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So it was lived Brazil 2014

Germany Champion Argentina has been subchampion

Group A Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameroon Brazil has advanced without waiting as leader of its group Mexico has qualified second and has eliminated the powerful Croatia The Africans have not made progress

Group B Spain Netherlands Chile Australia The world champion Spain has been surprisingly beaten by Netherlands Netherlands has advanced as first of the group Spain's hopes were dashed by falling to Chile

Chile will surprise in the group and has advanced as second

Group C Colombia Greece Ivory Coast Japan Colombia has advanced first without his star Falcao for an injury 2 months before starting the cup

The second place of the group has reached the Greeks after beating the Africans in a duel to the death Japan has given the fight but left the cup very soon

Group D Uruguay Costa Rica England Italy The most surprising group of all Costa Rica has given the surprise and has advanced first Uruguay in a lethal duel advances and has eliminated italy Europeans have been overtaken by Latinos

Group E Switzerland Ecuador France Honduras The favorites have advanced France was first and is considered favorite to be champion Switzerland has advanced and has given the fight Ecuador and Honduras were very poor in their soccer

Group F Argentina Bosnia Iran Nigeria Argentina has qualified with perfect score with an inspired Messi Nigeria has left Bosnia out in a big game Iran has been eliminated in a very difficult group for them

Group G Germany Portugal Ghana U.S The Germans have classified and believe with the cup The United States has given the surprise and has left out the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo Ghana has been eliminated as an African country of the strongest

Group H Belgium Algeria Russia South Korea The powerful belgium has advanced with perfect score Algeria has fought the group without being a favorite and has left out a swollen Korea The Russians of bad performance were eliminated

The round of 16 has arrived The favorite and host Brazil has eliminated Chile in tandem of panaltis Colombia a team that had not passed this stage has surprised Uruguay

France advances without problems and leaves out a warrior Nigeria Germany with fright has advanced against the Algerians who have been dismissed from the cup as heroes

The round of 16 has arrived In a very controversial duel with a dubious penalty, the Netherlands have eliminated Mexico

The surprise of the world cup Costa Rica has been firm and in penalty shoot-out has left Greece out

Argentina in an agonistic match remains undefeated and has qualified Belgium has remained a firm candidate to win the cup and has overtaken the Americans

The quarterfinals have arrived The round to death of the cup were exciting matches

Brazil has advanced but with a dubious arbitration has defeated Colombia that has left among the tears of its fans Germany with 1 goal only has been enough to eliminate the powerful France

The quarterfinals have arrived Sad news for Latinos has been dismissed unbeaten in penalty shootout the humble Costa Rica against Netherlands

Argentina has found strong rivals but even so it has advanced and with only 1 goal leaves out Belgium

The semifinals have arrived The semifinals have arrived and the world has not wanted to lose 2 duels to death

Alert Germany has crushed the powerful Brazil in its home a result that nobody expected, Germany is the first finalist

Argentina has not surrendered and has collapsed the dream of the mechanical orange has eliminated it in round of penalties, after many years Argentina at the end of the world cup

The semifinals have arrived

The final has arrived The world has been paralyzed the day of knowing the owner of Brazil 2014 has come

Final final Germany was world champion the Argentines cry the end of the albicelestes dream Germany has been crowned champion

Congratulations Germany has been champion of the FIFA World Cup

Argentina has been runner-up in the FIFA World Cup

Netherlands has been third in the FIFA World Cup

See you soon, we will see you in Russia 2018 to get to share the most beautiful sports in the world soccer. Author: Yerson Arismendy CI: 19491829 Ingenieria En DiseĂąo Industrial Ingles II

Revista mundial2014  

Como se vivió Brasil 2014

Revista mundial2014  

Como se vivió Brasil 2014