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20 12 2012 Annual Report  1 

Yellowstone Association 2012 Annual Report Welcome to the Yellowstone Association’s first Annual Report. Looking back on 2012, we are inspired and humbled by the commitment of our members, students, volunteers, and partners. You enabled us to provide an unprecedented level of support for Yellowstone National Park. We made great progress this year, connecting more than a quarter of a million visitors to Yellowstone through our in-depth Institute programs, high quality educational materials, and dynamic membership program. We also provided our largest annual donation to Yellowstone National Park for education and research. These funds were used for high priority projects including a new education/work program for underserved youth and continued support of Yellowstone’s research library. Among our greatest accomplishments, we opened Destination Yellowstone at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, launched a new series of events for members of our Yellowstone Society, and worked with the National Park Service to provide life-changing educational experiences for underserved youth through our Park Journeys and My Yellowstone Adventure programs. Thank you for your support, which makes all of this vitally important work possible. In these days of reduced federal funding, Yellowstone needs us now more than ever. With your help, we will continue to rise to that challenge. With gratitude, Don Ableson

Chair, Board of Directors


Jeff Brown Executive Director

“It is our generation that has the kids that will be the ‘next’ generation and we have to teach them about Yellowstone, and about our world. The Yellowstone Association is one of the few organizations that embraces education as one of the vehicles to get this done. We need to grow beyond the concept of conservationism and think in terms of stewardship. If we understand the concept of stewardship, then we will not only conserve what we have, but find ways to make it better and make it grow.”

20 12

— William Freund

Society member, plantation, florida 04

The YA Family at Work


Aid to National Park Service (NPS)— Your Support In Action


Thank You Members


Thank You Volunteers


Financial Statements


YA Board of Directors

2012 Annual Report  3 

2012 Accomplishments

Youth Programs With encouragement from Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk, the Yellowstone Association is working with park staff to expand educational programs for underserved youth. This year, we offered several sponsored programs based at our Overlook Field Campus in Gardiner.

Park Host Program Yellowstone Association volunteers were stationed at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Old Faithful Snow Lodge during the winter season to provide information and advice about the park. Park Hosts also maintain lending libraries so guests can borrow educational books while staying at these hotels.

Destination Yellowstone This year, we partnered with the Yellowstone Park Foundation to create Destination Yellowstone at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. This includes a Yellowstone Association Park Store, an information desk, and educational exhibits —  all designed to increase public appreciation and support for the park.

Society Excursions To connect with some of the park’s most passionate supporters, we launched a quarterly newsletter and a series of Insider Excursions for members of our Yellowstone Society. For example, 21 members joined the trip to Alaska and spent five days deep inside Denali National Park.


The YA Family at Work Since 1933, the Yellowstone Association (YA) has helped park visitors enjoy Yellowstone by enhancing their trips in the park and by keeping them connected at home. As Yellowstone’s official nonprofit education partner, we are dedicated to educating visitors about Yellowstone and preserving the park for future generations. In 2012, YA helped over a quarter of a million park visitors connect to Yellowstone through in-depth experiences via our Yellowstone Association Institute, Park Stores, visitor support services, and membership program. Many more were able to remain connected to Yellowstone through our magazine, Yellowstone Quarterly, and social media outreach.

5,623 200,000

5,623 visitors benefited from 580 in-depth Institute programs

Over 200,000 visitors purchased educational products at our Park Stores

16,100 Volunteers donated 16,100 hours supporting education in Yellowstone

11,376 11,376 visitors joined our family of nearly 35,000 worldwide members

2012 Annual Report  5 

Aid to National Park Service (NPS)

Your Support In Action Because of your generous support in 2012, we were able to provide our largest annual donation to Yellowstone since our inception. Our contribution of $762,550 was made possible through sales at our Park Stores and the support of members like you.


NPS Funding

75%  Education 25%  Research

7  YA 2012 Annual Report

Featu Funde Prog

Youth Education In the summer of 2012, YA funded nearly 100 disadvantaged youth to participate in Future Stewards and Leaders, a program designed to develop future conservation and education leaders. Participants gained a greater understanding of environmental systems and diversity, and of possible solutions to environmental challenges and issues affecting their home communities as well as those of global impact or concern.


ured ed r ams

Albright Visitor Center

Exhibits and Interpretive Media This funding supports a multi-year project to plan, design, fabricate, and install approximately 2,000 square feet of exhibits for the Albright Visitor Center in Mammoth. Included in this project is the development of multiple videos and podcasts interpreting the park’s history and wildlife; new large-screen interactive orientation exhibits; new interactive outdoor exhibits for the Fort Yellowstone self-guided tour route; and new exhibits for the Backcountry Permit Office.

2012 Annual Report  9 

Featu Prog Fund

Biennial Scientific Conference The Greater Yellowstone Biennial Scientific Conference series, initiated in 1991, encourages awareness and application of wide-ranging, highcaliber scientific work on the region’s natural and cultural resources. These conferences, with the active involvement of professional societies and other institutions, provides a much-needed forum for knowledge-sharing among hundreds of researchers and park managers. They attract world-class speakers and are interdisciplinary by design.


ured gr ams ed

Special Projects Developing Future Stewards Official Park Web Site – Resources and Issues Enhancements Exhibits and Interpretive Media, Albright Visitor Center Webinar Speaker Series Subtotal Division of Resource Education

Yellowstone Research Library Since the opening of the Heritage and Research Center (HRC) in May 2005, the number of researchers using the park’s archives, library, and museum collections has more than doubled. YA’s continued support of the HRC, and specifically the Yellowstone Research Library, is instrumental in ensuring that more researchers are accommodated each year; that the library is able to continue to acquire new scholarly works on Yellowstone for the collection; and the current collection is properly preserved.

Approved Amount $ 100,000 76,519 281,026 12,000 469,545

HRC Operations 2012


Support for Yellowstone Science


Greater Yellowstone Learning Center


Biennial Scientific Conference


Subtotal Yellowstone center for research


Total Special Projects


Operational Aid Librarians Compensation


Yellowstone Newspaper


Library Subscriptions


Chief of Interpretation Discretionary Funds


Superintendent Discretionary Funds


Rangers Discretionary Funds Total Operational Aid Trail Leaflets TOTAL NPS 2012 AID

980 115,420 21,070 $ 762,550

2012 Annual Report  11 

Supporting Yellowstone Through Education Based on 2012 grant requests from revenues raised in 2011


Rangers Discretionary Funds


Library Subscriptions

.6% Superintendent Discretionary Funds

1.3% 1.5% 2.4% Biennial Scientific Conference



3.2% Support for Yellowstone Science

Support for Greater Yellowstone Science Center




Trail Leaflets

Chief Of Interpretation Discretionary Funds

Official Park Website­— Resources and Issues Enhancements

Heritage and Research Center Operations

Webinar Speaker Series

Librarians Compensation





Greater Yellowstone Learning Center

Future Stewards and Leaders Youth Education

Yellowstone Newspaper

Exhibits and Interpretive Media, Albright Visitor Center

Our Efficiency*

83%  Education & Research 10%  Management & General 7%  development

* Functional expenses calculated from 2012 990. 2012 Annual Report  13 

“The rawness of the environment and the proximity of massively powerful forces of nature are eloquent reminders to humans that we need to be humble in the face of nature as well as diligent and dedicated in preserving it wherever we can.” —  Kathryn Niedner Guardian member, chicago, illinois


2012 Annual Report  15 


Thank You We gratefully acknowledge the support of those who contributed to the Yellowstone Association in 2012. Because of space constraints, we are only able to list donors who contributed $1,000 or more. Thank you to all who contributed— regardless of the size of your gift, you are helping to preserve Yellowstone and the natural world through education. Our nearly 35,000 members ensure that YA will be able to continue to cultivate lifelong stewards for our natural world.

“Interacting with other Yellowstone Society members has been delightful. It’s people from all walks of life and from all over the country who really have an interest in the outdoors and preserving the natural world, which is the same way we feel.” — Len and Mary Beavis

Society members, albuquerque, new mexico 16

Our Members $20,000+

Sandra and David Burner Marjorie and Earl Holland Penney and A.C. Hubbard

$10,000 – $19,999

Mark Benjamin Marguerite and Eugene Detmer Jo Ann and Bert Eder Judith and Daniel Gresham Barbara and Lou Lanwermeyer Thomas Offutt Lollie Plank Ruth and Richard Waltman Pamela and David Waud Anonymous (1)

$5,000 – $9,999

Marilyn Alkire and Alan Shaw Tracy Arthur The Estate of John M. Norton Diana Blank Sharon and David Brooks Ginny and Michael Campbell Katherine Cattanach and David Charles Capitol Group Charitable Foundation Devin and Brian Cronin Michelle and Patrick Gaunt Cherianne Jacquart Robin Tawney Nichols and William Nichols Kate Piper Joy and Jordan Renner Julie Shaw Robert C. Vorwith Trust Yellowstone General Stores

$2,500 – $4,999

Susan and Michael Arneson Wendy and Ken Bennett

Betsy de Leiris Jan and David Dietrich Jeffrey and Sandra Dunning Sandy and David Epstein Lucy and Rick Fredrickson Janet and Charles Haas Tamara and Martin Hicks Betty and Barry Hunlock Jacqueline and Jay Lauderdale June and Tom Lowery Thomas Lukas Barbara Martin The Minneapolis Foundation Barbara and Deborah Moore Ellen and Michael Mustafaga Deborah and Barbara O’Neill Catherine and Robert Shopneck Lillian Stephens Tourism Cares For Tomorrow Patricia and Philip Washburn

$1,000 – $2,499

Nancy and Theodore Berndt Judith Biscan Tammy and James Bonds Kenneth Bowling Wendy and Jeff Brown Debra and William Brownlie Karen and Kenneth Buchi Eileen and John Buckley Betty and Fred Bunch Claire Campbell and Brian Makare Patricia Carocci Teresa and Shain Chappell Trudy Chester Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund – Cincinnati Grace and John Cogan Jeanne and Dave Collins Shirley Cooper

Linda and William Cornell Dorothy and David Courtis Catherine and Brooks Darby Chris and Timothy Davis Charles Depres David Diamond Robert Dircks Elizabeth and Maurice Druzin Dina and Wayne Duckworth Betty Jean and Thomas Eubanks Sharlene and Michael Evans Gary Evans Sean Fahey Kim and Kent Fletcher Marin Community Foundation The Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Devereaux Foundation Mattone Family Charitable Foundation William Freund Nancy and Peter Gallo John Gardner Barbara Gibbs Barry Graham Maurie and William Gray Helen and James Hamilton Sara and Greg Harkins John Harvey Charlotte and Joe Hawkins Janne and William Hayward Jean and Joseph Hedrick Henry Fork Anglers Lyda Hill Elizabeth Holloway Jacklin’s Fly Shop Eileen and Jeffrey Jasica Judy and Daryl Jennings Sandra and Scott Johnson Lyn and David Kaufman Leilani and Olen Kitchings

Claire and Mike Van Konynenburg Katherine and Ray Korba Cynthia and Gregory Kozmetsky Deborah and John Lahey Katherine and Ray Laible Bob Landis Sue and Roger Lang Carlene Lebous and Harris Haston Susan Light and Boyd Ratchye Nanci and Paul Limbach Marieda and Steven Lind Julia and Richard Llewellyn Gigi and Mike Louden Nancy and Dan Maloney Dana and David Martin Gay and Scott Matthews Marjorie and Robert Maurer Beth Maxwell Laura and Robert McCoy Barbara and Don McFarland Denise and Alton McKnight Veronica and John Meury Marveen and Robert Minish Marilyn and Doug Morton Peter and Mary Murray Cherri and Jack Musser Deborah and Dale Nickels The Eric and Joan Norgaard Charitable Trust Mary and John O’Brien Richard Orlowski Joe Orr Cathy and William Osborn David Ottolino Yvonne and Edwin Parish Marjorie and James Parker Sondra Perry Dina and Wayne Pleasants Judith and Thomas Reid Katharine and Kurt Rice

Gail Rivest Tia and Jim Roddy Carolyn Rosin Barbara and Michael Sample Robert Sanders Marilyn and Jay Sarles Carol and Robert Scallan Roberta and William Scherer Margaret Smith Kate and Robert Smith Harriet and Ed Spencer Linda and Frederick Stephen Karin and Mark Striepe Joan and Mark Strobel Anne and Andrew Suk Mary Ann and William Sullivan Peter and Mary Swanson Catherine Symchych Marjorie and James Thurman Carol Tolan Kelly and Leonard Trout Barbara Trueman Wouter Vanderwal Sandra and Roy Walters Washington Academy of Family Physicians Annette and Kelley Waters Norma and Kirk Westervelt Jonna and Doug Whitman Page and Pearre Williams Kathryn and Frank Yeager Anne Young and James Nielson Barbara and Donald Zucker Debora and James Zug Anonymous (5) Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is both accurate and complete. We apologize if your name has been omitted or otherwise improperly reported. Please contact us at 406.848.2855 so we can update our records.

2012 Annual Report  17 

Vol uNteer Thank You

In 2012, 49 volunteers gave over 16,000 hours of collective time to help preserve Yellowstone. T full-time work! Yellowstone National Park has always owed its existence to people who donate th Volunteers with the Yellowstone Association are critically important to our core operations. Based provide support on Institute programs, provide hospitality at two field campuses, operate a lendin at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and share wildlife sightings at the northern entr good work without the tireless support of our volunteers. Thank you.

This equates to more than eight years of heir time and skills to benefit a place they love. from Bozeman to the Lamar Valley, volunteers ng library at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, orient travelers rance to Yellowstone. We simply could not accomplish as much


FY12 Volunteers Brenda Armstrong Gene Ball Teri Ball Michael Paul Bartsch Charles Bickes Diana Blank Alane M. Bolander Ava L. Brandis Henry Brandis III Dorothy Bullard Mathew Collett Shirley and Glen Cope John A. Costello, Jr. Pat and Mike Cotter Evette DeLuca Karen Ehlert Teri Sinopoli and Jim Garry Dorie Green Deborah Griffiths Diane and Ed Grisham James R. Hadlock Kathleen Haines Aned Halverson and Gerry Stoszak Kathleen E. Hathaway

Jane and Rick Hays Janne and Bill Hayward Tom Hyde Bob Kipp Ruth M. Kopec Richard A. Lamplugh Cindy and Betsy Lewis Charlene Locke Donald W. MacDougall James Main George Martin Malone Carol McClure Terri Lynn McDonald Deborah C. Mignogno Donna G. Murphrey Linda O’Connor Jim Olp Mary F. Orr Brenda Papera Keith F. Penner Kathleen A. Powell Evan Ragsdale Tom Reed Kathy Reid and Gary Eastman Susan Riedel Anne Reilly Linda Richardson

Kathy Russell John Scarlett Erika Siedlaczek James David Smith III Stephen W. Smith Chuck Snover Louis Spencer Mary Strickroth Linda and Steve Swartley John Swartley Nicole Tomaschofsky Dee and Jay Welch John Whedon Jackie Wilson Karen Withrow Elizabeth Wright Bill Zager

2012 Annual Report  19 

Statement of Activites

Statement of Financial Position

Year-End September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012 ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents

Dollar Amount $ 5,166,577


Dollar Amount

Educational product sales

$ 3,478,094 (1,653,133)

Accounts receivable


Less cost of goods sold

Pledges receivable


Gross margin




Contributions and memberships earned


Institute programs


Prepaid expenses


Property and equipment, net


Interest income



Gain on sale of property Other revenues


Total Revenues and Support

Accounts payable


Accrued liabilities



Deferred revenues

Program Services


Note payable, current portion

Aid to National Park Service

10,982 206,650 59,272 5,827,016



NPS interpretive program grants payable

Aid to U.S. Forest Service



Total Current Liabilities

Educational product sales



Visitor education


Member education

Long Term Liabilities Notes payable, long term portion



Temporarily restricted


Permanently restricted



11,641,295 $ 16,738,135





Total supporting services


Total Operating Expenses


Change in Net Assets Net assets, beginning of year NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR



Supporting Services

Net Assets Unrestricted



342,419 11,298,876 $ 11,641,295

“I have high regard and praise for the Yellowstone Association leadership, staff, fellow volunteers, and field school instructors…So, my sincere gratitude to all those dedicated, delightful, and nutritious people.”

— David Howard Former Volunteer, oak ridge, tennessee

Revenue by source FY12

2,344,778  Membership 1,824,961  Educational Sales (net) 1,380,373  YA Institute 206,650  Gain on sale of property 70,254  Other Revenues

Total Revenues  5,827,016

2012 Annual Report  21 

About the Yellowstone Association Since 1933, the Yellowstone Association (YA) has served as Yellowstone National Park’s official nonprofit partner in education. Our mission is to connect people to Yellowstone National Park and our natural world. YA operates 11 educational Park Stores with gross sales of $3.5 million; the Yellowstone Association Institute, which offers nearly 600 in-depth courses each year; and a membership program with nearly 35,000 members worldwide. Revenues from sales and memberships allow YA to make an annual cash donation to Yellowstone National Park for education and research.

2012 Yellowstone Association Board of Directors

Yellowstone Association Leadership Team

Don Ableson, Chair

Alan Shaw

Jeff Brown

Bob Shopneck

Daniel Bierschwale

Patty Washburn

Chris Gaudette

Anne Young

Dennis McIntosh

West Bloomfield, MI

Claire Campbell, Vice Chair Boulder, CO

Lou Lanwermeyer, Treasurer Brasstown, NC

Patty Carocci, Secretary Arlington, VA

Mark Benjamin Malibu, CA

Katie Cattanach Denver, CO

Sandy Choate Austin, TX

Gale Davis Wilson, WY

Tom Detmer Denver, CO

Penney Cox Hubbard Baltimore, MD

Mat Millenbach Portland, OR


Big Sky, MT Denver, CO

Pinedale, WY Cody, WY

Executive Director Director of Sales and Marketing Director of Finance and Administration Director of Facilities

Stacey Orsted

Director of Development

Ken Voorhis

Director of Education

Photos: YA: cover, pgs 19, 21; Bill Zager/YA: pgs 3, 14; BCCYMAA/YA: pg 4; Maria Bisso/YA: pgs 4, 5, 9, 11, 18; Claire Campbell/YA: pg 4; Libby Jones/YA: pg 5; Mark MIller/YA Postcard: pg 7; Jim Dick/YA: pg 7; Jim Peaco/NPS: pg 10; Karen Withrow/YA: pg 12; Shirley Cope/YA: pg 13; Bill Whetstone/YA: pg 16; Dennis McIntosh/YA: pg 18; MacNeil Lyons/YA: pg 20; John Nichols/YA: pgs 20, 23

2012 Annual Report  23 

P.O. Box 117 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 406.848.2400

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Annual Report 2012  
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