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BY Yena Ahn

Uncle Henry and Aunt Em Uncle Henry Never Laughed. He worked hard from morning till night and did not know what joy was. Aunt Em had been so startled by the child’s laughter whenever Dorothy’s merry voice reached her ears.

AncraophobiaGeliophobia -

fear of wind fear of laughter


No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, There is no place like home.�



fear of travel fear of newness fear of moving

Lion gave a large, loud roar, which was so fierce and dreadful that Toto jumped away from him in alarm.



fear of being oneself fear of loud noises

“There is only one thing in the world I am afraid of.” “What is that?” asked Dorothy; answered the Scarecrow;

“It’s a lighted match.” Scarecrow


fear of being ridiculed fear of imperfection fear of fire


During the year I stood there I had time to think that the greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart.�

Tin Woodman


fear fear fear fear

of of of of

immobility of a joint staying single being oneself or of lonlines love

Danger Makes my Heart .” and as long as I know myself to be a coward I shall be unhappy.”

Cowardly Lion


fear of the heart fear of everything fear of shadow

“A Lion!”

cried the little Queen. “Why he would eat us all up!” The Queen of Field Mice


fear of cats (Ailurophobia) fear of swallowing or being eaten fear of large things

Instantly the wicked woman gave a loud cry of fear, and then, as Dorothy looked at her in wonder, the Witch began to shrink and fall away. “See what you have done!”She screamed.

“In a minute I shall melt away.” “In a minute I shall “In a minute melt away.” I shall melt away.”

Witch Hydrophobia- fear of water Ablutophobia- fear of washing or bathing


. ed n i ru

be d l u ho d.” s d I izar OZ n o a f s W o k ard reat d a e r e verh a G za p i s o W ’t ll be to be n o i “D you wpposed or su I’m

LigyrophobiaSocial PhobiaAnthropophobia-

fear of loud noises fear of being evaluated negatively fear of people or society


True courage is facing danger even when you are afraid, and you already have that kind of courage.�

-by OZ

Phobia List Ablutophobia Ancraophobia Ankylophobia Anuptaphobia

fear fear fear fear

of of of of

washing or bathing wind immobility of a joint staying single

Cardiophobia fear of the heart Catagelophobia fear of being ridiculed Centophobia fear of newness Eremophobia Elurophobia

fear of being oneself or of lonlines fear of cats. (Ailurophobia)


fear of laughter

Hodophobia Hydrophobia

fear of travel fear of water


fear of loud noises


fear of large things

Ordacleaphobia fear of imperfection Panophobia Phagophobia Philophobia Pyrophobia

fear fear fear fear

of of of of

everything swallowing or being eaten love fire

Sciaphobia Social Phobia

fear of shadow fear of being evaluated negatively


fear of moving or making changes

Copy rights Š Yena Ahn 2011 Illustration,Typography by Yena Ahn Text from: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ L.Frank Baum,July 1,2008,ebook Phobia resources:

Phobia Oz  

The book is introducing characters in Wizard of Oz along with the phobias they have.

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