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Official LQ KIWIN’S Newsletter Updates and news on the biggest club on campus – June Edition LQ KIWIN’S BONFIRE

The right way To kick off Summer vacation!

What better way is it than to spend the first weekend of your summer vacation with LQ KIWIN’S? On the Saturday of June 22nd, LQ KIWIN’S and its members gathered at Huntington Beach in order to start off summer vacation with a BANG! Luckily, our club had a secret weapon: The Grill Master aka Chris Tran! Chris made delicious burgers as the rest of the members enjoyed their time at the beach playing volleyball, throwing Frisbee, playing Steal the Bacon, surfing, and just relaxing in the wonderful weather of California beaches. As the day cooled down and the sun started to sink, the bonfire officially starts as the members cooked hot dogs around the camp fire and made s’mores! They spent the rest of the evening eating, catching up, and leaving all their stress of the past high school year behind. Left: KIWIN’S members getting their groove on!

Volume 1 Issue 1

In this issue! The Bonfire………………1 District Projects…………2 What’s Up……………….3 Meet the Board………..5 JET………………………,10


Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

Above: Members Thien Nguyen and Sharon Nguyen charges toward the “bacon” during a game of Steal the Bacon!



MAJOR EMPHASIS LIVE 2 LEARN KIWIN'S members currently will focus their time and talents on Live2Learn, specifically focused on 5-9 year old youth, with the main goals of promoting education and building literary skills. This program not only creates endless possibilities to strengthen the common goal of service, but also allows each KIWIN'S member to develop into a well-rounded individual community leader and lifelong advocate for children's education.

MINOR EMPHASIS PEDIATRIC TRAUMA PREVENTION Established in 1992, Pediatric Trauma Program, our Minor Emphasis, is a main focus of KIWIN'S in conjunction with Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis. Pediatric Trauma affects children from infancy to age nineteen. It is a result of motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, drowning accidents, falls, and animal bites, making it the leading cause of death of children in the United States. Every year it results in sixteen million emergency visits and twenty thousand deaths. To prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, KIWIN'S has focused on fighting Pediatric Trauma through raising funds and by increasing general awareness through education.

District project eliminate Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. A significant number of women also die due to maternal tetanus. The effects of the disease are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. A significant number of women also die due to maternal tetanus. The effects of the disease are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.


To eliminate MNT from the Earth, 129 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It

WHAT’S UP? THE BOOK DOCTOR On June 1, 2013, La Quinta KIWIN’S members drove all the way to the Think Together Headquarters in the city of Santa Ana! Members had the opportunity to become book doctors for the day. Some members took children’s books and refurbished them by using Clorox disinfecting wipes and placing on new, fresh Think Together stickers! Other members had a chance to work in the library and stacked books onto the corresponding shelves. Members had a great time reading new books and reminiscing on childhood books. The project coordinator was even kind enough to allow us to take some books home for us to read. After the project ended, members drove back to La Quinta, ready to read old and new books alike.


Since the weather was warming up and Summer is drawing closer, La Quinta KIWIN’S decided on volunteering at the OC Coastkeeper Beach Clean-Up! On June 8, 2013, members travelled to the local Huntington Beach to volunteer in a beach clean-up. Members signed in at the blue OC Coastkeepers tents and grabbed rubber gloves, plastic trash bags, and trash claws! Then, groups scattered around the beach, picking up all sorts of trash from glass, plastic bottles, and even paper and placing them into the trash bags. This event also allowed different groups of members to bond and socialize with one another. After about two hours of scanning the sandy beaches, La Quinta KIWIN’S members returned to the blue tents and threw away their trash bags and gloves, and returned the trash claws. Afterwards, members returned back to Westminster and enjoyed the rest of their day after three hours of service.

SUMMERFEST It’s that time yet again for the annual Summerfest at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center! La Quinta KIWIN’S had the opportunity to volunteer at the FV Community Foundation Booth making cotton candy and snow cones to festival goers! We had four different shifts throughout the day and everyone had a blast learning how to make the sweet treats. Even though the earlier shifts were a bit hot, the members were still happily making the cotton candy and snow cones. There was also a fireworks show over Mile Square Park! After the last shift, which ended at 11:00 PM, members helped clean up and break down the booth. Until next year, LQ!


PAST EVENTS & FUNDRAISERS DOG DAYS AFTERNOON On a very sunny June 30, 2013, La Quinta KIWIN’S continued its volunteer services at Summerfest once more at the Dog Days Afternoon event! At the Fountain Valley Sports Park, members ventured throughout the field, asking incoming vendors if they needed any assistance unloading tables, easy-ups, and other materials! Several members built the fences, distributed trash cans, and set up the dogs’ agility courses. Members also had a chance to witness many adorable puppies and dogs at the event, which added to the fun day! Even though the weather was scorching hot, the members proudly endured the heat. After about four hours of volunteering, La Quinta KIWIN’S ended their shift!


On June 15, 2013, another fantastic year with La Quinta KIWIN’S has officially ended! LQ KIWIN’S had a chance to celebrate the end of the year at the annual banquet held at the Westminster Historical Society. About fifty-six members, including guests, joined LQ KIWIN’S end the year filled with laughter, plentiful pictures, tear-jerking final speeches, member recognition, and fun Senior gifts. The former technology chair, Jennifer Ngo, also compiled an end of the year banquet video for the members to view and reminisce on. Even though the KIWIN’S year is finally over, the end of the ’12-’13 term shines light on the beginning of the ’13-’14 term for LQ KIWIN’S which will hopefully be just as great and filled with service. Here’s to another year!

CAR WASH La Quinta KIWIN’S had its very first summer car wash of the term on June 23, 2013! It kicked off the summer vacation for the members. Even though it was a pretty sunny and warm day, the heat did not stop the members from washing many cars! Cars were rolling in the Mobil Gas Station on Warner and Brookhurst for car washes left and right. Some members also used hand painted car wash posters and advertised on the street corners! All in all, it was a successful car wash and the beginning of many this summer.



BOARD YENYEN TRAN PRESIDENT Yo w’sup KIWINNERS! My name is Yenyen and I’ll be leading this club for the term of 2013-2014. My goal as your president this year is to make your experience in this club as enjoyable as possible by hosting as many fun socials and different community service events as possible. Beside KIWIN’S, I am also involved in other extracurricular activities such as Girls’ League and swim. I had to quit water polo due to my overwhelming schedule, but I absolutely love the sport. I hope I get to meet you guys in the future!

JESSICA TRAN VICE PRESIDENT Hello, my name's Jessica Tran and I am currently the Vice President for the '13-'14 term. This is actually my third year in KIWIN'S (entering my fourth year) and my third term in board! I love the color purple and grabbing Starbucks Frappuchinos whenever I can! If you have any questions or if you wanna say Hi, just hit me up. Allrighty kiddos, I hope I can meet you guys in the near future. BYE.

Allen pham treasurer What up, what up fellow Aztec Manatees! My name is Allen and I am your 2013-2014 La Quinta KIWIN’S Treasurer. What can I say about myself? Well, to start off I am currently a junior and outside of KIWIN’S, I participate in ASB, Boys’ League, and Academic Decathlon. And my nickname is Darwin. I also have a few hobbies other than “makin’ it rain” and “cashin’ out,” some of which include: mastering geography skills, “researching” on Facebook, and listening to Taylor Swift ballads in the dark. Yeah. Well, I hope to see all your awesome, swaggity faces around at our community service events and general meetings in the near future. Just hit this homie up ‘cause I love making new friends! ILY KIWIN’S!


VICKI NGUYEN SECRETARY Hey guys! I'm Vicki and I'm an upcoming junior. I am your corresponding secretary this year. Although many of guys know me as having the derpiest pictures, I'm just very free spirited and silly. I love k-pop and Korean dramas (Lee Joon). I also love going out to eat (kbbq), spending time with friends and families, and sleeping. KIWIN'S is my second family and I love everyone in it. I look forward to a wonderful summer with everyone.

ANTHONY NGUYEN SECRETARY My name is Anthony Nguyen and I am La Quinta's Recording Secretary. My favorite thing to do is to watch movies! There are so many, you can never say that you don't have any movies you can watch. I love meeting new people. I'm a very friendly person, all you have to do is come up to me and say hi! I look forward to meeting new faces!

Monique nguyen technician Hey there KIWINNER'S! The name is Monique Nguyen and I am currently the Technician Chair of '13 - '14 at La Quinta KIWIN's. Ultimately, I am your typical psuedo-aesthetics-graphics lame-o who listens to obnoxiously loud music from obscure bands, fry my noggin by watching movies consecutively and spends way too much time deciphering my dinosaur of a computer. If you're curious, my designs are very much inspired by retro things such as the golden age, mod 60's, the hippie "flower child" era, and the disco age. I also find an abundance of inspiration from the minimalism designs of today. Anywho, it is a pleasure to meet all of you! ď Š


JESSICA VO HISTORIAN Hey KIWINNERS! My name is Jessica Vo and I'm this year's cohistorian! Besides slaving away on painting posters, I probably spend all my free time watching korean dramas and worshipping Halena (but only because she told me to write this). I hope to meet each and every one of you guys this year and hopefully I won't get any derpy shots of you

Christy vu historian Heeey everyone! My name is Christy Vu, one of your historians for the term of 2013-2014. I have been in KIWIN'S for my entire high school career and it has definitely become a big part of my life! As your historian, I will try to capture every moment we'll share as a club! I'm also currently a cheerleader and I love to laugh, even though I sound like a dying seal, heheohe! I absolutely enjoy meeting new people, so don't be afraid to say hi to me! I'm looking forward to a great year filled with tons of memories with all you KIWINNERS!!!

Vy vuong committee chair Hey guys, I'm Vy, and I'm currently the committee chair for LQHS KIWIN'S! What does committee chair do, you might ask?? Basically, I am in charge of compiling the master project list and making sure every member has a ride to and from projects. Some few facts about myselfI enjoy horseback riding, looking at the full moon, and obviously, volunteering with KIWIN'S!! Seriously, if I was a dog and this club was a fire hydrant, it'd be my favorite fire hydrant. Any-who, this is my fourth and last year in the club, so I'm pretty excited to see what's in store for us this upcoming year (especially fall rally and DCON!!!) I love to shake hands, so y'all should meet me if you ever see me... HEHE.


JENNY NGUYEN SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE HELLO YOU GORGEOUS PEOPLE YOU!!! My name is Jenny Nguyen but you can call me...gorgeous NOJK. I will be your Senior Representative for the 2013-2014 year and I am very very excited to be a part of this wonderful club. So for those that know me, they might possibly say that I am out of this world. CAUSE I AM. I AM UNIQUE. KEKEKEKE. LOLJK. Trust me, you can all approach me during events or anytime and I will definitely start a conversation with you all! I am very glad that I joined a club like KIWIN'S and I hope that my experiences in this club can make me put forth all my effort and dedication to make your experience at LQ KIWIN'S enjoyable Have an amazing summer and I can't wait to spend my senior year with you all!

Christopher tran junior REPRESENTATIVE Hey! My name is Chris and I'm the KIWIN's Junior Rep. I have been with this club at the start of my sophomore year because I have a passion to help others and to be helpful when needed. Although I may look angry most the time, I'm actually really nice, so if you want to talk to me just start a conversation with me! I like long walks on the beach.

Rick huynh SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Hi, my name is Rick. I'm the sophmore representative for the Kiwins's board of '13 - '14. I love Kiwins and the experience it has given me. It's only been a few months since I've been in board, but I feel really accepted and I'm having a really good time! I hope to give everyone in Kiwins what this club has given to me. I rock at League of Legends (Diamond 1) so add me, Legendr3make. Go Kiwiners!


KATHERINE HOANG FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE Hey there!! I'm Katherine Hoang also known as Potato and I'm ecstatic to be your 13-14' Freshman Representative!! Aside from KIWIN'S, I enjoy wasting my time on Tumblr, fangirling over k-pop idols, and spending quality time with family and friends. I'm that type of person who'd always have a book in reach, and will always provide a shoulder (or head) for you to cry on. I don't bite (sometimes) so feel free to talk to me anytime! See ya soon!!

Christy & Chris: The “face” of KIWIN’S

KIWIN’S Board is so gwiyomi


JET JET JET JET JET JET Meet your divisional board! HALENA NGO LIEUTENANT GOVERNoR Hey KIWIN’S! I’m Halena, a class of 2014 girl from La Quinta High School in Jet! I’m so stoked to introduce myself to you cool kids! You might already know me on Facebook as the Scorpion Queen if you’ve seen the embarrassing pictures of me that my friends make on Photoshop… sign. Anyway, my friends know me as a gigantic movie nerd because I adore movies. I’m in love with Brad Pitt. Talk to me about Fight Club anytime. Simply put, I’m pretty much a fun-loving person who’s always eager to meet a fellow KIWINNER! I’d love to get to know you all. See you at Fall Rally!

DIANA DU ASSISTANT LTG Hey Jet! It’s your new executive assistant here! It’s great that I’m finally able to formally introduce myself to the whole division! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Diana Du and I’m an upcoming senior and a proud Aztec at LQHS. L what?! L Q! I’m extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to work alongside Halena and Miribel this year and serve our gigantic division! Ultimately, I really do want to give back to the club that has not only taught me the true meaning of ohana, but also that the positive mindset and passionate spirit of a Kiwinner can be characteristics truly valuable in life. As cheesy as that sounds, I am determined to make this term a truly successful one at that! I’m looking forward to meeting you all and hey, ask me how I feel sometime??

MIRIBEL TRAN PROJECTS CHAIR Hello, Jet! I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Miribel Tran, and I am

Hey currently KIWIN’S! your I’m 2013-2014 Halena, JetaDivisional class of Projects 2014 girlChair fromand La Quinta an upcoming High junior at Marina High School! my freeto time, I enjoy playing tennis, reading, School in Jet! I’m soInstoked introduce myself to youeating, cool kids! You messing around on the computer with Photoshop, and watching videos might already know me on Facebook as the Scorpion Queen if of cute baby bunnies (yes I’m weird pictures lol). Fromof the outside, I can look intimidating you’ve seen the embarrassing me that my friends make on and mean at first, but when you actually get to know me, you’ll realize that I’m Photoshop… sign. Anyway, my friends know me as a gigantic movie actually a really fun and outgoing person on the inside, hehe! I’m so excited to nerd because I adore movies. I’m in love with Brad Pitt. Talk to me be a part of divisional board this year, and I promise you I will work to help Jet about Fight anytime. Simply put, competitions, I’m pretty much a fun-loving grow and beClub the best! Look out for more socials, fundraisers and person who’s always eager Ito meet a to fellow I’d cheer love toour get divisional events in the future! can’t wait meetKIWINNER! you guys and to know all. Rally See you hearts outyou at Fall 2013!at Fall Rally!



OFFICER TRAINING CONFERENCE  The day will consist of:

The time has come again for your annual officer training conference! OTC will be a wonderful and convenient way for you to get all the proper information and resources you need as a board member of your club. Whether you're a President, Secretary, Historian, or even a general member interested in the ways KIWIN'S works, come on out to OTC to enjoy our wide variety of workshops led by special guests! The best part is that you are NOT required to be a board member to attend! Anyone who is interested in being a leader or a better KIWIN'S member is welcome!

   

updated KIWIN'S facts and history presentation Special information regarding our emphases and District Project Unique workshops for all executive board positions FREE FOOD!!! Workshops to build time management, leadership skills, goal setting skills, and MORE!

***ATTIRE IS BUSINESS CASUAL*** Boys, wear dress shirts with nice slacks and dress shoes, with or without a tie or vest. Ladies, wear a business dress or nice blouse with an appropriate skirt. Keep it classy, everybody!!

JULY DCM, AUGUST DCM, JET BONFIRE  July DCM will be hosted on the same day as OTC!  August DCM will be hosted on the same day as the divisional bonfire (date and time TBA)

LQHS KIWIN'S Newsletter - June