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PROTRUSION of reality : A Study of Graphic Design skepticism

Yeongmin Won Graphic Design Portfolio 2013

‘‘The object sticks out framed, as it was, an in an unprocessed sta

Up right, mixed media, 15.7 x 17.7 inch

Focusing on flat tworesentation which we c replacing

t of the frame, since the ordinary object was nd this protruded object symbolizes a living object ate to escape from the simplified representation.’’

n that there is an absence of essence in a sign which a simplified and -dimensional representation, I tried to apply an actual object to a repn, in reverse. This work enables us to accept a sign as a living image can see and experience ourselves in the three-dimensional world, by g the image of the simplified, standardized and symbolized sign in the two-dimensional plane with an object in existence

contents of rea Yeong-Min, Won Graphic / Textile designer +82)10 2686 5236

Vocabulary Cards

Business Card

visualizing adjective


Glitched Newspaper Visualizing human error

Sign Design App design ‘Kkinnie’ helps you decide what to eat

Emotion typography : Sad Pancake typographic experiment

Study of definition of visual communication with sign,symbol and visual language.

ality Introvert typography Visualizing characteristics of the introverts

Poster Design : Facebook Advertisement Study of social media’s impact on virtual identity

Scarf Design : Textile Design work Graphic design experiment with logos what is graphic design?

Installation art :Origin Collaborative project

Textile Design graduate exhibition


vocabulary cards

Objective : To visualize 40 adjective , To study symbol and language

Key words : simple / objective / invisible things / visible / clichĂŠ / visual language /

vocabulary cards

From left to right : 1st low - sweet-smelling,stuffy,slender,free,clean /2nd - odd,silent,cute,uncomfortable,nervous / 3rd - salty,funny,mysterious,fast,comfortable/ 4th - smelly,thirsty,chubby,fancy,fresh ,Ink on paper, 7.5 x 5 inch (each)

I had my own rules when making the cards to create symbolic image of each adjective. First rule is to use only grayscale for all adjective. Second rule is to use only one circle and ink for 20 adjective.

Material study : tape,thread,charcoal,pen,paper

Word cards - visualizing conecpt : random adjective

From left to right : 1st low - reasonable,small,thick,light,heavey /2nd - simple,tensed,drowsy,dark,fat / 3rd - sad,itchy,unpredictable,comlicated,thin / 4th - neat,huge,delighted,cheerful,smooth ,Black paper on white paper, 7.5 x 5 inch (each)

For the rest of 20 adjective,the third rule was applied, which use only 3 rectangles with black papers.

form study : charcoal,pen,paper

My room is dark and silent charcoal on canvas, fiber , 25.5 x 20 inch

By overlapping my own adjective cards, I tried to create a new visual language of texts. Then,I started visualizing a sentence.



Left : dark , Black paper on white paper, 7.5 x 5 inch , Right : silent , Ink on paper, 7.5 x 5 inch (each)

‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus - Part 1

charcoal,fiber on wooden panel , 25.5 x 20 inch

I used my vocabulary cards to visualize the text of ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus. The book is comprised of 2 parts; part 1, and part 2. I chose three essential sentences in each parts of the book and picked adjectives in those sentences and then overlapped my vocabulary cards.




1. The uncomfortable vigil had left their faces ashen looking. 2. The sea carried up a thick,fiery breath. 3. I didn’t feel drowsy anymore.

top : uncomfortable , black paper on paper middle : thick , black paper on white paper bottom : drowsy, black paper on paper 7.5 x 5 inch (each)

‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus - part 2

pastel on wooden panel, 25.5 x 20 inch

1. I said it was all pretty simple. 2. My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver. 3. You can’t always be reasonable.




top : simple , black paper on paper middle : tensed , black paper on white paper bottom : reasonable, black paper on paper 7.5 x 5 inch (each)


sign design

Object: To widen the category of our perception of an object

Key words:

sign / representation / true nature / reality / raw


Up Right, mixed media, 45 x 40 cm

Down Right, mixed media, 50x50 cm

‘Sign Design’ project as a work to widen the category of our perception of a simplified and flat two-dimensional representation, I tried to apply an actual as a living image which we can see and experience ourselves in the three-dim symbolized sign in the two-dimensional plane with an object in existence. In that we normally think. Furthermore, it is able to reestablish the relationship applied to this work was to put the directivity, or the situation that it indicate pencil which is carelessly put on the open book, indicates one side, or when revealed in pouring coffee, or in the wires inserted into the plug socket. The was, and this protruded object symbolizes a living object in an unprocessed a

Up Left, mixed media, 40.4 x 34.8 cm

Down, mixed media, 40.4 x 34.8 cm

an object. Focusing on that there is an absence of essence in a sign which a object to a representation, in reverse. This work enables us to accept a sign mensional world, by replacing the image of the simplified, standardized and n other words, I think this is effective in broadening the category of the sign p between the reality perceived by people and its representation. My own rule es, into the frame, as it was. For example, the situation when the end of the the top of the fork on the dish indicates one direction, and the directivity object sticks out of the frame, since the ordinary object was framed, as it and pure state to escape from the simplified representation.

Makig of ‘ Protruded Reality’

idea sketch


typeface study

Objective : To visualize concepts that rarely interpretated with visual language

Key words : concept / characteristic of people / introvert / hiding / erasing / typography / verbal language

Introvert typography

This project is a study of typography themed characteristics of the introverts. Its inspiration came from a book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cane. While reading the book, I found a characteristic of the introverts that tend not to express their thoughts. I think not expressing the thoughts is just like hiding some parts of the texts of the book filled with them. To depict my concept, I literally started from hiding or erasing some alphabets on the book. That is ; for example, if you want to erase ‘a’, you should hide all ‘a’s of the unfolded page of the book.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Step 1 : Erase alphabets on the text with white Step 2 : Connect the boxes with lines box.

Step 3 : Fill the space with the paint bucket tool


glitched newspaper

Objective : To visualize concept, to study relationship between human brain process and language

Key words :

glitch effect / error / human brain / invisible concept

warning :

This page contains gitched text.

How I typed the articles to make unintentional errors

THE WAmonLLS TREET JOURNAL., inkjet on newsprint 10.6 x 15 inch

Glitched Newspaper “Even Newspapers can be wrong, human brain is not perfect.” Glitch means‘errors’ or ‘mistakes’ ,which occurs on the web or in electornic devices. However, people seemed to overlook the fact that those kind of errors can also occur in human brain. I wanted to visualize the errors that happens by human in daily life unintentionally. Newspapers,which we believe that is logical and subjective with no errors, can be wrong. This is because writers cannot always convey their thoughts perfectly so that the articles have errors by accident. To express unexpected errors, I typed the articles on the newspapaer with my hands crossed on the keyboard and put it above my head so that I can’t see what I’m typing.

I wanted to visualize the errors that happen by human in daily life unintentionally. Newspapers,which we believe that is logical and subjective with no errors, can be wrong.


application design

Objective : To make a practical application design that people really need

Key words: meal /menu / decision making / logical thinking / five W’s and one H

kkinnie = a meal ‘kkinnie’ means a meal in Korean

Can’t decide what to eat ? ‘kkinnie’ will help you ! I designed an application for people who cannot decide what to eat. This application not only suggests foods but also let users think logically when making decision such as following logical steps ‘when, who, why, where’. It also shows personal nutrition status that automatically calculated according to what the user has been eaten for meals.

weekly and monthly nutrition status

daily nutrition status

Check your nutrition status and eat healthy You can check your nutrition balance, cumulated nutrition, cumulated calories.

Follow 4 log 1st - when? : Is it for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Easy, intuitive and logical process


gical steps 2nd - with whom? : With whom are you goint to eat?


3rd - why? : What is it for?

4th -where? : Which location are you going to?


business card design

Objective :

To make a business card represents myself.

Key words : identity/ interest / textile design / graphic design/ connection / dots

Yeong-Min, Won Graphic / Textile designer +82)10 2686 5236

Transition of my field of interest in textile design to graphic design was a significant turning point for me so far. But I see both the realm of graphic design and textile design shape my artistic ego, which enriches my philosophy of art and design. And there are distinctive marks of two different realms of design on me, which are two dots. Two different realms of design leaves distinctive marks on me just like dots and I’ve been keep trying to connect those two dots. Because I want to make myself a versatile designer while relating those two parts of me. To visualize my concept, I found business card as a perfect medium for it; it represents myself through just simple sheet of paper. In the middle of the card, there are two tiny holes aligned horizontally and a loose hoop of red thread goes through the holes. Both on front and back, the thread works as a 3D design element and representation of textile design. I designed the front as a representation of me as a graphic designer with simple typeface, and it contains my personal information and title. The back is for textile design, I put two eyes on above the red thread so that the red thread works as a mouth, which is always changing that looks like facial expression. On the back, I want to express myself with visual language with a face because I want to show myself ego as always changing in an interesting way.

Business card design, archival print on paper, 3.6 x 2 inch


facebook advertisement

Objective :

To make posters give warningss for SNS users, especially Facebook users.

Key words : identity / personal information/ data / irrelevant / shadow / monster

A Monster? No.1, archival print on paper, 16.5 x 20.6 inch

A Monster? No.2, archival print on paper, 16.5 x 20.6 inch

Facebook advertisement. There are certainly uncontrollable personal informations wandering on the SNS, such as Facebook, and those data can shape you like a monster. So, people should watch out when using SNS, even if it is a must for modern people’s lives. While people think they have control on their images or alter egos on the web, there are systems that spread random and irrelevant information about them on SNS. For example, ‘Taco Quiz’, a social game on the Facebook, induces the users answer random questions about their friends and posts those random, sometimes rather embarrassing, Q and A about them on their friends’ walls. The thing is, these absurd rumors can also be regarded as personal information that represents you on the web, assuming that thousands of Qs and As s about you are cumulated. I converted the shapes of myself on Facebook as a monster. Texts represent the uncontrollable data about myself; questions generated by Quiz Taco. And the text surrounds around my shadow as if it shapes another ego of me. A monstrous creature on the wall looking at me appears.

A Monster? No.3 archival print on paper, 16.5 x 20.6 inch


logo experiment

Objective : To question about the convention of graphic design.

Key words : graphic design/ convention / rules/ definition / break the rules / anaglog / stone / hand painting / mass production

Mcdonalds, acrylic on stone , 6 x 2.6 cm

Graphic design experiment with logos Is a logo that cannot be replicable regarded as part of graphic design? This project started from theoretical question about graphic design ; what is graphic design? What defines graphic design? What are stereotypes exist about graphic design? It led me come up with questions; what if I take opposite form of conventional definition of graphic design? I want to execute a project that cast questions about the convention of graphic design and to be against the rules of it at the same time. Therefore it broadens the range of visual communication.

Starbucks, acrylic on stone ,10 x 5.4 cm



print mass production

Seven Eleven, acrylic on stone , 6 x 2.6 cm

The Coffee Bean, acrylic on stone ,10 x 5.4 cm


emotion & typography

Object : To make typography which is related to personal feelings.

Key words : emotion / persnoal experience / typography / fine art / transparent

Sad pancake : Lonlieness comes when making pancakes. , mixed media, 4x4x1.7 inch

I used to make pancak lonely, thinking of my home for the weekend roommate made me g we cook for each other Whenever I am alone the moment that I sha as pancake, with other pancake became my h lonely eating it alone. I of my loneliness and s cake, there is a line say when making pancake figure out which one c or sadness.

kes whenever I feel y roommate who went d. This is because my good pancakes and r from time to time. and feel lonely, I miss ared something, such r people. Making hobby and then I feel I wanted to visualize sadness. In this panys ‘Loneliness comes e.’. I, now, cannot comes first, loneliness


tracking the origin

Object :

Key Words :

To dentify the meaning of origin. To execute visualizing concept of origin defined.

origin / tracking / endless / objects / influence

ABYSS, styrofoam, cement, putty and LED lighting, W 301 x H 250 x D 402 cm Site : 122, Yongam-ri, Byeollae-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Collaborative project

People cannot track origin of objects, since many objects have been interacted with each other shaping and influencing. So we concluded that origin tracking is infinite. This is because origin of origin must have been influenced by other object and this object also gone through such process. And it goes again and again endlessly. Each of the layers represents the reflection of objects. My role was to come up with concept of the project with the team and participate in execution process.


scarf design

Objective : To make sophisticated and elegant scarves using aquatic plants as a motif.

Key Words : Luxury brands / hand drawing /aquatic plants / pleats

Scarf, inkjet print on paper, polyester,35.4 x 35.4 inch

Scarf Design - Aquatic plants motif

These are scarf designs targeting customers of luxury brands. This collection was a part of textile design product class to prepare for graduate exhibition. By using hand drawings, I tried to make them sophisticated and elegant. Aquatic plants are the main motif for this collection, because I wanted to stress the beauty of nature with depicting delicate details. Other products, such as curtain, pillow and bags had been produced with the same concept for graduate exhibition. I used Digital Transfer Printing mechanism to transfer them on fabrics, and then the edges were lock stitched. Some of them were pleated by heating machine.

Yeongmin Won Portfolio 2013  

Graphic Design Portfolio