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2017 - belif the true tincture chamomile

The belif The true tincture cleansing stick chamomile. Formulated with Chamomile TinctureTM extract and natural chamomile flower petals, this innovative cleansing stick provides a delicate and soothing lather to melt away impurities and cleanse the skin. Visible chamomile petals provide instant soothing and healing for tired skin. $28

Soothe tired, stressed skin with the NEW belif The true tincture essence - chamomile, a gentle bit intense essence that provides instant soothing and healing effects. $46

Envelope skin in soothing chamomile with the New belif The true tincture mask- chamomile, a geltextured, wash-off mask that is enriched with 10% of Chamomile TinctureTM Extract.$36



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