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YEPP Resolution “Strengthening ties between European and Arab Civil Society� Adopted at the YEPP Council Meeting in Lisbon, May 2012

Emphasizing -


The developments since the adoption of the YEPP resolution, "Seizing the Arab Spring for civil-society building in the EU's southern neighbourhood" in the Marseille Council Meeting (December 2011) The role of civil society in the Arab spring end the development of post-revolution societies the further need of democratization of state institutions on different levels starting from the executive

Acknowledging -

The achievements of the Arab people towards freedom and democracy the recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya marginalizing liberal movements; the problems facing NGOs active in Egypt and UAE The need for a rapid strengthening of civil society institutions in the post-revolution countries

Reiterating -

Its support for the Arab people striving for freedom and democracy in their home countries Its call upon EU member states to support civil society in its efforts to build strong democratic institutions

YEPP calls on -

The European Commission to establish a contact office for all civil society activities in the Arab countries The European Commission to provide funds for civil society exchange projects between Arab and European civil society organizations The EU institutions to further elicit and develop opportunities of cooperation with civil society institutions in the M.E.N.A. region in their respective field 1


Civil society organizations to promote cooperation with potential partner organizations in the Arab countries in their field of activity The governments of the Middle East to guarantee freedom of expression and civil society engagement To guarantee freedom of religion and expression