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YEPP Resolution: Sending a clear message of unity and solidarity with Cyprus to Ankara Adopted by the YEPP Council in Kyiv on September 10, 2011

Considering -

the threats expressed by Turkish PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to freeze EU relations when the Republic of Cyprus takes on the rotating presidency in 2012 the pending open-ended accession negotiations between the European Union and the Republic of Turkey the lack of significant advancements in the negotiations in the last time the imperative of solidarity between the member states of the European Union

YEPP urges all EU member states -

to insist on the territorial integrity of Cyprus and the need for a solution of the Cyprus problem by direct negotiations between the Cypriot parties and under the mandate of the UN Secretary General


to reject the Turkish attempt to interfere in internal procedures of the Union and to blackmail its member states and institutions


not to allow any third state to create internal divisions in between the European Union on this occasion to stress the resolution of the Cyprus issue as a condition sine qua non, beside other issues, for a possible privileged partnership to press for further consolidated action so as to ensure territorial stability and security regarding continuous Turkish military violations.



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