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ringing my family background allowed me to

approach new way of connecting fine arts painting with modern design. My grandfather and mother


are both painter, working in large canvas with oil. Although their works value as paintings, I wanted to promote them as design and open more possibility to them. Applying different styles of our work into patterns for product and home design generates a series, like Artist family generates over time .



My grand father, Jong Hak Lee, was born in 1925. Presenting over 13 solo exhibitions in Korea, He is known as abstract painter with the use of caligraphic image and color.

His works show ambiguous visual language as fine arts and literature overlap together. since 1952, his style developed From Oriental caligraphy to doodle of children.


“ rt is hope of Life. And Absolute freedom must be granted� by grandpa

Although he is known to be the tough one in family, his works speak positive message and the beauty of the world in poetic way.


My Mother, Eun Mee Lee, was born in 1960. She uses the found object and nature as a material.

Using spray paint and wood, ropes, she combines symbolic image of window with the scenes of nature. the theme of her work is “the window of life�.


“ he Nature is a window to our Life “ by Mom

The space between the trees creates another form and connects to the other view towards the world. My mom’s interest to nature and the space of tree became a series of paintings.


My name is Yena Ahn. I was born in 1988, and grew up wih the environment of artistic family. I am studying Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design.

From my computer animation , The ugly Duckling, I designed some patterns that also holds character and backgrounds of the animation.


FIne Arts product Series. Abstract painting by grandfather applied to home interior like wall paper, bed sheet.

Cabinet/ Bedding Abstract painting by Mother applied to cabinet, Bed Sheet.

Pillow Series


The Duckling series I designed patterns from my animation, the Ugly Duckling, and applied to Ipad case, chair, and the Key ring called “the Cling� that has ducking clinging on the chain.

Rain boots Series collection.

Umbrella Series collection.

Scarf Generations

Order your favorite pattern in Grandpart, Mamart, Yenart to generate your own Item!

T:401-527-5979 #121 Two College Street, Providence, RI 02903

Three generation's  

I turned my greandfather's , mother's and my artworks into pattern to be applied on product.

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