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November 2010




Do you know that…

WorldCenter mania…………….……….2 It is never to late. to Drink Tea …..3 Or To speak Perfect English ………3 A call of a wild……… ……………………4 Animal Idioms ………………..……………..4 Sunny Gate ……….…………………………5 Management …………………………………6 Fun Zone ………………………………………7 We will highly appreciate if you give us your feedback on the newsletter as we value our students’ opinion and strive to better ourselves. You can contact your teacher, office manager Tatyana or our suggestion box!

Christmas spirit is all around in the air and we can already smell it in the WorldCenter! Apart from a traditional Christmas celebration we plan to hold a splendid St. Nicolas performance on the 19th of December 2010 at 11 o’clock, so treat yourselves with a great X-mas fun! Anyone willing to witness this event can get a free invitation outlining all the plays and actors involved. FunClub is also ready to impress with a hilarious Detective Communication Game that will be conducted on 11 of December at 6 o’clock. So, get out your magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes deduction methods to investigate a mind-boggling problem in the best traditions of crime-story genre! Our kind-hearted congratulation to our preintermediate group who have completed their course and now are ready to embrace a new challenge: Intermediate level! We wish you inspiration and success in your studies!

Parlez-vous francais? Not yet? Then, we can offer you to join a beginner group that will commence their studies this December. Learn the language of romance, flirtation and, of course, love!

This is not the photo of the Director of Studies :) A word from the WorldCenter Director of Studies We are committed to continuously improving your experience of studying with WorldCenter. Over the coming year we will be undertaking a number of developments aimed at benefiting our students, such as polishing teaching techniques, introducing new authentic materials and advancing usage of IT in the studies. Our overall objective is to encourage you to seek out experience and understanding; to study hard and

Have you noticed that we have a very delightful neigbour? British Council Ukraine is sharing the same premises with the WorldCenter. International Exams have never been that close to all languageminded students. Enjoy having knowledge at your fingertips! Interested in reading? Yes, then savour the moment as WorldCenter offers you a wide range of books available in our library. Choose the one you like, register it at the front desk and gulp it down at home. Expand your horizons with the WorldCenter!


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WorldCenter Mania Trick or Treat by Lena Kudlay (FCE) Do you enjoy being fun-loving, imaginative and adventurous person or you prefer calm and an animated life? I bet it is not a dubious question for any student of the WorldCenter especially for those who visited the 'Halloween Party' on the 31st of October. It was a really unbelievable and amazing evening. Hereunder are just some of the episodes that astonished, pleased and touched me the most. First of all, I was really surprised being able to see through the other side of my friends' nature. Thus, all the visitors were wearing charming and scary costumes. The Count Dracula, a zombie-girl, some pretty witches and hell-girls, vampires and other fairy creatures came to this spooky party. Secondly, there was absolutely spectacular setting – Nightmarish wall-papers, horrifying music, Jack-o-lanterns, artificial cockroach, spider webs and, of course, candies, fruits and 'bloody' juice. Finally, some words about the party. It was a really crazy one with huge amount of competitions and fun such as mummification with toilet paper, acting out Little Red Riding Hood, drawing symbols of Halloween, dancing and so on... All these competitions were in English so it was a good challenge for every contestant to check and improve their skills. At the end of the party we were in for two surprises. One of them was election of the King and the Queen of the Halloween party. The other one was a delicious cake. When the party time ran out, we took spectacular photos. I am sure that nobody will ever forget this evening. Hit the ten WorldCenter is hitting the ten! 10 people is the maximum number of students the language groups. Having conducted the survey we have come to the conclusion that not only 10 people in the classroom is the number that gives a chance for a lot of versatile activities but is also a very popular number among the best language schools of the world. We have looked at the language services offered by language schools that are 2010 Language Travel Magazine Star Awards winners and the average number of students in their classrooms is 12 ( We have also interviewed respected professionals and asked for their opinion. Here are some of them. Svitlana Polyakova, British Council Donetsk: ‘Learning is interaction and collaboration with like-minded people. So, having 10 students will only add to the group dynamics, efficient communication and excellent results!’ Iryna Yeryemenko, Executive Officer: Learning from the best and applying their experience is sure to give your language a boost and WorldCenter will satisfy an increasingly growing demand among language learners in Donetsk.

The WorldCenter Profile: Indira Ghandi (1917-1984) By Tanya Isayeva This month it is 93 years since the first female primeminister of India was born. Her name was Indira Gandhi, and she became one of India’s great politicians and high achievers. Her childhood was spent in loneliness, but she witnessed and participated in every dramatic event of that time in India. Nehry – her father - was imprisoned due to his disobedience to Great Britain, and her mother - Kamala, died from tuberculosis. This left an incurring wound in the depth of her soul. As a result, Indira had to rely on herself. Studying in Oxford, she developed a relationship with her future husband Feroze Gandhi. After her father’s death she started a political career and was elected a prime minister of India, becoming a household name across the World. As an inexperienced figure she stumbled a lot at first, but soon she learned how to perform her ministerial duties effectively. She later triggered a widespread national program of birth control and set about stopping religious battles within India. «Green» revolution, revived manufacture and stable bank system – all these is a magnificent outcome of fragile woman hands. Regardless Indira was snowed under in work, she always paid sufficient attention to her children. Under heightening tensions, she built her career in an independent country and lived up to the expectations of millions of people who still show their affection and encouragement towards her today. She passed away at the age 67. Her assassination made huge waves of resentment in India and left immortal memory about her - icon of the XXth century.

World в

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It is never too late to learn. To drink TEA The TEA! This splendid beverage came from India and has deeply penetrated into our diet so nowadays we can’t imagine our life without it. However do you really know how to drink tea properly? How to do it right? Here is a piece of advice for you. Rule №1 - Never drink tea in case you are hungry! That can cause remote but inevitable digestive problems. Rule №2 - Never drink hot tea! It can burn your mouth if the temperature of tea is more than 62 C. Nutritionists warn to be careful with hot liquids and recommend the optimal temperature – 56 C, otherwise it can gradually destroy the layer of eater’s stomach. Rule №3 - Don’t drink cold tea! This is obvious! You can catch a cold and spent some days in the bed. Rule №4 - Too strong tea can be a fertile ground for headaches and insomnia. So don’t drink strong tea! Rule №5 - Don’t let your tea be in the teapot for too long! Not tasty, not healthy means - useless. Remember that the nutritional value of tea in such cases declines. Rule №6 - Don’t brew your tea more than two-three times! If you ask why – look at the rule № 5. Rule №7 - Don’t drink tea directly before meal! You consciously extinguish appetite and make your meal less enjoyable. Rule №8 - Don’t drink your tea just after the meal! It is proved that your digestion slows down and gets worse. Admittedly, it is not what we want after tasty lunch, so wait for 20-30 minutes and than have your tea. Rule №9 - Never drink yesterday tea! It contains millions of bacteria and microorganisms! Nevertheless if the tea did not turn sour you can use it in medical treatment. Enjoy your drink with a tea expert Tatyana Isayeva (CAE group)!

Or to Speak Perfect English Today we will serve you a very delicious range of collocations and fixed phrases. We hope our team will be able to satisfy hunger for English even of the most ravenous students. Get healthy and nutritious Word Diet together with the WorldScribbler! In a single sweep – одним махом To smarten up – привести себя в порядок I came near forgetting – я чуть было не забыл To do one's damnedest – из кожи вон лезть To be heavy-eyed – глаза слипаются I'll lay you any odds you like – Держу пари на что угодно Suit yourself – как хочешь Take heart – мужайся Pick holes - критиковать Against all odds – несмотря ни на что To have a sweet tooth – быть сладкоежкой To take a walk – совершать прогулку To be a yardstick - быть образцом для подражания Bottoms up – до дна!


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A Call of a Wild

Do you know how animals got their names? Really in many different ways, from many different places, and from many different languages! Ducks, for example, are birds who “Duck” in the water. Their name comes from an old English word “duce”, which means a diver.”

The Arabic word “xirafoh”, which means “long neck”, gave the longnecked giraffe its name.

Animal idioms The early bird catches the worm - Success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort (кто рано встает, тому Бог подает) Let the cat out of a bag – to give out a secret (по секрету всему свету) Go to the dogs – get spoiled or wasted (коту под хвост) Have butterflies in my stomach – feel nervous and excited (нервничать и переживать)

Two Greek words, “hippos” – which means “horse” and “potamus” – which means “river”, were put together to give us the “river horse” we know today as the hippopotamus.

Smell a rat – become suspicious about smth (чувствовать что-то неладное) Take the bull by the horns – start with an action (взять быка за рога)

The ancient Latin word “leopardus”, which means “spotted lion”, gave the leopard its name.

A bird in one hand is worth two in the bush - It's better to have a small actual advantage than the chance of a greater one (лучше синица в руке, чем журавль в небе) This page was compiled by Head Teacher on teenagers and kids Marina Cherkez

Both the Latin word “carcharus” and the Greek word “karckarios” mean “sharp teeth”, and it is from these two words that we get the name of the feared shark.



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Sunny Gate by Catherine Shirokova One day my little daughter Lily came to me and asked me one very unexpected question. She asked me, where soul of child came? I did not expect that question from her. She was only seventy blue-moon-month old. So young for such a question. A thought a bit, and decided to tell her a story, that my grand-grand mother had told me many centuries ago. It was a very mysterious and weird story. But it was absolutely true. I caressed my daughter’s pretty head and shaggy ears and started. There are a lot of planets in our Universe and a lot of creatures live on them. Some of them look like our species: they are short, with furry body, with gentle eyes and appearance like the bears’. Others have alien appearance: they look like humans. I asked Lilly, if she remembered the stranger - uncle Barney? And she confirmed. There are a lot of other creatures. And we can’t even imagine what they look like. Maybe they are frightening? Or maybe they are very cute… Some of them are really peaceful, and others – dangerous, cause of their main purpose to take over all nations in the Universe. They are, for example, dwarfs, from planet Psihea. But in our Universe we have the most important, vital species – they are SUNNY CREATURES. In that moment I kept silent. I realized that my daughter listened to me with a keen interest. So I continued. Theset creatures live on the farthermost planet Floria in the Pileo-asterism. Floria is covered with deepest forests and highest mountains. There are a lot of crystal-clear lakes, the longest, full of fish rivers, endless oceans. The whole planet is like a common alive organism. Because all of all those creatures who live on this planet are connected in one common sense chain. It’s like the whole planet takes in one mutual breath. Even the tiny leaf contains the information about the whole planet. The SUNNY CREATURES live on that beautiful planet. They have absolutely unusual appearance. Their body is practically liquid and light They are tall. They have long hair, several tails, which grow from their spine from neck till waist. They have wings and can fly. They have six-fingered hands. And they have three eyes. Rumor has it that the third eye is their feature. It’s the portal for communication with each other, with everything alive on the Floria and even in the whole Universe. With their third eye they can read thoughts, steps on the road, remove things, or create anything, which surrounds them. They can change the landscape, or grow any kind of plant with just the strength of their mind. They are immortal. Nobody has ever seen them. Maybe only dwarfs. I promised to tell about that a bit later… SUNNY CREATURES have a big secret. In the highest mountain, in the deepest cave on the Floris they have a SUNNY GATE to the whole Universe. The SUNNY GATE has a real huge power. It allows to move wherever SUNNY CREATURES want in space and time. SUNNY CREATURES protect the SUNNY GATE as the vital treasure of the Universe. My daughter was very amazed. Her beautiful eyes were full of astonishment. She asked me: «And how is our soul born? Why was I telling her about those extraordinary creatures and the SUNNY GATE?» I continued: The SUNNY CREATURES have absolutely similar bodies: male and female indistinguishable. Even they themselves don’t know the sex of each other…But when somebody in the Universe only began to really think about a little baby, the SUNNY CREATURES recognized that at the same moment… They are Creators of our souls…Nobody knows how and why they select a soul mate, what the reasons are, but at the moment of thought about a baby, the third eye begins to light blue for only one male and pink for one female. And only this couple can see that light. They are joined and only with strength of their mind the soul is created and thank to the SUNNY GATE to the real parents.


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1. Once upon a time there was a team of rowers ...

3. Both of the teams were training diligently. So, they were equally fit by the beginning of the competition. Nevertheless, we were defeated and lagged 1 kilometre behind the other team.

5. Few days of deep insight into the problem resulted in the discovery that the opponent team had 7 rowers and only one captain.

7. So, our management came up with a brilliant idea: they decided to invite a consulting agency to reconstruct the team.

9. Since that day they had only 4 captains, 2 managers, one top management and one rower. This lead to the conclusion that rower should be in the constant focus to boost his motivation and aspiration for work.

11. The rower was expelled from the team as they were utterly dissatisfied with his results.

2. So, they decided to challenge another team from a different country to compete with them. Each of the teams included 8 rowers.

4. Our team was completely dispirited. Thus, to management were thinking hard about chances of winning next year. To reach this end, they invited an offshore company to analyse and remedy this situation.

6. Meanwhile, our team had 7 captains and only one rower.

8. After several months of consulting they concluded that our team has too many captains but too few rowers. Based on this analysis they decided to alter team's structure.

10. Next year our competitors defeated us with t he gap of 2 kilometres.

12. Managers were rewarded for high performance in team motivation during the report period. Now they are building a new boat to bring high results at last.


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Sunny Gate continued + Fun Zone I asked Lilly if she had ever seen the falling star. It’s the birth of a new soul. I paused, remembered about dwarfs… In the very beginning of our world evil dwarfs tried to take over all the planets in the Universe with the help of the SUNNY GATE. Nobody knows, how they had reached the Floria, and how they had learnt about location of the GATE. But they gathered the biggest army and used the scariest weapons, which noone had ever seen. But SUNNY CREATURES defeated the dwarfs by only using their mind power. After that SUNNY CREATURES surrounded their planet with a protection shield. And nobody can even identify the position of the incredible, fascinating Floria. Maybe only the child, who is only just born… I finished, kissed my daughters top… «I love You, Mummy», she whispered, steeping in slumber. «I love You too, my sunny created wonder». At that moment one more star was falling down. I smiled.

Did you hear about the teacher who was helping one of her kindergarten students put on his boots? He asked for help and she could see why. With her pulling and him pushing, the boots still didn't want to go on. When the second boot was on, she had worked up a sweat. She almost whimpered when the little boy said, "Teacher, they're on the wrong feet." She looked and sure enough, they were. It wasn't any easier pulling the boots off than it was putting them on. She managed to keep herself cool as together they worked to get the boots back on, this time on the right feet. He then announced, "These aren't my boots." She bit her tongue rather than get right in his face and scream, "Why didn't you say so?" like she wanted to. Once again she struggled to help him pull the ill-fitting boots off. He then said, "They're my brother's boots. My Mom made me wear them." She didn't know if she should laugh or cry. She mustered up the grace and courage she had left to wrestle the boots on his feet again. She said, "Now, where are your mittens?" He said,"I stuffed them in the toes of my boots..." Her trial starts next month.

"It's clear" said the teacher, "That you haven't studied your geography. What's your excuse ?" "Well, my dad says the world is changing every day . So I decided to wait until it settles down !" Teacher: What can you tell me about the Dead Sea? Pupil: Dead ?, I didn't even know it was sick ! Teacher: Where is the English Channel? Pupil: I don't know, my TV doesn't pick it up

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