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Lisbon, October 7th 2010.

Coraçãozinho de Merda Little Shitty Heart an exhibition by Maria Imaginário

Exhibition 7th October | 11th November 2010 Opening Reception 7th October 9pm - 12pm Gallery YellowPants Gallery | Montana Shop&Gallery Lisboa Rua da Rosa, 14 G Lisbon Portugal Gallery Hours Mon | Sat 12am – 9pm Artist Maria Imaginário Private Catalog Sales Yellow Pants Gallery - All prices exclude shipping. All images copyright Yellow Pants Gallery and Maria Imaginário 2010. All rights reserved.

Vampiro 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 40x29 cm | 15,75x11,42 inches 500â‚Ź

Murros 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 29x21 cm | 11,42x8,27 inches 450â‚Ź

Peixe 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 17x17 cm | 6,7x6,7 inches 17x17 cm | 6,7x6,7 inches 27x36 cm | 10,63x14,17 inches Overall: 44x36 cm | 17,32x14,17 inches 450â‚Ź

Pinóquio 2010 Acrylic on wood, mixed media 50x50x25 cm | 19,7x19,7x3,5 inches 350€

Menino da LĂĄgrima 2010 Mixed media 69x49,5 cm | 27,17x19,5 inches 300â‚Ź

Ă?man 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 18x15 cm | 7x5,9 inches 18x15 cm | 7x5,9 inches Overall: 18x30 cm | 7x11,8 inches 300â‚Ź

Cebola 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 23x23x2 cm | 9x9x0,8 inches 300â‚Ź

Amigos 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 9x25,5 cm | 3,5x10 inches 10,5x25,5 cm | 4,1x10 inches 13,5x25,5 cm | 5,3x10 inches Overall: 18x30 cm | 13x10 inches 300â‚Ź

Oops 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 15x10,3 cm | 5,9x4 inches 9x9 cm | x3,5 inches Overall: 17,5x26 cm | 6,9x10,2 inches 250â‚Ź

Raio X 2010 Acrylic on 300gsm paper 17,5x17 cm | 6,9x6,67 inches 9x9 cm | 3,5x3,5 inches Overall: 17,5x26 cm | 6,9x10,2 inches 200â‚Ź

Game Over 2010 Mixed media 23x23x2 cm | 9x9x0,8 inches 200â‚Ź

Maria Imaginário says she’s from Lisbon, even though she’s a child of the suburbs. Dividing her attention between walls and paper, sometimes she might think she’s a painter, others an illustrator. Right now she’s fully dedicated to her loving dream: letting people see what’s inside Maria’s head. After some collective exhibitions in Portugal and around the globe she is proud to present her second solo show, Coraçãozinho de Merda.

This is a portrait of the Little Shitty Heart (Coraçãozinho de Merda) that lives inside each and every one of us. Who never felt like shit for the sake of love? Who never felt hurt because of this throbbing organ concealed in its ribbed cage? It is what it is, this Little Shitty Heart. Melancholic and gullible but always a hopeful dreamer, in opposition to this cruel and indifferent world. Suffering because it feels, because it gets the biggest and meanest beatings. What else can we say? Well, we can tell that all of our little hearts turn to a disgusting mush when we suffer. But they don’t really know how to be any other way. Should they be blamed for that? We all love them anyway. But this heart is special, it doesn’t matter how many scars it has, it’ll get up sore and put its fists up high. Welcome to the symbol of perseverance. This Little Shitty Heart, the purest of hearts.

Coraçaozinho de Merda  

Yellow Pants presents: Maria Imaginario's Coraçaozinho de Merda/Littlhe Shitty Heart exhibition catalog.

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