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B9842203 Cynthia Shih 施彥妤

Journey to the Africa grassland Book Design, Scanimation Elephant Package Design Surmarian Illustration, Offset printing Country Road Photography, Offset printing Motown Illustration, Silkscreen printing Jumi Game Design, Planning,Simulation

Journey to the life of animals in Africa grassland - Book Design, Scanimation There are many animals in the Africa grassland.Animals has different patterns and camouflage.Using the technique of marbling to create those patterns, combining scanimation makes the animals vivid.

Elephant - Package Design The old classic taiwanese brand “Elephant�.Emphasize nature and quality, increasing the texture and create a series of packaging and peripheral products.

Sumarian - Illustration, Offset printing Ancient Mesopotamia in Sumerian culture, to regain ancient civilization life.Offset printing showing the beauty of traditional printing techniques.

Country Road - Photography, Offset Printing Away from the noisy city, walk to the country road, using photography to capture screens that we often ignores, and produced a series of postcards and cards with offset printing.

Motown - Illustration, Silkscreen printing The Motown in soul music and black music-based company, screen printing, plus old-fashioned black-and-white TV, Burnt selvage presented.

Jumi - Game Design, Planning, Simulation Enjoying shopping and selling at home.Each user can use their fictional figure moving on the map,interact with other users.If there is actual store, it can’t be rent as internet store.Else if there wasn’t an actual store, it can turn in to stands.


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