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Fundamentals of marketing

Yenny Esperanza Gonzalez lopez Modern Languages faculty University ECCI Group 2BN

Registered student program marketing fundamentals. of modern languages in university

A ADMINISTRACION PUBLICA: “Public Administration” Set of public organizations that perform management and administrative function of the state. ALMACENAMIENTO:” Storage “System to save and preserve products for a period of time. ANALISIS: “Analysis” Is the breakdown of a whole into parts in order to study its structure, operating systems, and functions. AUTONOMIA: “Autonomy” The ability to be oneself rules without influence from external or internal pressures. AUTOSUFICIENCIA “Self-sufficiency” It is a complete form of personal or collective autonomy, independence identified with its economic aspects.

C CAMPAÑA PUBLICITARIA: “Advertising campaign”, An advertising campaign is a series of advertising messages that share a single idea and theme. Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame. CAPACIDAD DE COMPRA: “Ability to buy” Is the purchasing power of a person, company, institution or country, allowing you to have access to goods and services you need. CLIENTE: “Client” is the person or company that requiring a service, product or idea in exchange for money or other items of value. COMERCIO: “Commerce” socioeconomic activity involving an exchange of some materials that are free in the market for buying and selling goods and services. COMPETENCIA: “Competition.” Action and effect of competing in opposition to someone or something. COMPETENCIA PERFECTA: “Perfect competition” Is the situation of a market where companies lack the power to manipulate the price and there is welfare maximization. CONTRABANDO: “Smuggling” Production, transportation or illegal trade in products which do not pay taxes. CREACION: “Creation” Establishment or foundation of a thing for the first time.


DEMANDA: “Demand” Quantity of commodities that consumers are willing and able to buy at a given price at a given time. DESEO: “Desire” Es la necesidad de satisfacer un gusto. DINAMIZAR: “Dinamize” Add pizzazz to an activity, develop or do that it be more important. DISTRIBUCION: “Distribution” Distribution is the delivery of goods and services.

E EMPRESAS PRIVADAS: “Private enterprise” Are companies dedicated to businesses whose owners can be nongovernmental organizations. ENTIDADES FINANCIERAS: “Financial institutions” intermediaries who manage and lend money. ESTABLECIMIENTO: “Establishment” It is a set of goods organized by businessman or trader at a given site for the development of economic activities.

F FALSIFICACION: “Falsification” Is an act consisting of the creation or modification of certain documents, outcomes, outputs (goods or services) in order to make them appear as true, or to alter or simulate the truth. FINANCIACION: “Financing” Is the act of giving money and credit to a company, organization or individual, that is, obtain resources and payment to be allocated to the purchase of goods and services.

H HOGAR Y FAMILIA: “Home and Family” The word home is used to designate a place where an individual or group inhabits, creating in them a sense of security and calm. Family is a group of related persons who share a home.

I INTERCAMBIO: “Exchange” Process by which a person transfers property or services to another in return receives other goods or services.

M MERCADEO: “Marketing” Is the implementation of activities that can help a company achieve the goals it has set. MONEDA: “Currency” Material representation, with economic value, which is used as an instrument of trade change. MONOPOLIO: “Monopoly” A situation in which a good or service is provided by a single vendor. MONOPSONIO: “Monopsony” A situation in which the total demand for a commodity is exercised by a single buyer.

N NECESIDAD: “Need” It is the desire to have a consumer for purchasing a good or a service.

O OFERTA: “Offer” The amount of a commodity or service that enters the market at a given price at a given time. OLIGOPOLIO: “Oligopoly” That market situation in which the supply of a product is limited to a small number of companies. OLIGOPSONIO: “Olgopsony” A situation in which there is only a very small number of buyers in a market.

P PLAZA: “Place” Is a public urban space, large and open, where usually perform a variety of activities. PENSAMIENTO: “Thought” Is the activity and creation of the mind.

POSICIONAMIENTO: “Positioning” Is called the 'place' in the mental perception of a customer or consumer that has a brand, which is the main difference between this and your competition. Amount of money given in exchange for a good or service. PRECIO: “Price” The price is the value of a well expressed in monetary terms. PRECIO DE VENTA: “Sale Price” Is the money to be paid by the consumer when buy a product. PRESTIGIO: “Prestige” It is a word commonly used to describe reputation, fame or mark of a person or institution. PRODUCTO: “Product” Is all that has been produced is the result of the action to produce. PROMOCION: “Promotion” consists of short-term incentives that the company makes to promote the sale of a product or service.

R RENTABILIDAD: “Profitableness” Percentage of utility or benefit that pays an asset for a specified period of time. RESTO DEL MUNDO: “Rest of the world” Number of people that do not part of a business in particular. SERVICIO: “Service” Is a set of activities to meet the needs of a client.

T TASA DE VALOR: “Value rate” is the best known method in evaluating investment projects in the long term. TENDENCIA: “Trend” Is a pattern of behavior of the elements of a particular environment for a period. TRANSPORTE: “Transport” Transfer from one place to another of an item, usually people or property. TRUEQUE: “Barter” Is the exchange of items or services for other items or services.


USUARIO POTENCIAL: “Potential user” Person which by its nature or position has a relatively high probability of purchasing a product or service. USUARIO REAL: “Real user” Is the person that actually a used the service, ie the service provider knows of its existence. VENTA: “Sale” Exchange of goods and services for money.


Hola espero que aqui encuentren una herramienta para conocer mas conceptos de mercadeo.


Hola espero que aqui encuentren una herramienta para conocer mas conceptos de mercadeo.