in their lives.


CAPE TOWN FESTIVAL OF BEER Keep the 23-25 of November clear in your diaries this year because the Cape Town Festival of Beer is back and it promises to be a fun event for everyone. The event will be held at the Hamilton’s Rugby Club and there will be a selection of over 150 beers to choose from. Expect over 50 breweries, both local and international, and a limited edition of beers brewed just for the festival. There will be entertainment and sport like rugby for your enjoyment. Tickets are available from webtickets. for just R100. Go out there and have some fun with friends and family and get to taste all the beers from all over the world.

MIA Fridays by Dulcie Baleni MIA (Made In Afrika) Fridays is held every Friday at The Loop Nightclub situated on the corner of Loop Street and Pepper Street in Cape Town’s CBD. MIA always hosts some of the biggest parties with some of the biggest names in South Africa, including Khuli Chana and DJ Dimplez. The music ranges from Hip-Hop to House. Don’t miss out on these parties, it’s what people will be talking about the next day and the next until they host another big event.

ROYAL FAM KINGS The Royal Fam Kings are a young and dynamic group made up of 17 members from the Cape Flats. The group performs a street dance called Krump, which is a dance where dancers can express their emotions like frustration and anger in a non-violent way. Not only does Krump give young people a creative approach to express themselves but it is also seen as a way to escape gang life in the Cape Flats. The Royal Fam Kings have now teamed up with Converse with a host of events that they are holding throughout 2012. Converse will be handing out cash prizes to the winners of the competitions as well as dressing all the entrants and taking care of many aspects of the show productions. The original creator of Krump, Tight Eyez from Los Angeles, and his Lil Homie Kid Eyez from Germany, recently travelled to South Africa to spend time krumping with The Royal Fam Kings and to host a dynamic workshop with them. This is a great way to inspire young South Africans to do what they enjoy and see where it takes them in the future. RFK will be hosting events throughout the year including the Fam Feuds 6 on 13 October at the Kenwyn Community Hall, Range Road, starting at 12.00pm; and the Mitchell’s Plain Street Jam on 20 October at Lenteguer, Mitchell’s Plain. Check it out!

Colours of Spring As the sun comes out from behind the clouds and the rain decides to return less frequently, we here at Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG are dearly looking forward to Summer. Spring is looking very vibrant and colourful this year so we’re looking at the top three colours for this season. Whites are coming together in a classy way, and pastel and royal blue’s are looking sexy. We’re also loving our orange hues! These are the colours of Spring 2012!

Editor: Danielle Illman Fashion Editor: Tarryn Kay Trussell Photographer: Fern Evans Photography Make Up: Sara Clackett from Tickle Pink Styling Photographer’s Assistant: Leanne Kakebeeke Fashion Intern: Dulcie Baleni Clothing: Cotton On Location: Black Dog Studios Eyelashes, Hair colours: Bronwyn, Aurora from Twenty Model Management


Mishca at Anonamiss Models: Khosi,

Classy White From Cape Town Fashion Week to the streets of Europe, classic white is hot this season! Easy to match with any other colour or texture we suggest you add some variety to your look by matching your classy white tones with metallic heels or a perfect little clutch. Model: Khosi from Twenty Model Management


Clothing: Cottong On




Sexy Blue Confidence is always sexy – and blue is confidence this season. From Royal blue to a variety of pastel blues, this tone is sizzling sexy. Mix it with yellow accessories and you can never go wrong. Model: Bronwyn from Twenty Model Management


Clothing: Cottong On


Trendy Orange A hit with popular fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Jennie Packham, orange is THE colour to be rocking this Spring. Add some ‘heat’ to your style by mixing it up with bright pink accessories. You’re bound to get heads turning with a perfect mix of bold and pastel tones. Model: Bronwyn from Twenty Model Management


Clothing: Cottong On






Snapback Caps:

Elbow Patches:

The snapback cap has been around since the 80s and they are still in fashion to this day. The cap gives you an urban look to your outfit and is best worn in a casual environment, paired up with jeans and cool sneakers. Perfect for the Cape Town hip hop scene!

Who would have thought that elbow patches would make such huge comeback? Many people thought they would stay buried in the attic with all the other outdated trends. You can now put elbow patches on every item that you own because it looks like this trend is not going anywhere for a while.

Pastels: Pastels seem to be trending this season and it looks like they will not be leaving anytime soon. For a great look, add some neutral colours like grey or beige to your outfit. Some skin tones might not agree with pastels but you can still rock them by accessorizing a neutral outfit with pastel colours.

HOT FASHION BLOGS By Ntokoza Coka Blogging has become the new “it” platform to share a part of yourself with the world. Whether you share your passion or flair for music, photography, fashion, or poetry, it’s a beautiful thing to witness how passionate people are about certain things in their lives and how they choose to express it. Different people blog about different things for different reasons and we love reading them. Top 5 blogs is a feature that checks out the “coolest” blogs that we strongly suggest people should checkout!

1 "La Vida Lemonade- 7300 Days


of Winter"


I use my blog as a form of release in times when life can be stressful. The title means The Life of Lemonade – at 7300 Days of my life, being 20 years. In essence, my blog is about me, the things I like, love and loathe. It’s inspired by my life, love, fashion and beauty. Check it out:

2 "Fenixnuvo" The beautiful city of Cape Town is the inspiration behind my blog. Originally from Swaziland, the CT environment excites me! I think blogging is all about documenting one’s experiences and offering an opinion on certain events so that’s what I do. Check it out: www.

3 "Mea 1" I need an outlet that is separate from performing – to put my writing out there. I put my heart into words and the second best way for me to share that is through this blog. Check it out:

4 "Croissants and Couture” I blog for freedom of expression the need for me to have a platform where i am the director, editor, screen writer, actor and extras all in one; a place of uninhibited creativity. . I guess my blog is ultimately about tapping into the conscience behind the fashion brain, and so I tended to cover things analytically rather than descriptively such as unpacking trends, cool music and why its cool and art, while dabbling into fashion history as well.Check it out: www.

5 "Oh, hello there, Cape Town”

I thought it would be cool to start a blog documenting how I saw and experienced Cape Town for the first time. My blog isn’t really about just one thing - I post about whatever I’m interested in at the time, whichever trends I like, any events or restaurants I think are worth checking out..Check it out: www.


HEALTH Detox By Dee Theart


Detox. A word thrown around far too easily these days – especially in Hollywood. The medical experts concur: detoxing does not equal dieting. Detoxing is simply a process of giving your body a break. All the parties, junk food, lack of exercise and pollution takes its toll on your body. So obviously we all know the usual boring advice: loads of water, fresh fruit and veggies. Here are three easy ways to assist the detoxing process:

By Tracy Swain With the arrival of the warmer days, people look toward ‘bottled sun’ to achieve a subtle bronzed, just-came-from-vacation glow. We take a look at how to correctly apply self-tanner. If you’re anything like me, then you know the tricky four-seasons-in-one day can wreak havoc on already pasty skin. Thankfully, the beauty experts have developed a way for the pale ones to also look like sun kissed gods and goddesses, without upping the risk of skin cancer. Now, if only Edward Cullen knew about this trick. Before rushing to glazing your colourless human shell in self-tanner, there are a few things you should know in order to sport a Jessica Alba-esque tan and not a walking Oros man tan like Lindsay Lohan. Let’s face it, games in the summer months for ladies are the crème da le crème especially if you want to attract that hunky lifeguard, but a tan that ends at the ankles is a big self-tanning no-no. So let us take a look at ways in which we can achieve a streak-free glow to match with that new monokini you just picked out.

1. Exfoliate the winter off your skin

Leave at least a few days before you embark on a self-tanning mission, as your body needs to be conditioned in all places, especially drier ones. Dry skin soaks up the self-tanner like a mentalist in high school, leading to the undesirable, streaky colouring.

3. Leave the steam for detoxing Do not apply your tan-in-a-can in a steamy bathroom, as this will definitely cause you to sweat, leading to the self-tanner to melt and drip like an icecream cone on a summer’s day. If you must shower beforehand, wait until your body cools down completely, and then begin the application process.

4. Avoid orange hands and take your time Unless you’re auditioning for a role in the next Oros TV commercial or trying to land a job at a tanning salon and using your hands as a CV for showing experience; it’s probably best you wash your hands multiple times during application. Think of it as hair-dye but for your body. Another option of course, is to wear gloves which are perfect if you’re trying to protect your black rocker nails or Hello Kitty stick-ons. Remember, the basis for self-tanner is to get a radiant, sun kissed glow that makes you part of the exclusive summer society. So, unless you’re trying to look like a Jersey Shore cast member, apply these simple rules and enjoy a streak-free summer!


Start and end your day with lemon juice in hot water. Lemon juice not only improves your digestive system; it also gives relief from heartburn, nausea and bloating. In addition, it assists healthy teeth and even weight loss.



Barley Green. This supplement can be taken in pill, powder or liquid form on an empty stomach. It is a form of alkaline, which works to balance the blood, allowing a natural healing process in order to ward off infection and neutralise and remove toxins from the body.

High fiber bran. Fibers are undigested carbohydrates and are therefore excreted from our bodies. A high fiber diet helps waste material to pass through your system and therefore aids to fight constipation and indigestion. Read more at www.


It is important that you exfoliate all the dry skin cells off your skin, as this reduces flaking and uneven distribution of the self-tanner. Using a loofah and small circular motions, gently ‘scrub’ your body. This will ensure that the selftanner doesn’t need to work through these areas. Concentrate specifically on areas known to be dry such as the elbows and knees.

2. Moisturise your way to a streakfree state


FITNESS taken care of. If one decides to simply research the various gyms, just to have better information, it is a case of continuously being hassled by dozens of phone calls until you seriously consider changing your number.

FITNESS SOLUTIONS By Jordan Scott So Spring is here and Summer is close on its heels, now is the time when everyone is starting to think about that beach perfect body. All diets say that it’s no good without exercise and we all know the best place for a structured, air-conditioned workout is at the gym. But as students we are generally a very special kind of broke, have limited time and there are other priorities to be

The bigger gyms such as Planet Fitness and Virgin Active still charge about R300 a month for a student contract and this only includes certain times. Smaller gyms such as Curves and fitness centers also cost more than an average student is willing to pay. But do not fret; there are other options out there. Some may take up more time, but others can be done quickly and in the comfort of your own home. There are even ways to incorporate your studies into some of the routines. Of course there are the obvious options of going for a cycle or a run/jog/ walk (depending on your choice) but these can seem daunting and take up necessary study time. So why not get


a friend or two to join you, this way you can discuss your study work whilst you walk and enjoy some fresh air. This will keep your body and mind active and the exercise will clear your mind for when you get back to the books. A half hour walk each evening is enough to keep you fit and in shape. If you don’t want to face the outside world then there are also indoor exercises – Skipping is very good for your legs and 15min each evening will make sure that you’re feeling spritely and ready for anything. Who needs a gym when you can make your own exercise routine. It is always better with friends so that you have support and motivation, so rope in your buddies and get that body ready for summer. Of course you do need to still eat healthy…but I’m sure even dieticians say ‘yay’ to a cheat every now and then. And when it gets tough just remember it’s only for one season and then you can start putting the winter weight back on.

Keep your make-up bacteria free.

. . . . .

By Sara Clackett @TicklePink_MU Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Your make-up has an expiry date and needs to be refreshed every now and then. When was the last time you refreshed your makeup bag? I know that every woman has those products that they keep for ‘when they learn to use it’ or ‘that special occasion’. But just how long does each product last and when is it no longer safe to use a certain product?

Ensure that you always close your products properly. Don’t use you make-up if you have an eye infection. Don’t add anything to your make-up, not even water, unless the manufacturer has recommended it. If you see any changes to the product in colour or texture stop using it immediately. Keep your products in a cool dry environment.


Expiration dates: beauty products


3 years

Powder Pencils (lip and eye)

2 years Eye Shadow/ Rouge

Skin products

1 year Lipstick

Concealer Foundation Cream/ gel products

3 months Liquid Liner






Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Day Cream If doing the perp walk from your boyfriends apartment is a regular occurrence, or you simply cannot resist ladies’ night at the club, you’re gonna love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Day Cream. Not only can this bad boy moisturise your last-night face, it can also double up as a hand cream, and if you have nothing else, to keep your bangs and flyways in place.

Phillips Body Groomer


If the thought of subjecting your proud body to a beauty therapist who will (probably) gaze upon your good bits, doesn’t sit well with you, you’re in luck. Trim and shave all your body zones in the comfort of your home. This allin-one body grooming system banishes hair safely and easily without the glare of that snotty therapist.






Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop

Nivea Revitalising Lotion Q10 for Men

Aside from being deliciously rich, even after washing, the Hemp Hand Protector is dermatogically-tested for very dry to extremely dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil. For those who don’t know, Community Trade hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help repair skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it smooth and supple. We suggest pairing it with a pair of cotton mittens and/ or socks and awake in the morning to sumptuous hands that you can run across your beau’s face – snatch!

Men taking care of themselves these days add to brownie point ratings; just ask Ryan Reynolds who – aside from his great dress sense – snagged the gorgeous Blake Lively a.k.a Serena van der Woodsen from the singles market with his good looks. And, if you’re thinking good looks are based on genetics, for some small percentage of the population; yes. For the others, it takes a great skincare regime including the Nivea Revitalising Lotion Q10 for Men to take you from guy-on-the-street to Hollywood hottie. Make the girls squirm, you handsome guy, you!

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara Achieving perky peepers can be slightly more daunting than expected; resulting in a Marilyn Manson look rather than a sexy smokey eye. Get up to eight times (that’s right) the volume in lash value and sport fabulous feline batters. What’s more this wand is infused with collagen, that will get you volume express, Aiswarya Raistyle. Go on, get your colossal cat on…meow!


OLIVIA WILDE Superstar beauty on the rise Hollywood is one of those places where opportunity still is perceived as rife. Countless stories still emerge from the land of glitz and glamour, where people have become larger than life and magic carpet rides become a thing of the norm. The people who experience this splendor must be one of the smallest minorities of the world, but are recognised around the globe as movie stars. One such star that is on the rise, and has near cemented her place as the next Cameron Diaz, is none other than Olivia Wilde.

After graduating from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland, in 2002, Wilde set out in pursuit of an acting career, and changed her last name from Cockburn to Wilde for obvious reasons. Assisted by her amazing looks and strong stage capabilities, small supporting roles started coming in movies such as ‘The Girl Next Door’ (2004) and ‘Alpha Dog’ (2006). She also had a role as Alex Kelly, a feisty bi-sexual teen in the TV series ‘The O.C.’ for 13 episodes. But it was not until 2007 when she was really thrown into the spotlight, landing a lead role in the medical drama series ‘House’ as a Doctor fighting to keep a personal disease a secret.

Since her breakout role on ‘House’, movie credits have been coming thick and fast, with roles in blockbusters such as ‘Tron: Legacy’ (2010), ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ (2011), ‘The Change-Up’ (2011) and ‘In Time’ (2011) all adding up on her already impressive CV. Wilde has averaged 5 movies per year for the last 3 years, and if 2012 didn’t look busy enough 2013 looks just as immense for Wilde with 4 confirmed projects already. Among them is the movie Rush, which will detail the lives of F1 racing drivers James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, set in the late 70’s. Wilde will play Suzy Miller, the wife of James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth. 2012 films that are still to come are ‘People Like Us’ and ‘The Words’, both drama films with roles for Olivia to further introduce her strong acting abilities, as she seems determined to avoid roles which exploit her purely for her appearance which her earlier roles might have been guilty of. Not just a pretty face, but a face that could become synonymous with Hollywood for years to come. Watch out for Olivia Wilde, as she’s soon to become the pique lady in the world of acting.


Wilde as ‘Suzy Miller’ alongside Chris Hemsworth as ‘James Hunt’ in the upcoming movie ‘Rush’.

Born Olivia Cockburn (ja, we know) to an American mother and an Irish father. She declared to her parents at an early age that she wanted to be an actor after watching an episode of Saturday Night Live. “So I went to my mom at ten years old and said, ‘This is what I want.’ And she said, ‘Great, well, you’re going to have to go to Second City and you’re going to have to audition,” says Wilde.



Anyone who knows what a movie is has probably heard of Steven Spielberg, so the man needs no introduction. Spielberg’s next project to hit theatres is a biopic named Lincoln, detailing the life of the late US president Abraham Lincoln, except it’s his following project that really catches the eye. Robopocalypse is a story set in a world where Robots are in control of humans and, although similar in some ways to I, Robot with Will Smith, allows for a premise that could be of a grand scale in Spielberg’s hands. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is set to star, with the movie set for a 2014 release.

Perhaps the next Mean Girls, Spring Breakers tells the story of 4 girls who decide to go on spring break, but run out of money on their trip and take to robbing a restaurant which sets them up for an interesting vacation. Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Selena Gomez (Monte Carlo, Justin Bieber’s squeeze) star in this girl power flik, and James Franco makes a cameo as a sleazy drug and arms dealer. A March 2013 date has been set for release.

MOVIES COMING SOON The Campaign In what could be called a modern comedic dream team, Will Farrell (Anchorman) and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) team up in this political comedy. Farrell stars as Cam Brady, a congressman running for his 5th unopposed term, but is surprised when Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), a tourism director, decides to run against him. Director Jay Roach, best known for directing the Austin Powers movies and Meet The Parents, was behind the lens on this one, and critics have given the film positive reviews, so to get some guaranteed laughs in check this one out when it opens on November 2nd.

Jeff, who lives at home This dark comedy follows Jeff, played by Jason Segel (I Love You, Man), who is a 30-year-old man still living with his mother, played by Susan Sarandon, who finds Jeff a disappointment and is also disappointed with her own life. Their living situation is also made strained




Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese are teaming up for a 5th time to bring audiences a financial drama, based on a best selling novel, about a New York stock broker who gets caught up in a fraud scandal and gets exposed to the level of corruption on Wall Street. Some strong supporting actors in the shape of Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey will also be offering their skills to an already impressive sounding project. It is rumoured that there will be an all out group sex scene where DiCaprio bares all so, whether that floats your boat or not, look out for this one in 2013.

by Jeff’s brother, played by Ed Helms (The Hangover), whose marriage is hanging by a thread. By no means a big budget dark comedy, but rather a film that will contain more hidden themes than your average popcorn joke fest. It opens in cinemas on 12 October and after watching the trailer on YouTube we’re pretty interested.

Killer Joe Emile Hirsch (Into The Wild) makes a return to the big screen alongside Matthew McConaughey in this dark comedy about a small time drug dealer who decides to hire a contract killer to murder his mother in order to collect on an insurance cheque. Obviously things don’t go quite to plan, as well as the hitman having a few interesting secrets of his own. The movie has already been released in the US, and has received great reviews from critics. So be sure to check this one out when it hits theatres on November 2nd.



TECHNOLOGY New Inventions & Innovations by Jeanine van der Vyver

Jawbone Jambox Logitech Ultra-think keyboard cover

You are spending the day on Camps Bay, enjoying the sunshine and company but all that is missing are those tunes. Since phones can now store your entire music collection, use this bluetooth wireless speaker and turn your phone into a mini boom box. It even doubles as a speaker phone.

Ever find yourself overwhelmed from tapping on the iPhone’s glass screen? Instead, you should get this portable wireless keyboard - it snaps on magnetically and runs for months without having to recharge.

Shure SE115M+ It may look archaic but a bluetooth headset is a must! There is no charging necessary and the sound-isolating earbuds block out any external sound. Ideal when you are on the go, or trying to ignore someone.



Uploading holiday snaps is super easy with the Eye-Fi. Plug the wireless SD memory card, with built-in wifi, into your digital camera and transfer photos wirelessly to your phone, PC, tablet or even straight to Facebook.


FitBit Ultra

Powerbag Deluxe Backpack

For the fitness fundis! Clip on the Fitbit Ultra and let it count the steps you take and track the hours you sleep. Then upload your stats to and mull over them obsessively.

For all these nifty gadget ideas, you are going to need something pretty to transport them in. The Powerbag Deluxe Backpack has a built in battery, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet or other device – up to four at a time, and even looks great.



Logitech Pure-Fi Express Courtesy of Craving Novity

Logitech recently released their highly affordable answer for people who find docking stations a tad steep. Firstly the positives; the sound is clear with warm bass and crystal treble. It is also quite an attractive device that will add to the aesthetics of your surroundings. Due to the compact size it can be used as both your bedside table alarm clock/ mp3 player and an adequate boom box that will be sufficient for a small gathering. At an average retail price of R799.00 it is quite a steal. Now a few problems; while the sound might be crystal clear it doesn’t carry too well, meaning it

can’t quite satisfy a noisy crowd like a BOSE could. It also doesn’t have a battery, meaning it will be no good away from an electricity source. We also think a radio function would have been a good addition for people growing tired of their playlists. The price and clarity makes it an appealing product, especially for someone who would like to play some background tunes, but if you want to crank the volume it won’t really do it for you. Like we said, great for the bedside table.

ACER Aspire S3 Ultrabook Courtesy of Craving Novity

An ultra light and ultra convenient new offer from Acer, the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook is really something special!

Read more at www.


Its 13.3” screen is perfect for light internet browsing and usual admin functions. With a weight of 1.3kg’s the ultrabook is perfect for on-the-go students and young working professionals. Its average battery life-span is expected with such a light weight but the stiff keys are slightly dissapointing - however you can easily get over this. Such a convenient laptop, and not at all unattractive, Acer’s slim Aspire S3 Ultrabook has the heads up from Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG.

If you haven’t been following the tech media in recent weeks, Apple announced its next big smartphone in September. The Apple iPhone 5 is now official. In all honesty, the iPhone 5 was one of the worst kept secrets, in regards to specifications, leading up to the launch. The event, thus, serves more of a confirmation of its specifications, along with highlighting a few not spoken about. The Apple iPhone 5 was announced as the world’s thinnest smartphone at 7.6mm thick, a reduction of 18% over the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 also sees a reduction in weight of 20%, now weighing 112g. One of the more important increases lies in its screen size, now measuring 4”; 0.5” larger than previous iterations. It sports a Retina Display with a resolution of 1136x640px at 326ppi. The display also has a 44% increase in colour saturation thanks to the sRGB rendering. In regards to connectivity, the iPhone 5 packs LTE, HSPA+, EV-DO and EDGE technology, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although notably missing NFC. The smartphone has an A6 CPU, which, according to Apple, packs twice as much power as the 4S and 22% smaller in size. The camera is a backside-illuminated 8 megapixel sensor with a 5 element lens and an f/2.4 aperture, which is the same as with the 4S, only a touch thinner. We’re really looking forward to getting our hands on the model in the next few months!


TRAVEL Cheap Ways to Travel the World by Dalene Ingham-Brown

Being broke is one thing. Being broke with a nagging wanderlust in your heart is quite another! What you need is cheap ways to travel the world.

1. OVERLAND TRIP An overland trip must be one of the best ways to discover Africa on a budget. Book the route you want to take then get on the overland truck with like-minded travellers and travel along a pre-determined route. There are two types of trips you can choose from: camping or accommodated. Camping is of course the cheaper option, and when you’re looking for cheap ways to travel the world, putting up and taking down a tent between destinations doesn’t seem so bad when you’re saving heaps of cash. Most of the tours include meals as well. This means your transport, food and accommodation is covered before your trip starts.




Nothing feels as good as finding a great deal right before you would have paid a huge amount of money for the same trip. Loads of companies release great last minute deals a few weeks before the cruise, a flight or a trip leaves because they’re trying to fill the last of the seats. Check out www.lastminute. com for one of many of these.

3. COUCH SURFING “Couch surfing” is based on the concept of people around the world offering their homes as free place to stay for travellers. The host home doesn’t charge anything for the traveller staying with them. There is a corporation called CouchSurfing International Inc. where eager travellers and those offering accommodation register their details. The beauty of Couch surfing is that From here you can check, via references, the credibility of a person offering accommodation.

4. VOLUNTEER Being a good samaritan doesn’t mean you need a sky rocketing bank balance. Volunteering is one of those cheap ways to travel the world. There are websites who charge about $2500 to have you give of your heart and time for a mere two weeks. However, if you’re keen on selflessly giving of your time, there are ways to travel the world for free as a volunteer. Help Exchange is an online organization with a database of organic farms, ranches, hostels, and even sailing boats that are looking for help from travellers who are looking to volunteer their time in exchange for food and lodging. Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders, that brings volunteers and organisations together who wish to help

others and find solutions to social and environmental problems. Volunteer projects include organisations helping recovering addicts, working with orphanages and those lobbying for wildlife conservation issues.

5. SELF-DRIVE ROAD TRIPS A Self-drive trip is also a great idea for travelling when on a budget. Although your biggest expenses will be gas, food and accommodation, a self-drive road trip can work out to be a very cheap way to travel the world. Buy a map and plan the shortest, safest route possible to get you from each day’s point A to point B. Then research the cheapest hostels, camping spots or backpackers to stay in or near point B. Then your final step is to hire a car for your required travel dates. If you save big on a trip, you can spoil yourself with smaller stuff, like a spa treatment or birthday presents for friends back home! Dalene Ingham-Brown is an e-marketing assistant and copywriter at Drive South Africa. She is passionate about travel, social media and making lists, there isn’t a puddle Dalene doesn’t itch to jump in, or a sunset she doesn’t want to point a lens at.

SPORT Sports Interview:

Chad le Clos byDulcieBaleni We all saw him win the gold medal for South Africa and beating world swimming champion, Michael Phelps, by just a few seconds. Chad Le Clos has become one of the most spoken about people in South Africa. Yes! LIFESTYLE MAG caught up with Chad and this is what he had to say. I have always wanted to participate in the Olympics. It has been a childhood dream of mine to be in the Olympics. I am a huge football fan. I have always had a love for football but my passion for swimming is at the top of the list and football coming in second. Being a South African sporting hero is a big deal. It is a true honor to have so much support from so many people. I could not believe that I actually beat Michael Phelps. The feeling that I won a gold medal against Michael Phelps was indescribable. All emotions wrapped in one. Although the next Olympics are in four years, I have already started training. I’m not just training for the Olympics but for the world cups in October and the world championships in December.

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be at home. I would be spending much needed time with my family.

Being well known in the country is pretty insane. The craziest thing that has ever happened to me so far was being mobbed in Sandton. My message to the kids out there… Believe that you are good enough to compete against anyone. Set big goals. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of Chad doing his thing. He has our support and is really making South Africa proud.


. . . .

What is your favourite destination? Rome If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? Muhammad Ali What‘s playing on your Ipod right now? A mix my friend made for me for the Olympics If you were not a swimmer, what would you be doing? Professional footballer


Before any competition, I try to keep calm. I just listen to my music and keep my head in the game.

“The feeling that I won a gold medal against Michael Phelps was indescribable. All emotions wrapped in one.”

When I’m not training, I enjoy relaxing at home. I like playing Playstation and spending some time on the beach.






FINANCE INVESTING PART III By Aaron Fuchs Opening your own investment account can be intimidating. People tend to (unreasonably) shy away from this important step of the process, which is in fact quite easy and gives you access to valuable information about stocks, prices, and investor analyses. Through exploring this data, you can improve your investing knowledge exponentially.


A good first step is to open a demo account. This way, you will not be trading with real money, but you will have the ability to buy and sell shares with fake cash to see how you can perform in the market. Begin by going to and creating a free portfolio. Log in and get used to the interface of the online tool. Become familiar with all the links on the left tool bar. Some will not be available in the free version, but all the basic tools will be, including the ones I referred to in my previous column last week.


Begin by entering in the name of the company in the section “share name,” and it will pull up the details of the company. As an example, let’s use VODACOM. Enter the company share code “VOD” into the search bar. Now you will be able to see the basic financial information for this company and are already ahead of most people in becoming an informed investor. A quick glance through the page that you are on will give you the prices, trades and volumes of that particular

“A good first step is to open a demo account. This way, you will not be trading with real money, but you will have the ability to buy and sell shares with fake cash to see how you can perform in the market.” stock during the day (the prices are delayed on the free version but that should not make too much difference for the kind of analysis that you are doing). Then, as you scroll lower, you will get to the more important information, the Quick Fundamentals. Here you will be able to access a basic financial statement, which will give you an overview of the health of the company. You will also be able to learn what the business does—something that may be obvious with a familiar company like Vodacom but will be very useful for more obscure companies. The key to good investing is thoroughly understanding what the company does, so research is crucial. Therefore, from the Quick Fundamentals page, you will likely want to follow the links to the company website, which will also give you access to their 10K and 10Q documents, usually stored in the “investor” tab on the homepage. You will need these documents to investigate the business and rank it against competitors. The difference between good investors and average investors is the patience and time taken to go through company reports. After you have read these and made some decisions about the companies you like, you can now begin adding a few shares to your portfolio.

Remember, however, to keep your portfolio diversified; in other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Rather, try to find a few gem companies from a variety of different sectors. Next week, I will select and discuss a sample portfolio, explaining how I chose both the companies and the number of shares to purchase. One other very important thing: After you have signed up, you will be asked if you’d like to receive the Sharenet daily email. Sign up for this! I cannot stress enough how important it is to read daily news about the markets. The Sharenet newsletter is especially insightful, and through it, you will get a feel of what news causes the world’s stock markets to go up or down. You will also find specific company news, which will help you make quicker and better-informed decisions about your investments so that you can continue to be ahead of the game.

HOMEWORK: 1: Register for a free portfolio 2: Get familiar with the online tools 3: Analyze some companies 4: “Buy” some shares 5: Monitor your performance 6: Read the daily newsletter



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Yes! LIFESTLYE MAG Issue 12  

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