Yellow Wellies Bishop Auckland Prospectus

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Yellow Wellies Bishop Auckland Prospectus

ABOUT US Yellow Wellies Day Nurseries, established in 1997, are a family owned company. We have two outstanding nurseries, one in Durham City centre and one in Bishop Auckland. Providing attentive, professional, fun and engaging childcare and education; we work extremely hard; taking the time to get to know every child; finding out what they enjoy; what makes them happy; what interests and challenges them and how we can make their day magical. We are extremely well qualified taking the time to understand children and how they develop and learn. Please do come and take a look around, meet us and see why we are the right nursery for your child. Kate - Director of Early Education (Head of Cuddles) MA Ed, MSc, EYPS, BA (Hons),

CONTACT US Yellow Wellies Wellington House 9 Kensington Cockton Hill Road Bishop Auckland DL14 6HX 01388 603862

BRING YOUR WELLIES. Yellow Wellies Day Nursery Bishop Auckland

OUR FACILITIES PRE-SCHOOL Our pre-school space has been carefully and purposefully designed to meet the needs of our children, from around three until they leave us for school. The children enjoy spending time together, sharing experiences and helping each other. They learn about other people, different points of view, new ways of doing things; they learn to take turns, to help others, to be independent, to share. All children join a family group, where their keyworker ensures that they feel welcomed and loved and part of the team. Children are encouraged to follow their own interests and ideas, carefully supported by adults, enjoying their learning in their own way - we help them to find answers. As a result, we see children who are highly engaged in their play, who enjoy coming to nursery and who are learning and developing rapidly.

"We as a family have noticed great changes in his behaviour even though he has only attended yellow wellies for a short while. He is more confident and willing to stay at nursery and is growing less anxious when leaving me each morning. To have him walk into nursery without crying this morning was a great relief and hearing his stories of what he has done throughout the day it is clear he is really enjoying his time there."

IN A NUTSHELL PREPARATION FOR SCHOOL As the only outstanding pre-school in the immediate area, we offer the full early years curriculum right up until children start school. Compared to school-based preschools, we have smaller group sizes and less children per teacher. Children stay with us until they start school in the September after they are 4. This gives each child time to develop the skills and resilience that they will need to make that transfer to school. We are able to support children at this key time of their development; while they are making sense of their learning and leading the group projects as one of our oldest and more able children. Children are supported in gaining a love of books, of enquiring and solving problems and of being imaginative and creative. They work together while developing the skills that they will need when they start formal education. These strong foundations put the children in good stead for learning to read and write in their reception year at school.

TWO-YEAR-OLDS We adore two year-olds and the fabulous demands that they have; now that their defiant sense of themselves and their own ideas have kicked in!

 "Over the past 7 years you have done an amazing job setting them up for school. words can't describe how grateful we are. thank you so much."

Our nursery has a wonderful outdoor space, accessed from our outdoor classroom. From babies to preschoolers, we all enjoy exploring outdoors and using the space in all weathers.

To ensure that we can give them the perfect balance of challenge and attention, we have two spaces. We match the child to the space, depending on their moods and preferences. The big room is a busy, environment where children can explore uninterrupted, with an adult close by. If they need a day of cuddles - they can have that, if they are feeling independent - there are lots of wonderful resources to support their curiosity. The second room is available smaller or separate groups - ideal for more space and less stuff great for exploring with less distractions or for some quiet time. They also share the outdoor spaces and outdoor classroom with older and younger children, to help them learn from each other and share experiences.


When its too hot or too cold, the children can be just as messy in the outdoor classroom. They can move freely between the spaces without having to remove their wellies! BABIES We have a separate spaces for babies in the loft, where they can rest, sleep, explore, be messy, dance, have cuddles, hide, eat and chill. From an early age, the babies are able to choose their own room and activities, according to their moods in the day. Caring adults ensure that babies' routines and needs are matched with home, providing them with reassurance in a safe, homely place. We ensure that we understand your baby's routine at home and mirror that to give them a sense of safety and familiarity.

Children enjoy exploring the spaces, some children more confident in nature come alive when they are outside. We want to ensure that those children find their outdoors. We practice a 'forest schools' approach, where children can be themselves outdoors as they develop their brains through large-scale movement and physical challenge. Children learn about the natural world and the wonders it can offer. In small groups, they learn to light a fire a real sense of achievement and value.

INDIVIDUAL NEEDS, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Every child is different. We work hard to understand and meet every child's individual needs - emotional, social, physical and developmental. It goes without saying that children with special educational needs or disability are welcomed and valued, We work hard to ensure that every child has the opportunity to join in, to explore independently, to contribute to the group and be part of our team. We are a community, a family, We learn together about our similarities and our differences, We listen to others' opinions, we form and share our own opinions and we enjoy sharing things in common, learning about the wider world, through our friends and our families, we hear stories of travel, we visit elderly friends and use the library to make sense of how the big, vibrant and wonderfully diverse the world is.

Meals & Snacks Our delicious, homemade meals and snacks are prepared from scratch by our nursery chef.

We ensure that every food type that children require is included in our all day menu and that any foods that do us no good are excluded. We are able to meet any dietary requirements, whether they are allergies, preferences or medical. We have very tight procedures around food management, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your child's diet is healthy.


Our staff are important to us. We work closely together, sharing and learning alongside the children while we enjoy each other's company. All staff are encouraged to further their qualifications and attend regular training, to help improve what we do and to lead on their own practice - to meet their key children's needs.

"we would never send her anywhere else. The whole team are absolutely brilliant"

This is led from the top by Kate, the Director of Early Education, who is studying a Doctorate in Early Childhood Education and is a leading practitioner who challenges practice and continually seeks to improve outcomes for every child. In spite of having her head in the clouds she also has her feet in the soil, you may see her digging the garden - we all pull our weight! We love our jobs, we love our children - this is what we do best!

CURRICULUM Our week starts with a blank sheet of paper and a whole load of knowledge. We rarely plan. Our ethos is to be led by the children. When children are happy and engaged, they enjoy their learning. We listen to children and follow their lead, providing support when needed. This could be anything from arranging for caterpillars for the children to observe to helping them find answers from the Internet. We do not have a set number of things that children need to do or achieve. However, there are 17 'Early Learning Goals' (EYFS) that every child is supported to achieve at the end of their first year at school. (For more information, do a search on EYFS and have a read). We regularly observe children to check their progress. We identify next steps for each child and provide opportunities, challenge or support to help them. We carry out regular, formal assessments alongside you and use this information to support the children even further. As a result, our children make rapid and sustained progress. They don't notice, but they feel 10 ft tall.

To keep you up to date on what your children have been up to, we have a secure IT system with safe access from home. You can see photos and videos of your child's shenannigans. You can also send us information about what the children have been up to at home. You can also see how much they ate and for younger children how much sleep they have had and details of nappy changes and feeds.

""The nursery is very child friendly, colorful and welcoming. I love the set up as it flows perfectly."

WHAT DO WE DO ALL DAY? Where do I start? Here's a few recent examples of what we get up to all day; making mud pies admiring our own reflections tidying up after ourselves (oh yes, it is possible!) sharing stories growing our own food enjoying a cuddle and an afternoon nap serving ourselves at meal times finding mini beasts in the garden enjoying a day out on the train junk modelling watching our caterpillars organising a movie day (including creating tickets and snacks) exploring materials looking at x-ray images strolls round the castle playing music and dancing crawling through dens dancing with the Gruffalo just chillin'

"My little girl had attended Yellow wellies since she was 6 months old. It truly is a home from home... I wouldn't trust anyone else with my children. All the staff care about every single child...I would and do recommend this nursery to anyone."

OPENING HOURS We are open all year round, from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Our sessions are 8am-1pm, 1pm-6pm, or 8am to 6pm, with 7,30 start as an optional extra. We offer limited term-time only places.


FEES AND FUNDING Early Education Grant We provide every 3 and 4 year old with 11 hours of free education, all year round (from the term after their third birthday) Funded two year-olds We offer funded places for qualifying 2 year olds for 11 hours a week all year round. 30 hours' funding for working families We also offer the free hours for working families for qualifying 3 and 4 year olds. This is an additional 11 hours a week (totalling 22), all year round. There are lots of qualifying criteria and terms and conditions surrounding all of the above funding. Please discuss your individual requirements with us and check the link below for the criteria.

01388 603862

Prices Babies

2's, 3's & 4's

8am-6pm £56.40 8am-1pm £29.15 1pm-6pm £27.25

8am-6pm £53.10 8am-1pm £27.50 1pm-6pm £25.60 after school £16.26

(formula, meals, drinks, nappies and wipes included)

(meals and drinks included)

Charges are reduced accordingly to reflect funded hours.