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based on their job or situation. What I have tried to do is point out the best, help with the worst, and make sure, at the end of the day, that I did more good than harm to our society, which, if you look around, seems to be what most of us want to do.

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person is doing the very best she can, and the tension in your life will ease just a bit, as you remember to give them grace.


I know. That’s harsh. And, you really are just trying to help, but if you let others live If that’s true, that you and I want to fight for what is right, help their lives, if you let them make their own decisions, trip over the Beauty & the fix what’s wrong, and live our best lives, Bea that’sst exactly what we rocks they drop, and solve their own problems, the world really Billings Theatre presents “Disney’s Beauty and being the Beast should do.Studio So, here are three of my best tips for not a will be a better place. There is no need to point out every error, or Junior,” 10th-13th. Brainy and beautiful Belle yearns to escape “Karen” butJanuary still getting things handled. to fix every problem. That is what the worst of Karening” her narrow and restricted life including her brute of a suitor, Gaston. is all about — being the know-it-all, bossy, let me Belle gets adventurous and as a result becomes a captive in the Beast’s tell you how it is going to be, biggest voice in the enchanted castle! Dancing flatware, menacing wolves and singing room. Instead, ask if advice is needed, offer furniture fill the stage with thrills during this beloved fairy tale about to help, but most of all, just support others very different people finding strength in one another as they learn how | KEH·RUHN | on their own bumbling, tumbling journey. to love.b i l l i n g s s tud i o t h e a t r e .c o m adjective That way, if a moment arises that you 1. Demand to see the What works is quietly and have to be the biggest, baddest “Karen,” manager, behave with FRinge FestivaL calmly listening to both sides and it will have true power, the kind that bourgeois attitudes, and Venture presents Fringe Festival, January 18th-19th and truly, withTheatre an open heart,itsworking makes people listen. I’ve only had to do exact their festival features four nights of shows featuring localfair share of to 25th-26th.The meet in the middle. Even though that three times and the moments live in everything, and regional performing artists of all types including dance, standup giving little I am a Karen, and we are, apparently, infamy. Changes were made. in return.art, comedy, theater improv, one act plays, musicals, performance loud and proud, I know I don’t know spoken word/poetry, and puppetry.v e n t u r e t h e a t r e .o“Don’t rg be such a Karen.” You and I, no matter what we are named, everything. I am never the smartest are just trying to do our best, to be our best, souL s tReet d anCe person in the room, but when I have This high energy show comes to the Alberta Bair Theater on January and to have a bit of fun. I know this because I am assembled a group of people for strategic 19th and presents a new era in dance, while pushing the artistic a first-born child, a Leo, and a Karen, with a Dukes planning, or problem solving, I know the GROUP boundaries of street dance. Soul Street concerts consist of a mix of Mixture for heritage. Nothing about me was made to be will become smarter than all of us. That, collectively, we movement that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The music is timid, but I am bumbling and tumbling along, thankful for the can rise to any challenge, or battle any evil by actually listening to combined with an electric mix ranging from hip-hop to classical. grace and wishing you the same, especially when you reach for each other, and pulling apart the good and the bad of every idea. It’s a show that will make you laugh and keep audiences of all ages that next handful of potato chips. ✻ Calmly.




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traffic, they just realized they were about to miss their destination presents itsThe Family Concert on January at the andBillings turnedSymphony a little too quickly. waiter did not mean to26th forget Alberta Bair Theater. Four time Grammy nominees, “Trout Fishing your side of special sauce. He is worried about his ailing mom, in America,” will perform along with the Billings Symphony. Trout and has five tables, all with at least three special requests, and Fishing in America is a musical duo which performs folk rock and forgot to add that sauce cup to his tray. A gentle reminder, a bit of children’s music. b i l l i n g s s y m p h o n y.c o m grace, will go a long way in life. Assume, in every situation, that a

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KAREN GROSZ, writer Growing up in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore gave Karen an appreciation of high ideals. Living in Alaska for 25 years gave her a frontier spirit. Life in Montana finds her building community. A selfdescribed "multipotentialite," she loves coaching others with her business, Canvas Creek Team Building.

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Yellowstone Valley Woman magazine was started in 2001 as a 40-page free publication in Yellowstone County. Over the years, thanks to your re...

Yellowstone Valley Woman  

Yellowstone Valley Woman magazine was started in 2001 as a 40-page free publication in Yellowstone County. Over the years, thanks to your re...