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M i l l i o n s of y e a r s i n t h e m a k i n g . A c e n t u r y a n d a h a l f of s t e w a r d s h i p. H u n d re d s of t h o u s a n d s of v i s i t or s e a c h y e a r . Ye l l o w s t o n e N a t i o n a l P a r k . F o r e v e r .

T h e Y e l low sto n e F o r e v e r c a m pa i g n is our chance to c a rr y Ye l l o w s t o n e for w a r d for t h e n e x t g e n er at i o n a n d a l l t h o s e t o c ome .

We a l l h a ve our own Ye l lo w s t o n e .

2.2 million a c re s of w i l d er n e s s , w i l d l i fe , a n d n at u r a l w o n d er s . Yellowstone gives all of us a window into an untouched America. It is the heart of the last large, fully intact ecosystem on our continent, and the location of half the earth’s active geysers and more thermal features than the rest of the world combined. It is also home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states.

PHOTO: Matt Ludin

PHOTO: Matt Ludin

A s a c re d ref u g e .

Yellowstone helps us escape the pressures of our stressful world. It’s a quiet place where we can experience the peace and wonder of something sacred.

A s h a re d e x p er i e n c e t h at s pa n s n at i o n s a n d g e n er at i o n s . Yellowstone welcomes visitors from across America and around the globe. Every year, 3.5 million people make the trip that so many have made since 1872 — children and parents, friends and loved ones, neighbors and strangers alike.


T h e w or l d ’ s g re a t e s t n at u r a l l a b or at or y.

What we learn in Yellowstone influences the world.

The Wor l d ’ s Pa r k .

No matter how many times you visit or where in the world you live — Yellowstone is an inspiration and a gift. And Yellowstone belongs to all of us.

PHOTO: Audrey Hall


To m a k e Ye l lo w s t o n e l ast forever , we must think big t o d ay. Nearly 150 years ago, it took an act of extraordinary vision to create “America’s best idea” — Yellowstone and the national parks that followed. It was a promise to future generations, and a promise each generation must renew. Now it’s our turn. Together, we can preserve an extraordinary Yellowstone that lasts forever — if we take the same visionary action that created the Park we love today.

The Ye l lo w s to n e F orever C a m pa i g n

This $40 million c om p re h e n s i ve effor t a d d re s s e s fo u r k e y i n i t i at i ve s t h a t s u p p or t t h e Ye l l o w s t o n e w e l ove i n o u r o w n w ay.

The Wilderness Forever Fund More than 95 percent of Yellowstone is wilderness, and provides a home for the Park’s wildlife. This makes it one of the most exceptional stretches of land in the world that will always be at the heart of Yellowstone. Through The Wilderness Forever Fund, we can help to restore hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, and give Park Rangers the tools they need to protect this unspoiled wilderness, in spite of changing ecological conditions and increasing numbers of visitors.


The Science Fund for Tomorrow’s Yellowstone

Visitor Experience — Accessing America’s Treasures

Stewarding Yellowstone into the future requires understanding the changes we see all across the Park. Yellowstone is now in a time of rapid transition, with new wildlife health challenges, invasive species, shifting temperatures, and growing human impact. The Science Fund for Tomorrow’s Yellowstone will make it possible to study and understand these changes, and evaluate new management approaches that

Everyone deserves a chance to see Yellowstone at its best — to escape daily life and share in something truly special. To carry forward the visitor experience that has defined Yellowstone from the beginning, we will preserve and enhance access to some of the Park’s greatest treasures.

are critical for the Park’s future.

We will reestablish a grand entrance at the Roosevelt Arch; create unforgettable, safe, and accessible experiences along the outlook points that line the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone; and renovate and upgrade historic visitor facilities, exhibits, and kiosks.

Yellowstone Youth If we want Yellowstone to last forever, we need to inspire the next generation of stewards today. With an expanded youth campus in the Park, we can provide more in-person, lifechanging nature experiences that can inspire the future caretakers of Yellowstone to lead the charge when it is their turn.

PHOTO: Matt Ludin

Pre s erv i n g Ye l lo w s t o n e forever i s up to us.

Yellowstone is our gift, and our responsibility. And what we do for it today will be bigger and more lasting than all of us. It’s our turn to act. It’s our chance to make an impact that endures. It’s our time to safeguard a Yellowstone that lasts forever.

Yellowstone Park Foundation 222 East Main Street, Suite 301 Bozeman, Montana 59715 406.586.6303


Yellowstone Forever Campaign  
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