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YEPP calls for the harmonization of highest nuclear safety standards Following the disaster in Fukushima, the Youth of the European People's Party calls on Member States to harmonize and implement the highest nuclear safety standards at Europe's nuclear power plants. The centre-right youth organization at the same time calls on the European Commission to thoroughly examine the implications of the accident on the European energy markets, with special regard to possible price increases and the shift in the energy mix. YEPP views that the accident might trigger a significant increase in prices of gas and electricity supply, as well as on CO2 markets, especially if Member States initiate nuclear decommissioning programs or cancel previously planned nuclear investments. With a possible decline in the use of nuclear energy, the supply gap might be filled either by traditional fossil fuels or renewable sources. The European Commission and the Member States should update their energy strategies so that the low-carbon pathway could prevail. Since a significant share of electricity production comes from nuclear sources in the European Union, any change in measures aimed at a change of the energy mix should be implemented under the greatest caution. Especially, taken into account, that energy prices largely affect the EU's much desired economic recovery. The board of YEPP Brussels, 25 March 2011