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YEPP Resolution: Current Political Situation in Romania Adopted by the YEPP Council in Larnaca, Cyprus July 7, 2012. 

Recognising: •

That Romania is a Member State of the European Union, with all the  rights and obligations it entails. 

That the Romanian Constitution is in accordance with all the European  Treaties and Laws.

The Principle of separation between legislative, executive and judicial  powers should be upheld.

Acknowledging: •

The actions of the Social­Liberal Union (USL) have been shown to be  contrary to Romanian law.

The statement of the Constitutional Court of Romania, which said that  “the   Social­Liberal   Union   violates   the   Constitution,   the   norms   of  democracy  and rule of law in the state”.

The Constitutional   Court   of   Romania   addressed   the   European  Commission   of   Democracy   by   Law   (Venice   Commission),   “after   the  unprecedented attacks of the Social­Liberal Union against its members”  and the reductions of the Court’s duties by the order of the Government. 

The actions for changing the members of the Constitutional Court of  Romania, which have a non­removable 9 year mandate.


That the Social­Liberal Union changed the President of the Senate and  the   President   of   the   Chambers   of   Deputies   by   breaching   the  Constitution and the Rules of the Parliament. 

The decision of the Prime­Minister Victor Ponta, Co­President of USL,  to transfer the supervision of the Official Journal from the Parliament to  his own direct supervision. 

The Order of the Minister of Education to dissolve the Council for the  Validation of Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates, in the same  day that the Council was analysing the allegation of plagiarism  against  the Doctor Thesis of Prime­Minister Victor Ponta.

The decision not to comply with the ruling of the Constitutional Court of  Romania,   by   Prime­Minister   Ponta,   which   decided   that   only   The  President can represent Romania at the European Council.

The decision of Prime­Minister Victor Ponta, to transfer the Romanian  Institute   of   Culture   (ICR),   under   the   Senate   supervision,   in   order   to  change ICR’s board with members of USL. 

The dismissal of the Ombudsman (People’s Attorney) and appointment  of   a   former   member   of   USL   which   threatens   the   impartiality   and  independence of the office. 

That the duties of the Constitutional Court were diminished, by urgent  ordinance of the Government, resulting in an inability of the Court to  analyze   the   decisions   and   law   issued   by   the   Parliament   and   the  Government.

The suspension   of   the   President   of   Romania   was   done   in   at   least  questionable   procedure,   having   the   Government   changing   the  referendum law at the half point of the procedure.

That PM Ponta is no longer in a position to fulfil the duties of the office  of Prime Minister in view of his aforementioned decisions.


Calls on   the   EU   Council   to   uphold   the   decision   of   the   Romanian  Constitutional Court that the Constitutional right of representation lies  with the President and not the Prime Minister. Therefore, YEPP calls  on the EU Council to immediately suspend right of representation for  Romania as represented by PM Ponta. 2

Calls on the European Commission to launch immediately infringement  procedures   against   the   government   of   Romania   on   the   legality   in  accordance to EU Law of the latest actions and decisions made by PM  Ponta.

Calls on the European Parliament to hold a thorough debate on the  Romanian situation.

Calls on   the   European   Union   Fundamental   Rights   Committee   to  organise   an   open   and   public   hearing   to   examine   the   Romanian  situation and its outcome.

Affirms its belief that the Principle of separation of powers in the state  is the basis of democracy, and it is the obligation of Social­Liberal  Union to observe it.

Calls the   European   Parliament   to   take   measures   against   the  undemocratic   actions   of   the   Social­Liberal   Union   and   ask   for   the  compliance with Article  1 and 2 of the Treaty of the European Union.  

YEPP expresses its dismay that the socialist and left­leaning groups in  the   European   Union   and   European   Parliament   have   vetoed  amendments   to   the   agenda   of   the   July   Plenary   Session   of   the  European Parliament to allow discussion of the Romanian situation.

Calls on   the   socialist   and   left­leaning   groups   to   act   decisively   and  responsibly in ensuring compliance of the Romanian government with  National and International Law.