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YEPP Resolution: New Energy for Europe – support electric car initiative Adopted by the YEPP Council in Kyiv on September 10, 2011

Recognizing:  That better competitiveness cannot be achieved without technological progress,  That automotive industry represents one of the back-bones of European economy, and that it has capacity to create growth and jobs,

 That Japanese manufacturers and some European manufacturers are already producing hybrid models and are developing commercially viable electric cars.

Acknowledging:  Green-house gasses emitted by the cars have significant detrimental effect globally and also

have detrimental environmental effect especially in urban areas - electric cars do not make noise (do not have even exhaust),  That Europe imports most of its oil from politically unstable regions of the World,  That fuel prices are on more or less constant rise globally,  Low carbon vehicles are certainly needed, but more extensive measures are needed to make the necessary cuts in transport emissions.

YEPP calls on:  European institutions to commit themselves to maintaining European technological and leadership in fighting climate change,

 EPP to support creation of European electric cars initiative which would include: o Member state tax incentives which would motivate more people to buy electric or hybrid cars Europe wide,

o Allocation of more research funds and scholars to research dedicated to technological perfectioning of the electric and hybrid cars.