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0 min ous Yeong Min Adriana Kim / 2010 - Present [Vivere per Mangiare] [Published writings] [Blog stalkin'] JANUARY 20, 2012

Gothic Grub. I just finished watching the latest episode of Bravo TV’s Top Chef: Texas, “Fit for an Evil Queen.” BIG, SATISFIED SIGH. The “evil queen” we speak of is guest judge Charlize Theron(!) who plays the role of the bloodthirsty monarch in the soon to be released “Snow White and the Huntsman” and whom lead judge Tom Colicchio (my chef crush #3) proclaims in his Top Chef blog is actually a skilled amateur cook. On top of being an Academy-Award winning, African sex-goddess. Pfff. Seriously. What is it that the woman can’t do? The 7 remaining chef-testants were presented with the challenge of each creating a dish that, inspired by Theron’s role in the sinister fairy tale adaptation, thoroughly embodies the evil, the grotesque, and the foul. Given full creative rein and pushed by a celebrity african sex-goddess to deliver truly imaginative and innovative plates, the chefs were finally able to fully showcase their previously undetected culinary finesse and creativity. And whaddaya know?- the judges (Charlize, Padma, Tom, Emeril Lagasse, Eric Ripert) were absofuckinglutely jazzed by all seven dishes. I honestly think that may have been a first in the history of all 9 seasons of Top Chef. A truly BRAVO! moment, I must say. Let us all have a moment of silence and stare at some photos of the 7 deliciously macabre creations, shall we?

Paul Qui’s “Enchanted Forest” with a Bloody Handprint (Foie Gras with Bacon, Pumpernickel, Pickled Cherries, and Beets).

Lindsay Autry’s Seared Scallop over “Witch’s Stew” and Dragon Beans.

Grayson Schmitz’s “Pregnant Chicken Slaughtered on a Plate” (Black Chicken with Pickled Beets, Quail Egg, and Foie Gras).

Edward Lee’s “Evil vs Good” (Tuna Tartare with Black Garlic Ponzu and Asian Pear Vinaigrette).

Chris Jones’ Maggot-Infested Poisoned Apple and Cherry Pie with Liquid Nitrogen Apple Gas.

Beverly Kim’s Seared Halibut with Red Curry Coulis and Forbidden Rice.

Sarah Grueneberg’s Red Wine Amarone Risotto with Lamb Heart. 'Twas the best Top Chef episode ever. (Two elements that would have made it even better: 1. Season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio guest-starring as a chef-testant and kicking some serious kitchen ass, and 2. beloved unibrow judge/previous Top Chef Masters competitor Hugh Acheson not being on his freakin' book tour and being present for the tasting/judging, gracing us with his usual hilarious insights. Might I casually mention that Chef Acheson is my #2 chef crush? Michael Voltaggio is my #1. Oh god, I sound like an absolute freak.) 8:02PM | URL:

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